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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Video update! New gameplay & a second character!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

We have a big, huge video update for you guys today!

In part one of this video update, Martin and Ragnar talk about our 'game spaces'. These are non-linear areas within the linear narrative, where players can slow down and take time out to explore, discover hidden secrets, immerse themselves in the rich setting, chat with other characters, and complete tasks in any order they want. When they're ready to move forward in the story, they can do so at their own pace.

There will be several of these large, open, free-roaming game spaces in Dreamfall Chapters, including the cities of Europolis in Stark, and Marcuria in Arcadia.

Martin also presents brand new prototype gameplay. Keep in mind that all the footage is of early work-in-progress content and features, and everything -- characters, animations, locations and GUI -- will change and improve as we build a team and begin full production.

In the second part of the video (which begins at 5:45), writer Dag Scheve finally reveals our second playable character!

This segment contains a spoiler for the end of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, so if you're planning on playing the previous game, you may want to skip the talky bit between 6:36 and 6:56. The rest of the video, however, is spoiler free!

To watch the video, hop on over to our YouTube channel!


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    1. Stu_1977_SEmelb

      Now THAT is how a spoiler alert should be done! Thanks, guys.. :-)

    2. Sander Romeijn on

      @Thalon They are going to have a live stream. :D They last mentioned it in the latest update, the one called "Rewards update!". It'll all start at 09:00 CET.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kharan on

      That blooper reel was even more fun with the automatic English texting enabled. :)

    4. Thalon on

      May I humbly suggest a thing to Ragnar Tornquist and the others at red thread games?
      Do a live stream from your HQ to cover the last hours of the kickstarter campaign, something like what the guys at obsidian entertainment did for project eternity.
      A similar thing will be a good thing and it will greatly help to increase pledges in the end (so that the last stretch goal would be easily reached even without the paypal funds).

    5. T. Carter on

      @Sander Romeijn -- Oh yes, I didn't mean zero indicators at all, going in 100% blind. I'm in agreement with your first 2 paragraphs on this. Think back to the first TLJ game (if you've played it). I didn't mind that once you were right next to the item and -did- hover over it to inspect it, your cursor would tell you whether you actually could or not. I think that's fine and a staple of the point-and-click adventure genre that was never really an issue. I just don't want to be able to see interactivity circles/indicators several feet away as soon as I even turn my camera at the item accidentally. In the gameplay video posted, Zoe just turns towards the door and already you see the circle, long before she is within arm's reach to actually bring up the cursor-assisted inspection menu popup. (I feel like I could have worded that better, but hopefully you get the idea :P).

      Let me explore at my own pace; let me decide when/if I want to actually run up to an item to see if I can do anything with it. The circles showing up early are, I think, detracting from that sense of self-guided exploration a bit. All of this is early prototype footage though, so obviously it's a bit early for this to be a big deal. :)

    6. Midian on

      i really hope we reach the Directors Cut Tier...

    7. Sander Romeijn on

      @T. Carter If there were no indicators on your HUD to show what the hotspots were, wouldn't you at least want the mouse cursor to change once you actually hover over a hotspot? I don't know how much detail some of the spaces will have, but if you for instance imagine a long street in Europolis, or an stretch of forest with a pond in it, there could be a LOT of things that could potentially be interacted with, at least looked at/inspected, so some kind of indicator would probably be necessary. I'm not a big fan of the equivalent of pixel hunting either. :)

      I am scared that too much indicator stuff will make the game too easy though. Apparently the game will let us actually explore, visit regions on the map that aren't even relevant to the story/game progression, but then always seeing every little detail pointed out to you seems like it would detract a bit from that whole idea. I want to explore every room as well, if that makes sense.

      I can't say I've formed a really good idea about how they will implement this feature exactly, so perhaps my worries are completely misplaced. For instance I recall someone asking if we could still look at the background in Chapters (I think that was the question), and the answer was positive. So does that mean you could also click stuff without one of the circles, say the ground, to have a look at the overall scene? Maybe I misunderstood the question/answer.

    8. theAnton on

      Ha ha, loved the blooper video! :D

    9. Torsten Balle Koefoed on

      What are the chances of Leon Willett returning as main score composer? His music in Dreamfall was amazing. Dreamfall Chapters with his music played by a real orchestra would be nothing short of amazing...

    10. Oriane MAILLY on

      @Quantomas Good idea!!! It would be amazing!

    11. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Thanks Håvard J. Reigstad

    12. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Looking good :-)

    13. M.Stein on

      @John Cutting
      Yes you can, click on "Edit settings" in the dropdown menu on the top-right corner of any Kickstarter pages (the "Me" menu), and go into the "Notification" tab. You can then disable the update notification individually.

    14. Missing avatar

      John Cutting on

      Can I turn off backer updates? It feels like my inbox is under assault with updates I'd rather not have until the game is released.

    15. Evgeniya | Dream Traveller on

      @Christer Sveen, thank you for the reply :) It is totally understandable and only natural that character's looks may change depending on his/her life circumstances and experiences, and it's great that Kian's new appearance does reflect the changes in him and his life. It's just that because of these new, somewhat different face features Kian isn't instantly recognizable, and to me personally his forehead was the main factor for making him look a stranger.

    16. David Fieldstad Green Ahmanson on

      So who WILL be the new playable character? Emma? Or April after all, and Ragnar was toying with us when he suggested otherwise?

    17. Emmo on

      I just watched the trailer on the front page and was moved to tears.
      I just upped my pledge by another $100. It's the least I can do.

    18. Nativeguide on

      Impressive, this being early footage, the final product is going to be spectacular. I really like the “Game Spaces” idea, it’s nice to be able to slow down and catch your breath now and again. Keep up the good work and ideas.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mikael Hartwig-Karlsson on

      Awsome! Loving this update. Kian looks great can't wait for the April reveal! Also loving the idea of free roaming areas.

      I too think they should focus heavily on a proper facial animation mechanics if they aim to have a lot of cutscenes or even outside of cutscenes. Most games tend to forget this very important aspect in terms of immersion. Bad lip synching is bad lipsynching after all. Valve really pioneered this back with HL2, of course they channeled 40 million bucks into producing the Source engine. But still would love it if some extra TLC went into producing great facial animations for this game.

    20. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      @Mivey: Paypal amount will be revealed at the end of the campaign. Currently, no one know it (except RTG of course). :-)

    21. Mivey on

      Is there a way to show the amount that was funded through PayPal? Even it is just a small amount, i.e., a hundred thousand or less, it could still make the difference for the Directors Cut Stretch Goal.

    22. T. Carter on

      @RTG: I agree with the basic message of Quantomas' post below. I'd rather the interactivity circles not be visible at all. Giving players the option to remove them entirely, or to at least have control over when they appear, would be GREAT. This aligns well with the short discussion I was privileged to have with Ragnar during Kevin VanOrd's (GameSpot) Twitch live stream of Dreamfall a couple months ago (the one Ragnar snuck into). The idea that the player needs to be experiencing the game and its detailed settings, not playing the UI -- that what matters is immersion. (I was Rinnerz during the live stream discussion that day.)

      Otherwise, I really like that Kian is being brought back as a playable character. I always wanted him to be given a second chance to have his story and character development fleshed out more. And I always thought his theme music was one of the best tracks in Dreamfall's soundtrack :).

    23. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Good lightweight GUI. Still, it has one major drawback. Showing the interactivity circles right away robs the players of a good deal of the fun. First, players will develop a habit of scanning a screen quickly for any interactivity circles and pass over a scene quickly if none are found. Secondly, and more importantly, looking for interactivity circles distracts the player from the beauty of a scene, simply enjoying it for its own merit, in turn taking a lot from the exploration value of the game.

      What you could do instead:

      - Instead of showing interactivity circles have each interactive area show a tiny sparkle every now and then; a bit like runway lights on an airport, only less frequent. The sparkle appears in a predefined order based on the interactive spots visible, rhythms (the intervals between different sparkles) and the intensity of the individual sparkles can convey information,

      - Sparkles are never shown while the player moves or turns the camera (unobstructed view of the environment); the player needs to stand still for sparkles to appear,

      - A difficulty setting determines what is shown to the player: hardest -- no sparkles are shown; hard -- ALT (key) triggers the sparkling rhythm; medium -- ALT triggers sparkling, CTRL + ALT shows interactivity circles; relaxed -- shows interactivity circles by default. This way the player can customize a vital part of the GUI to match his/her preferences.

      - Optionally, you can give this a twist by more difficult/optional to find spots only showing sometimes in the sparkling rhythm (based on probability)

    24. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      I really like the "new" Kian, as I said before he looks tried and exhausted. Friar's Keep is no joke :D
      And I LOVE the new Zoe as well. They're more "real" and expressive.

      I'm wondering how April would look... *daydreams*

    25. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      @Christer Sveen
      Thank you for insightful comment :-) I do like the new look, I agree with some other fans who say that his look works better than Zoe's.

    26. Victor "Dream Traveller" Buttaro on

      I course I fully understand not everyone has Valve money when it comes to putting all the bells and whistles in games :)

    27. Victor "Dream Traveller" Buttaro on

      Kian's new look works out a lot better than Zoe's at least. Though (outside the tattoo) he does look a little generic. Like he's head #6 in the head library :)

      Here's hoping that the characters will eventually look more like their prototype designs.

      As for the eyes there isn't any actually movement in the yet. or blinking for that matter. And yes Half Life 2 did an excellent job with facial animations etc. Just watch any conversation with Alyx in the game, for example. Not sure what the game engine allows; but that is what to strive for IMHO.

    28. Missing avatar

      Christer Sveen on

      @ Evgeniya & @Tamar Mebonia: Kian has been through some seriously hard times in prison awaiting his execution, so one could assume him to be somewhat changed both on the outside and inside. His key proportions are pretty much the same as the «old» Kian, except his new haircut perhaps.. Hence this more gruff look - prison-haircut, ungroomed, scarred. But as always, this is a few days worth of work and we will as always tweak and test new tech/looks/approaches until we get all the characters "right".. :). Thanks for all the feedback! We're listening. Best regards, Christer, Art Director.

    29. Stephan Vandenborn on

      The puzzles really seem to feel like tlj again, it reminds me of such puzzles like the one to get in the police station via mobile trash :)

      About the world, Is it me or does the world look somehow big ?. It seems to me that Zoë is very small and she doesn't appear to be bigger than half a door. It's like the equasions between the size of the world and the size of the player is a bit off.

    30. Oriane MAILLY on

      Happy to see Kian ^^ It's not surprising but he has changed. He was a young utopian. He becomes a man. Thanks!

    31. Evgeniya | Dream Traveller on

      Great to know we'll have Kian back :) An interesting new look, too. Though I must agree with @Tamar Mebonia: Kian's forehead looks lower than it used to be in Dreamfall, and I'd say a high forehead suited him better. But, well, it's not as if I had any intention of starting another Nose Stud War... just saying :)

    32. Jester's_Tear82 on

      Kian looks amazing to me :) a lot tougher than he was by the end of Dreamfall, but then maybe
      the betrayal of his people & seeing April "die" made him more of an hard ass. Once he reunites
      with April he'll be fine :)

      Also excited about the free spaces to explore, love those moments of checking things
      out without being rushed (or scared for your life like in DF). DFC is gonna rock!

    33. Christiaan on

      Regarding eyes, shading is not necessarily the most important element to get right. The animation really makes or breaks it... eye darts, looking at characters and things in the environment: Valve does this really well. Worth studying.

    34. cabfe on

      You surely already know this, but please pay attention to the eyes of your models.
      Early-prototyped Kian has something strange in his eyes that makes him not believable at this stage. Too white, too large specular reflection, not enough "water" or something like that.
      It is clealy visible when you fade from CGI to real human at 6'37.

      From my theatrical years I learned that 90% of the emotion you want to convey is through the eyes.
      Get them right, and your job is 90% done. But that is also the most difficult...

      Keep up the good work, everything else is pretty impressive for a prototype !

    35. Zdenek "Alcarmo" on

      Kian as second playable character is not surprising, anyway I´m soooo happy to have him back :-)
      (I was totally sure when I saw Dag´s typing Friar´s Keep :-P) I love Kian as almost much as Zoë and I´m hungry for his story and hopefully we´ll see more of Sadir and his homeland :-)

      At the same time I have to admit I´m not much happy with his new look - he lost his boyish look, strong eyeview full of fanatism and belief he fights for right things....sorry, I just see him that way at this moment...yeah, like Shepard who were mentioned below or new Max Payne...guess I have to get used to him as well...

      3rd playable character won´t be April if I´m right but some new exotic heroine as I´ve read time ago...
      (could it be Na´ane´s sister from Irhad? :-) )

      At the end I would like to thank development team for new video (it´s cool change to see living persons instead of words :-) ) I just wanna say I love the way of seeing interactive objects :-) the pulsing circle and following options to interact look really "player friendly" :-) Great job, guys!!!

    36. Heimdahl on

      Great update. I know a few ladies who was lost in Martins eyes, or so I have been told. Good update giving us a little more info about the game world concept, giving us room to explore, take in the sights and gather lore.

      Great to see free-roaming places. Is it gonna be open world? or just huge areas connected by transitional hubs? either way it is pretty nice to hear. I think the game is shaping up nicely. I hope the fate of April is going to be a secret for as long as possible. It makes things more mysterious and exciting. But hey it is your game and you characters you do what you want and I will probably like it. So far you have done good, well the ending of dreamfall is a dark and painful chapter of my life but still a memorable one,

    37. Missing avatar

      Tamar Mebonia on

      I have complaint about Kian: you've made his forehead too low, he head a defined high forehead and it suited him a lot. Now he looks like he's Zoe's sibling (was that the intention?), and more generic, less recognizable.

    38. Missing avatar

      Stephen Teng on

      I am betting (not my original idea) that Kian is a shifter. That would be really cool.

    39. Сергей Мазаев on

      54 hours to go - ,aking Dreamfall a digital-add-on will be sure a nice way to get a lot of more pledging)

    40. Missing avatar

      euleah on

      Will the PayPal contributions count toward the Kickstarter Stretch Goals?

    41. Boris Pasman on

      We need to push a little further, guys! Do you want Director's Cut or what? :)

    42. Christine - Dream Traveller on

      For those who are concerned that the characters don't look the same, remember part of this game takes place years after dreamfall. That plus I've played games and watched movies where they change the look of the character (usually when using a different engine like this game is) or the actor, and while they don't look the same the core person is still there and you really don't notice it after a while. So no, I have no concerns over this and am happy with the job they're doing.

    43. Christine - Dream Traveller on

      Sigh, I don't know how you people make me love you even more, but I do.

    44. David Fieldstad Green Ahmanson on

      Is anyone concerned that neither Zoe NOR Kian look like the same people as in Dreamfall? Like they're impersonators or something?

    45. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      Cool! :) Like everything. Kian's face a little bit different, more aggressive than in Dreamfall. Actually, it's not Kian's face once again, he had specific face and now it blurred. But that's ok, if developers want to change character's likeness. I don't see why, they all were pretty much great in Dreamfall. But it still ok with Kian. Better than Zoe :) The bald head makes him look furious. Hell, I want this game. I want this story. Good luck!

    46. Valiah on

      Oh my! Hellooooo Kian...
      @Chelle - hi hon! Fancy meeting you here.. Welcome to the dream traveler's club!

    47. Chelle M on

      Now, I had this plan where I was going to hold off on pledging until the last 24-hours. It was a good plan.

      But then this amazing update video had to be posted today and totally foiled it.

      ...Totally okay with that. ;)

      Yay Kian! <3

    48. Sander Romeijn on

      Game spaces seem to be exactly what I hoped they would be after considering what you alluded to previously. I'm going to be a happy explorer.

      It will make puzzles of the kind where you have to write a letter, but first you have to find the only pen in the world, even more silly then they already are in other adventure games, so hopefully we won't see too many of those. :)