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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
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A look at the Europolitics of Europolis

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Please be aware that this update contains light spoilers for the first two chapters. Do not read on if you want to remain completely unsullied!

(On the other hand, there's also a bunch of interesting background material for chapter two, so it's probably worth the slight spoilers.)

The Chancellor of Europolis

When we rejoin Zoë in Europolis after she wakes from her year-long coma, she not only has a new career — one of two, depending on choices made earlier in the game — she's also doing volunteer work for a political campaign, working with her friend Baruti Maphane from a small office near the Propast Souk.

Four major candidates vie for control of the Europolis Parliament and the seat of the Chancellor; the highest political office in the city-state. Representing the four largest political parties, they are:

Dieter Gross is the incumbent Chancellor and leader of the Alliance of European Democrats for Freedom and Liberty; the party that's been in power in Europolis the past five years. The Alliance — or the Blues as they're also called — has been involved in several scandals, including accusations of corruption and corporate payoffs. With public support at an all-time low, Gross is almost certainly on his way out of office.

Konstantin Wolf is the wild card. Wolf is founder and leader of European Dawn, a nationalist party sworn to restoring the mythical Europe of old; a prosperous continent removed from corporate rule, with old borders reinstated between states. The party preaches economic self-sufficiency and ethnic segregation — "Europe for Europeans" — aiming straight at the rotten heart of the discontented masses. Wolf himself is a rightwing populist, a charismatic orator, and he's built an impressive fiction around himself that the crowds are eating up. Many expect (and fear) that Wolf and European Dawn will conquer Parliament in the next election.

On the opposite side of the political spectrum is Marta Ribas and Manifesto. The fragmented Marxists parties of Europolis have managed to unite under a single umbrella, and are now spearheading a large number of demonstrations aimed at both the Syndicate-controlled EYE military police forces, the corporations, and the growing number of right-wing European Dawn supporters. Their pet name for Konstantin Wolf — 'Kaiser Konstantin' — has become the rallying cry of the left. While few think Ribas and Manifesto have a fighting chance in the elections, they are disrupting the status quo, and that may be their primary goal.

Finally, there's Lea Umińska; the candidate Zoë is campaigning for. She represents the social democrats — the Unity Party — and next to Wolf and European Dawn, Umińska and Unity have the broadest support amongst voters, representing a more moderate and liberal direction. But they've also been criticised for representing compromise and for constantly changing direction when public opinion shifts.

Politics and corporations are inextricably tied together, and as the political situation in Europolis escalates, story-lines will converge and the greater conspiracy will come to light.

But politics in Europolis is about a lot more than votes, rhetoric and the race for the seat of Chancellor and control of Parliament.

The Syndicate — an organisation created by the corporations in order to govern their own — polices streets with their omnipresent EYE. Soldiers in battle-suits, unmanned drones and warships, millions of surveillance cameras and satellites ensure that the Syndicate — also called Zaibatsu — has eyes everywhere. Most believe that rather than governing corporations, the Syndicate serves them...and that governments serve the Syndicate in turn.

As Europolis gets ready for election day, things are heating up: there are demonstrations all across the city and the EYE is setting up checkpoints and increasing surveillance, blaming radical political elements for making the streets unsafe. Transit between sectors is increasingly restricted, and tensions are running high.

This is Zoë's new world. While she's not particularly political by nature, she wants to take an active part in her local community and she wants to understand the city she has chosen to live in. And while the politics begins as a side plot, it will merge in interesting ways with the main plot.

We'll be back on June 24th with our big key art reveal  — in the meantime, join the conversations at the official forums, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for another update: this time about Zoë Castillo's hair! 

Team Red Thread


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    1. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      MAPT works. I'm Russian, this looks good to me now.

      Thanks for listening, guys!

    2. Teugen on

      MDYAT? Seriously?

    3. Dag-Erling Smørgrav on

      Was everybody too distracted by the fake cyrillic in the Manifesto banner to notice the resemblence between the Unity party's banner and Barack Obama's Change / Hope posters from 2008?

      I'm not complaining, just observing :-)

    4. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Roman: "Also what is up with Europe and evilisation of Russia? We haven't done anything wrong except for being big and defensive."

      Who said anything about Russia being evil in Dreamfall Chapters? That's certainly NOT the case.

      In our story, the Marxist party (Manifesto) is working to make Europolis a better place; also, aside from ideological inspirations, they're not even remotely Russian. Their leader is Spanish-Caribbean, and the party itself emerged from the burgeoning Dutch Marxist movement of the 22nd Century.

      As mentioned earlier, their logo was designed to mimic the symbology important to a futuristic, Marxist-inspired political party -- not to be genuinely Russian. Based on feedback here and elsewhere, however, we have iterated on the logo. We want our players to focus on the story, setting and characters rather than thinking we haven't done our research!

      Here is a link to the redesigned logo:

    5. Roman - Jagged Weresheep of Sin on

      Being russian, i really dont like МДЯТ. It can be roughly translated as talking a lot of bollocks. МАНДЯТ. Also what is up with Europe and evilisation of Russia? We haven't done anything wrong except for being big and defensive.

    6. Russell Deitch on

      I can read / speak Russian but I know this is being used symbolicly. I don't care. :)

    7. Tomimt on

      I have no issues in the way cyrillic alpabets are used there. I've seen that done a lot in other places as well. I guess it could be an issue for native russians or anyone who can read cyrillic alphabets, but I doubt many others will care.

    8. Russell Deitch on

      Read it as a substitute - like leet. The Cyrillic D is being used as an A, the Cyrillic Ya is being used as an R (like Toys R us) and the hammer and sickle is being used as another A. You're meant to read the name as Marta.

    9. Missing avatar

      f1ac on

      МДЯТ (MDYAT) sounds silly and unnatural, no one would ever choose it as a name. A direct abbreviation of "Marta Ribas and Manifesto" would be "МРАМ", providing we use cyrillic transliteration, but it lacks cyrillic outlook. However if we translate "and", we'll get "МРИМ". It still doesn't sound inspiring, but at least it's not mdyat. I understand it was meant to be in some weird future language, but Яed thяead got it close enough to cheesy movies with crazy russians drinking vodka while playing balalaykas and petting their domestic bears :)

    10. Matotron on

      In future Europe there are many threads like this one pointing out that Manifesto shouldn't be using faux Cyrillic. No political party that wanted to be taken seriously would do that.
      Even as someone whose only language is English I still think it lacks imagination.

    11. Missing avatar

      Orestis E. on

      Is, by any chance, the "European Dawn" name inspired by the Greek "Golden Dawn" ultra-right, neo-nazi party?

    12. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Looks like Zoë and myself lean to the same end of the political spectrum. ;) Nice update!
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    13. Dmitry Kozlovtsev on

      Faux cyrillic, really? Looks awful for the ones who actully uses this alphabet.

    14. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Valery: We prefer to put our own spin on things and do it differently -- if everyone else uses red and gold, we'll go a different route. Which is why we landed on red and black, distinguishing it clearly from the other three parties. Green and silver would have been an interesting and original way to go!

    15. Valeriy on

      @Red Thread Games:
      Sorry, I was wrong regarding "Russian colours". But I checked all Parties you provided and it just happens that most of them are using "red and gold" scheme (Communist Party of Cuba uses black). So it is just a suggestion to use the most associated colours. But will be interesting if in the end you paint it green and silver :-)

    16. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Valery: The Manifesto party isn't Russian; it's a pan-European party with a Spanish leader and Dutch roots. They wouldn't necessarily use Russian colours. In our fiction, Manifesto has drawn inspiration from numerous Marxist parties throughout history (both real and imagined) and have designed a brand around that. Right or wrong, it's part of the fiction.

      Simplex (and others): The hammer and sickle are commonly used by Marxists parties around the world. Case in point: The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, the Communist Party of India, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain. Whatever your feelings on communism or Marxism, there's real history here, mixed with our own vision of Europe two hundred years into the future.

      We won't of course spoil any of the story that builds from these political tensions, but it's important to understand that we're creating a fictional future that draws inspiration from the present: we're not trying to properly represent present-day Europe or present-day politics.

      Having said that, we will of course pay attention to constructive feedback in regards to the lettering and the logo, and hopefully improve everything we do. No one sets out to be disrespectful or to step on anyone's toes; at the same time, it's also important to realise that we are going to take artistic freedoms when it makes sense for the story and our universe. Hopefully we can achieve some sort of BALANCE!

      Also, importantly, please be civil and polite with each other. Politics is always a touchy subject -- just keep in mind that Dreamfall Chapters is not real, it's set in the far future, and it's a fable.

    17. Valeriy on

      My friend, every regime "murders millions of people in the name of ideology", period. You will be surprised to know how many people were murdered by "democratic" regimes of today and "totalitarian monarchies" of 19th century (colonial). If you believe such a thing as "good regime" exists, then...

      Well, of course, in fiction we can have "good kingdoms" vs. "evil empires" all right. But they should probably use their own symbols.

      And as of "Nazism equals to Communism" theory, please don't start this holy war. :-) Otherwise one can argue Colonial Britain murdered 10 times more Chinese and pretty much has to burn "Union Jack" here and now out of shame.

    18. Simplex on

      Would you put a swastika in logo of any party in the game? Because hammer and sickle is analogous to swastika - both are symbols of authoritarian regimes that murdered millions of people in the name of ideology.

    19. Valeriy on

      After some deep thoughts I found several other flaws:
      1) Colour scheme is wrong. Red and black is associated with Nazi, not communists. We (Russians) never used black. We used black in our flag only once (during Pavel I reign) and it was black-yellow-white. And most propaganda posters used red and gold
      combinations, not rad and black.
      2) While I definitely pleased to see "hammer and sickle" sign I must point out that in some Baltic countries it it prohibited under threat of prison by local law. It is sad but such is our (not fictional) reality. So, using this sign can have adverse consequences in that countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia AFAIR).

    20. Simplex on

      Write her name in actual Cyrillic, I guarantee gamers will appreciate it :-)
      Also, is Umińska of Polish descent? The name is not Polish, but the surname definitely is.

    21. Ivan Ofitserov on

      I kinda agree, МДЯТ is just to silly, especially for russian speakers)

    22. Valeriy on

      МДЯТ☭ Seriously?
      Sorry, Red Thread Games, but Faux Cyrillic is just soooo cheap! I mean, who in his/her mind would use bogus language for his/her political party???
      Sorry, but this just shatters immersion and "Willing Suspension of Disbelief" in an instant. This is either some sort of a joke or someone thinks players are stupid and can not see a fake...
      This is just so Hollywood B-movie...

    23. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      I really, really like what you're doing here. ::polsci-geek-out:: ^___^

    24. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      Oh, I see now. You thought "Hey, 'Я' (ya) kind of looks like this LET'S USE IT INSTEAD OF R AND 'Д' (D) INSTEAD OF A EVEN THOUGH CYRILLIC AND LATIN BOTH USE A, HELL YEAH THIS IS SO COMMUNIST NOW."

      No. Nope. Don't do this. Please. This is terrible.

    25. Missing avatar

      stian on

      oh this is a bold move, be prepared for mudslinging from all corners. Europe are definitely are in a period of great upheaval, manufacturing jobs going east, large youth unemployment, pressure from immigration and asylum seekers, wealth distribution are getting more uneven and the welfare state are struggling to uphold its standards of yester years.

      The interesting part is that what i just listed are happening now and in the near future, and this game are set in a more distant future. it will be interesting what you choose happened in our near future and this game’s more distant past.

    26. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    27. Markus on

      I have to say I share Paul Marshall's concerns, but let's wait and see how it works out in the finished game.
      However, I'm glad that there is another, non-political (I hope) career path for Zoë (although I wouldn't call voluntary work in your early 20s really a "career".)

    28. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Paul: The story has little to do with the political convictions of the development team, and more to do with how the political forces are shaping Europolis, the corporations and our story-line. We're dealing with fictional parties in a fictional, far-future setting: I'm sure it'll be possible to play the game without worrying too much about the potential political leanings of the writing team. We're not trying to convince anyone of anything.

    29. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback!

      The Marta-logo is only meant to be visually inspired by Cyrillic script, playing off the Russian connection (Manifesto is actually a spin-off of the Dutch Marxist Party in our fictional future) but it's obviously a bit confusing; this is why we welcome feedback from our fans and backers. There's plenty of time to get it right, and we will make changes before the game is released!

    30. Demiath on

      The political science geek in me really liked this update, nice to see that "maturity" in game design can mean more than just nuanced portrayals of individual characters and their relationships with each other. Representing social movements and larger structural forces is an equally valid way of making a game world feel alive and believable, and this brings back memories of X-COM: Apocalypse which included a whole range of vividly described organizations (including political parties, business operations and cults).

      Also, Zoë for President!

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul Marshall on

      Oh, I hope this is a balanced representation of politics. Because I think I can tell the way the writing team leans already.

    32. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      Yeaaaaaah, I'd probably do some other cyrillic acronym, guys.

    33. Iurii Mielkov on

      That should have been МАРТ@, not MAЯТ@ :)