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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch goals, a bit of catching up

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

In the past couple of days, we've sped past TWO stretch goals: first Storytime -- an exciting interactive graphic novel recapping the stories of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall -- and, today, A Richer World.

In fact, it all happened so quickly that we didn't have time to put up a description or art for A Richer World until, poof! it was behind us. And now we have $1,250,000 and The Spoken Word in our sights.

But first, let's talk about

A Richer World (ACHIEVED!)

which we haven't talked much about at all. And that's a shame, because it really is a great stretch goal.

Here's what we wrote about it originally, back in Update #12, a couple of weeks ago:

"This goal contains an expanded and improved soundtrack, with more live instruments and vocals. In addition, we will also involve an established recording artist who will add some of their songs and sounds to the game. Beyond that, this goal includes improved graphics, along with an in-game gallery (run by a familiar character) displaying both art made by the team along with the best of all the great fan art out there."

While we can't talk about who will make the music for Dreamfall Chapters quite yet, nor which recording artist we're planning on partnering with (we couldn't really start working on either of these until we reached our stretch goal), we can at least say that, with your help and generosity, our soundtrack will be top notch!

Music is an incredibly important part of the saga. The Longest Journey and Dreamfall were blessed with amazing scores from several great composers. With the money from this stretch goal, we will make Dreamfall Chapters sound as good as -- and hopefully even better than -- the previous games. We can give the musical aspect of our game the love, attention and budget it deserves. We can make it a deep and integral part of the storytelling, emotional canvas, mood and themes of the game. We can hire the talent we need to make the soundtrack come alive. And we can't wait to get started!

When we have more news about who and what and where and when and why, we'll let you all know!

In addition to the soundtrack, A Richer World opens up an in-game gallery, run by a familiar character. And that character is Emma, April Ryan's friend from The Longest Journey (and Dreamfall); a renowned performing artist who has established herself in Europolis.

Emma recently opened a new gallery in the city, and this is the gallery you will be able to visit in-game. In addition to her own art -- and April's; Emma was able to save some of it after her friend vanished -- this gallery also contains art by some of YOU guys!

Yes, we will take the very best of fan art and feature it in Emma's gallery -- with your blessing and permission, of course. We will have more information about this soon! And don't worry, the deadline for the gallery submissions is a long, long way off.

Onto our next stretch goal

The Spoken Word ($1,250,000)

which we think will make our German and French fans very, very happy (unless, of course, you prefer the English language version of the game).

If we reach $1,250,000, we will localise the game -- both text and voice -- into German and French. These are two of our most important markets, where we know the previous games have a large, vocal and passionate fan base. It's really important to us to be able to serve our supporters, and we hope that, with your help, we can reach this goal and add German and French language support.

And yes, this does mean full voice-overs in both languages.

But that's not all! If we achieve The Spoken Word, we will add additional voices to all language versions of the game!

We will record voice-overs for the library lore (where appropriate, of course). We will ensure that all characters in the game -- even minor characters, passers-by, guards and bouncers and vagrants, civilians and soldiers, barmaids and police and farmers and strange, magical creatures -- get a voice and dialogue lines.

This will truly make our world come to life.

Also, for the English language version, we will be able to bring back more of the original cast from both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. We will do all we can to find the great actors who brought all of our memorable characters to life, and we will get them back into the studio to reprise their roles for Chapters.

While we can't promise the same for the German and French language versions yet, we will definitely make sure our localisation partners know how important this is to you, our fans. We will work with them to ensure that, wherever possible, they use the actors that you guys remember and love and want back. And we will of course ask your opinion on this, so that we can make the right choices all the way to the finish line.

That's it for The Spoken Word. After that, of course, we have a mysterious goal at $1,500,000, and this is going to be very, very exciting...but more on that tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, everyone, and thanks for your continued patience. We should have had this information out on Friday, but I think you all caught us by surprise by pledging and upping your pledges and being so generous and supportive and, hell, so damn wonderful. You guys rock hard. You really, really do.

Thank you! And it ain't over yet; next week will be great and we'll be back tomorrow with another update!

Onwards & upwards,



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    1. Bruon Valérie on

      Aller les français !!!!! Motivez-vous on y est presque! Go Go Go !!

    2. Rezo Kaishauri on

      @Michael Hartmann: Point taken. If there is indeed such great demand of the localized versions in those markets, then it's definitely worth it. Especially, considering the additional voiceover added to all languages.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Elizabeth: It was fairly obvious that we couldn't have seen the whole school so the possibility is there.

    4. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Elizabeth: Well, the school where she was studying might have had some and/or she might have had a locker at school.

    5. Elizabeth Stinger on

      @Hayley Morris: "But... Where would she find aprils work? She had painters block all those years ago and it barely looked like they had art storage in that place. Next you'll be telling me it was all under the mattress. Tut tut."

      April says in her diary that she had to leave "some of the bigger canvases" behind when she left her home. Maybe that's where Emma got them?

    6. Missing avatar

      Desirée Eriksson on

      ShardofTruth; love your idea. They should definitively do that :)

    7. ThiefMaster on

      For the German translation... PLEASE get good translators and make them play the previous games first!
      Nothing worse than a translation where funny things from the original are lost just to keep it as close as possible to the original.

    8. ShardofTruth on

      Emma's gallery is a great idea, maybe you could add Warren's painting from TLJ as an easter egg.

    9. Missing avatar

      Phoenixwi on

      do you plan subtitles for people with problems of hearing?

    10. Rinu on

      "In addition to the soundtrack, A Richer World opens up an in-game gallery, run by a familiar character. And that character is Emma..." -- Oh my gosh! Very nice surprise.

    11. Bình Trọng Vương on

      I know you guys keep reassuring us fans but again please please dont be too ambitious and go over budget wth these stretch goals, which I absolutely love still. Im still afraid they are maybe too much for the current budget. but oh well, hopefully we will get all the old voice actors back!!

    12. achilleasrigas | Dream Traveller | OftG on

      Hey guys at red thread do not forget to update the main page with the stretch goals achieved already and especially the banner with the stretch goals. It might be misleading for new backers who have not followed the campaign closely!

    13. Tore Mygland ~~Dream Traveller~~ $6.13 on

      Pjusk would be great as atmospheric music for Stark. Just sayin'. ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      sunkzero on

      If not Magnet, then I'm sure you can persuade Knut Avenstroup Haugen :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Márton Marczell on

      Bring back Leon Willett!

      And I'm also excited to have many English voice actors back. You guys are the first to understand that the voices *belong* to the characters. It was very disappointing that, for example, Runaway 3 completely replaced the voice cast.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jens Wall on

      Please do a Swedish version too. I loved Regina Lund as April in TLJ...
      Please, please, please bring her back!

    17. Jens Thorup Jensen on

      I hope Magnet gets to do the music again. I loved what he did in Dreamfall. Another option could be Fever Ray.

    18. Tet Yoon Lee on

      BTW you may want to update the main page

    19. MusicSweetly on

      @Vinny - No, I was talking about Damien Cavanaugh, the WATIcorp worker who was working with Reza. Zoe met him in the WATIcorp headquarters...I have no idea what your link has to do with anything...
      @Giorgos - Exactly, which is why I really want him back. His story was essential and seemed extremely and abruptly cut short. That's something that always bothered me about DF.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ellen Hitzemann on


      April's German voice on the other hand is perfect, in both games. I agree with whoever said that they'd rather have no localization than a different voice for April.

    21. Raven Woods on

      For some Stark bits, I think Chiasm's music really would fit some dark and dank places. That chick can compose some awesome cyberpunk stuff.
      Small, but awesome. Her work was in Vampire Bloodlines in the Asylum Club.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ellen Hitzemann on

      If you reach "A Richer World" (fingers crossed!): I don't know who was responsible for the German localization of Dreamfall, but please don't hire them again. Whoever translated it apparently never played the games or even knew about the story. Very common figures of speech were mistranslated on several occasions, as well as important objects, places and information. I have no idea what went wrong, but it was the worst translation I had ever seen in a video game.

      Zoe's German voice, although she is very famous, unfortunately does not even come close to the range of the original voice actor. To be honest, she sounded a bit bored most of the time, although that could also have something to do with the horrible script.

      Just my two cents.

    23. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      I think they shouldn't hire Magnet again (although I liked his songs in DF). It's time for something fresh and new :-)
      And thank you for potential Russin version (I hope by partners you mean "Lazy Games").

    24. AndeeScott on

      Oh BTW Ólafur Arnalds if from Iceland which would be handy ;)

    25. AndeeScott on

      I can think of a few Artist's that could be used for this type of story telling. One I would really recommend is Ólafur Arnalds… and he's free just finished a album :)

    26. Matt Combes on

      I actually am a fan of Magnet, who you utilized for Dreamfall, and wouldn't mind seeing him return to do music for Chapters (especially as his sound has matured even more over the last 7 years). But, should you choose to go with someone else for any reason, I hope that you obtain an artist/band in that same vein of sound. The first one that pops into my head (and which Magnet has previously toured with, actually) is the band Stars. Give 'em a listen if you're not already familiar with them:… (the title of this particular song is also funnily appropriate, re: Zoe and Reza)

      Alternatively, the band Barcelona is also a band I could picture doing some songs for Chapters:…

    27. AndeeScott on

      I think you should use the artist who did the trailer music. Extremely talented person. Who is the artist btw ? Wouldn't mind getting on his or her albums.

    28. Nativeguide on

      I would love to hear that Floex was writing music for the game, I love his style.

    29. Josep M. Pons on

      Spanish... Pleade...

    30. Hayley Morris on

      But... Where would she find aprils work? She had painters block all those years ago and it barely looked like they had art storage in that place. Next you'll be telling me it was all under the mattress. Tut tut.

    31. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      BG&E also has a brilliant Russian localization - great game! :)
      This week I heard that the development of the BG&E2 continues!

    32. Happy Tree on

      Brilliant that this also includes more voices for other NPCs. I decided to play Dreamfall in French cos I had played Beyond Good & Evil in France and I just generally like playing computer games in French. Wonkers was cuter in French than in English, sorry! :-D But if my doppelganger gets her own little voice part as I walk past her maybe I'll play it again in English. Alors, foncez vers les 2 millions, les gars!

    33. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I think we can gain $2kk in the remaining days... or not?

    34. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Yeah! The edit button must have! :D

    35. Rolli on

      TLJ, not TLG, of course. Did someone ever mention the need for an edit button before? ;)

    36. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Yeah! The Russian TLJ must have! :D

    37. Rolli on

      I agree that the German version of TLG was much better than the German version of Dreamfall, mainly because of the translation. I always had the strong impression that whoever translated Dreamfall never played TLG before, because some names and terms that were translated in TLG were left in English now (for example: 'Crow', 'Guardian'...even 'assassin', which felt particularly odd to me). That's the main reason I'm currently replaying the games in English (and probably I'm going to play Chapters in English as well, as I'm used to the English speakers now).

    38. HermanTR on

      @ Michael Hartmann

      > I prefer the English version as well. Dubs often sound terrible

      LOL, the English version is also *dubbed*, because this game doesn't feature real actors. How it sounds just depends on how professionally the dubbing is done. Germany happens to have some very good dubbing studios, and there are kind a few games which sound better in the German voiceover than the English one.

      And yes, I definitely prefer a dub in my native language, *if it's done professionally*.

    39. Maxime Girard on

      Would be nice to hear a bit more about the graphics and Storytime.

    40. Missing avatar

      Draicwing on

      I really loved the German version of TLJ, but the voice-over of Dreamfall was sometimes terrible. Some speakers spoke about six characters. I like playing games in German language if the voices are good, but I have no problem with the english versions as well. I played Dreamfall in German and English and I really loved the english version.

      In TLJ it was the other way round: the German version was perhaps even better than the english one. The alatian people had some of the best German speakers what was important because of the long, loooooong stories they told. I really loved that part. But also Cortez and Burns Flipper got awesome speakers. I would love to play Dreamfall Chapters in German, if its a good german version!

    41. Thea Erbe Thomassen on

      Ok, thank you! Didnt get to see the whole play through. Then I'll get my hopes up again regarding getting April back home. She deserves it after being away for so many years, and more to come :)

    42. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Thea: Paypal pledges DO count, but RTG haven't yet annouced them (nor taken them into consideration yet when they talk about which stretch goals are reached). They said -during the live playthrough of Dreamfall- that they will announce the Paypal figures at the end of the campaign (and it will remain open after the Kickstarter is over). This way, the Paypal amounts will be a very welcome "surprise bonus" at the end that will help us brake through our final goals (hopefully that will be The Longest Journey Home), either immediately after the campaign if we do great or in the months to come if we still need more to get ... April Home. ;-)

    43. Michael Hartmann

      @Rezo: Unfortunately most French and Germans don't want to play the game in English. Maybe most of us here at KS, but only a minority in the larger gaming world. And the game needs to be successful when it is finished. The success of Chapters will make TLJH more likely/faster to realize. And doing the localizations themselves means RTG will be able to keep all the rights. I think it is an incredibly important stretch goal. And of course the added voice-overs to the English version are also part of that goal.

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron Light on

      You need to update your giant stretch goals graphic! :D It's a few goals behind...

    45. Thea Erbe Thomassen on

      Do the Paypal plegdes count in on the kickstarter overview?
      If not, how do we know that we havent already passed the next stretchgoal? There are probably over 100.000 in paypal pledges, since we (I say "we" since we are all now a part of the progression of the development, not decision wise but overview wise) have more than 1mill throught the kickstarter and you have been able to pay through paypal almost since the beginning.

    46. Andreas Nicholas on

      den't waste it on britney spears! find a bunch of brilliant undiscovered in your home towns and and give them the opportunity to be recorded properly!

    47. Leo on

      Tomorrow it appears we will know about the mysterious and tantalising 1.5 goal! Which I believe is totally within our reach!

    48. Heimdall - DreamT-WoOS-ShadRun-KC:D-DOoD on

      Hmm.. I'm really curious about the 1.5 million stretch goal. If it is as interesting as Ragnar and co claims I will up my pledge, if anyone else has a few extra bucks to spare and wish to do the same then feel free to do so.

    49. symbiotics on

      an established recording artist eh? *cof cof* Flunk *cof cof* ;) they're an awesome and inspirational band, and they're even from Oslo!

    50. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @MusicSweetly: I think it's very possible Damine will return, he seemed quite important in the whole Storyline involving WatiCorp and the Dreamer, not to mention as Zoe's love interest.