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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Matthias That's great !
      Not to sound ungrateful but if some kind person can repost that list with clickable links will make life a lot easier (viewing with an Ipad)

    2. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @thelj: Good question! Everyone gets the same digital instruction manual; it's only the printed manuals that are different.

    3. ostubash on

      Welp.. looks like I'm adding $125 to my order. I want'em all!

    4. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Fritjof - The Shifter: Thanks! I guess we could do without the sadness and more drama, but hey, it's been a lot of fun and we're really, really going to miss it and our interaction with you guys...

      ...although, of course, that interaction will continue on the forums for a long, long time to come. I guess we'll just miss the fun of watching these threads fill up with passionate and interesting comments!

    5. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Gleb: We have good contacts in China, and we intend to make high-quality T-shirts. After all, we're going to buy some for ourselves! You can't ask for more quality control than that!

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stoitner on

      I summarised the Dreamfall Chapters fan art competition links

      Note: The links are not in the same sequence as they were posted.

    7. Gleb on

      Oh, and it'd suck if a $35 t-shirt got destroyed after washing it once. So, could be important to know beforehand what kind of print / how durable it's going to be.

    8. Heimdahl on

      Wow this is an amazing update! T-shirts and Tier rundown chart and Fan art results! I like this kickstarter. It has drama, tension, comedy, sadness, action, more drama, whacky stuff going on. I love it all.

    9. Gleb on

      Thanks for the updates, it's cool to be a part of this KS.
      I hope you'll pick a reliable t-shirt supplier, you need to really know what you're doing when outsourcing stuff to China. ;)

    10. popcorngal - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @Jonne Lehtinen This might sound weird, but once I had a t-shirt that I really liked, but wore it so much it eventually got rather worn out. The front design still looked pretty good, though. So, had my sister make kind of a pillowcase for one of the throw pillows I kept on the sofa. If you know someone who's handy with a needle and thread, there's probably a lot of other ways to display the design. Just thought I'd toss out the idea... :)

    11. Missing avatar

      thelj on

      Ben 'Kthulhu' Bullock 16 minutes ago
      I see that certain pledge levels get an expanded color manual. What type of manual do those of us going fully digital get? Will it essentially be a PDF of the regular manual, a PDF of the expanded manual, or what?

      I would also like a clarification about that.

    12. Ben Colijn on

      Are these American or European sized S through XXL? There's a small difference, but it's a relevant one.

    13. Spacebug on

      So, one t-shirt is $25 + $10 = $35?

    14. Antti Mikkonen on

      That black Balance t-shirt is my destiny.

    15. Alfred Lui on

      Less than 100 available now for $500 reward. Hope I wont regret the decision of getting one.

      Uh, both paper and cloth map of Arcadia included for $500 and higher?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonne Lehtinen on

      I'd totally get two t-shirts but they just wouldn't fit me :E

    17. Abel GC on

      @Vladimir, they said in the previous update that they will sell the tshirts even after the kickstarter is over

    18. Vladimir Stamenov on

      Could I order it after the Kickstarter, I don't have the money right now, but I really want a Balance T - Shirt.

    19. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Ben Hmm, Strike that, I see what you mean looking at the descriptions - I always assumed that the manual was the same with all tiers - just digital or digital + physical depending on your pledge. Better wait for confirmation from RTG

    20. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Ben It's a PDF of the expanded colour manual

    21. Rolling Man on

      Why not add a text on the back that tells that this is not an ordinary T-shirt, like:

      I helped to kickstart
      The Longest Journey

    22. Ben 'Kthulhu' Bullock on

      I see that certain pledge levels get an expanded color manual. What type of manual do those of us going fully digital get? Will it essentially be a PDF of the regular manual, a PDF of the expanded manual, or what?

    23. Guillaume - WereSheep of the Dreamers

      Ahhh hard choice... Dark t-shirt or blue Balance ? Which one to choose ? o_O

    24. Václav Kosán on

      @ Sandro I dont problem with aditional skins, so please, dont tell: "nobody really likes that." Speak for yourself.

    25. RoyMartin on

      Love the t-shirts! I think I'll go for the black Balance (and maybe Crow as well)

    26. TheChosenOne on

      Who says its taken from the game? Perhaps it is being put EXTRA in to the game. Plus it is only cosmetic.
      And you aint purchasing anything here.
      And the T-shirts care completely seperate? The higher tiers should include 1 or 2 T-shirts imo. I got 3 T-shirts with a (semi-)high pledge on another project.

    27. popcorngal - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @Valentina Ooooo... thanks for mentioning the zoom. It looks soooo much better after you zoom in on the "Crow on Black," t-shirt. Much easier to see the details. :D

    28. Sandro Manke on

      i agree with jalister from the other thread when it comes to the "hey you dont get the full game for 25$" even though my pledge would be high enough to get all of it. it sucks. i dont like it when people are forced like that. give them extra goodies. thats cool. but dont make the goodies go away from the game. purchasing hair styles is really fucked up. it is in every game. please change that point again. nobody really likes that. it should be fair to everybody. people will support you more if you give them a full game. even if it isnt game relevant at first - as someone plays a character here, customization IS relevant. so you actually take stuff out from the game. that is not ok.

    29. Missing avatar

      Per R. on

      I just realized that I need a black Balance t-shirt. Following your updates are not very good for my economy :-) .

    30. Rinu on

      Yum. The black one with crow looks very tempting.

    31. Jiri Ptacek - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @Maus: from Ragnars' twitter:
      "We will sell T-shirts after the Kickstarter concludes, but we don’t yet know if we’ll sell these exact ones."

      @RTG: thanks for this update!

    32. Václav Kosán on

      @Michael Hartmann Thanks. I get it now. But i have a new question for RTG. It is still valid, then after kickstarter we will buy t-shirt separatly?

    33. Libor - Dream Traveller on

      Thank you, nice update :) Can't decide between the black Loremaster and the white Balance shirt...

      Also, looking forward to the fan art competition finale...there is some pretty good stuff from what I've seen.
      What gets me excited even more is the brand new video which is going to be revealed tommorow :)
      Hope it will help as much as possible in the 'final rush'

      Thanks again RTG and have a good night!

    34. Leo on

      @Kelsey: I prefer images on the front. To each their own I guess! And the balance logo is especially beautiful on the Loremaster black me thinks

    35. Michael Hartmann

      @Cosi: You need to add $25 for a shirt and $ 10 additional shipping. The shirts don't ship with the rest of the rewards. You'll get it much sooner.

    36. Kelsey Gardner on

      I agree, blue-on-black for the Balance logo would've looked way cooler.

      And maybe it's just me, but I prefer text on the front and images on the back. :/ Ah well. Upping my pledge anyway. XP

    37. nagi on

      Great T-shirts, though blue-on-black Balance might have looked better for me. :) Oh well, I'll most likely order some anyway, here or a bit later.

    38. Leo on

      @Jaimie: try and zoom in on the picture. Crow clearly stands out! The black Loremaster is beautiful!

    39. Missing avatar

      Durante on

      You have done everything right in this kickstarter so far, and I'll be adding my T-shirt shortly, but *please* don't store an iamge that consists entirely of text and lines as a jpg. It makes my cry.

    40. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Matthew Cox We got that yesterday

    41. Maus on

      @RTG: Will there be T-shirts with Zoë on it after the Kickstarter ends? I really love the artwork with Zoë that's on the main page!

    42. Jamie Dutton on

      Darn it's hard to decide which one I want.
      But um, Crow is a bit hard to see on the black. Maybe you could add a bit of background color behind him or outline him better?

    43. Missing avatar

      Mette on

      Just looking at the rewards overview, and have one question: Will it be possible to buy stuff like the graphic novel at a later date? (since I cannot afford the $75 tier at the moment, but would really like to read it ;))

    44. James Clayton on

      Ooo. I actually quite like those balance T-shirts. I'd probably still take the boxed editions first if I had the cash though.

      But how many times have you promised that character reveal now? ;-)

    45. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      Wow, only 3 finalists out of ~140 amazing pieces of fan art. I don't envy your job right now, RTG!

    46. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Matthew Cox: The $1.75 million stretch goal was revealed in the previous update, yesterday.

    47. Magnus - Dream Traveller on

      Why is there aditional cost for more than on shirt? I am sure there is a good reason for it, but would like to know :)

    48. Václav Kosán on

      So if i have boxed version and i want t-shirt. I pledged 20$
      But if i have digital edition and i want a t-sirt. I must pledged 25$ + 10$ for shipping?

    49. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      Love the Black Loremaster Shirt, to bad this Kickstarter end in March, since I most likely would buy all 4, had it been April

    50. David on

      By the way, why has Crow ripped apart that precious book? Doesn't he appreciate the fine art of reading?