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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

An update on the musical competition

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Hello, everyone!

We regret to announce that the Dreamfall Chapters musical competition has been cancelled. We won’t get into all the reasons behind this decision, but it is final and we will not be running any similar contests in the future.

We do understand the different points of view and the reasons behind some of the backlash, even though we also feel our intentions were perhaps misrepresented and misunderstood.

This was not an attempt on our part to commission free music for the game — we already have a fantastic score, a professional composer and some diegetic music — but rather a response to the community asking for a chance to get their music into the game. We felt this competition could benefit both the game and our fans.

We sincerely apologise to those of you who already submitted tracks: we will respond individually and personally via email. After having listened to a few of the pieces — the number of submissions after just a couple of hours was almost staggering! — we were incredibly excited about the quality and passion, and we would encourage you to share your work with our community going forward. There are a LOT of talented people out there!

We hope this incident won’t result in any negative feelings between members of our community. We urge you to respect each other’s points of view, and to listen, discuss and learn rather than throwing blame back and forth. It’s a shame we couldn’t make this work, and maybe we could have phrased things differently or asked for feedback beforehand, but we honestly had no idea there’d be any sort of controversy. We do understand the arguments, however, even when we don't necessarily agree with all of them — and we've made what we believe is the right decision, regardless of our original intentions.

Rest assured that the game will still have lots of music, that the competition was more for the fans than for filling holes in the soundtrack, and that our musical world(s) will still be lively, engaging and colourful!

Thanks again for your feedback (both positive, negative and constructive), your submissions and support — and please, please: be excellent to each other!


Team RTG


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    1. Carl England on

      As someone who has been in struggling bands before, the opportunity to have your music featured in a game, tv show, radio show or anything similar, even if it is for free, is a huge thing. Even if only 100 people hear it, and 20 people stop to listen and 10 people decide upon hearing that they want to check out the band, that's worth it. There was nothing malicious in what Red Thread did, and hell, we'd all have ended up with a soundtrack to prove it! I can't honestly believe that anyone here could be that cynical. You believed in Red Thread enough to donate money to them creating a game (a process which could fail for any number of reasons- to which you'd never see your money again) but when they ask IF you want to contribute music to it, and that it would be used for street music and radio, you take a step back from the trust you've already shown to say 'nah, they're ripping us off!'? Seriously? All you've done is forced Red Thread into a position where the only thing they can do is completely call it off, well done. The struggling musicians over here will have to find other avenues for people to hear our music. Oh wait, there aren't any. CHEERS.

      Personal note to Red Thread, I've been in a few bands over the years, all of our music is free to download now as the bands have split up. I'd love to hear my music in the sequel to one of my favourite games of all time. If you'd like to use it, or even just hear it, get in touch! I have no problem whatsoever with you using my music.

      On another note, can't wait for the game! :D

    2. Erika Eby on

      For anyone still checking this, "official" rules for the unofficial contest have been posted here:

    3. Russell Deitch on

      For those joining this thread late, please see the "unofficial album" thread on the forum.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Teng on

      On a positive note, a little over 2 months until November when Episode 1 comes out.

    5. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      I'm so sorry for RTG. and it's also a bummer for backers who wanted to contribute in some manner. But everyone, let's keep smiling ok. Can't win every (stupid) fight.

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Andrews on

      This is very unfortunate to hear.

      I am not a very vocal backer, but I would like to take this moment to ensure that my opinion on this or any decision is very clear: I backed you guys, Red Thread Games. I backed your vision. You talents. As far as I am concerned this is your project to produce in the manner you see fit and I defer to your decision making.

      I did not back me. I did not back the other backers. I did not back the void of conflicting opinions which is the internet. I consider you the experts. You will know what is best for the game. Need to break it into episodic content? That's fine. Want to involve the community in adding more music to the game? That's fine as well. Want to kill off every major character in the first ten minutes of the game? Sure, if you think that will work. Just don't put the money in a duffle bag and flee the country.

      I gave money to you to produce the best content you could envision in the budget you had. To empower you to make full, minimally restricted use of your talents.

      Now if the negativity from the contest announcement is honestly too much of a hassle to deal with, then I understand and support its cancellation (even though I did not personally have a problem with the contest in the first place).

      I know I am one of many backers. One of many voices. This voice is requesting that you feel empowered to make the decisions necessary to meet your vision and feel free to ignore anyone you disagree with, including us backers. As these announcements clearly show, you can't please all the people all the time. This goes double for the internet. Whatever decision you make, you're going to piss somebody off. So you might as make the choice you want to make.

      When I backed this project, as with any Kickstarter, I did it with the knowledge that I might as well be setting my money on fire. I adopt this mindset so that my expectations are set reasonably and so that, as the creator, you feel empowered to create whatever you wanted with minimal interface.

      So go make the game you want to make under the terms that you want and feel free to ignore me or anybody else.

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam Minder on

      Assholes on the internet win again. Thanks guys! Didn't even think anything negative of this, especially since they emphasized the music would be placed in background elements such as radio etc. Anyone who has played prior Dreamfall/ Longest Journey games should be familiar with the use of soundtrack throughout the game world.

    8. princereynart on

      I feel really awful for everyone at RTG that they have been hit with such a wave of negativity. Please take some time to look back at the correspondence you've received from backers who have been positive about your work, and remind yourselves that you all have a great deal of support - people who genuinely supported you with words and funding because they believe in you.

      It seems crazy that an innocent attempt to engage with the community has led to a small group of (largely) nameless and (seemingly) entitled people in creating a perfect storm of lose-lose outcomes. Not only was the competition halted, but it has likely prevented similar competitions from also being held, stopped artists who wanted to contribute from being able to do so, seems to be leading to RTG having to restrict their communications and second guess themselves and putting distance between themselves and their backers, and creating a rupture in the community itself. So now, no one gets their art recognised, (still) no one gets paid, we all - backers and RTG alike - get less out of this wonderful endeavour, and to top it off, it provides at least some moral justification for those who pirate or otherwise obtain content without paying for it to continue to do so, by presenting paid artists as elitist and entitled and working to actively exclude any from outside their group from participating in "their" world. It seems like in attempting to portray RTG as injuring their industry, they've instead driven a nail into their own coffin.

      I do also feel compelled to point out that this competition looked to be run in a way that exemplified the intent of the intellectual property laws and royalty schemes that seem to be at the heart of the controversy. These laws were not created to enshrine profits for artists' works, but to prevent others from claiming such works as their own. These laws have been perverted by corporate "rights-holders" to form the basis of and allow a stranglehold over a multi-billion dollar industry by treating artists as commodities no different to livestock or mineral deposits to be exploited. That the competition embodied the spirit of those original intents to protect artists, but was brought down by the poisonous and corrupted system that "protects" such "artists" now is an exquisitely bitter irony - such "artists" being seen to protect themselves into oblivion. A pyrrhic victory if ever there was one.

      All very sad, but please bravely roll on RTG - you've got a wonderful looking game that so many of us truly believe in and support and cannot wait to start playing.

    9. Missing avatar

      BladeRnr on

      This is so insane it convinced me to submit my first comment on Kickstarter.

      I cannot believe anyone who knows the first thing about the people behind Red Thread Games could misconstrue their intent in such a way. Especially in the context of a kickstarted game for which people are willing to PAY hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to help realize a project and have a part in its creation (have your name in the credits!, become an NPC!, etc.).

      This is nuts. Team RTG, you guys (and gals) have all my support!

    10. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      Maybe this is beside the point, but here I go anyway:

      The way I see it, being a professional artist is not just about producing quality work. It is also not simply about refusing to do work unless you're getting paid. It is also about taking the responsibility for your actions and making your own choices.

      I really can understand that people are being cautious about contests that seem to be about little else except getting art for free. There are tons of magazines out there that capitalize on the ignorance of young attention hungry artists. While a sumitted artwork might be professional, the same is not always true of the contestant's level of judgement. And more often than not, the prize money is significantly less than the standard comission.

      My point is: A professional should (ideally) be able to say put his foot down and say no when necessary. Or even yes. 'Sorry, it's a great idea, but I'll also need to pay my bills'. Sometimes working for free is the right thing to do, just because you love the project so much and you think it might be beneficial in the long run. Even if you don't call yourself a professional, you still have some responsibility to try and do what's best for you. You'll have to decide for yourself when you're past the point of working for free or doing favours. if you don't really want to submit your work in a contest, but decide to to it because you think you 'have to' (artists tend to have this idea, I just 'have to do this, or else') because it is the only way to get noticed, then perhaps you should ask yourself, 'am I doing this for the right reason. What am I getting out of this?'

      I'm not really the kind of guy who like to give advice, but this discussion made me think about something that seem to be (at least in part) of conflicting expectations. A lot of artists, including myself, have let themselves be exploited, and then go and blame someone else for it. It took me a long time to get past the point when I decided that I'm not doing favors anymore. Not unless I want to. Actually, I'm still struggling with it at times. I am sure I am not the only person who have been so grateful people want to purchase my work, that I let them have it almost for nothing. Learning to put your foot down when necessary also means that you can spend the rest of your energy elsewhere, when you really feel like doing some good.

      As for this Dreamfall contest, I am sure RTG had the best intentions. Some people were more than happy to submit their work because they felt good about contributing, which is great. I can also respect those who decided that this contest was not for them at this point in time. I do however think it's sad that it all had to end in bad press and wasted energy.

    11. Robert Chang on

      The people who ruined this whole thing--you have made it much easier for the rest of us to sink deeper into misanthropic rage. I'm a professional composer and I also used to write songs for pop stars. There is a huge difference between a fun competition that was created out of love for the community, and some kind of shady exploitation scheme. If you cannot tell the difference between the two, then you either lack common sense or adequate emotional intelligence.

      You don't sling mud at people who are essentially on the endangered species list of idealistic, passionate, courageous, hard-working dreamers. If you treat these people with the same kind of cynicism you do the unethical corporations, you will destroy the precious qualities we treasure in these rare talented dreamers who do what they do to share their creative vision and labor of love with the rest of us.

      When passionate and hard-working dreamers get destroyed by the cruel cynicism of others, it is a tragedy. Stop killing off their faith in humanity please. We have to protect the endangered species of dreamers and creators--especially those whose integrity and creative vision we treasure. Throughout Ragnar's career, I've never once seen him behave in any way that suggests he's not a man of integrity, and I have to wonder if the people who made such a stink about this competition are even familiar with his career and how he's conducted himself over the years.

      One of the saddest things in our society is that often the good guys get treated as the bad guys, while the bad guys get away with far too much because the same people attacking the good guys are incapable of spotting the real bad guys and direct their indignant rage at them instead.

    12. onefatducky on

      Never even crossed my mind that this could have been construed in such a manner. Really big shame the contest was cancelled.

    13. Kyle Manley - Dream Traveller on

      This may not really be a viable option, but I was thinking...

      Many games give you the ability to play your own music while playing, and really, many more have been tweaked by the community to allow people to add their own music. Would it be possible to have a folder in the game called e.g. Radio which we could dump our own music into, or even the DFC unofficial soundtrack into and have it pull from there?

      It would not be quite as cool as the curated experience this concert could have delivered, but still would allow us to experience some part of it.

      Or could it be even possible to have a FanMusic folder built in wi the release and a preference in game to allow us to enable it for playback? This might be seen as devious by some though, so I don't know (though personally I think giving options is hardly devious).

      Just some ideas that while likely possible to do already by figuring out how and where game assets are named and stored it would be nice to see developers design this to be easy.

    14. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Too bad the cached version doesn't have Ragnar's comments.

    15. Syclick on

      By the way, there is a cached version of the article here...…

    16. Vojislav Stojkovic on

      @Alan De Smet, you're right. The only fact you seem to be missing -- along with whoever it was that slung mud at this competition -- is that this was requested by fans themselves.

      A few more things certain people seem to have failed to consider:

      1) Intentions matter. RTG was not looking to cut corners with their music or offering a shady spec work deal to an aspiring artist.

      2) There's a whole bunch of people in the world that aren't professional artists and don't aim to be, but still produce art and give it away. For free.

      3) It's possible to let someone use your work for free without giving away intellectual property. I believe there are non-exclusive licenses and stuff like that.

      So all in all, nobody here was looking to scam anyone or present this as an opportunity to "get some exposure" or cut corners in the music budget or anything like that at all. It was simply a case of people wanting to support and take part in a project they love. For free, though that might boggle some minds.

    17. Syclick on

      This is a bummer. I was geniunely excited about this competition - not only as a musician, but also in seeing what others had to contribute. I think it would have made the game world that much more interesting and varied. However, I do understand the pressure you're under and respect your decision.

    18. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      The question is who are "they" and what are their true motivations. Unions and governments claim they are supporting the so-called suckers while at the same time collecting taxes and union dues as a result of their so called protection. Legalized racketeering so-to-speak. What it in essence really does, to some extent, is destroy opportunities for people. If someone is willing to work for free that's their decision. If someone only wants to work for money, then that's their decision as well. Since when did everyone become so frail and fragile they we some form of internet police or protection from some entity with obvious financial or other interests? I think it's downright insulting.

    19. Alan De Smet on

      There is a long history of corporations using speculative work and design contests to cut their own costs and risk. Many artists of all types have been burned by this. They realized there is an endless stream of new artists ready to be suckered into doing extensive work for free. They want to end this unhealthy cycle and make being an artist, a career that rarely pays the bills, slightly better. This lead to the recent movement against spec work, design contests, and similar.

      I'm not actually sure how I feel about spec work as a whole. In this particular case, it seemed pretty reasonable. But I am sure that it's wrong to demonize spec work opponents. They are knowledgeable, they have experience with spec work, and they are trying to help other artists.

    20. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      I did a search on Google for "Dreamfall Chapters music competition", to get a read on what some of the controversy was surrounding this issue. I actually found one article ( ) that basically accused RTG of trying to effectively steal music from people (not in so many words, but it was inferred). Ragnar even posted in the comments of the article, refuting their claims. I was posting a comment myself about it, and as I did, the article got pulled, heh. Someone higher up is finally listening. Too late for this competition, though. Whoever approved publishing such articles, obviously didn't bother to read it too well. They never even requested a response from RTG or Ragnar, and just based it entirely on their own speculation. No wonder Ragnar and co. decided to just scrap it. Having to deal with ignorance like that, instead of focusing on the game, is tiring and ultimately self-defeating.
      Ragnar and RTG, keep focusing on making a great game and ignore the idiots who call themselves journalists. At the end of the day, people who care about this game know who's right.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason Baysingar on

      This is truly disappointing. I was genuinely excited about the idea of writing something that might contribute to this project.

      In hindsight, perhaps if they'd made a backer-only announcement rather than a public one, then news of the contest might not have spread far enough to ruffle any feathers.

      It's unfortunate that good folks at RTG are being bullied by "professionals" in the industry who feel that music should only be allowed to be created by their rules. I am reminded of Austin Wintory who was threatened by his musician's union with a $50,000 fine because he did non-union work composing music for "The Banner Saga" (another KS project).

      I still have Dag's Funcom business card from a chat we had at E3 several years ago, so I know that RTG are cool, genuine people who aren't the underhanded type. It seemed fairly obvious to me that their intent was simply to offer the community an opportunity to contribute in some small way to the project.

      I understand that, as a small developer, RTG can't afford to burn any bridges in the industry, and I support their decision, but I can't help but feel a bit of frustration toward the people who felt the need to turn RTG's sincere gesture into an uncomfortable situation.

    22. Visa | Tormented Dreamgoat of Eternity on

      Thought about this some more and come up with the following thought. No wonder so many people these days feel that most of the new music is crap. Apparently you're no longer even allowed to make it out of love but rather are required to demand as much money as possible for it. I know record studios are generally fucking artists and bands, especially small ones up the ass (one close friend of mine is a drummer in a Welsh indie band, and he told me that of every record of theirs sold in stores, the band gets about 5 pence to themselves while the rest of the £10+ is taken by the store and the studio - iTunes is apparently slightly better and buying records directly from the band lets them keep most of the money). But shit like this doesn't really help dispel the image of greedy artists being in it just for the money.

      I know that perception isn't true really. I have several really close friends who are indie musicians, and they sometimes do free gigs just for the fun of it. But people like this are ruining the reputation of all musicians as well as really taking all the enjoyment out of being one.

    23. Joseph Eapen on

      what a bummer... I guess the secret world community in general . received these kind of messages better. because the contest there was fun and joel did put up the music in some of the stores. it was a nice thing there but I missed it ... now I thought here is another chance maybe I should dable into this and ...kaboom its gone... lucky that I didn't start with anything. but am sure whoever made the music during this time at least had fun making it... well its one sad news after another ... now I am hopping there isn't any more sad news from rtg

    24. Missing avatar

      ancingn on

      Stop being so considerate and make the game as you imagined it (including contributions) - those of us, who either don't care what you do as long as we get a game or who are willing to contribute in some way without remuneration, just so that they can be a part of what you do, are the base of this community, others can love it or leave it.

    25. Paweł K. on

      I don't understand this situation, but i support your decision.

    26. Mikhail Aristov on

      While I understand RTG's unwillingness to deal with another can of worms so soon after the episodic announcement, I would like to point out to everyone that e.g. Garriot's Portalanum has been putting their backers to (programming and designing) work for them more-or-less for free almost since the end of their Kickstarter. Not only that but that is considered to be a *privilege*, since you can only get the Developer rights at the highest backer tiers (something like $750+ IIRC).

    27. Matt Combes on

      So basically the people who were entering the contest simply because they wanted their music to be a part of the game just got shafted by a bunch of people who didn't want to enter unless they got paid? Way to ruin it for everyone else. I don't care if you're a struggling artist/musician/whatever ... you don't speak for everyone in your field, and there are more than enough folks out there who would be happy to have their music incorporated diegetically into this game for the sheer pleasure of hearing it during gameplay, without needing to be compensated. But apparently someone else's willingness to participate pro bono offends your sensibilities so much that you'd rather close off an avenue for them rather than just decline to participate yourself. What's the word ... oh yeah. Juvenile.

    28. Vojislav Stojkovic on

      I'm heartbroken to see this. I dabble a bit in music on rare occasions when inspiration strikes and I was excited to see a chance, no matter how slim, of having a tune of mine play on a radio in Dreamfall Chapters, a game for which I've hoped for years and years. Illegitimi non carborundum, RTG!

    29. Fitheach on

      Perhaps you could talk things over with other kickstarter devs, personally I think you are taking the noise machine that is the internet way too seriously.
      I mean tweets feed news sites which is bad cause things like this get on high popularity sites but wait oh 5 seconds and the next thing takes its place and by tomorrow no one recalls it.

    30. Oriane MAILLY on

      I find absurd that badly informed journalists damage your projects to please your fans! They badly made their work and spread slanderous rumors, but it is the fans who wanted to contribute who are disappointed.
      I am not there, I have no this talent but... I am angry with these journalists.

    31. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Philip: You're right -- we will definitely be more cautious going forward, and probably think three times (we're already thinking twice!) about every update we post and word we say.

      Maybe that's a good thing: we've probably been naive in thinking that people will automatically interpret our words in the most positive way, and to automatically expect the best of intentions. That's obviously not the case, and it's been something of an eye-opener for us. Welcome to the real world, and the real internet!

      Hopefully we can still keep a positive dialogue going with our backers and fans, but maybe in a less open forum. Like, our official forum, for example. Which is still a positive, healthy and fun place to be! Join us there!

    32. Philip on

      After reading through the comments here and keeping in mind the PS4-update, the most disheartening thing for me is: RTG must get the impression that everything they say will be examined from all plausible (and totally absurd) angles. And if there's only one bit which can be misinterpreted, mayhem breaks lose!

      If this happens only with a couple of people, it's annoying; if it threatens your business, that's really bad. And if it happens often? Then your choices are a) not to communicate, b) only communicate feel-good stuff that lacks substance (but can't make anyone angry) or c) oto have a marketing department that carefully selects what may be said by whom on which occasion - hello big publishers.

      So apart from the music contest, the current situation feels to me like it might be threatening the way RTG communicates with backers and fans. And because I very much applaud the open atmosphere and involvement in discussions etc, this would be an even more dire consequence than cancelling the contest...

    33. Fitheach on

      If musicians had working unions they wouldn't be working in an industry I've read being called the last bastion of indentured servitude

    34. Michael C. Neel on

      It's unfortunate but sounds like the unions got involved. Maybe not directly, but letting the studio know that holding this contest would make it hard for union members to work with them now or in the future.

    35. Fitheach on

      I'd like to point out that folks participating in kickstarters are in a manner doing something that would normally have a pay off ie investing in a idea. What's more many folks contributed time and effort promoting the game again something that folks could expect to be paid for so already pretty much everything on kickstarter is reliant on people doing things for free that they would get monetary recompense for in other settings. Targeting a small company for opprobrium on the topic of work for free one that is creating a game that wouldn't exist without pre-existing work for free is ridiculous

    36. Russell Deitch on

      "I think ideas like the unofficial fan-made soundtrack are wonderful alternatives where fans can contribute "

      Yes! I'm in. :) [See forum for details]

    37. Christian Page on

      i come from a family of musicians. my father, my uncle,my great uncle, and my grand father have all been in bands.
      I was asking them all if they were interested in doing something small for this and they all seemed really into it even my dad who has never shown much interest in games.

      ill end with this.. have you ever went to watch an old show on hulu or netflix and learned there are episodes missing? or learned that the episodes had to be edited.
      this happens becuse the show did not get full rights to the music to be used in rerales.
      this is why the wording of the rights is strong they need to make sure that if in 5 years they want to update it to work with new systems they can.

      this is why brutel legend almost never got a pc version and will never get another version.

      if your favorite game of yesteryear uses real music it may never get another relace.

      im just trying to help people understand the reason they had to make it that the musicians were giving RTG full rights to use the music in chapters forever.

      and i cant believe that any of the people that were hating this were real musicians. there are very few that do not like their music being used in things they like and support.

    38. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Protected: Nothing to do with lawyers or lawsuits or copyright or anything like, at all.

    39. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      It wasn't a legal issue, RTG made that clear in many posts. It was (sadly) extremely negative feedback from parts of the music industry and RTG decided they couldn't divert their focus from the game's development to deal with something like that at the present time.

    40. Missing avatar

      Protected on

      Smells like lawyers in here. I can imagine what Ragnar was told: "There's a chance someone contributes music and then sues for a percentage of the profits, bankrupting RTG."

    41. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      I can't imagine what would have happened to Bon Jovi's career if he wasn't allowed to submit the song Runaway to a radio contest because he wasn't getting paid for it.

    42. MaxJ on

      As unpopular a stance as it is, I have to say I'm really glad they decided to forgo the contest. It was a very well-intentioned, but slightly misguided way to involve the community. Unpaid creative work is a very controversial issue right now, and unfortunately RTG landed right in the middle of it. Instead, I think ideas like the unofficial fan-made soundtrack are wonderful alternatives where fans can contribute without resulting in free work being used in a commercial product. Can't wait to see Book One! Much love to team RTG!

    43. Christine - Dream Traveller on

      I also wanted to say that as a writer I'm sad I don't have a way to contribute to the game, but if RTG held a contest for fan fiction or just stories I wouldn't have been upset at all if they used my work for "free." It gets my name out there, if nothing else. And I had to PAY RTG to get my name in the game, so I really don't understand what the big deal is. And what does it hurt to give out free "samples" of your work? I've seen musicians do that before and it only helped them. *shrug* I'll never understand the internet.

    44. TrentJaspar on

      @Vincent Prescious Altieri: I love your food service industry analogy! Brilliant! And that's one of the better KS avatars I've seen around, too.

    45. Mika on

      Shame, seemed like a pretty cool way for fans to get little involvement.

    46. Missing avatar

      Amy Watson on

      I propose a concert of soundtrack music and/or fan-made music for the next Journeycon? :)

    47. Russell Deitch on

      Could RTG host an aural "what might have been" gallery for competition submissions?
      It would still be great to hear what the fans came up with.

    48. Faxmachinen on

      Wow, just wow. Musicians with entitlement issues never fail to to piss on your parade, do they?

      DRM this and closed-market that. No, it's not pirates or Spotify or free music. You're struggling because nobody wants to pay to listen to your aural turds. You don't see me making Flappy Bird clones and blaming open source when I can't earn my keep.