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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #23: The Director's Cut

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Yesterday we spoke about our $1,250,000 stretch goal, The Spoken Word. Today we're going to look further ahead and talk about our biggest and most feature-packed stretch goal yet:

The Director's Cut will uncut a number of things we had to, um, cut in order to whittle our budget down to $1,000,000 -- including a couple of locations, some intriguing characters and conversations, a number of smaller scenes and intimate moments, a few puzzles, a bunch of minor story beats, and a hatful of funsies.

While we've never cut any critical or core elements from the central storyline -- nothing that would negatively affect the game's plot -- we had to trim down the size and length of the game in order to end up with a budget fit for our initial Kickstarter goal.

With one-point-five million dollars in the bank, we can afford to bring some of those ideas, concepts, game moments and designs back to life; all of it content that our director hated to see go. This is a true Director's Cut, therefore, in every sense of the word. Bringing this material back to life will make him very, very happy; the game will be richer, deeper, longer and better for it; and this, in turn, will make you, our players, very, very happy!

We don't want to spoil anything, but when we get within batting range of $1,500,000, we will post another update with a couple of clues about what's in store in this improved Director's Cut version of Dreamfall Chapters!

This stretch goal, seeing as it is a proper Director's Cut, will also include a commentary track, featuring creative director Ragnar Tørnquist along with other key developers!

Hear the team's thoughts on key scenes in the game, listen to amusing anecdotes, bad jokes, insights and information about the development process. Go behind-the-scenes to learn about our worlds, characters, important events, puzzling puzzles and, of course, the story itself. Every aspect of the game will be covered, from the soundtrack and voices, to the character art, location design, engine, tools, writing process and game systems.

We will bring the whole team in on the recording sessions and make this the best commentary track you've ever heard (except for the commentary track to Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you couldn't possibly beat that).

We still have one more exciting stretch goal to reveal between The Director's Cut and The Longest Journey Home. And for the $1,75 million stretch goal, we've asked for YOUR input. We will reveal your ideas, our selections and more details in tomorrow's big update!

Until then, onwards & upwards!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Peters on

      Well, we did indeed hit the mark for the director's cut! I, too, am hoping that in the future they run a separate campaign for The Longest Journey Home. I think this kickstarter proved there is still a lot of interest in this series... just not *quite* enough interest to fund two entire games at the same time. :)

    2. White Destiny on

      Could you run a separate kickstarter later for Director's Cut and TLJ Home? It doesn't look like we can hit those marks with only a day to go. But some will be willing to fund again if perceived as a separate project.

      Are Paypal pledges included in the figure or counted separately?

    3. Shawn Lester on

      I'm optimistic that we still can get to 1.5 mil. Maybe Paypal will surprise us, and there's still enough time to get at least up to 1.4.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eternity on

      I will be disappointed if you don't make it to 1.5 mil. Sounds like Director's Cut will be great. The way it is going, 1.5 mil isn't achievable. Hoping that you can manage some other funding source to get to 1.5 mil.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Müller on

      Well it seems that the $1.5M stretch goal will be hard to achieve. However, pleged money from Kickstarter can be seen as a big cornerstone to also get investment from other sources. Pretty sure a company that could aquire $1.3M could get a loan on $200k to fill the gap. In the end there will anyway be a lot more people buying the game than people that backed you guys here on Kickstarter.

    6. Cipher- Weaver of lost dreams on

      I have to chime in here to say that the concept of kicstarter "exclusive content" really bothers me so much so i'm considering wether i want to continue backing. It's a matter of principal. Kickstarter Allows us to take a stand agenst bad practice (even if its done with the best of intentions), A line has to be drawn.

    7. Hüter Orland on

      @Tim Hawks: I'm not a fan of DLCs actually (unless they are more like something we would have called "addons" in former days.) However, I'm quite confident that these outfit customisations will be available sooner or later for everyone.
      BTW, I've never pledged for a game before, and would certainly not spend so much money for any other project than TLJ. THis one is also special for me.

      @Eternity: As far as I know the amount of money collected via PayPal will be announced at the end of the KS campaign.

    8. Missing avatar

      Eternity on

      Well, it seems we are not getting the Director's Cut. It's 3 days to go and quite impossible to accumulate 250k in that time. How much has been pledged through Paypal?

    9. Tim Hawks on

      @Andreas, Thanks for answering my question. As for your comment, I am excited about every piece of in game content and wish to have access to it all. I love the idea of the outfit changes but I won't get it in my tier. But I do wish to have it available to me at some point like DLC at the least. It is just something fun some people enjoy doing in games and I know is not for everyone. I am not saying I prefer it over The director's Cut. That is why I asked about it. I didn't want it to be some tier locked thing like the outfits. I want to have every in game thing available in the game. I wish I could pledge more but I am not wealthy and can't get the higher bundles. This is the only game I have even ever donated to cause I want it that much. I am also really excited about The Longest Journey home goal but unless PayPal got a lot of money it is realistic to think we can get there on kickstarter pledges.

    10. Hüter Orland on

      Though I personally think the tier-bound outfit customisations that were announced in update #24 aren't one of RTG's best ideas, it's strange that so many people seem to pay more attention (more than twice as much comments) to this than to the Director's Cut goal, which adds much more gameplay for everyone and is much more likely to be reached.

      @Tim Hawks: "Director's Cut" just means that content considered to be cut in the basic version (original goal at 850 k) won't be cut if we achieve this goal. As all the other stretch goals before, it's not exclusive to high tiers.

    11. Maxwell Horse on

      I'm a little late, but being a long time TLJ fan, I couldn't resist contributing to my first kickstarter campaign. (I missed out on the Jane Jensen and Tim Schafer ones.) Being a lover of tactile, real things, I had to go for the physical-box copy tier.

      Hopefully the recent interview on Adventure Gamers will help with a late surge before the campaign ends. (It's against the rules, to extend the cutoff date, I assume.)

    12. Tim Hawks on

      If we reach this Director's Cut goal is it going to be added to all tiers of the game or only put on the higher tiers? I want to have all the in game content that gets made but I can't afford to pledge anymore. I just want to know t5hat I will have options to get all in game content at some point even if it is DLC later.

    13. jorlinn on Linux on

      @Caramia, leaving out the Norwegian language option would be a major slap in the face of one of the biggest investors in TLJ:Chapters, a Nordic culture Fund (can't seem to remember which one...Hmm)
      I would be sorely disappointed if I did not have the option to play this game in the glorious original language of the game. For the orginal TLJ I even went as far as to buy the game 4 times, for each language (Dutch (my native language), English, Norwegian,and Swedish). I have been a student of Scandinavian languages, so I may be a bit biased. For a digital download I expect every available language to be available for every backer. At least as an extra add-on.
      Now I'm upping my pledge to get one of those desirable T-shirts and to help the project along in general.

    14. Rezo Kaishauri on

      @RTG: As always, your response is well put, argumented and explained. And patient, on top of that. Thanks for bearing with us, your ever-rambling fans. :)

    15. Hüter Orland on

      I don't know anything about game development, but I definitively have to cut down my projects as well to what is achievable in the given time frame / budget. RTG's decision to make sure that a "basic" version of DFC could be developed in the first place before thinking about an extended cut was absolutely reasonable. If we get a more extensive game at the end, due to more financial support, even better!

      By the way, I definitively will play the game both in German and English. The German localisation of TLJ is one of the good examples, in my opinion (I remember few obviously wrong accentuations in Dreamfall). Anyway, I think localisation makes games more immersive, which compensates for some loss of accuracy / missing puns.

    16. TimH on

      One slot left for Most Wanted! I guess that was a good tier add.

    17. Tom Brückner on

      Hey guys, even $2m is not much for a video game like DFC. It's crystal clear that 850k (plus some other funding and personal investments) would have covered only a minimized version. Hence I'm very glad that this kickstarter raises more money to make DFC even better. And, regarding the French and German dubs: Yes, I would be able to play the game in English, but my kids won't. So I appreciate having a German version as well, and I'm quite sure RTG will also try to convince local publishers to create dubs for other languages like Spanish, once the game turns out to be successful. (Not to mention that Germany is one of the biggest adventure markets these days.)

    18. Valiah on

      @RTG - Thank you guys for continuing to have open conversations with us fans, for taking the time to answer our questions and address our concerns. It does a lot to maintain our faith. <3
      *Group hug*

    19. Paweł K. on

      @Giorgos Chrysikopoulos: Great news! Thank you!

    20. animaniac on

      recently, the trend among developers is to forget about anyway-crappy multiplayer (which has been a now long time must have) to allocate more funds to the core game. I wonder how a similar move concering dubs would fare.

    21. TimH on

      I play in English of course, but I enjoyed that TLJ was available in so many languages, and playing other games like Syberia in French was real treat.
      Also I work in game development and France and Germany are huge markets (we often have to bend over backwards to make a version just for Germany's strict violence standards, but we do because it is worth it). The more markets DC can reach the more fans and more profitable RTG can be- thus ensuring more great games from them, good for everyone. And if the game is a big hit, the languages that aren't localized can be added on later through contract deals like the for Polish.
      Also @Marc: You don't want to work on game that your a fan of, it'll kill your enjoyment of it when it comes out :)

    22. J. "Tech" Priest on

      Back when I started playing adventure games with Sierra's adventure games. I used to voice the subtitles internally and I love reading so for me I get a lot more out of subtitles. Of course Voice acting is very helpful for people that don't do as well with reading and I do enjoy some voice acting done in games. I really enjoy the ones done by Wadjet Eye Games done in the Blackwell series.

      I hope to see this hit 2 million by the end of the Campaign. Either way this will be one excellent journey.

    23. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Paweł K.: By the way, in case you didn't notice: Polish version was confirmed just earlier today (
      Though unlikely to hear more such news until the Kickstarter's end (not enough time), I'd bet that all of our non-English-preferring friends will be satisfied in the end (and DF: Chapters will be a worldwide hit!)

    24. Paweł K. on

      I enjoyed both localized (Polish) and original languages, so for me it is not a big deal :)
      PS. But subtitles is a must!

    25. Marc L. Allen on

      Besides, no one really wants subtitles. I always play with subtitles on, even in English. Because, unfortunately, not all conversations are interesting and sometimes I'm in a hurry to get through them, so I can click to the next section as soon as I've read the subtitle.

      For those cases when I do listen to the whole thing, I'm often surprised at how often the subtitle gets it wrong! I can only imagine how much more so it happens when translating into a different language.

    26. Ron Vollach - Dream Traveller 6.13$ on

      @RTG: You'll do just fine, we believe in you & trust you (well, most of us at least), I believe DFC will be great but we still have a few days to go and we hope to help you get as much as possible to make it as good as possible, we're still a way from 1.5M though but I have faith, see, I learned something from Dreamfall, Faith. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      @animaniac: Do not forget that many German and French players are not speaking English so they cannot present their opinion here.

    28. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Bettina: You're right, even $1,5 million isn't a lot for a game. We were trying to get it done for $850K, although that was with support from the government and money out of our own pockets -- and very little money left to live on. Now that we have more money, we won't be using it to increase our salaries; instead we want to use this to make the game even better. It would have been a good game at 850. Short, but good, but with a smaller world, fewer characters, less gameplay -- something we would have been proud of, for sure, but also a game we know could have been better. The way things are going now, we can make the game as good as possible -- and we don't have to make all those cuts we were prepared to make.

    29. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @animaniac: I know this is how you guys feel, but keep in mind that our fan-base on Kickstarter is NOT representative of the general audience in the respective countries. You guys have great English skills, you guys play a lot of games, and you guys are able to chat and communicate with fans in other countries. For most of our fans and players in (e.g.) Germany and France, however, a localised version is really important, and it's also important in order for us to find distributors in those countries.

      I'm the same way; I would NEVER want to play a game in Norwegian. I want the original language, be it English or (for some games) Japanese with subtitles. But there are a TON of people who do want to play the game in Norwegian -- and that's for a country where most people are actually very, very skilled in English. Much more so than other European countries.

      So yeah, I know you guys want the English version. So do I! But we're trying to reach as many people as possible, and for most of them, a localised language version is critical. So we're trying to deliver on that -- and we also want to sell as many games as possible, so that we can keep on making games for a long, long time...including The Longest Journey Home :-)

    30. Marc L. Allen on

      (We need a backer level where we can work on the game. I'd love that. I couldn't afford it, but I could dream about it.)

    31. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Rezo Kaishauri:

      EVERY project is cut down to meet a realistic budget. I have never worked on a game, EVER, where we didn't cut a ton of stuff at an early stage, and kept cutting throughout, for time-and-budget reasons. On this project, we figured we would struggle to reach our funding goal and therefore we made heavy cuts to our initial designs and budgets. To be honest, I thought there was a good chance even 850K was too high, but I didn't want to lower it more and end up with a bad game. And we obviously did not want to ask for too much, get nothing, and end up disappointing everyone by not being able to continue the story -- that was a very real risk -- so we decided to be frugal and conservative.

      When things turned out the way they did, we were able to start considering bringing back some of the things we cut.

      We are adding stretch goals because we want to make the game as long and deep and rich and challenging as possible. And with every milestone we reach, we can bring more content back to the table. That's the way a budget works; the more money we have, the more money we put into the game.

      The point of the $2 million stretch goal is not only to increase the budget for Chapters (hire more people, create more content) but also to find a way to start working on our NEXT project before we finish Chapters. This is good for us, and it's good for you. We don't have to fear for our jobs or the company's future once we ship Dreamfall Chapters (at least not quite as much) and you can start looking forward to The Longest Journey Home.

    32. Tina Bryntesen - Dream Traveller on

      @Giorgos: Again, thanks for saying exactly what I'm thinking! xD Also @Marc and @Bettina! :)

    33. Valiah on

      'Renovating their kitchens' Seriously? $1.5mil for a video game is nothing. Designers, programmers artists all have to be paid. Norway has the highest cost of living in the world, and while these guys are working their assess off to deliver a game they still have bills to pay as well. You want voice overs? Actors gotta be paid. You want it in multiple languages? That's even more actors to be paid. Soundtrack? Artist has to be paid. Then there is the cost of equipment, software, licensing fees, and paying rent for their studio location. And of course a certain amount of the money will go into the cost of making and shipping the pledge rewards. Personally I'm amazed that they are promising as much as they are for so little.

    34. Marc L. Allen on

      Drat, Giorgos! Ninja'd me again.

    35. Marc L. Allen on

      @Anna -- Don't confuse the original 850K offer with a 'basic' game. It's just not the game they would have made with unlimited funds. KS is a bit of a crap shoot. If they asked for 1.5M up front and didn't get it, they get nothing. So, they, like any business, made a decision to cut out some stuff that's not needed to get the main story.

      Tell me, when you get a "Director's Cut" of a movie, do you feel like you were cheated because you paid full price to see the "Basic Cut" when it first hit the theaters? I don't. But the directory had to make some cuts. The movie was too long and had to be shortened. It's not much different here, except that development assets, not time, are the issue.

    36. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Anna Versus: So you have so little trust in Ragnar and co? Read my response to Sylvain (right above her post) for why RTG were "honest" with us from day one regarding the length and content of the game, and allow me to also address the "TLJH and cliffhangers" part of your post: RTG have repeatedly stated that Dreamfall: Chapters will NOT end in a Cliffhanger (so, it won't, period.) but ALSO they have always (since 2006) said that this is the conclusion of Zoe's story (called "The Dreamer's Cycle") and that April's story has more chapters until it is done (she is the main protagonist of the entire TLJ saga), which we know now it will conclude in TLJH.

    37. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @animaniac: Maybe many french and german backers prefer the director's cut over dubbing, but on the other hand equally many people in these comments have requested dubbing in their languages with fervor (and not just German and French, but Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Italian, and many other languages as well). So you may be right (and being a Greek who only played the marvelous English version of the game I would personally agree), but you may also be wrong in assuming what most people want. For a lot of very dedicated fans, the "localized", dubbed versions were the way they first experienced the games (and maybe the only way still) and also even if the majority of the Kickstarter supporters agreed to "switching the goals" or something, it may not be the wisest choice. Having guaranteed (not dependant on local distributors) dubbed versions in the languages where the games had been the most popular will be an incredible asset for its post-Kickstarter sales. And we CARE for the game's success outside of this Kickstarter, because it is those sales* that will allow RTG to bring us The Longest Journey Home and many other new adventures in the years to come.
      *We'll be about 20 thousand "very dedicated" backers by the end of this campaign, but TLJ and DF have sold in the hundreds of thousands (many times our number) and it is essential that this volume of sales happens again after November 2014, to which dubbing will help significantly.
      But why argue about this? Let's just hit ALL goals (and we WILL reach them, especially with the help of Paypal and more pre-sales after the Kickstarter is over) so there will be no dilemma on what to "choose"! :-)

    38. Anna Versus on

      @Sylvain: I agree with you. Knowing that this "director's cut" is about Dreamfall: Chapters and not about the previous game let me a bit upset. Yesterday I read one Ragnar Tornquist's interview about Dreamfall that said, "We had to cut some stuff with him, simply because we didn’t have time. I wish we’d had the opportunity to have his sacrifices and changes last longer. If we ever did a director’s cut, I would definitely put back in the things I had written and we had planned to do with him". Now, with this news, what I understand is "after all the money we are asking you, we are only able to do a BASIC game, not a whole, immersive and RICHER game as we said in previous updates. Probably, for a director's cut that explains what happend with Dreamfall, pledge more in future".
      Then, the revelation about The Longest Journey Home leaked out the possibility that Chapters was going to end on another cliffhanger ending (or maybe about an incomplete one). Now I'm sure...

    39. Marc L. Allen on

      @Animaniac -- I'm just a regular American, but I'd have thought that there'd be a wider audience in Germany and France with a localized dub. I realize that the more hardcore gamers might prefer subtitles and the commentary over that, but I think the general player would prefer it all spoken in their own language. Spoken language adds a ton to the immersion factor and I'd hate for anyone to miss that.

    40. animaniac on

      see, that's why many french and german backers don't want a localized dub: a director's cut is MUCH more relevant to backers. It often feels like kickstarter only exists to prove major companies wrong, so it would feel great if the game was larger and with subtitles only.

    41. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      "Directors commentary, YES YES! Loved it in Alan Wake. This must happen."
      I don't want to single out an opinion, but I would like to (respectfully) disagree with this. The amount of information such commentary can offer is limited (to avoid interrupting gameplay too much) and requires a replay (since it would be too spoiler-heavy to run during first play). I have Alan Wake and those criticisms apply very much there (its commentary typically consists of 60 seconds of speech) compared to what could be supplied by a "Making of" video or PDF.
      Please RTG, look at what Larian did with Divinity 2 Developer's Cut at - their video and PDF supplements include company history, development stories (Kiril and the overflowing bath...), the joys of outsourced playtesting ("The duck is imperial wide!") and quest walkthroughs. A talk-along/sing-along soundtrack won't allow for anything like as much info.
      If you are going to include a commentary, then please make it available outside of the game itself - something like TLJ's Book of Secrets which can be accessed after game completion would be better.

    42. Porcupine on

      @RTG: no problem, most of us understand. But I have to admit being an outsider it's hard to imagine what financing the development of such a game must take, so I guess it's understandable some of us don't realize that - it's hardly surprising that the first idea some of us get looking at that seven-figure number is "OMG - I could SO remodel my kitchen if I had that kind of cash...!" :)

    43. Rezo Kaishauri on

      I perfectly understand where the comments like "Oh noes! You were making a cut version of the game and you're letting us know only now? I'm taking my money back and don't speak to me again!" are coming from. I don't by any means approve them, God forbid, but I do understand. Maybe, just maybe, if the original goal was set to 1,500,000 instead of 850,000, and all the cards were placed on the table right from the beginning, people would have more motivation, and the 2,000,000 goal wouldn't seem so overstretched. But I really understand the reason behind the minimum goal: RTG wanted to make absolutely sure that the bare minimum would be guaranteed, they didn't want to take risks. Then again, with such a huge fan base, maybe RTG should have had more confidence.

      Anyway, it's just thoughts, not second thoughts or anything even remotely like that. I'm 100% with you, guys, and even though I already have pushed my humble pledge to the limits, I'm willing to squeeze out some more and I'll definitely do it. I want this game, and I want this game in all it's possible glory, and I think so does the most of the rest of us. So let's push it, people!

    44. Missing avatar

      mrKnask on

      @3dfxVoodoo; if I win the lottery I'll gladly pledge so much that they can do a full remodeling of their kitchens! I guess they would just put the money in the game anyway.. ;)

    45. ReptilianSamurai on

      I am very excited for this stretch goal, especially because I requested a commentary track! (I'm glad now that it won't need to wait till $1.75m). This stretch will truly improve the game (although I thought we already got a longer journey - guess this means an even longer longer journey!) If we don't make it to at least this goal, I will be quite sad.

    46. Nick Rintaris on

      Hail for the Joss Whedon and Dr. Horrible references. I love you guys.

    47. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      @RTG: Most of us trust you that all money will be used for game and the only renowned kitchen will be Zoe`s ;-)

    48. Skorpys - Dream Traveller\Lib UT on

      @RTG Absolutely no worries, I don't think the vast majority think like that, and considering how many backers you have and that more are coming in every day, "we" know that more money means a better game - which is why several of us have upped our pledges throughout the campaign! Hopefully even more people will help you\us make this game even better and share our joy of excellent adventure games! \cheer

    49. April01 on

      @ RTG: Thank you for your comment, but I think it will not be possible to really reach all people out there. And there are always some people being negative, and behaving like that. You shouldn't take this too serious, as the most people here would never think like that. We understand, and we are happy for those stretch goals. This is for sure.