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REDUX is a new shmup for the Sega Dreamcast/iOS brought to you by one of the guys who created GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX.
REDUX is a new shmup for the Sega Dreamcast/iOS brought to you by one of the guys who created GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX.
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    1. Missing avatar

      disloyalhead on

      Also since there have been no updates from the developer! Since i was expecting this in the mail very soon since the "for sure" release was 5 days ago i will give you guys some info. Release date pushed back yet again for beta testing. And main website shutdown. Thats all i know oh and if they even did have it done i couldn't get it because they don't even know where to send it.

    2. Missing avatar

      disloyalhead on

      Great just checked the website you provided to see if there is any news and it is parked! Great what does this mean?

    3. Missing avatar

      disloyalhead on

      i really would like to know if you sent the game out. Have not got it and i need to know how you even know where to send it? Many people have asked this question over and over. I really will not be happy if i see one lets play of a person that bought this from hucast. Meaning i supported this gave you the money to make it and really just should have waited and got it in your store.

    4. DrLeatherface on

      Of course there is no survey sent out, of course the game is delayed again, of course they didn't write an update to let us know.

    5. Senkwich on

      Did anyone receive a survey asking for a shipping location? I looked through my email log and never got one. Since it's a day after the apparent release, not sure what's going on.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Is the game out?

    7. Rob Hague on

      Any news on this?

    8. Missing avatar

      disloyalhead on

      Thanks for the support

    9. місндзѵ міѵsтэдю on

      My address has changed since backing, too. Any help from the developers on updating this info would be greatly appreciated.

    10. Missing avatar

      disloyalhead on

      Echo echo... how do they know where to send it? I can't remember did i give an address.

    11. Missing avatar

      dballin on

      I'll echo the whole "My Shipping Address Has Changed" crowd. Actually it's changed twice since this was funded. 12 month lease hype. I hope they send out an updated mailing questionnaire or my copy will be in limbo for a wihle. Forwarding addresses only last so long.

    12. Missing avatar

      ThoRCX on

      What about the PC version? Did I miss something?

    13. DCGX on

      Two months to go. Fingers crossed.

    14. iwantarobot on

      Back in January, update #12 we were given an update on milestones:

      "March 2013: production of all Redux: Dark Matters Editions, production of Arcade Stick and "Supporter T-Shirt" for 1k backers

      April 2013: shipment of Redux: Dark Matters Limited Edition, Steelcase Edition, Regular Edition and 1k backer items.

      — fullfilment of $65, $100, $1,000 pledges — "

      By April 20th, (update 15) we were told there would be a delay "Redux won't make it out this month since we had some heavy kickbacks during development" and a promise for more frequent communication:

      "New release date is Summer 2013. From now on we'll keep you up to date very frequently here at kickstarter and our twitter and facebook."

      Read that last sentence again. Since the 20th of April, we were given 3 updates via Kickstarter.

      The first [#16] did not appear until more than a month later. It mentioned nothing whatsoever of further delays. That was May 27th

      The second [#17] didn't appear until July 4th. "Update: Wer're still working on the Dreamcast port of Redux but we're close to finish up the game. More news as soon as possible."

      And this is the third.

      Since the "promise for more frequent communication", communication has actually reduced to less than monthly, with barely any content. Worst of all, no explanation as to why the project's release slipped from a forecast of April 2013 to December 2013 was provided.

      The comment section on Kickstarter has a reminder: Be respectful and considerate. That's supposed to go two ways. Breaking promises for better communication is disrespectful. Not providing any explanation why a project deadline has slipped from April to December is inconsiderate.

    15. Tim on

      I too need to update shipping info as since this was funded, I've had a kid (who is almost walking to put in perspective how long this is taking. Not complaining, just saying) and moved across the state. Please inform us of the best way to handle this in an update.

    16. Missing avatar

      Theye on

      thank you for this good news! how to update our contact happens for shipments? if anyone knows ... thank you

    17. cyxceven on

      Steam? XBLA? PSN?

    18. Colonel Skills on

      While the delay was overall very poorly handled, if this date sticks, you will have appeased this otherwise sour backer.

      Thank you for updating us with a date. I legitimately mean that. This is what I wanted all along, and it is good to finally have a target for the DC version.

    19. kye weasner on

      how do i send you my address for shipping?

    20. Missing avatar

      Emily on

      This is your "huge update", the one that you spent the weekend preparing having kept us in the dark all summer? Another announcement of a delay?

    21. Missing avatar

      Antidote on

      that's fine... finally.
      is it right, that the Limited Steelcase Version limited to 325?
      Will there a number on the steelcase?