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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards update!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)
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Rewards update!

For pledgers old and new, we have a brief update about versions and languages, and a full overview of the additions we've made to the rewards during this campaign.

See below (or click here) for a handy chart showing the differences between the various tiers and editions.

Dreamfall Chapters will be available DRM-free for Windows, Mac and Linux in November 2014. We are working on getting the game on Steam and Click the links to vote and help us get the game on those services!

The game will be voiced in English, French, German, Polish and Norwegian. We are hoping to add more languages soon, including Russian and Spanish, and we are in early discussions regarding additional languages.

The following rewards have been added during the campaign:

  • From $50 and up, a digital high-resolution map of Arcadia, and one additional outfit
  • From $75 and up, a second outfit, plus a hairstyle
  • From $150 and up, a third outfit, second hairstyle, and character accessories
  • At $200, we have added a new tier: Wonkers the Watilla USB key with all the digital goodies from the $150 tier
  • From $250 and up, a paper map of Arcadia
  • From $500 and up, a lovely cloth map of Arcadia
  • $1,000 tiers now get everything from the $750 tier PLUS a free T-shirt of your choice
  • At $1,000 we have added THREE exciting new reward options: The Puppetmaster, Unreal World and Most Wanted!
  • $2,500 tier can now choose one of the new $1,000 tier rewards (excepting The Puppetmaster, which is limited to ten finger puppets due to Roper Klacks only having ten fingers) IN ADDITION TO Benefactor of Marcuria AND The Doppelgänger in-game rewards, for a total of THREE in-game rewards
  • $2,500 tier and up also gets ALL the T-shirts (two styles, black and white; four shirts in total)
  • $5,000 tiers now get to choose one of the new $1,000 rewards (excepting The Puppetmaster, which is limited to ten finger puppets due to Roper Klacks only having ten fingers) instead of the $750 tier, IN ADDITION TO Benefactor of Marcuria AND The Doppelgänger in-game rewards, for a total of THREE NEW in-game rewards
  • $7,500 tier now gets exclusive high-quality prints of all the playable characters, signed by their respective actors
  • And finally the $10,000 tier gets ALL the $1,000 rewards (excepting The Puppetmaster, which is limited to ten finger puppets due to Roper Klacks only having ten fingers) PLUS the chance to sit in on a voice-over session AND prints of the characters signed by the actors

These rewards come in addition to the existing rewards for each tier, of course.

Keep in mind that ALL pledges of $75 and up receive EARLY ACCESS to the game when it launches in November 2014.

Here is an overview of the various rewards and tiers. Click here for a high-resolution version this chart.

Blooper reel!

Yesterday we released an epic blooper reel featuring tons of outtakes from our various Kickstarter videos. The response this video has been fantastic, and #cannonstroking has now entered the modern vernacular. If you have NO IDEA what that means, go watch the video NOW!

Beware some light spoilers for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and some coarse language. NOT FOR KIDS!

More updates!

There are two more updates coming today, including a chat with our art director about Zoë Castillo, new wallpapers, a full overview of the various editions we're offering through the Kickstarter, and some other surprises!

Countdown to the end on TwitchTV!

Also, clear your schedule tomorrow and join us on TwitchTV for our live countdown broadcast!

We will be live from 0900 CET and onwards, and we're bringing some special guests to the 'studio'. Should be a fun time for all!

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    1. Moris Borgar Rubeksson on

      Hum, I've pledged 250 USD (picking the 200 USD tier because I wanted the USB)...
      Wish I could buy/upgrade to the 350 USD version one day...

    2. Daniel J Day | Unreal World on

      ok forget that last question, it just got answerd elsewhere lol

    3. Daniel J Day | Unreal World on

      @RTG There's something i would like confirmation on, unless someone here already knows :)
      Tiers from $1000 and up do they have free shipping outside US?
      I just recently upped my pledge to Unreal World and wanted to make sure if i needed to add for shipping.

    4. Gal Shemesh on

      Gosh guys you're so funny! I liked the Blooper Reel so much! You remind me myself when I'm doing some dubbing voices for my videos. You should add such blooper reel to the end credits of Dreamfall Chapters with animation of the characters laughing during the dialogs (maybe right next to the scrolling credits). It should be awesome in my opinion. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Maya on

      I want to watch the countdown. What time would it be in the US on east coast?

    6. Vicenç Cortés Olea on

      Oh men! I'm now, whatching the Kickstarter Blooper Reel video and laughing in front of my monitor at midnight! You're crazy! :D I'm enjoying a lot Dreamfall Chapters and it does not exist yet! All this Journey it's great! XD

    7. Missing avatar

      Maya on

      @Asrai, According to the chart above, with the $110 tier you do get an additional hairstyle and clothing outfit, just not the additional character accessories

    8. Asrai on

      @Emmo: Thanks for the answer. Looks like I'll just have to stick with $110. Honestly I really shouldn't be spending that much, I've spent WAY too much money on Kickstarters since February, but I really want that box.

    9. popcorngal - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      Hmmm... on second thought, I'd probably go for the $5000 tier if I did that. :D

    10. popcorngal - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @ Thomas Giske Tvete

      I've looked at that tier so many times too! Unfortunately the only way I'd be able to come close to having that amount of available money would be to sell a kidney. If I weren't so old I'd absolutely consider selling my firstborn to some folks who were good people, unable to have kids and had a boatload of cash. *laughs*

    11. Emmo on

      I'm fairly certain it only applies to the $150 reward tier. So you'd have to apply any extra costs on top.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Giske Tvete on

      That $2500 tier is looking real tempting, and I'm seriously considering digging into the blackest depths of my wallet to see if I can scrape together the money. It would be the perfect way to immortalise myself :P

    13. Missing avatar

      Sergey Bessarab on

      Crossing fingers for a Russian language! (Even subtitles will do a thing!!!)

    14. Happy Tree on

      Funny blooper reel. But the most amazing thing is that Martin took his hat off at one point! Wow, I thought it had been surgically grafted onto his head :-D I hope the Paypal pledges manage to push things up to Director's Cut. We don't want to miss out on a single possible pixel!

    15. Asrai on

      Can anybody tell me, if I up my pledge to the $110 tier to get a boxed edition, and add another $40 to bring it up to $150, does that entitle me to the extra outfit/hair/accessories? Or does it have to be the $150 tier?

      My main reason for upping my pledge is that I want that box to complete my collection, but I've always liked being able to tweak a character's appearance in game to suit me.

    16. ostubash on

      I think we'll be able to make the Directors Cut goal. If not now then with more donations as they are making DFC hopefully.
      But yeah, it would be coo to see TLJ:Home as it's own Kickstarter sometime. I'd definitely be willing to donate just as much as I did on DFC for that and would be coo to see what extra rewards they can come up with for that.

    17. Missing avatar

      audrey on

      Spanish subt please! I dont care about the voice if I get the subtitles.
      I really love the new look characters
      I cant wait to see the total amount. You deserve it RTG guys

    18. James Sunderland on

      @Gareth: I'm not a 100% sure, but from the dev posts it sounded like they wanted to keep it as something for the backers, so it might be a time locked thing or an all out exclusive. They claimed they'd discuss it with the higher tier backers to make sure it was okay with them, but it probably won't be clarified until after they set up the forums.

    19. Midian on

      i upped my pledge $90 more dollars..
      i really hope they make 1.5 million
      & make the directors cut tier...
      Torment kind of blew in...
      hopefully it doesnt stop this campaign from reaching that goal...
      i hope the Paypal & Kickstarter combined reach that goal soon...
      time is running out...

    20. ostubash on

      @Guillaume Danel Yeah I just noticed that before I refreshed. I reread what RTG said and the free shipping was for the free shirt. So yeah thanks, I went ahead and changed that to $95. :)

    21. Guillaume - WereSheep of the Dreamers

      @ostubash: I think your have forgot the shipping for the 3 T-shirts: 3*25 + 10 + 2*5 = 95$. But indeed the fourth is free (with its shipping).

    22. Vladimir Stamenov on

      I would also gladly give monwy for a TLJH Kickstarter, since I could only give $25 now. I would gladly give more money for a continuation of April's story.

    23. ostubash on

      So just so I'm understanding it right, since I donated $1000, if I want four shirts I just need to add $75 dollars to my order. The fourth shirt is free and so is shipping? Coo.

    24. Maggie Evans on

      Will the extra clothes be made available as post dlc for those who want them?

    25. James Sunderland on

      Still no clarification on the in game customization being time limited or anything? I guess it will be "discussed" on the forums, but judging by the response so far, it's more likely that nothing will change.

    26. Emmo on

      Still holding out hopes for a Zoë t-shirt.
      I have the extra $ on my pledge for a t-shirt, but I won't get one unless a Zoë design is added. :)

      And, I love the rewards picture. I just upped my reward to the last remaining $350, but wasn't entirely sure what I was going to get. Now I am. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @giorgos: At this time, the whole clothing thing seems rather moot. Unless we were to actually reach the $1,750,000 stretch goal, RTG is in a position where they can pretty much do whatever they think best. They won't actually be committed to anything mentioned in that goal.

      From a commercial standpoint, porting the finished game to PADs (if practical) would probably result in a lot of additional profit in the future. Since they would use a lot of the income to make more great games, this is a good thing.

      I think that if there is any extra money lying around they should forget clothing entirely and apply it to TLJH. I doubt that I would use optional clothing even if it becomes available.

      Now if any of you people who think clothing is important could kick in another $300,000 or so, then we could get this argument rolling again. :-)

    28. Stefan Lindfors on

      Honestly I think you guys should really make a separate kickstarter for TJL: home after this one... I'd certainly be willing to pledge for that, especially if you had a tier where you can grab a digital copy.

    29. Mika on

      Still no word on a composer? I guess I won't be getting the soundtrack then.

    30. Missing avatar

      Maya on

      I think more people would increase to the $50 tier if they could get early access.

    31. Mihail A.

      Please, russian translation only with subs. Thanks in advance for the new chapters of this amazing universe.

    32. Astarti Alexia Pourgali on

      yay the $200 Wonkers will get the Dreamer Forum Badge! soo happy.

    33. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Jamil Ismaili: You'll still get that fifth shirt, of course! We have set a limit on four T-shirts per order for the add-ons -- due to the shipping. We should have made it clear that, of course, you can ALSO add more T-shirts, but then you have to 'reset' the shipping charges again. We will only send four shirts in each package.

      The $1,000 tier shirt will, of course, get free shipping.

    34. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      and the "chillaxe..." part is of course a reply to @Rivercliff.

    35. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Jamil: He means the clothing - again. To which my reply will be: chillaxe, since virtually nobody (including us higher-tier backers) wants to keep even such a minor in-game content away from everyone, we'll "convince" RTG to give it to everybody in the 20 months between now and the launch date.

    36. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Rivercliff If you haven't already check RTG's recent response in the main comments - regarding Windows/Linux /Mac versions and Steam, might answer some of your question depending on what you specifically meant by version

    37. Valeriy on

      I'm hoping for thr russian translation. But no 1C, please.

    38. Rivercliff on

      Addendum - Or will the customizable clothing be Day 1 DLC, after all.

    39. Rivercliff on

      What versions of the game will be available on Steam and GOG? Will the code we receive from RTG be version specific?

    40. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Andrew Cheers for the link - I'll go take a look :)

    41. Benjamin Hüll on

      I really hoped that the 110 tier will get the color manual. Since it's still a collector's edition and all .... oh well :(

    42. Andrew Snyder on

      @Jamil - thanks! I've actually posted an NPC idea I'm working on over at Thirteen Chapters ( in case you're interested.

    43. Markus R. Mosbech on

      The T-shirts will be available seperately after the campaign, right?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      Where is the art competition results?

    45. popcorngal - Dream Traveller $6.13 on


      No matter how great I think you guys are, you just keep getting better. I really wanted a shirt but am already way beyond my budget. But, now I'll be able to get one! I'd love to add another $35, but since I can't I'll at least tack on another five bucks, just because I want to be able to feel as though I helped out at least a tiny bit in the final stretch. Thanks again! :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Evgeniy Zykov on

      Thank you very much for (possible) adding Russian language, fingers crossed!

    47. Jamie Dutton on

      @RTG: Someone in the main comments was asking if the free t-shirt on the $1000 tier had free shipping too or did they need to add the extra $10?

    48. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Mivey: Yes, we will give all our pledgers Steam or keys -- given that we're accepted onto their services, of course! And you'll get to choose where to get your game from, including a DRM-free copy.

    49. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Andreas Johansson: I would suppose it depends on whether your local Swedish publishers/distributors are interested in making a deal with Red Thread Games to make that translation (in other words, if the local publishers would consider profitable for them to do a translation).

    50. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Andrew In case I don't get the chance at a later date thank you for going Birthright the other day, just when we needed that boost to reach the stretch goal. When you decide on the details of your NPC if you're willing would love to hear of their name and whereabouts on the forums so I can go and shake them by the hand in game :)