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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

A reminder about our stretch goals!

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Stretch goal update!

With your generous help and support, we have so far achieved SEVEN stretch goals since passing our original goal.

We are fast approaching $1,4 million pledged, and the one-and-a-half million dollar mark and The Director's Cut is still in sight!

Even if we don't quite make that amount on Kickstarter, however, we're going to add up the PayPal donations and keep working our way towards both The Director's Cut, The Small Screen and, eventually, The Longest Journey Home.

The Director's Cut, of course, adds back all the content we had to cut for cost reasons, along with a director's commentary of the game. With a bigger budget, we can hire more people and we can bring back the locations, characters, puzzles and conversations that were left on the cutting room floor. These include:

The House of Dreams, one of the more old-school-elegant Emporiums in Europolis. Built to resemble the romantic 'ideal' of the opium dens of the late 1800s and early 1900s, it's dark and moody, filled with velvet and silk and incense, and everyone who works there is appropriately (or inappropriately) dressed. Madame Nyx is the flamboyant proprietor of The House of Dreams, a loud and boisterous character who has built a business out of supplying customers with lucid dreams.

Then there is Likho, a fierce, one-eyed Dolmari fighter and a member of the underground resistance in Marcuria. His background is a mystery, but something in his past has made him hate the Azadi people more than most, and his history is intertwined somehow with Kian's.

As an example of how important these stretch goals are to us, here is a character we were able to bring back after achieving an earlier stretch goal, A Longer Journey.

This character and his story arc had been removed from the game, but with the additional funds and a bigger budget, we were able to bring him back and make him an integral part of the story again.

Falk Friedman is a Corporate Jäger employed by various global conglomerates and corporations to take care of unofficial, off-the-books business. He has just been hired by WatiCorp to hunt someone or something down -- but who that (or what) is, we're not going to reveal. Yet!

The next stretch goal, at $1,750,000, is The Small Screen, and we're excited to present a brand new piece of art for this stretch goal!

The Small Screen brings Dreamfall Chapters to, well, small (and not-so-small) screens, including the iPad and Android tablets. This might also include one big screen -- the Ouya -- although we still need to do some investigations into that platform before we can commit to anything.

The mobile versions of the game would not be available until at least six months after the Windows/Mac/Linux release, since we don't want to cripple the desktop versions, lose focus, or make a crappy port. We also want the tablet versions to have a proper point-and-touch-screen interface, so it's going to take quite a bit of extra work to scale down and transform Dreamfall Chapters to the small screen.

As stated above, we will keep counting all PayPal pledges towards the total, and by the time we get a bit closer to launch, we might have reached this goal and we can start thinking about The Small Screen(s)!

And, finally, most of you probably know about The Longest Journey Home. If we reach $2 million, we will make this project our next project after Dreamfall Chapters, and we can continue the story of April Ryan and her long journey home.

Even if we don't get to $2 million, we will still look into ways of making The Longest Journey Home a reality...some day. It's a story we all want to tell, and we won't let it die.

You can read more about The Longest Journey Home here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this stretch goal update answered some of your questions about the road ahead.

We will be back later today with one more update, but until then



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    1. Don Reba on

      That Friedman looks like a likeable fellow.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on

      I hope Friedman isn't just some assassin. I was hoping he'd be like Robert Quarles from the tv series Justified. That character is really interesting in my opinion.

    3. Skorpys - Dream Traveller\Lib UT on

      That mesmerizing Draic Kin dreamy....Who cares about asses with Dat BOX! *slips away into happy thoughts of wonderful physical goodness*

    4. Missing avatar

      Foefaller on

      Uhh, don't remind me of the rewards, I can't afford to upgrade...

    5. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @areturns: They already said that it's a "sliding scale", meaning the closer to the Director's Cut we get, the more of the cut features will return. However, the 1,5 million WILL be reached anyway, if not by us here in Kickstarter, with the addition of Paypal who should be at least 50k $ by now (we'll know the exact amount tomorrow). TLJH also WILL happen either with a Kickstarter or even without, if the sales of Dreamfall: Chapters are very good (in the latter case it would be still great if RTG did some kind of pre-sale with goodies like these anyway, I'm sure everyone would love to get their hands on super-collector editions of TLJH)

      @April01: I know that matters of feelings cannot be "rationalized" but allow me to tell you that (without having any extra or inside information, but seeing what direction the story seems to be going) I feel that I can assure you that you will enjoy Dreamfall: Chapters, especially because of how they will "present" April in it. I'm sure that she will be "saved", both physically and emotionally (she will be much closer to the April you loved, as Dreamfall was the "lowest", darkest, more sad part of her life, the bottom of the barrel), I'm sure that we will spend A LOT of time with her (still less than Zoe's time, but I believe more than we saw April in Dreamfall), that Kian's journey will be also heavily interwined with April's (and he'll be important for her) and -given the tremendous secrecy regarding the 3rd playable character- I'm even starting to doubt Ragnar's earlier announcements about April in Chapters. For this last point I'm much less sure than everything else I assured you above, but I'm starting to suspect that she could in fact be a "surprise" playable character that they want to keep under wraps for us, because "mystery is important".
      *Not to mention that outside of the game we'll also get all those short stories, some of which are already confirmed to involve April (and her childhood)
      Plus, I believe that we WILL have TLJH in our hands (to play) from as early as 2015 to (maximum, the latest) by late 2016, we - the fans - will make sure of it, now that the fate of the series is finally in our hands, and not in the financial decisions of corporations.

    6. pazzer on

      Will it be possible to top up our pledges via paypal once kickstarter is over?

    7. Missing avatar

      areturns on

      78k in 11 hours is stretching it. I think we need to know if the Director's Cut will still happen if we get very close! Also, I think the idea of a separate Kickstarter for TJLH after Chapters comes out is something that would receive a huge amount of support, particularly if Chapters turns out to be great.

    8. Mats-André Nykrem on

      Does the $200 pledge include a boxed copy of the game?

    9. cubber on

      "Even if we don't get to $2 million, we will still look into ways of making The Longest Journey Home a reality...some day. It's a story we all want to tell, and we won't let it die."

      Well, I guess we'll see... read us all again for the TLJH Kickstarter. I'm looking forward to it :D

    10. @delamer - Drachkin on

      Just think of the game as of the summer, which may not come until the spring. There is order in all things, and every thing is of mucho importante, Seniorita ;)

    11. Hayley Morris on

      I think we well be okay once the game releases. Because none of the previous kickstarters have come to fruition yet everybody seems to forget the games will sell after release, there are plenty more people out there. Maybe the sales of this game well fund the last game because the company will get to keep all the money instead of sharing with the publisher. It'll all work out

    12. GrantZ9001 on

      @G. Cotton


    13. Siresly on

      Won't be able to stay for the end of this. :(

    14. Sio on

      At first glance, I though that the drawing of Falk Friedman was Tim Gunn. Make it work, RTG!

    15. April01 on

      @ Sarah: You are right, and this is why I further support this game - though of my personal sadness.

    16. Missing avatar

      G. Cotton on

      I am honestly not interested in small screen versions of DFC or TLJH.

      The Director's Cut is definitely something I would like to see.

      I also wish there were more pledge levels between $20/$25 and $50. I would like the have the digital hi-res map, but I really only feel it's worth another $5 to $10. A $30 or $35 level that includes the map would suit me just fine.

    17. Marianna on

      Can you make the TLJH banner available as a wallpaper? It's beautiful!

    18. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      @April I share your sadness to some degree. I played Dreamfall because of my love for April and TLJ. I fund DFC because of my love for April and TLJ. But I have faith that DFC will be more than Dreamfall was, will Zoe and Kian in DFC be able to compare to my love for April in TLJ? Time will tell. But for now, funding DFC is the only way to get back to April.

    19. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      I will miss this campaign. It's been wonderful to spend time with the community again. I hope we get an announcement for the official forums soon so we can continue there. Also I'll be moving to UK soon so hopefully fans can meet in person for a traditional Celebration of the Balance of our own :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael D on

      I hope we hit 1.5million but after that I don't care too much. Come back to kickstart after chapters is released or close to release and do another kickstarter for the longest journey home and I know a lot of us (and hopefully a lot of new fans from chapters) will come through to help make tLJH. Right now though I'm all tapped out.

    21. April01 on

      So, for a longer time - who knows how long - all of this is also a kind of farwell. As much as Zoe and Kian develope and their parts get bigger, as much April gets smaller, and finally disappearing as a playable charcter from the saga. I have to accept this, what my heart makes very sad. Since the original TlJ so much happened, and at last it all has only this destination, April IS out of date. Will it matter, that she appears again, also with her original voice? Will it matter that we learn more of the TlJ universe and the whole story? For me - not really. Without a playable April it isn't my TlJ any more, no matter where the way will lead me. Yes, I want to know how it all ends and will play this game, no doubt. But after all what happened in Dreamfall, i will play Zoe again - and I am not happy with Kian at all. This is a "must play" part for me - hopefully as short as possible - as only sad to extend him and throw April out.
      My hope for TlJH is ot very high at the moment. This game, which I wait most for, will perhaps come to life - at any time, in any way, there is nothing certain about now. So there are the Dreamfall games, and there is TlJ, and for me it stands on its own until TlJH hopefully coming...

      ...some day...

    22. Jiri Ptacek - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      Thanks for the wonderful updates! The only thing that bugs me a bit is that "...some day" part, when it comes to TLJH development. Just don't make it "a decade" again, ok? :)
      Oh, and that Small Screens picture made me LOL.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tean on

      @ L-M: Thank you! I totally missed that one. Gonna have to start a save and try it! :-)
      400.000!! :-D

    24. Cohen on

      Technical limitations of the tablets? The PC-version is planned for November 2014... plus the usual delays Spring 2015. I wouldn't expect the iOS- and Android-versions late 2015 / early 2016.

      Any decent 2014/2015-tablet (iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Tab, Transformer) should have no problem with an unity-based adventure.

      And the iOS-sales of "The Walking Dead" were quite well:

      The price point and the revenue share were consistent across all four platforms. Dreamfall Chapters could use the same price model: the first chapter free to lure potential buyers, then in-app-purchases ($5 per chapter oder $15 for the multi-pack).

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      While I agree tablet versions are okay they don't add enough to the game to make people want to fund it. In some ways neither does your last stretch goal, I mean I will probably be there day one to fund the journey home but at 1.5 mill you restore everything you wanted to the game. Torment launching at the end of your campaign also hurt you.(bad luck there) The other thing that hurt you was the 25-50$ jump of tiers. you should have had the inside vids available at 30$, the soundtrack at 35$ and included the early access at the 50$ level. I just jumped in at the 20$ dollar level when a spot opened up, but would have paid up to 35$ for the inside story vids and I think a lot of others would have to. I think you ran a decent campaign but it could have been better.

    26. Missing avatar

      L-M on

      @ Jenny Stenstrom: When April was looking for passage on the Shadowship. If you look at the Dolmari man walking around in Shady Quay April's says: "I had a brief relationship with a Dolmari man. He was a...fierce lover." when you look at him the second time.

      (The quote is from the Dreamfall transcript:

    27. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      If they can manage to overcome technical limitations of tablets *and* low price expectations of mobile gamers, then the release of DFC on tablets could be a big help in funding TLJH. I don't play games on my tablet, but I noticed Broken Sword tablet releases have been a solid source of funds for Revolution SW -- doing the port could be a great investment for Red Thread. Thus I have no complaints about the mobile goal despite it not being directly useful to me personally. I won't use the windows port either, but I know that there are lots of windows users (and Mac users, for that matter) helping me fund this thing...

    28. Rivercliff on

      Eve - Couldn't agree more. I'm already using a low res version, but would love to have a high-res wallpaper.

    29. Rivercliff on

      RTG - I know you've been saying from Day 1 that you are totally focused on the Desktop version of Dreamfall: Chapters, and I think the nature and tone of this Kickstarter campaign has born that out, but I've also been hearing an increasing amount of chatter about a Small Screen version Now, I'm not saying that you can't multitask, but I remember how your focus on XBOX, while great for XBOX players, hurt the desktop version of the original Dreamfall, so please, stay focused on the Desktop version this time.

    30. Eve on

      Can we have the TLJ Home image as a wallpaper, please?

    31. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Longest Journey Home may just need another kickstart after DFC has come out.

    32. Alfred Lui on

      @Tomas, I feel the same way too. My wallet is actually pushing it this month, but I cannot resist the cloth map. I need to review my budget in the coming months haha.

    33. S.D. on

      @Chuck Payne: The usual way to do this is to break up the mobile version into a number of chapters (Telltale Games style) and price each piece between $3-5. We desktop gamers tend to be pretty suspicious of episodic gaming (unless it's just amazing), but in this case, the mobile gamers will be assured that the entire game exists. They simply have to wait for each piece to be properly ported out. I would suspect that the actual price of the game would be diluted down to ~$25 total, split into $5 chapters (or, since it is Dreamfall: Chapters, perhaps they would be $5 Pages :-) ). Of course... non-linearity of a game ruins this plan to some extent, but there are ways. You are correct, though, t will certainly be quite some time before mobile gamers are willing to spend $40 on a high-quality game.

    34. Chris Kl on

      I started with Dreamfall on the Xbox and loved it so much I went back and played TJL on my pc. I followed this game for the last seven years since and I'm really excited to see it finally get made.

    35. Katherine Harlan on

      I have every belief in the world that The Longest Journey Home will be told someday. Most importantly now is to get Dreamfall Chapters made and told exactly how you envision and, when the time comes, create another campaign for the Final Chapter. I believe that the backers will show up again to get that made. I know I will.

    36. Chris Kl on

      I just upped my pledge by another $25 so let's hit that directors cut :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Tomas Minutka on

      I'd really love to up my pledge as well, but can't really afford it right now. So upping pledge after kickstarter campaign ended would be totally neat

    38. Shai Abraham on

      My GOD, every one of us deserves spanking if The Director's Cut isn't achieved.

    39. David on

      I don't know if the pad market is really big or not, so it might be a lucrative goal, but quite frankly I'd rather have TLJH than a port at 1.75 million.

    40. Alfred Lui on

      Consider using mobile phone for puzzle mini games and integrated into the desktop platforms?

    41. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @L-M: I remember now :o

      But it sounded more like a flirt, as far as I remember.

    42. Gleb on

      Do you have an ETA of official discussion forums? ;)

    43. Dawid Jankowski on

      Hi, I'm new here :) Will I receive the Polish version of the game if I backed it or it will be available only in Polish stores?

    44. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on

      @Vladimir: I agree, if DFC is successful ( and how can it not be?!?!?) then they be a lot more backers potentially

    45. bloodraven43 tormented Weresheep on

      @Benny Samuelsson said From where I am it looks difficult to dumb down the game enough and still leave it intact.

      freaking Nintendo has done it for

    46. Benny Samuelsson on

      Is a big and beautiful game like this even possible to realize on android? Will it even be the same game or a tablet version? From where I am it looks difficult to dumb down the game enough and still leave it intact. Phones are out of the question I'm sure :) Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

    47. Vladimir Stamenov on

      @L-M - How did I miss that???!!

    48. Vladimir Stamenov on

      What I think is, RTG should wait until DFC comes out to make a TLJH Kickstarter, because if it sells well to non-backers and new gamers, than there will be a new fandom rediscovering the old games and wanting to know more about April. Therefore, there would be more backers.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tean on

      @ L-M: Where/when does she say that? I need to investigate...

    50. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      I'm optimistic we'll reach $1.5M (although yesterday was unexpectedly slow :/), but as far as TLJH goes: I'm absolutely sure if you start another campaign in a year or two you'll easily get it funded as well. ;)