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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Dreamfall Chapters is funded! Thank you!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)
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That's what all 21,858 of you have generously contributed to the production of Dreamfall Chapters. One-point-five MILLION dollars. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We are grateful and humbled, inspired by your support and belief in this project and in us.

Now it's our turn to deliver.

This is the last of the Kickstarter updates. This is the first of the post-Kickstarter updates.

We're going to keep you updated on what's going on with Dreamfall Chapters, what we're working on, how we're spending your money. We'll keep you informed, entertained, amused and involved. Every step of the way.

There won't be daily updates, of course, but we'll post something as often as possible, as often as we have something to talk about or show. Expect text updates, video diaries, new art, screenshots, character concepts, voice samples. Expect music, behind-the-scenes photos, outtakes and anecdotes. Expect some surprises along the way.

This is not just our game now. It's yours, too. And we're going to share it with you, the best we can. Oh, there will be mysteries because mysteries are still important. But we asked you to join us on this journey, and we're staying true to our word.

This is a journey we take together.

So what's going to happen now?

Well, we're going to answer any questions you guys may have. We're going to take care of the practicalities. We're going to launch a forum and give you guys your badges. We're going to move everyone over there, and build a strong, vocal, friendly, creative and supportive community. A community we can all be proud of, where we can be honest and open, inclusive and gracious. The development team will be active and communicative, and you'll get to interact with absolutely everyone. You'll get to know them personally.

And we're going to build a great game.

Tomorrow we will be back with some more practical information, particularly in regards to PayPal. We'll also provide an update about the fan art competition. And we'll share some words from the rest of the team, some of whom you may not have heard from yet.

But until then, let's celebrate the fact that Dreamfall Chapters is now a thing that will happen! It's actually really, really real. And not only do we get to make a game; we get to make the Director's Cut of this game.

That makes me very, very happy.

So thank you all again. For being so damn great. For helping us run a damn fine Kickstarter. For being the friendliest and most engaging bunch of fans and pledgers we could have hoped for. I've enjoyed this experience so much, and I can't wait to get started on the rest of it.

We've said it a hundred times already, but what the hell -- we're not done quite yet:

Onwards & upwards, gang!


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    1. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      Congratulations on reaching such an amazing funding total.
      Hope to see this game out on android tablet, and may it have good sales figures :)

    2. Demonixis on


      Good job for this awesome project, I contact you because i've a little issue. I've pledged the game for 20$ but I don't have selected a reward, can you select me a reward because I can't gets the game without reward. there are 3 pledge $ 20 (the one I selected) you can add me as this is the price I paid? Thank you very much.


    3. theAnton on

      Congrats guys & gals at RTG! :D

    4. Andy on

      Yeah @Emmo that's the thing - I'm scared of adding $15 and getting that lost :/

    5. Emmo on

      I don't think you can do anything more on kickstarter now. If you want to increase your donation, you can always give more on paypal, but whether they link your donations together is, unknown.

    6. Andy on

      My question is if I want to up my pledge what can I do?


    7. Kyle Manley - Dream Traveller on

      Might have more luck with "exultation" then :p Great word for this great project!

    8. Don Reba on

      That was supposed to be "exaltation" (spell checker be damned). :)

    9. Don Reba on

      Oh, and, sorry, I made two comments without expressing exhalation at RTG's achievement. You guys are awesome! That was an amazing campaign!

    10. Don Reba on

      @Jonathan Zamora - getting $40M for a game on Kickstarter would be very unlikely and anything less might not give the saga the ending it deserves. Still, I would pledge more for Shenmue than any other Kickstarer project.

    11. Jonathan Zamora on

      I'm glad to have been part of this. I still remember playing Dreamfall for the xbox when I was high school, and I remember enjoying every bit of it. Now, I just hope Yu Suzuki or Sega would do something like this for Shenmue.

    12. MusicSweetly on

      Wow, 1,538,425. Now that's a beautiful number :)
      I'm so happy to have been able to see and contribute to this process (especially since I, like most everyone here, have become quite invested in Zoe's and April's stories). It's rare that fans get to share in such a detailed and open (pre)production process and I know all of us here appreciate the RTG team working so hard to includes us in everything that they are able to. And I'm sure the fun has just begun! This has been a beautiful series so far. I'm so glad we finally get to see it through to the end. Now, onwards and upwards to November 2014!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tean on

      I feel this kickstarter has been very special... Every update has felt like a personal letter that was a joy to read.
      Big hugs to all you at RTG! :-)
      (...loved to hear a little Norweigan in the bloopers movie...)

    14. Moirrey | Dream Traveller on


      That isn't really what I was asking, but thanks.

    15. ostubash on

      Thanks for everything RTG and major congrats! Can't wait for what's to come.

    16. Ian Cervantez on

      Hey, I want to contribute another $30 to get the physical soundtrack addon... But the backing period is over. Any chance you can run a slacker backer campaign? You know, similar to what DoubleFine did ( )?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jordy Mol on

      I am so proud to be a part of this. You guys are amazing!
      Onwards & upwards, gang!

    18. Katrina L. Halliwell

      @Mary Fleet: People here on kickstarter can select the $25 reward level and pledge $200, so I don't see why you can't do that on Paypal and then adjust the reward level if you want the $200 level by emailing someone,

    19. Moirrey | Dream Traveller on

      First of all, congratulations Ragnar and Red Thread Games - and all fans (lolz I can't really congratulate myself but I am a fan).

      Copied and pasted from the general comments section where I originally posted:

      I'm curious, how are the limited edition counts matching up between the PayPal and kickstarter sales? Because if you've sold more than 3 of the Shifter Edition for $525 on PayPal, then the counts are already wrong. Just asking because they are called "Limited Edition" and they have to be numbered.. so...

      Also, I only saw up to the Shifter edition on the PayPal list. Does that mean that's the maximum someone can contribute through PayPal? Confused.

      Only asking for curiosity, I already have my copy through the Kickstarter.

    20. Willem on

      Congratulations RTG; really looking forward to DFC. I am very glad we got to the director’s cut version of the game. Still hoping that over time Paypal can push it past 2mil, but even if not, you can always just launch another KS for that project. I, for one, would love to have April's story fleshed out even more. As much as I appreciate the character of Zoe, April is still number 1 and the original to me :).

    21. Zdenek "Alcarmo" on

      On 10th of March we reached something wonderful...something what brings us more and more amazing dreams... and soon these dreams will come true :-)

      - thank You all fans and pledgers for funding this great project!
      - thank You Red Thread games team for all your hard work that had happened and much more hard
      work that still comes to pass
      - thank You Ragnar for creating such a deep, fascinating and breathtaking story that makes so many
      guys happy, makes them cry tears of happiness, makes them dream... :-)
      And thank all of You for being generous, for being friendly and for sharing this dream together ;-)
      The next chapter in our lives has just started...
      May the Balance protect you :-)

    22. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Congratulations and thank you! I echo Stephen Delvecchio's request. I simply have no time registering and following discussion on forums of the tens of Kickstarters I've successfully been in. Even on the few of them I'm registered, I only drop by once in a while.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    23. John ♡ Zoë ♡ April ♡ Dreamfall traveller on

      You know you have run a campaign well when there are still 3 $20 dollar places left. This can only mean one thing, people grew with the project so much that they keeped on upping their pledges wanting this to be made and wanting this to become as go

    24. John ♡ Zoë ♡ April ♡ Dreamfall traveller on

      Thank you for these very nice words RTG! I am very happy too.

    25. Simon (Chojey) on

      Like many others that have posted in this comment and in other places, thank YOU for choosing to pick up the torch and helping to further the journey that all started with The Longest Journey. We will fervently look forward to exploring the world that you will make and solving the mysteries that shall arise.

    26. Moskus on

      I'm looking forward for this.
      And I'm really glad for the "don't spam my inbox" initiative. :)

    27. Leo on

      It all became real when my credit card was charged and I actually got to see the tangible reality: Chapters has been funded and I had spent a whopping 624 dollars! But never did I regret it, as this is truly a dream come true! I am so happy we all made sure you could develop this game in directors cut! The ending of such a lovely campaign is bittersweet but I look forward to all the memories ahead yet to be made! This community has always and will always go onwards and upwards together! Now let's make beautiful dreams fall :)

    28. Ron Vollach - Dream Traveller 6.13$ on

      Can't wait, it was an amazing ride but the journey ahead is hopefully gonna be just as amazing.

      Once again, Congratulations Ragnar & to the rest of the team @ RTG, I'm eagerly waiting for the forums.

    29. Jiri Ptacek - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      Congratulations and thanks for the ride! And it's been a wild one, with daily updates. Looking forward to (less frequent :-) ) development updates and behind-the-scenes videos.

    30. Leonid Kapitonov on

      Dream a dream, it'll come alive!

      Onwards! And thank you all, RTG (which clearly means Ragnar Tørnquist Games as well, tee-hee)

    31. Tomimt on

      I'm just so damned happy, that after all these years Zoë's story will finally have its conclusion.

    32. Jester's_Tear82 on

      Thank you so much for all the sharing & caring :) I feel so proud to be a backer, & look forward to the forums & the continuation of the journey.
      Now - go out there & make our game the best it can possibly be :)

      *blowing kisses at Ragnar, Rakel, Martin, Quentin, & that other guy.. what's his name again.. oh yes, Dag :)) Kidding! & everyone else who's involved - you're awesome too!

    33. Phil Wyatt - Dream Traveller - on

      Really happy to be part of this. Now the real work begins for you guys, but I really hope you have a blast making it. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!

    34. Andrew Snyder on

      Congratulations to the RTG team on a well-run campaign and on the well-deserved success. And many thanks to the dedicated commenters who kept me laughing as I psychotically refreshed the Kickstarter counter. I am so happy to be a part of this, and thrilled that Chapters is the third most funded adventure game in KS' history. The saga will continue in spectacular fashion. And we all got to help. That is awesome. You're all awesome. Go be awesome!

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris McAllen on

      I can only echo what everyone else here has already said. TLJ/Dreamfall have touched the hearts and imaginations of everyone here in a way that few other stories have. Our support is, as much as anything else, a show of our gratitude for keeping this world alive, and giving us a chance to be a part of it once again. So thank YOU for finally making this a reality, and for not forgetting about your loyal fans after all these years.

    36. @delamer - Drachkin on

      Thank you guys so much for doing this at all :) We know it will turn out well, and will keep dreaming until it does ;)
      Sorry, Ann- you are better writer :)

    37. Nativeguide on

      I'm so glad to be apart of this, I really loved the games and never thought they would be finished. What a great way to start the year off.

      See everyone in the forums!

    38. Rohan Viajar on

      I know this might be a long shot.. But, Is there still a way to Up my pledge? I might want to change my 75$ to a 150$ (next month)

    39. Loranna238 ~ Dream Traveler ~ on

      Thank you guys so much for doing this at all :) We know it will turn out well, and will keep dreaming until it does ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Beth C on

      Thanks guys! I was shocked and delighted by the fact that this very Kickstarter existed. Spend my money wisely!

    41. DS_Nadine on

      You propably had an exhausting month with all the PRand Updates to keep the Cmpaign running and at the same time developing more content to show and gain interest. - So It think the first logical next step is: Take a day off! ;) - Gratz, guys!

    42. Missing avatar

      Cat Mccann on

      At this moment you guy's are my hero's. When I discovered Dreamfall Chapters I just had to back you because I so wanted to find out what happens to Zoe. When Dreamfall came to it's end I was truly heart broken and I shed many tears for what happened to her and have been hoping and praying for a new game all these years. As a character she was so very real and I found myself totally involved in the game as if in real life, so I am absolutely delighted that you now have what you need to bring Chapters to life. Thank you. 8)

    43. Elpiniki Kappa ~ Dream Traveller :D on

      BEST UPDATE EVER!!!!! gz and fan love to everybody!!!Let's start dreaming!!!

    44. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      So long as you don't >exclusively< move over to the forums/twitter/reddit/whetever and ignore updating here regularly, quite a few Projects so far have outright kept us backers in the dark as to whats going on with a total lack of kickstarter updates - not realising that many of us don't really want to sign up and follow about 30 or more different forums from various teams. ;)

    45. Karol B. on

      All I can say is: thanks EVERYONE for making this happen. I'm so happy that there's such a strong community behind TLJ. Through years I really started to lose a faith (ha!) that this game will ever happen, especially since it was quiet for so many years and I thought that people started to lose interest in the series. I'm so glad I was so wrong! See you on the forum perhaps? And, once again, thanks for remembering this dream for so many years. Now... let's dream it.

    46. nitrium on

      I backed this project because The Longest Journey is probably the most emotional, original ground-breaking adventure game I ever played. I don't think I've ever felt that involved in an adventure game previously or since. I actually haven't even played Dreamfall yet (but will strive to do so before this comes out). I will surely be backing a true sequel TLJ, should that ever eventuate.

    47. Raven Woods on

      Thank you very much for pursuing this game as a project. This means so much to me and many others. You created a story that touched the hearts of many, we want to see more. So, good luck to you and please take your time to deliver. You have our support!