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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #24: New stretch goal, customisation options, Polish version & T-shirts!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Last week, we asked for your input on our $1,75 million stretch goal, and we received a TON of feedback. After sorting through and tallying up all of your suggestions, we found that what most of you want is additional content. You want a longer and better game, with more side stories and returning characters from the previous games.

This is, of course, what The Director's Cut stretch goal is all about. And regardless of where we land on Sunday, we will keep adding more content to the game, expanding our worlds and supporting our storyline.

A few of your other, most popular suggestions are also already in the works: a commentary track, making-of documentary, plushies (more on that after the Kickstarter!). Aside from HD versions of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, which we can't do, your suggestions and ours are a close match.

But there are two things you guys would like to see that we haven't yet addressed.

With less than five days to go, and with your assistance, we've nailed down our final stretch goal. At $1,750,000, we have

The Small Screen

If we reach $1,750,000, we will begin to prepare Dreamfall Chapters for porting to iOS and Android platforms. Primarily tablets, naturally, but we may also decide to support mobile phones, if we feel comfortable with how the game will work on (even) smaller screens.

The mobile versions of the game will not be launched simultaneously with the PC/Mac/Linux versions. We want to focus on our core platforms first, and we also want to ensure that we make a game that's designed for touch-screens (and small screens), and not just a straight (and lazy) port of the big screen versions.

Estimated launch window will be between May and November 2015. That's a very big launch window, but we want to make sure we do it properly rather than simply quickly.

Other platforms may still be of interest to us: Ouya, Wii U, the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 -- these are options and opportunities we will consider going forward, but for now we will focus on the computers and, if we reach $1,75 million, mobile platforms.

The other thing you guys wanted to see us support in a stretch goal was

Character customisation

Luckily, this is something we've already discussed and wanted to do, but we weren't sure we wanted to talk about it quite yet.

Since it's high up on your wish-list, however, we are going to talk about it, and we're going to talk about it right now!

We will not add a character creation option to Dreamfall Chapters -- obviously, since you're playing established characters. We are, however, going to give players some options about what to wear and how to look when playing Zoë Castillo.

Also, instead of making character customisation a stretch goal, we're going to add customisation options to the existing tiers.

Please keep in mind that character customisation is only a visual change, and will not affect gameplay in any way, shape or form.

For the $50 DIGITAL SPECIAL EDITION tier (and up) we're adding ONE ALTERNATIVE OUTFIT for Zoë. This is in addition to her base outfit.


And finally, for the $150 DIGITAL DREAMER EDITION and up, we're giving you a THIRD ALTERNATIVE OUTFITA SECOND ALTERNATIVE HAIRSTYLE, plus CHARACTER ACCESSORIES. In total, for $150 and up, you will be able to choose between three alternative outfits, two alternative hairdos, and accessories.

NOTE: Physical tiers receive the same customisation options. The $110 tier contains everything from the $50 and $75 tiers, and the $200 tier (and upwards) contains ALL outfits and hairstyles.

We haven't decided yet what these outfits or hairstyles will look like, or what accessories you'll be able to add -- and we may even ask for your input again! -- but when we do, you will be the first to know. And we're going to make them look good.

We have more good news! We're happy to announce the

Polish language version

Earlier today, we announced a collaboration with, part of CD Projekt group, to bring a Polish language version of Dreamfall Chapters to the Polish market!

You can read more about the partnership here. We're very, very happy to be able to provide our Polish players with a localised version of the game, and we hope this will be the first of many deals with distributors across the world!

Last but not least, we have an update regarding

We're currently working on finalising the designs for our first T-shirts. There will be two different styles (to begin with): The Loremaster (featuring the one and only Crow) and The Balance. Both will come in S/M/L/XL/XXL sizes for both guys and girls.

The T-shirts will cost $25 + $10 shipping. The shirts will be produced in China, so we need to charge for shipping worldwide (yes, even for China). We also require separate shipping charges since the T-shirts will go into production soon, and we hope to ship out T-shirts to pledgers 6-12 (TBD) weeks after the end of the Kickstarter.

The T-shirts will also be available via our website after the Kickstarter ends. We'll have more details on that soon.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and thanks again for your continued support! We really, really appreciate it.

Onwards & upwards!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Dexter on

      "If we reach $1,750,000, we will begin to prepare Dreamfall Chapters for porting to iOS and Android platforms. Primarily tablets, naturally, but we may also decide to support mobile phones, if we feel comfortable with how the game will work on (even) smaller screens."

      Wow, and I thought these Updates were about trying to convince people to pledge more and not thinking about withdrawing what they already did.
      Announcing tablet and *mobile phone* versions of a game supposedly primarily designed for PC and doing what amounts to Pre-Order DLC and other "big publisher" bullshit will have that effect on people...

    2. Mikejames on

      I can't believe how much people are still overreacting to this...

    3. Me on

      Well, I’m sad to say, but I am very disappointed you will not change your decision, @RTG. I am taking back my pledge then.

    4. Missing avatar

      orion on

      @James, yes this is a really sad thing. But, in any case, I don't want to withdraw my support. I am bitter, sure and I'm definitely less excited than I was before; but I want to stick around and see if they will keep their promise of not becoming "Unnamed Big Evil Publishers".

    5. James Sunderland on

      @RTG: Discussion on the forums is fine and great, but people won't forget about this until some solution is set, myself included. This whole last minute change and the developer response have really soured my feelings on this project, and the only reason I kept my pledge is that I love the first two games and want to experience more, even if I have to play an incomplete version because I don't have 120+ dollars to burn. But at least pirates can get a full experience.

    6. Adalan | Dream Traveller on

      Buying a bunch of t-shirts isn't really all that expensive, not even in Norway or the rest of the western world where you have some better guarantees that they won't be produced by underpaid (child) laborers. I hope RTG does some considerable research before placing that order.

    7. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Tet Yoon Lee: I don't think that's a bad idea at all, and, look, if those who have increased their pledges -- or pledged at a higher tier -- in order to get the cosmetic changes are totally fine with it being a time-limited thing, then who are we to argue? Whether that's one month, three months, whatever. It's something we can discuss on the forums in the future.

    8. Tet Yoon Lee on

      P.S. I do appreciate once RTG had annouced their decision they really had to change their minds very fast or at least put it on hold to avoid being very unfair

    9. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Of course as I have expressed before this even blew up, I have no problem with those who want to reduce or remove their pledge, nor if they want to tell us about it or not tell us about it. Their money, their choice as I've said much longer before. However these 'it's the full game' 'no it is not' debates are going no where, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we have to respect that and also that there's no real 'correct' opinion here and it's the sort of thing simple enough that few will change their mind.

      The only thing I do disagree with are those who are genuinely trolling, in other words who don't actually care but are just tring to make a fuss particularly if they never planned to give money.

    10. HermanTR on


      > We're really not particularly evil.

      LOL, no I don't think that. ;)

      Thanks for the (new) explanation. I'm still not really happy about the idea of having extra in-game content for higher tiers, but I wouldn't withdraw my pledge because of those few missing outfits.

      Well, I guess I don't have to agree with all decisions of the developers, but I'm still thrilled about the project and can't wait to play the game (with or without additional clothes... ;) )


      @Andrew Lawson

      > if you think it's not the full version of a game simply because an outfit and/or hairdo wasn't included

      Well, it isn't the full version, because a little bit of content is missing. I said it already, that feature is not that important for me, so I won't withdraw my pledge because of it. But unfortunately others do...

    11. James Clayton on

      @Andrew Lawson You make it sound worse than it is! It's not even that bad. I don't like the 'get different bonuses in different stores' stuff, because it makes it next to impossible to get a full collection. This is a very simple 'pay more get more' arrangement, like people have been doing since the dawn of time.

    12. Tet Yoon Lee on

      I don't personally care about the customisation thing that much and don't think it's as big a deal as people suggest. (Not that I like micropayments or DLC but this sort of bonus content predated DLC and micropayments and it doesn't sound like RTG actually intends to implement this in a DLC or micropayment fashion.)

      But anyway I can't help feeling it should have been implemented in a time limited format even tho it seems RTG have made up their mind. Give it to those higher level backers 3 months or 6 months earlier or whatever. This wouldn't completely eliminate the anger and dislike from some but it would reduce it while still providing a substanial advantage to backers and perhaps even build some ongoing excitement and press after release. Plus it would reduce confusion a few years from now.

    13. Hüter Orland on

      @Ragnar: This is entirely reasonable.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lawson on

      @Zato77 First off, read the official reply just below your comment.

      Second, if you think it's not the full version of a game simply because an outfit and/or hairdo wasn't included, then I feel bad for you, I really do, because you're seeing problems that just aren't there.

    15. HermanTR on

      @Andrew Lawson

      > Actually, it is identical to the game they pledged for.

      How do you know what was in the version we pledged for?

      How many locations?

      How many characters?

      How many puzzles?

      How many hours of dialogue?

      How many clothes and haircuts?

      No one knew exactly what would be included. People just thought they'll receive the *full version*, whatever that may be. And now it's not the full version, because content of higher pledges is missing.

    16. Red Thread Games Creator on

      Guys, we didn't pull any content from the game to sell it as DLC. Don't assume the worst about us. We're really not particularly evil. We just want to make a fun game and give out some cool rewards.

      After conversations on the team earlier this week, we decided to add a new feature allowing for players to change clothes during the game. This means that we also need to produce some new outfits and hairstyles. This is pretty expensive stuff, given that our characters are so detailed and high-res. So we decided to reward players who'd already pledged a bunch of money, and figured this might be an incentive for others to up their pledges a bit, and for new pledgers to jump in at a higher tier, allowing us to finance the new feature and content upgrade.

      Regardless of how we'd chosen to do this -- and sure, there are other ways; we could have made it an add-on, and maybe we'd still be having this discussion -- it's a cost, for us and for you. It doesn't come for free.

      And yes, I know it's "not about that". I know it's about giving everyone who's pledged an equal amount of game content. And yes, I get that some of you don't think maps or a short story collections or things like that are the same thing -- even though, as a lot of you have pointed out, those things change the game a LOT more than a couple of outfits and hairstyles. (The short stories in particular provide a ton of background for the playable characters and their journeys.)

      I do get all of that, despite what you may think. I understand where you're coming from. I've worked with big publishers. I'm a gamer. I see this micro-payment and DLC trend everywhere, and it's not something I usually care to participate in.

      But, to be honest, this never even popped into our heads when we made this design decision, and we are not going to change it at this point. Not only would it be unfair to those who have upped their pledges, and those who have given us positive feedback, but we're also looking into make this a fun gameplay feature, and allow EVERYONE a chance to switch clothes from time to time. Because that would be cool.

      (And to be clear, that doesn't give those with cosmetic outfits any advantages. This would be about switching between clothing everyone has access to, strictly for gameplay reasons.)

      Why didn't we make it part of a stretch goal? Because this is something we wanted to do, and if we'd made it part of a stretch goal, it would have been fundamentally dishonest. We would have made it anyway. We don't like to be dishonest with our pledgers.

      If this means that some of you cancel your pledges, that's unfortunate, and we're sorry to see you go. Again, I understand where you're coming from when you argue passionately against it, but I can't say I really understand why you'd see the need to CANCEL your pledge. We get less money, you don't get a game or the exclusive Kickstarter goodies. Everyone loses.

      But guys, really, we're not going to change this now. I'm sorry. I hope you understand that this doesn't change the game for anyone, it doesn't make us into Unnamed Big Evil Publisher, it doesn't mean the game will be littered with DLC and micro-payments, and it doesn't mean we don't care about your opinions. We simply disagree with some of you, and that's that. Disagreeing is fine. I like having people onboard who disagree with us -- it's healthy. If you have to go, then go, and no hard feelings, but I do think it'll be worth sticking around for, regardless, particularly if you want to keep voicing your opinions to us about this game and games in general.

      Look, I have to start focusing on our last few days' worth of content now, so I really can't afford to spend time commenting on this issue anymore -- and it's not for a lack of respect or interest or concern or understanding, but simply a matter of my time and resources. There are only so many hours in a day, and we have tons of stuff that needs to happen before Sunday. I hope you all understand, and I hope you all come along for the ride. Maybe not in the Volkswagen van, but still along for the ride, somewhere behind us, or way out in front.


    17. Christian Page on

      extra content in games has been around sence the invetion of memory cards.
      dont you rember the games that gave you an extra car or decal because you had a save of another game on your memory card.
      pepole never complained about not getting the full burnout games because they were missing one car
      you are acting childish.
      this in no way negitvly effects the game infact your flaming negitvly effects the game more

    18. Me on

      I really dislike this idea of limiting game content for lower tiers, so I will be taking back my pledge on the last day, unless this thing will be reverted.

    19. Christian Page on

      for the last time people are not really leaving sure they said they were but watch the ticker its not going down.
      and they are getting the full retail game at $25
      and what few pepole have left have been more then made up for by incresses in donations

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lawson on

      @zato77 Actually, it is identical to the game they pledged for. Had the option for another set of clothes/hair never been added, that version would be the exact same as the version someone receives now if they haven't pledged enough to get the new options, simple as that.

      This isn't day 1 DLC, this is the standard "get something cool and cosmetic for paying extra/preordering/buying from a certain store" that games have been doing for years. The game content is the same no matter how much you pay for it, and that's all that matters.

    21. James Clayton on

      This is bizarre. It's hardly 'day one DLC' if it won't actually be available on day one.

    22. Missing avatar

      thelj on

      @Zato77:Totally agree.

    23. HermanTR on

      A pity that people are leaving the ship now, that update was really a stupid idea. Really can't imagine that a lot of people have pledged now 100$ more, just to get those new in-game extras.

      On the other hand people are leaving, because they won't get the full game anymore with their pledge, or generally don't like this pay-for-extras attitude.

      > The game you will receive is identical to the one you were willing to pay for originally

      I don't think so. People pledged to receive a download of the *full game*, there was no word that they pledged for a "light version". We didn't even know what'll be exactly in the game, for example how many locations, puzzles, etc. We just thought we'll receive a copy of the full game, whatever that may include.

      And now it's not the full game anymore, because some content of higher pledges is missing. (yeah, even if it's just a thingy like different clothes/haircuts. I don't really care for that, but other people do, or it's matter of principle for them not to support such DLC-like policies.)

    24. Christian Page on

      i dont like this hole cusmisation trend anyhay
      you are not the many charicter zoe is and you are helping guid the story along
      by making everything cutom it turns the charicter into a brick that gose around the game with no real personality
      i mean look at mass effect whale i love the game in almost every way and the story is great "who is sheaperd"
      sheapered is an empty plastic bag for you to put your head in.

      i like the people in my games to have there own style and look
      i want them to exprec themselfs and show me who they are

      uif they want there nose perciced then they should get it
      if the have a scare from a fight i should not be able to remove it with scar begone

      this trend is distroying the main charicters.
      its fine when you are that person like in saints row where you are always refered to as "player"
      but if you want me to care about someone they have to be a person not a blow up doll that i can dress up however i want

    25. Industrial Scribe on

      I'm going to be cancelling my pledge because of the cut content in this update, going to spend my cash on the Torment Kickstarter.

      Pity as I have both the originals in special edition boxes, but for the overall budget of the game (Maybe 1.5m) I'm not sure so many different $1000 boxes are going to be worth it. I'd have taken a page out of other Kickstarte'rs books and gone with 1 big box and 1 collectors edition box (If only to save budget on the print run for the boxes) and had cool extra's for the differences between tiers.

    26. Hüter Orland on

      I understand why some wish RTG wouldn't have decided to make these customisations exclusive. However, as stated by others before, I also completely understand why they stick to it now.

      Ok, they made a questionable decision, they got the feedback, now let it be. To pull back pledges just because of this irrelevant game feature is reasonless.

    27. jorlinn on Linux on

      @Dave Kladenetz: Buy them at instead. It would be the right thing to do since CDP (without whom there would be no is planning to collaborate on the Polish translation.

    28. ShadowNate on

      Maybe Jalister is right here. With three days left, I'm willing to wait it out to the last day, to see if RTG will mend this mess.
      I have lowered my pledge, though. For now.

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lawson on

      Not really sure why people are upset and cancelling their pledges. The game you will receive is identical to the one you were willing to pay for originally, the only thing that has changed is that people in higher tiers are getting something you're not. They were doing that anyway!

      As for the extra something itself, it's not exactly extra story content you'll be missing out on, it's simply a different look for Zoe. Is it really that big a deal that someone else can have a slightly different looking Zoe during their playthrough? How could that possibly change your enjoyment of the game?

    30. Sandro Manke on

      i agree with jalister when it comes to the "hey you dont get the full game for 25$" even though my pledge would be high enough to get all of it. it sucks. i dont like it when people are forced like that. give them extra goodies. thats cool. but dont make the goodies go away from the game. purchasing hair styles is really fucked up. it is in every game. please change that again.

    31. Guillaume - WereSheep of the Dreamers

      Sorry to read that Jalister, but it's your call and I respect why you doing it. Meanwhile, I just want to remind that we are currently on our way to our 7th strech goal. Which mean for a lot of us that DF:C will be made (finally), and we will have a lot, after waiting more than 6 years ! ^^

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Walker on

      I'm sure there's an irony to insisting RTG only care about the money while attempting to blackmail them into a different course by threatening to take away money,...Blackmail a loaded term? Maybe, but that's how it feels to me.

    33. Jalister on

      Look at that. A new update with a nice little reward chart. It definitely looks like they are sticking to their guns on update 24. I'm out.

      @kJones - Unfortunately update 25 shows RTG has no intention of doing that.

    34. Ina on

      @Jalister: Thanks for the info, I didn't know that. I'd still not blame developers for making decisions in their own best interest - unless it's a malicious, intentional rip-off, of course. And I'm pretty sure the motives of RTG are well-intended.
      But it's your money and you've got your own ideals and priorities, so just do what feels best for you.

    35. ShadowNate on

      I tend to agree with the request to have one version of the full game, with all customization options available. It otherwise feels like 0-day dlc and that's a bad marketing practice I don't support.

      Sure, clothes and hair styles won't affect the story, but they still are in-game features "sold" separately.
      Please reconsider this move.

    36. kJones on

      Oh, you guys...
      Stop sabotaging your own campain. Didn't you look at some succesfull campains before starting this?

      You want to offer some customization, thats fine, its simple to add and people like it. But instead of just adding it to the game, thus creating good will among your pledgers, which often translates to upped pledges and more talk (more pledgers), you actually pull the day-one-dlc card? That hate magnet?

      Give it to all pledgers, say you're sorry and do a reddit ama or something. You've still got three days to turn this desaster into sort of a win. I really hope you succed in that.

    37. Michael Hartmann

      @Tom: I don't know if the other, much longer, comments from me will make it clearer, but I do hope so. I tried my best.

    38. Jalister on

      @Eirys - I believe some developers are using kickstarter to do things differently. Sure, maybe some use KS because a publisher won't give them the money. However, some come here because they want to do things differently. That is why many that did not start DRM free or cross-platform changed their mind, because they want to work with their customers. The developers that want to change gaming for the better will get more of my money, and the developers that just want money will get less or none.

    39. Ina on

      My last comment was basically directed at everybody, not just enigma!

    40. Ina on

      @enigma: Fair enough. I'm not here to support indie gaming in contrast to the greedy gaming industry. I just want the next TLJ game(s)! I totally respect that you have different priorities. But please keep in mind that game developers don't go to KS to fulfill some ideal moral expectations but to (sustainably) make and publish the game they want to make.

    41. Tom Brückner on

      @Rivercliff: Ok, then I might have misunderstood your post.

    42. Tom Brückner on

      @Michael: I did not have a chance yet to read all of your comments, sorry. I was just refering to the very latest one.

    43. Rivercliff on

      @Tom Bruckner - Couldn't agree with you more, hence my definition included the caveat, "This formula does not factor in the value of outgame content, nor the value of early support for the project." And that is fine for me, too!

    44. Michael Hartmann

      @Tom: I explained that to the best of my abilities, I think. If you still don't at least understand where I am coming from you obviously don't share those values. Nor should you necessarily. But for many of us some things are incredibly important. Especially that a game has no DRM, DLC and that the game that gets funded is the same for every backer.
      I think I have said as much as I can here. I doubt that I'll be able to make myself clearer than I have in my previous posts.

    45. Jalister on

      @Eirys - Don't take offense to this, but you've only backed two games on kickstarter, and the first one was DFA which was a while ago. That has me thinking you are here to back Dreamfall specifically, which is great. I'm here for additional reasons. I look at a lot of projects here, and choose to back many of them. I do that because I want to support developers directly, rather than a publisher. I expect something different from a developer on Kickstarter than I do a developer using a publisher. Some of us are here because we don't like the current state of gaming, and Kickstarter is a place that developers and gamers can do something different. So when a developer pulls a publisher move with only 4 days to go, it doesn't make me happy.

      I feel like calling RTG Red Herring Games from now on. Hey, $25 gets you the full game! Then with 4 days left, on second thought, no it doesn't.

    46. Ina on

      @Rivercliff: You're suggesting that only the 'full' game is the 'real' game - but on what basis? For me, it's the opposite, actually: the basic game, the one that everybody gets, is the actual, real game and those with the sartorial options are 'limited special backer editions with add-ons' or whatever you want to call them.

    47. James Clayton on

      I'd be really surprised if the game costs as much as $50 at release. And it'd make very little sense to keep story content out of the hands of new fans who find the game at release when it could be monetised to pay for TLJH. The story is what these games are about, after all. So I expect they'll probably sell the graphic novel and short stories later.

      If that assumption is true, the forum badges are pretty much the only thing they were offering us digital pledgers that was exclusive. And as I've said several times now, exclusivity is the only thing RTG have to incentivise higher pledges. It makes perfect sense for them to capitalise on that. Give me more reason to feel special and I'll give you more money. Or, you know, I would if had the money to spend. Others clearly have.

    48. Missing avatar

      areturns on

      I was sort of operating under the assumption that the retail game would not come with the in-game bonuses, for people who buy it using standard retail channels. Sorry if this is incorrect.

    49. Missing avatar

      enigma on

      @Eirys: I get your position perfectly fine. The reason you are here is because you love the game: and it doesn't matter to you if @RTG adds game-changing stuff to tiers and/or you think it's not actual game changing stuff and/or you get it anyway already so you don't care (it varies slightly, depending on who you ask).
      That, however, is not the reason I am here, at the very least not all of it.

    50. Tom Brückner on

      @Rivercliff: Regarding your "simple math": A kickstarter project is not about "buying" a game. It is about "funding" a game. So IMHO you can't compare a funding pledge with a retail price. For this, $150 would be way too much anyway. But funding is - at least to some extent - about believing in the developers. This is not rational, it's irrational. And this is fine for me.