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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #20: The Longest Journey Home

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Here, then, the perfect way to reveal our two million dollar stretch goal, by way of GameSpot and Kevin VanOrd:

Taking The Longest Journey Home

To be able to greenlight the preproduction of the continuation and conclusion to April Ryan's journey would, of course, be a dream come true for all of us.

But even if we don't reach that lofty goal this time around, we hope to some day still be able to tell this story. April's story, all of it. All that remains of it.

Because it needs to be told. And you all deserve to hear it. And we would love to share it with you.

So please go read the story, comment and share and like, follow Dreamfall Chapters on GameSpot, and help us get closer to Home.

Storytime achieved!

We just crossed the $1,100,000 line, which means that our interactive graphic novel retelling the stories of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall will be a reality!

Storytime will see the light of day prior to November 2014, to allow players both old and new the time they need to revisit the journey and to prepare for Chapters.

And now our eyes are firmly on the next stretch goal, A Richer World, at $1,150,000. With your continued help, support and love, we're confident we will reach this goal as well. And with it, an improved soundtrack and musical score, and an in-game gallery. More on this next goal very soon.

(We will get around to the T-shirts and other business in tomorrow's update. For now, please read GameSpot's story and share your thoughts, hopes, wishes and suggestions with the world, your fellow pledgers and with us, your storytellers.)


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    1. Tomás on

      Having just received my KS survey, and rereading the gamespot articles, I'm wondering whether it's likely that TLJH will be made?

    2. Urabutbl on

      Thank god Storytime was achieved - I've completed TLJ three times, but a reminder is always welcome, and Dreamfall I haven't even completed. after a corrupted Save Game ruined stuff for me. I just couldn't face doing all the combat again ;-p

    3. Happy Tree on

      As far as I can gather, Matt, there is a graphic novel in tiers that is a different but related story. Then, quite apart from that, there will be an interactive graphic novel for everybody whose only purpose is to explain the story so far to new players or to remind the oldies of what happened before. So, yes they are two different things and yes everyone gets the interactive one.

    4. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Giorgos: Well, if we reach that goal, they will start pre-production earlier than they could otherwise which would reduce the total time to some extent however they decide to fund the production phase.

    5. Matt Combes on

      So ... just out of curiosity ... two questions about Storytime ...

      a) Is the interactive graphic novel the same thing as the graphic novel you get starting at the $75 tier, just interactive? Or is it an entirely different graphic novel?

      b) Does every tier get this interactive graphic novel, just some tiers, or are you just making this "available" for purchase sometime prior to DC's release?

    6. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Kevin Bell: Frankly, I wouldn't be so sure that there will BE another Kickstarter for TLJH. (And certainly not before 2015, which would push TLJH's release date to 2016-2017). The only way to get it EARLIER than that is the complete and overwhelming success of this Kickstarter and of Dreamfall: Chapter's pre-sales in Paypal.
      Let me also quote another pledger's - Rolling Man - comment in the latest update (and read the links too):
      "It seems Ragnar and Red Thread Rames are committed to the making of TLJH no matter what. "even if we do NOT get to $2 million on Kickstarter, the race is far from over, and hope is certainly not dead! We have a good while to go before Chapters is released, and we hope to keep raising money towards both the production of Chapters (improving the game every step of the way) AND towards The Longest Journey Home. And if that doesn't get us where we need to be, we will definitely look at ways to raise money for TLJH at some point in the future -- including, of course, using any profits from Chapters towards the next game.
      This is a story we want to tell and, dammit, we're going to tell it. Some way, somehow, at some point."
      Quote from the end of the Dealspwn interview with Martin Bruusgaard:
      At this point I brought up the community question (submitted by user ‘ethteck’) which asked if the $2,000,000 stretch goal was not met, whether Red Thread Games would still look to complete the mysterious ‘The Longest Journey Home’ project at all. The initial response from Martin was surprisingly straight forward - “yes,” but he made sure to clarify his statement afterwards. “We certainly hope so," he explained. "It’s something that we would really like to do, but it will require time and effort, and therefore money. It’s not something that we put up there [in the stretch goals] to tempt people and sort of “give us all your money.” It is a new project we would love to do, but we need the funding for it, it won’t develop itself unfortunately. But I know that me and Dag and Ragnar would love to do it, and if it doesn’t happen through Kickstarter we will try to make it happen through other means.”
      In other words, they want to fund TLJH from the PROFITS of DF: Chapters (as they should frankly, doing one Kickstarter after an other isn't the way a company should be run. It is necessary for the begginning - to "kickstart" development - but it would be a failure if EVERY project required crowdfunding), and getting those profits NOW (instead of in two years) would enable TLJH to come out much, much faster.
      So, these are the facts, and everyone's decisions on what to do are their own of course.

    7. Kevin Bell on

      I actually think this goal hurts the overall campaign - instead of pledging more now, I'm inclined to wait for a second Kickstarter for the 2D sequel I really wanted

    8. Josep M. Pons on

      I don't like this kind of goals. I want the game relating the 10 not told years of April... but... it is another project. It does not need to be in this kickstarter, it needs to be in another one.

      It will be better if you add thinks that will make us more happy, in this project. Spanish translations, as example.

    9. Stephen Perrone on

      Ellie Conrad-Leigh as Zoe was also perfect in her role. Great voice acting all around and I wouldn't want to appear to disparage them by omission of any mention.

      I feel there is a great rapport between the people behind these games and we the fans. We appreciate their efforts and they know how much we noticed their craftsmanship.

    10. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Andrew: I think Sarah is such a great voice actor that she can make her voice sound exactly as it should for any age April will be during the game. Have you seen the "blooper reel" from The Longest Journey? (it was in the game extras, or watch it here:…). She has a great range with her voice (and April's voice isn't 100% her "natural" voice, nor was she at April's age in either game, it's her acting according to the demands of the role)

    11. Stephen Perrone on

      Sarah Hamilton wasn't a kid when she did TLJ so the pitch of April's voice might be something she can control. In Dreamfall she might have lowered it to allow for April's age.

      I just bumped by support.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Blackledge on

      You guys would have to edit Sarah Hamilton's voice though to make it higher, like it was in The Longest Journey rather than Dreamfall.

    13. Stephen Perrone on

      This is great news.

      I just wanted to know the developers understand how important Sarah Hamilton as April is to my excitement for this project.

      For Sarah Hamilton/April I'll bump my support up a notch. Amusingly enough, in a gaming forum thread about this project I said I would bump my donation if it turned out there was going to be lots of April/Sarah Hamilton. This qualifies. :)

    14. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Stephen: As Update #5 says, Sarah Hamilton is already CONFIRMED to return for Dreamfall: Chapters! (since April will be in Chapters, of course!). So, it's almost as certain that she'll be in TLJH as well (you can't have a game about April, without April's voice now, can you?).

    15. Stephen Perrone on

      Just to be clear, the plan is to use the amazing Sarah Hamilton for TLJH?

      She's an inspiration.

    16. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Ok that REALLY sounds awesome! Zoë is fine, but... April is April... and April and TLJ is just... wow... I'd REALLY like to see that happening!!

    17. Missing avatar

      kS on

      If you reach the stretch goal, will TLJ:H be given to backers?

    18. Missing avatar

      sth128 on

      Is Storytime kinda like the Mass Effect interactive comic where events from the first 2 game are recapped?

      That's good cause I can't remember anything from TLJ, and the only thing I remember from DF is that Zoe won't take a shower.

    19. Simonetta Terra on

      I would hope that the game was done the same, even if they were to achieve the goal of two million dollars

    20. Missing avatar

      Onur Bahçevancı on

      Alright upping my pledge ! Though I agree that TLJH should be a seperate Kickstarter project and it would probably get even more love than this one :-)

    21. Anna Versus on

      I think Red Thread Games has to create another kickstarter profile for "The Longest Journey Home". From 10th March to November 2014 there is a lot of time. Maybe on september 2013 they can start another recollection of money...
      This kickstarter profile started only with Dreamfall Chapters' project, now it's going to be for two game and a lot of proposal... Ragnar Tørnquist, you are getting too ambicious now...

    22. Jakob Uhd Jepsen on

      Heh. Called it. It is a long shot, but I hope we will see that game at some point regardless.

    23. Missing avatar

      mrKnask on

      Nice! Just upped my pledge from 250$ to 500$. Maybe some of you guys from RTG could buy me dinner later on this month? I'm gonna be starving but that's OK ;)

    24. Ron Vollach - Dream Traveller 6.13$ on

      WOW, that's a great update, I so want to see TLJH happen, I wanted to continue April's story forever, I so hope we can get to 2M, if not directly from KS than combined with PayPal.

    25. Heimdall - DreamT-WoOS-ShadRun-KC:D-DOoD on

      I do hope we can get to the $2 Million mark but I'm happy as long as we get to the $1,250,000. More voice-overs, better audio, more music and the like. Make some extra donations people. Don't be stingy, those who has out out more than they did before are alright.

      If RTG do a seperate kickstarter for Aprils Longest Journey Home I'm there! I really want to see that happening. I upped from $75 to $150. I have not put out that much money on a game since the Limited Editions of The Witcher 1 and The Witcher 2.

    26. Aeneas Feggans on

      Is it me or has the money been coming in a lot faster since this last update?

    27. Missing avatar

      tusen on

      Ah, hand-painted backdrops, that's what I've been dreaming of for the conclusion of April's story. I do hope it will happen.

    28. Bomoo on

      I already pledged as much as I can and strong-armed all mah friends into taking a look, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can hit that 2m mark. Even if it's just for pre-production, it's more TLJ than we've gotten in the entire dry spell while Senor Tornquist was working on TSW. Will definitely keep my eyes open for the eventual TLJH drive either way. (Prease update on Steam because I don't read gaming news sites as much as I used to.)

    29. Galanthein on

      @RedThread team : Even if we don't reach 2 millions stretch goal, PLEASE consider launching another campaing for TLJ Home. I'am sure you'll get a success

    30. Cyberbard | Shift Happens on

      You make a great point, but think of it this way...
      The extra money from reaching the $2m goal would enable them to begin pre-production of TLJH while they also work on Chapters. It's a 2D point and click, so it won't be that advanced. Ragnar is used to hopping forth and back as project leader, and could then easily afford a couple of concept artists to produce work for TLJH while the major part of the crew finish Chapters. :)

      So what I'm trying to say is that projects can overlap, reducing our wait time for the next game (without sacrificing any quality of either of the projects). Extra money now will allow them to do that. Plus, they want to take advantage of the hype they currently have. In a month of two, things will have slowed down in the media.

    31. Vince Vazquez

      Eh, I don't know about this. While I'm not the best guy to speak to, perhaps - I am no fan of point n' click games. I never played TLJ and am here because of Dreamfall - I just don't think you should "sneak" a completely other game into the stretch goals for this game's campaign. This was successful; you should feel great about that. So great, in fact, that you KNOW another campaign for The Longest Journey Home would also be successful. So why not just do that?

      Worry about Dreamfall Chapters now, and after THIS game is done and you gave it 100%, do another Kickstarter for TLJ Home. Just... y'know, be patient. And focus on one thing at a time. Clearly, your fans - all of us (even guys like me) - will be up for supporting you guys again in the future.

      That is some lovely art though.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nikus on

      I think a lot of people (like myself) are more emotionally invested in April. I hope the devs put a lot of thought in how to handle TLJH funding in an elegant manner. Maybe an add-on will work better so that the money can go to a new TLJ campaign if we don't reach 2m.
      I can't believe after all these years i can see April again. Is it love?.. :)

    33. Rezo Kaishauri on

      @Kevin: Alcohol or not, we're with you, man! :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Can we make this happen first? I would freakin' love to go back to the original TLJ story, in the original 2D format. Seriously. I'm not usually a very emotional guy, but there are tears in my eyes just thinking about how awesome this would be.

      P.S. Some of that might be the alcohol talking, but it doesn't change a thing! I want this more than I want to swim in a sea of shrimp, bacon, and tits.

    35. Leo on

      TLJH sounds amazing!! We will all make sure it gets done right after Chapters, whether through this campaign or another so Red Thread you will be busy for a few years at least! :)

      I'm equally psyched about Chapters and TLJH but yeah absolutely want Chapters first and it has to e the best game it can be! There are no lack of resources so nothing should be sacrificed from one game to make the other. Feeling very excited about the future of this saga!

    36. Jester's_Tear82 on

      Congrats on achieving Storytime! & for breaking my heart a little with the TLJH news :) I nearly cried when I read it, I mean I assumed it was the continuation of April's story but still!! & for us to find out what happened to her both in the past & after DFC.. & in a 2D point & click non the less! Thank you guys so much, & please make this happen - I would gladly pledge more in the future but right now my $1000 tier is way beyond my funds anyway ;)

      & to my fellow fans: I get your feeling about wanting TLJH more than DFC (I care for both girls but April is my "first" ;) - DFC apparently needs to be told first, Zoe's story is after all connected to April's (SAVE HER) so April's time to shine will happen only after Zoe has finished her role.

      Can't wait!!!

    37. Jiri Ptacek - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      Exciting news! \o/
      I would love to have that concept art in a wallpaper-ish resolution.

      Thanks people, this campaign is doing great!

    38. Missing avatar

      LucaLink on

      I think TLJH needs its own kickstarter project, most of the people would really like to make a pledge not just to let you create it, but also to purchase it and have all the cool stretch goals and rewards we currently have for chapters.
      You would get all the money you need that way.

    39. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      If I hadn't already pledged as much as I can without going to debters prison (where I doubt they'd let me sit and play the game) I would totally have upped my pledge to make this happen. It would be amazing to see April's story told to the end.

    40. Сергей Мазаев on

      I guess more people will up the pledges, if Dreamfall is offered as an add-on :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Desirée Eriksson on

      I feel like I do deserve to hear it. Love you guys, love the games.

    42. Missing avatar

      Draicwing on

      I really want TLJHc- I raised my pledge for this! Please just order aditional stuff like a digital copy of TLJ for another 10$ or a version of the Audio Book for 35$. Or just change to a higher pledge. And of course: spread the word, share the trailer and so on. Help to make this dream come true!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      vap on

      Why don't just to start a parallel campaign for TLJH? It would get a million easily.

    44. David Fieldstad Green Ahmanson on

      So, I guess April DIDN'T die at the end of Dreamfall after all? I thought they were keeping that under wraps, not that we couldn't guess.

    45. Missing avatar

      Esker on

      To be honest, I wish that TLJH was the main point of this kickstarter - TLJ was the better story and April the better character.

      I hope so very much that even you don't get the 2M mark you put up another kickstarter just for TLJH (after finishing Chapters of course). I would be one of the first to pledge.