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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

First Dreamfall Chapters gameplay video!


Greetings, backers!

We have an awesome Christmas surprise for you all:

GameSpot has just posted a twenty-five minute gameplay video from Dreamfall Chapters!

Taken from the second chapter of the game, this walkthrough covers Kian Alvane's escape from Friar's Keep, and features a commentary by design director Martin Bruusgaard and creative director Ragnar Tørnquist.

Check it out over on GameSpot right now:

Enjoy the show! And please add your comments and feedback on GameSpot, FacebookTwitter or right here on Kickstarter.


Team RTG


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    1. Russell Deitch on

      @Azfar, I hope that proof-reading is part of beta. I noticed that too (as well as e'nt for ain't).

    2. Missing avatar

      firesock on

      - Hm... Bit nitpicky, but the broom initially seems like it's actually quite a thin handle, and it really struck me on the zoomed in model. Just a UI quirk I guess.

      - By the Mojaal!

    3. animaniac on

      I've decided to avoid any video before the release.

    4. Tina Bryntesen - Dream Traveller on

      @Matthew: The video is now on RTG's youtube. Perhaps that helps? Here's the link:…

    5. Matthew on

      Is there a way to download a high quality version of the video? My internet access can't stream the high quality version fast enough

    6. Az I. on

      Quick comment while I watch:

      While I'm sure the game will go through rigorous testing and copy-editing I noticed a typo at 6.41:

      "Oh aye, they're in charge, alright. But rumours say that ONE THE bloody Six is arriving soon."

      I believe it should be "one of the bloody Six".

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin Morgan on

      My comments:
      - Why isn't there an option to choose beheading? It's somewhat confusing that his inner thought for the "hang" option suggests that he "deserves to die by the blade", but that's not an option.

      - What was the point in going through the jailbreak stuff if the plan was to escape through a portal? Why couldn't they have done it in the room they started in?

      - The 'inner voice' comments are very long. I'm concerned they might break the pacing of some conversations.

      - I thought Kian was going to be sent to Sadir to stand trial?

      - There seem to be a few (minor) typographical problems in the dialogue text, which I assume will be fixed, but just thought I'd say it anyway.

    8. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Happy New Year, RTG team & fans!

      Nice to see that you *own* choices now. I believe you are already seeing that players reflect more deeply on the story because they ask what impact their actions will have. You can use this as a guidance to shape the game and direct the focus of the players. This is where games become art and you are at the forefront of exploring what the media is capable of. Immersion and reflection not merely for a consumer but as an experience shaped by their choices, in the space you created.

      Having the choice social stat system optional is good, because some players prefer a more immersive experience while others like to play in a social space, as in playing together and discussing their choices. You can allow simple comments on your friends' choices, like "Never thought you would be so cruel!", and you would get to see your friends' comments when you hover the mouse over their name. I agree that there is a need for a distinction between the first original choice a player makes versus later retries. The main stat shown can pertain to the original choice and the mouse can reveal secondary choices, if you hover over the main stat the total distribution and if you hover over your friends' name it may reveal all choices they tried. This is not as trivial as it may sound because it can reveal interesting player attitudes, for example that certain choices are never selected by a player, which may open a space for discussion.

      The choices, if implemented well, which I trust you will, can earn you and Dreamfall Chapters a reputation for being highly innovative. Hopefully this will lead one day to an even better press coverage and reception by the critics.

    9. Stefan Heidenberger on

      I understand that Kian has changed much.
      But please consider bringing back his old voice!
      I love his voice in Dreamfall.
      Why can this be done with April and NOT with Kian? :(

    10. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Helena: if I remember correctly, when this demo was shown to us in Journeycon, the decision to NOT kill the captain was selected, which led to ...


      ...the Captain deliberately falling on the sword and killing himself to trigger the portal spell. The rest of the scene played exactly as in the Gamespot video. A few of us at Journeycon theorized that maybe Kian getting shot by an arrow on the leg was because we hesitated and didn't kill the Captain immediately, but the Gamespot video shows that's not the case (he gets shot in both cases). Or maybe the "getting shot" animation is the only one they've made yet and there will be different ones depending on our choice (how about it, RTG?).

      *SPOILER WARNING above*

    11. Andrew Snyder on

      @Kevin: He's the captain of the rebels' getaway ship in Shady Quay (, though he's lost his mechanical arm and his left leg since the last time we saw him.

    12. Kevin M. Heinrich on

      I love the direction you're taking with this. The captain seems more than a bit familiar...what am I forgetting from Dreamfall?

    13. kabaliero on

      ain't gonna watch this, for a bunch of nice reasons )

    14. Andrew Snyder on

      Well, if it's addressed in-game at some point, I think that's fine. It's not a super-huge plot point.

      Also, the holiday note you sent over Twitter & Facebook today was awesome! Happy holidays, RTG guys and gals!

    15. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Andrew Snyder: You're right -- and it's actually mentioned after the escape, but yes, maybe it should also be referenced during the escape.

    16. Missing avatar

      Satella on

      beautiful fairy tale.... gimme gimme gimme !!!!

    17. Shady_arc on

      Wow, back to some familiar places! I like how the prison seems really the same place it was years ago (and just several weeks story-wise) , despite the previous game being released years ago.
      Why doesn't the captain do anything to alarm others? Or are they already busy?
      Also it seems that Kian's design is a bit on the generic side this time. Maybe it's just that he isn't wearing much now, but as far as I recall from Dreamfall - the character had a distinctive look, and right now .. I am not sure I would've recognized him as Kian had I not been told so. Looks just another shirtless guy to me.

    18. Tina Bryntesen - Dream Traveller on

      @Andrew: Ah, of course! I was also confused about that, and wondering about why they didn't open the portal inside Friar's Keep. I would indeed be a good thing to have it mentioned at some point during the breakout, I think.

    19. Andrew Snyder on

      @Phil: They can't trigger the spell inside Friar's Keep because the keep has anti-magic properties (April mentions this in passing in Dreamfall). But I had to go consult a transcript to confirm that, so it might be good for the Captain or Warden to say it again during the breakout. Otherwise, you're right - it does feel like a plot-hole.

    20. Maciej Tarnawski on

      Can you die in the game because of wrong decisions - like e.g. ehen you refuse to kill the captain and the guards will get you? Or every path will lead you to a better or worse ending?

    21. Maciej Tarnawski on

      I haven't heard of a game that provides players' choice statistics. It's a grate idea and if it's originally yours (RTG) then conngratulations of the innovativness. Just a suggestion here: it would make more sense to include choises of only player's fist gameplay. They are more true and personal. Choices of repeated gameplay are mede jst to check alternatives - what will hapen, and those will eventually flatten the statistics.
      Keep up doing the great work :)

    22. ardotschgi on

      I'ts looking good. I just hope that the mouth movement will be improved until release (I know it's just pre-alpha footage), since it's a dialog heavy game and it looks quite ridiculous so far.

    23. Phil Brind-Surch on

      Am really pumped, just left with the question of why they didn't just open the portal back in the jail, why go to the effort of getting to the top to do it?

    24. Missing avatar

      Rink on

      I agree that the social interactions are interesting after you made the decision. If you have that information BEFORE you make the decision then it is not YOUR decision anymore because of peer pressure and you wanting to decide like some of your friends and that for me takes a lot out of the experience from a psychological standpoint. I will definately turn them off. It is nice to see you being influenced by the walking dead game though. Just don't make it 2 options all the time, maybe sometimes there could be more ways to go and maybe sometimes the choices could lead to completely different outcomes (like a character living or dieing at the end of the game), that's something the walking dead hasn't done yet and this made the decisions matter during the game but completely irrelevant in the end and that is sad.
      I also agree on the play your dialogue options only once suggestion.

      It looks really good and I can't wait to play it.

    25. Ron Vollach - Dream Traveller 6.13$ on

      Started watching the video but stopped after a few minutes, too spoiler-y for me, I prefer to wait for the game and play it myself, don't really want to know how to play through parts of it prior to having it, but it's a very interesting update.

    26. Victor "Dream Traveller" Buttaro on

      Yes! We need the original voice actress for Zoe. Let's start another Kickstarter just for that if we have to. :)

    27. epmode on

      All this talk about voice actors has me thinking about what's happening with Zoe. Is there any chance that you can get the original English voice actress? Kickstarter for airfare and hotel IMO.

    28. Victor "Dream Traveller" Buttaro on

      Looking good! Like others have said; best tone down the glow/bloom and reflection overall. I know it's the "in" feature now and tends to be offered in all these graphic engines; but it's become over-done. The real world never glows this much or has as many lens flares as some would have us believe :)

      I know what we're seeing is pretty early in the process.but hopefully you'll be able to tweak the idle/speech animations. It's always bothered me when characters will be talking and nothing really moves but their mouths.

    29. Kazioo on

      Looks good! There are still some shots with a little bit overdone lens flares and glow, but overall it looks really nice. Take your time and don't rush it, please ;)

    30. Canyon

      It looks great already! I really like the writing and the voice acting. The inner monologues are a really interesting way to learn more about the characters.

    31. Helena on

      I like the idea of hearing characters' thoughts, but I agree with the people who said it makes the dialogue puzzle too easy. I hope there'll be less hand-holding in the rest of the game.

      That aside: the game is looking pretty good so far for a pre-alpha. Reasonable graphics, nice writing and voice-acting. I'd be interested to see what happens if you do refuse to kill the captain: does it end the game then and there, or is there an alternative? And if so, are there any consequences further down the line?

    32. Missing avatar

      Lucian Smith on

      Looks good to me! I have one suggestion: only play the voice-in-head narration once. You could see in your video that even you guys, after listening to both of them play through, you then moved to the one you preferred, the v/o started up again, but you clicked to select it before he finished talking. I could see these partial sentences getting really old really quickly, but playing them only on the first mouse-over would solve that.

    33. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      The social features kind of remind me of the Walking Dead. But there they waited until the end of the episode to show you what people had chosen. I really think showing what other people have chosen before you make your decision cheapens things a bit too much, and is very immersion breaking. Moreover, in a game like The Walking Dead, the entire game was structured around moral choices - learning what people would choose in these difficult decisions was a core part of the narrative. It seems like here there is a much stronger narrative story you are trying to tell, with those choices just being there to give players a bit more agency. So I'm not sure the social features make as much sense.

      About those choices... How much are they going to affect the story? Do they just alter sub plots here and there, or is this one of those games where you actually have to play through it a few times to get the whole experience? I'm of two minds about this, I think TLJ was so memorable because of the strength of the singular narrative voice. But I do like other games that have more branching.

      And what happens if you make the "wrong" choices? If I try a different approach with the warden, does he get mad and I get a game over? Or can I just trial and error through all of the options? If I CAN trial and error, there is no reason for the excess hand holding for players who didn't pay attention to the dialog at the beginning.

      What happens if I run out of time on the roof? Another game over? Or does the story change because of it? Or does the time limit not really matter and the game is going to just hold my hand and make the right thing happen regardless? If the latter is the case, I don't really understand why choices are being included to the extent they are, when they don't actually matter.

      The graphics look really nice so far. They are unpolished, but there are some nice touches and the design is pretty good. I really like the dialog so far! Being able to adjust the camera during most of the lines is pretty freeing. And the thought bubbles are fun too.

      Puzzles very simplistic, but they seem like the kind of puzzles I would expect - as long as the difficulty keeps ramping up.

      Thanks for the video! I'm curious about some of the design, but it still looks like it's shaping up well!

    34. Nicolas Corai on

      A few concerns I have after watching the tutorial. I hope your team can address some of those, and if they choose not to, I'd love to hear the rationale behind their choices, say in the next Kickstarter update.

      Kian: the behavior of Kian is hard to understand. In his monologues, he keeps mentioning he thinks he *should* die and yet he is escaping the prison with every action we take. One moment, he's reasoning with the warden to convince him to let them escape, the next he asks out loud why he should make another step toward freedom.

      The captain: he keeps standing there and do nothing, even as he goads Kian into doing the correct thing to get past an obstacle. Yes, he has a wooden leg and he appears to be missing a hand but it would help (me at least) if he would mention his disabilities as to why he can't help and Kian has to do all the work. It would then also be good that he explained why they sent a cripple to help a prisonner break out and why it's just the two of them (They need to be stealthy? Everyone else is busy enough with the riot?). Anyhow, all those disabilities don't seem to prevent the captain from following Kian up that chain, after all. Unless Kian simply opened a gate for him after he got out. I would really like that.

      The warden: why would the warden be alone standing behind a locked door without any other guards? It would help at least to have a scene where Kian and the captain hide as a number of guards rush down to contain the revolt, maybe stating out oud in worrying tone that everyone had to go down to help with containing the riot. Also it's not clear to me why opening the door and exposing himself to potential harm is a safer path for the warden than leaving the door locked and running to get reinforcements. There were people outside shooting arrows at Kian so there must be reinforcements somewhere...

      The portal: any reason they had to get out of the dungeon to open that portal? Why couldn't Kian simply kill the captain with the shiv? It's okay to put restrictions but they have to make sense. Without any explanation they don't make sense to the player.

      Environment: it's hard to believe there's a riot, I hope you'll populate that jail with a few more prisonners and guards.

      Finally, I hope animation issues like people that keep motionless while doors open on their own or rendering issues like plastic-looking skin are due ot the pre-apha status, so I won't dwell on those.

    35. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Andrew: Thanks for the feedback! And, yep, we've recast Kian for this game, since the character has gone through quite a lot of changes since Dreamfall. Stay tuned for a proper announcement!

    36. Andrew Snyder on

      Loved the video. Great to see such progress on the game!

      On the social feedback - having the stats on how others chose at the point of decision is interesting, but I think I'm likely to turn it off for a first playthrough as well, so I'm not unduly influenced.

      And on the "inner monologue" - I like the idea, but it is good to make sure that, in dialogue puzzles, the descriptive text for the options don't give the answer away.

      Also, is that a new voiceover artist for Kian?

      Great work! So excited for next November!

    37. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Kent: Yes, you can disconnect and turn the social interactions off. Turning them on for a second play-through is definitely a 'best of both worlds' type of scenario.

      Aleksander: If you don't see any point in the social features, you can turn them off. When it comes to the lack of punishment -- we don't think punishing players is a good idea. Rather, we want to reward those who listen and explore and investigate by giving them more insight, more story, and less backtracking.

      Don: It doesn't come across in the video, but Kian and the Captain close the doors behind them as they progress upwards, and the guards are stuck a floor below. They also have their hands full with the riot. The Warden can scream all he wants, it wouldn't do much good.

      Mehbah: Some choices have major consequences, some have minor ones...but you'll never know until later on in the story. That's the whole point of the decision points -- there's rarely a 'right' answer, and you never know what impact a choice may have.

    38. DarthDavy on

      Wonderfull video on gamespot. Game looks really interesting too and I wished I backed this higher than just 25 dollars.

      @Aleksander: if you don't like the social features, they mentioned you can easily turn them off in the options menu in the video.

    39. alexskc on

      I really don't see much point in the social features of the game. Good decisions should be personal and involving, and there's a good tension in "should I kill the captain?" Being told "BTW, most of your friends couldn't see a way out and wanted to get it over with" before you've even done anything is just distracting, and could even add this weird peer pressure that shouldn't be in a single player game. I could see it being interesting to tell the player after they've made their decision. That could be surprising, and an interesting starting point for discussion, but as its implemented right now, it just seems like a distracting gimmick. At the very least, I'd like an option to turn it off.

      The other thing that worries me is the lack of punishment. Saying you'll reward someone for paying attention, but not punish them for not paying attention seems just backwards. Human Revolution was an example of good dialogue in a game. If you didn't pay attention, you simply failed. You had to base your decisions off what you personally thought of the characters themselves, and not just something shallow like "He tries to be reasonable and appeals to family". If you only stumbled a bit in a conversation, you could still get back up, but it was much harder, and the chance of failure much larger.

      Finally, isn't getting it from pre-alpha to release a bit of a rush? Hopefully you'll still have time to polish everything fine.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kent Falconer on

      The social choice results are an interesting inclusion, but will there be a way to turn them off? It is quite immersion breaking to see references to other players in this.

      That said, it would be welcome to see that information in a second playthrough, when I have the commentary turned on.

      A toggle for the social results in the settings would be absolutely wonderful.

    41. Tomimt on

      Very lovely for an alpha footage. Good to see that you are progressing well.

    42. Matotron on

      I can see from the broom puzzle that I am going to be using the hint system or the classic use every thing with every thing method.

    43. Tina Bryntesen - Dream Traveller on

      @Nicole Navarra: Since they've already promised a commentary track with the $1.5 mill stretch goal, we will get that :D And I'm sooo looking forward to it!

      I am curious about the timed events though. What will happen if you don't lock the doors to the roof in time, for instance?

      I am also a bit worried about the choices. But that's only because I don't really like player agency.. I would have liked it more if I didn't really influence the game in any way. But hopefully most people will think the choices are a good thing :)

    44. Don Reba on

      I meant to ask "why would the warden _not_ call the guards right away."

    45. Don Reba on

      A little criticism. Please, know that it comes only with love:

      • The dialogue challenge makes the right answer patronizingly obvious.
      • The escape makes no sense. Why would the warden call the guards right away? Should he not have heard us coming? We were talking in normal voice just meters away.
      • The captain asked to be beheaded for a quick death, but we stab him in the stomach.

    46. Missing avatar

      Sergey Bessarab on

      Thanks to all RTG team for the GREAT pre-Chrismas present! Awesome video. Like the gameplay novelties so much, and the hard work is clearly seen behind this footage.

      Wish all of you the Merriest Christmas!

    47. Martin H Bruusgaard on

      Mehbah, I get what you're saying, but there's more to it than what we said in the video. In this particular example, it's impossible to go back and have the conversation all over again with the warden (as he's standing right before you). So in this case, not remembering the answers would be a hard blocker, and you would have to start the level all over again. We don't think that's a particularly good gameplay experience.

      However, there will be other places in the game, where you are required to remember conversations. In those cases, we make sure that the player can go back and get the right answer, if he/she needs to. In those cases it's not a hard blocker, and it's OK to require the player to remember it.

      Hope that made sense :)


    48. Missing avatar

      Nicole Navarra on

      Being a 100% lover of the TLJ and a 50% lover of Dreamfall - I LOVE how the gameplay is more conversation based (I played - am playing - TLJ repeatedly because of it). Honestly I played Dreamfall once and put it down. But TLJ? I got it on steam and still play it (even so many years later - and I had the original since its release date).

      Don't overthink it - you have a wonderful game brewing over there and the video looks great. You've unfortunately spoiled me now, I expect a full gameplay walkthrough with witty dialogue commentary (75% kidding). Don't tweak too much on all the naysayers out there - if you make it too open world it takes away from enjoying the game because you're busy making choices and remembering everything. And punishing players? That's completely opposite from the spirit of TLJ. Anyone who played TLJ would know that. Upgraded dialogue/monologue looks wonderful. Great job guys!

    49. Missing avatar

      Mehbah on

      I'm halfway through the video and I just heard you talk about how you "won't punish people for not listening" in the dialogue puzzles. This is honestly seriously worrying. If people aren't going to pay attention to the dialogue, they shouldn't be playing an adventure game in the first place. It's like playing a rhythm game muted; there's no point to it.

      I really hope you'll reconsider on this, because what's the point in playing a game if it's just going to hold your hand the entire time? The original TLJ dared to challenge the player and only benefited from it. I'm not saying there should be moon logic puzzles, but you should dare to expect something from the players.

      On the subject of choices, will there be right and wrong choices? The one with the dying prisoner early in the game seems more or less pointless, since there honestly isn't any reason to leave him alive. You don't stand to gain anything from it. It seems like choosing to not help him lacks purpose. Please keep in mind that having choices for the sake of having choices is pointless. The characters are already set, so having a lot of choices meant only to define your character (as games like Planescape: Torment did well) doesn't fit the game.