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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #19: New trailer!

IGN has just posted their exclusive new Dreamfall Chapters trailer! Click the link, watch, share, upvote, comment and help us spread the good word! The more traffic we create, the more traffic we get, so please check it out and let us know what you think!

In other news...

After one day on Steam Greenlight, we're #87 of 1,091 games in Greenlight, and climbing fast. But we're not happy until we're in the top ten (or until Steam gives us the green light) so please vote YES for Dreamfall Chapters on Steam if you haven't, and please get your friends, families, colleagues and mortal enemies to add their votes to our Steam Greenlight page.

On that note, we would also love to see Dreamfall Chapters on, so please head on over to their community wishlist and add your vote today!

Our PayPal pledgers have been asking to be notified about new Kickstarter updates, and we're more than happy to oblige. From tomorrow on, all PayPal pledgers will receive an email with a link whenever we post a new update. We want to make sure everyone is informed about what's happening, regardless of how you've chosen to support us.

Finally, we just want to apologise to everyone who's written us without getting a reply. We're lagging behind on our emails and forum posts, and we're sorry if you've been waiting for an answer to an important question. There are a lot of you and only a couple of us, and we've been a bit overwhelmed -- but we are working on it, and we'll get around to everyone.

So...did you check out the new trailer yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Go, now!


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    1. Konstantin Senz on

      @Giorgos i dont know how long they have worked on it before launching campaign, hope they listen to the critics. Anyway, will see in near future.

    2. cabfe on

      @VoodooFX : Not at all. We have an increase in new backers since the trailer and made almost $50,000 in two days instead of a week.

    3. kabaliero on

      love TLJ, love DF

      wasn't impressed by teh trailer ;c
      the stuff seems too raw to compile into something epic :c

    4. Raven Woods on

      The trailer was so beautiful! I cannot wait! And I love the awesome cyberpunkness of Europolis!

    5. Zdenek "Alcarmo" on

      Goosebumbs, tears, euphoria, strange connection with all old and new....whatever :-)
      You just know how to warm up our hearts, that´s for sure ;-)
      Keep going on and you become a legend of same size as you created :-)

    6. Tom Brückner on

      That trailer is awesome, and I love the music. It was quite a surprise that I like the Stark city even more than Marcuria (which rather looked like if the old models had been revamped). Yet, I'm sure that I will love that game.

    7. Rinu on

      The music is awesome. Now, where is the full game you teased me so much about with this trailer? :P I'm very happy this Kickstarter is happening.

    8. MusicSweetly on

      I'm in love with this trailer! First, the music is fantastic! That was always one thing I thought Dreamfall got spot on. It was always so different than any other game I've played and seemed to fit the storyline so well. Second, I am SO glad that the narrator didn't say that she was Zoe. Personally I am still adamant on RTG getting Ellie Conrad back to voice Zoe. I don't know how much of a long shot this is, but, in my opinion, that is something that will make Chapters perfect.

    9. Missing avatar

      VoodooFX on

      A very well done trailer, indeed. Too bad it's not showing in an increased pledge drive at all.
      I guess when everything is said and done, 1.1M - 1.2 is maximum we can expect out of it all.
      Even German and French voices are not a safe bet anymore. But lets stay positive, there are another 8 days to go and there are still may be a few backers out there deciding whether to pledge a million or maybe two :)

      I wonder how much have they collected through Paypal by now?

    10. Ivan Ofitserov on

      Guys, you MUST to get this girl for voice acting, she's just awesome! =)…

    11. Missing avatar

      enigma on

      Where have you gone to, Dreamer?

    12. Heiko on

      The Trailer looks great! Also the music fits perfectly to it :) I hope this piece will be on the soundtrack :)

    13. Jester's_Tear82 on

      LOVE!!! Zoe looks great & I'm trying to guess who's voice is that in the background.. This is beautiful & you've upped my excitement level by a few notches! Now my only concern is learning our favorite shifter's destiny: Oh April, where art thou?

    14. Andrew Gill on

      Dreamer/dream/dreaming were used so much you almost triggered my semantic satiation :P Overall though I was really impressed with the trailer you were able to put together.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. Michal on

      Loved the music. Now I want that OST too, sigh.

      Trailer is pretty good, considering it's done pretty early. Good job.

    17. Christiaan on

      Cool trailer! I know everything is WIP but I do have two nitpicky comments: The water in the harbour looks the wrong scale, the size of the waves and ripples makes it feel like a miniature. That, and bloom is a bit excessive in places.

      Love the atmosphere and story hints. Looking forward to seeing more!

    18. Mika on

      Come on guys, spill the beans on the composer already so I know if I want the soundtrack reward or not.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marco De Vivo on

      Fantastic. Flying cars in stark, the Storytime that seem to the collapse,... Even the music is very cute. It has somewhat of "Inception".

    20. Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on

      RTG, how have you been able to this awesome trailer in such a short time?! You guys are amazing! :)

    21. Vince Vazquez

      So I hate IGN. I got nothing against their coverage, but their site is a mess of ads and scripts that slow down your PC. I try to avoid it a lot, and if I can't just go to their mobile site, I'll watch videos of theirs via their Youtube account. Which is where I went to check out the Dreamfall Chapters trailer. But after searching for it, I found this too:…. Someone recreated the theme to Dreamfall Chapters from the Kickstarter video! Now I gotta ask; the music is awesome here already. Are you guys going to release the soundtrack through other means besides pledger rewards too? Like through Amazon MP3, or (ugh) iTunes... or Bandcamp even?

      I'm not going to pledge any more money to this than I already have, because you shattered your goal so I'd rather hang onto my money for the moment and use it for bills and food and gas and stuff:) But I WOULD like to nab the soundtrack eventually....

    22. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Haley: The "baby"/egg we saved at the start of the longest journey is the new White Dragon, which we saw in human form in Dreamfall! (
      Instead, I believe that it has something to do with the Aboriginal mythology instead, as Marta herself found yesterday: (sky god=the central god of the Dreamtime=called Alchera, like Waticorp's project)

    23. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      Perhaps is a God who created everything, even the Kin.

    24. Hayley Morris on

      The sky God is most likely the baby from the start of the longest journey. Considering all the effort we took to save it, it'd be nice to see it all grown up. Or maybe its just cortez...

    25. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Konstantin: They've been working on the game for only a couple of months (and I'm sure even as little as one week for a lot of the footage in that trailer). I'm more than amazed how GOOD it already looks on such a short time period. It will be a whole different game graphically by 2014, miles ahead of what we've been shown until now.
      PS: I guess this is one of the "dangers" of Kickstarter. People aren't used to seeing games at such early stages. Most games 20 months before their release look like a bad-graphics nightmare from 10 years ago, but they don't go to show that footage to the public, they don't have to, so people are ignorant of how early prototyping really looks like. Again, I would eat my non-existent hat if even a single one of those models/assets doesn't significantly change/be remade until the November 2014 launch.

    26. Shantesh Patil on

      The voice and that beautiful music. 2014 seems way too far now.

    27. Ron Vollach - Dream Traveller 6.13$ on

      Amazing trailer, can't wait for the game, it all looks so great, when is Nov 2014 coming? can it come tomorrow?

      Shared the trailer on Google+ & Facebook.

    28. Stephan Vandenborn on

      the "sky god" could that reffer to the blue dragon ? after all he seems to be the only kin left in Arcadia (provided that the white was actually killed at the end of dreamfall).

    29. Elizabeth Stinger on

      Er, ok, apparently its not the White Dragon talking? The beginning comments about the Sky God certainly sound like her. The bit about "there are two worlds" etc, sounded a bit different, the accent more like Zoe's. I just thought it was the same actress in two different recording sessions or something. Two different actresses, then? Or maybe one actress, but a new character. Like one of the Six or... something.

    30. Elizabeth Stinger on

      Wow. That trailer is awesome. Loved the music. And the White Dragon narrating it was really cool, too.

      So.... there are other shifters *currently* out there besides April? O.o Do we know any of them?

    31. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      It's so very pretty....

      Is it 2014 yet?!

    32. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Can tell a lot of work went into that trailer, good to have it ready while the kickstarter is still going! Need to send a link to a coworker who likely never played Dreamfall before.

    33. Joonas Linkola on

      Wow, nice trailer. Love the music -- now I *really* hope we reach the "improved soundtrack" stretch goal!

    34. cabfe on

      How wonderful.
      I'm almost speechless now ;)

    35. A.A - The Dream Travelling Echidna $6.13 on

      THAT...gave me goosebumps. Wow. Don't know what more to say, really.

      You've been nailing the updates up to this point; here's to RTG continuing to do so for the next 9 days! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniela Serban on

      We will still get the Longest Journey Home, right? I'm guessing that's another game? :D I'll totally support that!!!
      Awesome trailer! I'm completely over-hyped now! :)

    37. Libor - Dream Traveller on

      BEAUTIFUL music! And the fact that the trailer is obviously (mostly) aimed at new players should help a lot I hope. Great job RTG! :) Let's hit that 1,100k stretch goal today!

    38. André Jeworutzki on

      Nice trailer and beautiful music!

    39. Konstantin Senz on

      I do not like graphics quality in this trailer. Graphic quality is not a decisive criteria for good adventure, but nowdays you just have to maintain at least decent level. It has blurry, smeared, low-poly, edgy scenes. I know its in early stage, but you have to make it more immerse. Europolis I didnt like the most, its obviously from BR, but it is not feels right (at least in these demos). I didnt worry about story at all, i fully trust your vision, and i hope to see major progress in level details in forthcoming months. Thank you.
      P.S.: whats wrong with Zoe's look? She looks odd. Lked old Zoe better (

    40. RoyMartin on

      Beautiful! I'll be watching this trailer lots of times! :)

    41. John Spencer on

      Awesome, dudes!

    42. Сергей Мазаев on

      Someone will hate me, but I can't stop begging for adding Dreamfall as digital add-on ^^

    43. Missing avatar

      Bezborodnikova Julia on

      The trailer is awesome, thank you. I want to play this game.)
      One question: 2:25-2:30, who is it? I think it's Damien.

    44. Tet Yoon Lee on

      AstralWanderer: The video is available as MP4 on IGN, it works fine on an iPad and a phone I tested both without Flash. Alternatively use the Youtube link someone included below.

    45. Valeriy on

      Sorry, Red Thread, can't increase your traffic - IGN doesn't support html5. :-(

    46. Maxime Girard on

      I commented, up voted on (IGN and Steam) and posted on my facebook! Oh, and also poked my friend that's still hesitating for hte 7,5K pledge. Trying to get him to do the big leap :P

    47. Christine - Dream Traveller on

      Lovely trailer, good work guys.

    48. Kryysh | Dream Traveller on

      For those of you having trouble with the IGN video player, they already have uploaded the new trailer on youtube. You can see it right here :…