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Help fund the first iPhone 4 cinematic film: A collaboration between Philip Bloom & Deltree, it will showcase the revolution of HD film-making. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Shorts
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 15, 2010.

Help fund the first iPhone 4 cinematic film: A collaboration between Philip Bloom & Deltree, it will showcase the revolution of HD film-making.

Brooklyn, NY Shorts
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About this project

We invite filmmakers, creatives, geeks, and artists around the globe to join us in creating the first major iPhone, narrative, cinematic film. Back us.

*update* if you are on the iphone or iPad, view the above teaser/promo video in HD on Vimeo at
*update 2* thanks for the early support! When you back us, please post your Twitter so we can tweet you out. The short link for this page is: - please spread the word!
*update 3* click here to read why we are doing this, and why we need funding.

About the Project
Help fund our iPhone film. A collaboration between Philip Bloom and Deltree, "I'm Going Home" is the first narrative short story on an iPhone using cinematic techniques. Our hope is to inspire a new filmmakers around the world with what's possible- in their pockets.

About the Film
"I'm Going Home" is a short film that explores one man's accidental discovery of the city he loves.
Film is slated to be shot on location in NYC mid -July. The film was written by Nathan Scott, co-directed by Philip Bloom ("Red Tails", "People of" series) and Reece Brothers ("Fifty People, One Question")

About the Production
Since the iPhone 4 launch, our team has devised a way to mount the iPhone 4 to rails, allowing us to take steadicam, dolly, and glider shots. It also allows us a level of control of exposure and white balance with the use of ND filters and gels. To see some of the test shots we have taken, see the trailer above. For more information, see Philip Bloom's blog post.

Who We Are
Philip Bloom is an internationally-recognized cinematographer, director and filmmaker who has worked on and produced dozens of renowned films, along with collaborating with Lucasfilm LTD., Discovery Channel, Microsoft, The BBC, CBS, Sky One, and many others.

Deltree is a New Orleans-based film, video and creative studio. From the people who created the viral online film series, "Fifty People, One Question", Deltree has produced work for multiple global brands at locations around the world and has had work featured on CNN, USA Today, The Guardian, and thousands of blogs.

Our Contacts- if you want to do more than donate or have questions, feel free to tweet/email us:


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    5 backers

    Audience Level. Thankful Tweet out of acknowledgment! Exclusive day-early, private access to film on Vimeo page, and an epic "I'm Going Home" sticker.

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    $25 reward

    12 backers

    Crew Level. All that, plus an exclusive signed DVD copy of the film.

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    $100 reward

    4 backers

    Producer Level. All that, plus access to be an extra in the shoot in NYC (in a Phillip Bloom shoot!), and a ticket to World-Wide release party in NYC/New Orleans.

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    $250 reward

    4 backers Limited (36 left of 40)

    Executive Producer Level. All that, plus a limited edition poster signed by Phillip Bloom, Benjamin Reece & Crew, Credit as Producer in the film, and credit in description on website.

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    $1,000 reward

    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    Brand Level. All that, plus product placement and slate, and a sponsored extras DVD featuring Phillip Bloom interview.

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