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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #17: Fan art competition & stretch goals!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Three things!


We've just announced our Dreamfall Chapters fan art competition!  Head on over to the Red Thread Games website for more information.


We're rapidly approaching our next stretch goal, so here's a sneak peek at our next-next stretch goal, Storytime!

Storytime opens up at $1,100,000 and will allow us to create an interactive comic-book to accompany Dreamfall Chapters. This comic will retell the story of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall in a unique new visual format. More on the Storytime stretch goal soon!

And three.

Finally, and most importantly, we are giving YOU guys a chance to help decide one of our upcoming stretch goals!

We've left our $1,750,000 stretch goal wide open for now, and while we're still some way off from reaching that goal, we also have eleven more days to go before the end of the campaign. With your help, anything is possible!

To participate, add your suggestions in the comments below. This coming Monday, we will nominate the best (and most realistic) stretch goal suggestions and put it to YOUR vote! Whichever suggestion gets the most votes will become our $1,750,000 stretch goal!

So don't hesitate, start coming up with ideas, discuss with your fellow pledgers, and help us move onwards & upwards!



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    1. Steve Hughes on

      Ah yes as for things to actually add

      Above all, my wife and I want to know what so see some satisfying wrap up with wonkers. It felt like he had a larger purpose in assiting Zoe. . He seemed to be one of the characters who had great potential given that most of his time is spend waiting for interaction. As a quasi AI who is perhaps left on longer than most perhaps he has learned things others have not, and evolved beyond their base potential allowing him limited autonomy in either the datascape or perhaps even through dreaming.

      Otherwise More rich beautiful places and characters in a journey that is at least 50% longer than dreamfall.

    2. Steve Hughes on

      Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not include any fighting sequences. My sister stopped playing dreamfall because the fighting was atrocious. I made it through the fighting but when your spending most of your time fighting the actual mechanics of the game rather than the opponent... it kept knocking me out of the imersion of what was otherwise one of the best computer game based stories Ive ever witnessed. To myself and most I know who played it (and all of them loved it) The longest journey is not a fighting game. Please dont pander to those who lack sufficient imagination to see a story as suspenseful, action packed, and thrilling without direct crude violence. Just tell us an amazing story and we will praise you for it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Christopher on

      Have to agree with others suggestions of making the PC controls completely configurable. I remember hating the fight (kick box) scenes in Dreamfall as the controls were simply not suited to that kind of action. 360 degree looking with the mouse, back, forth, and side to side movement with WASD would be ideal. But most important would be the ability to switch back and forth from third person view to first person view with the touch of a single key.

    4. John ♡ Zoë ♡ April ♡ Dreamfall traveller on

      Not really worth a stretch goal but please make the pc-controls configurable. I still have some doubts about you inventing a whole new way of controlling the game. Nothing wrong with wasd to move and mouse to look around.

    5. John ♡ Zoë ♡ April ♡ Dreamfall traveller on

      As for the 1750000 stretch goal, I would just love to extend the game with even more beautiful and magical places. A bigger open world with more places to discover. A few extra side stories. Add some sexy scenes with Zoë.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicolás on

      I've seen that my idea of making Crow a playable character has been already said, so I have a couple of new (can not really assure) ideas:
      -Non-linearity and "replayability": making different possible approaches for each situation. Maybe some action or stealth at some point. Not the type of action of an action game, but using what you have to take down some enemies, with point and click feel.
      -Making Cortez a playable character: at the end of Dreamfall there is a video that shows Cortez and Brian Westhouse in the events before both games. Maybe you could tell something about this past events to explain some new ones and make this story "playable".
      -A comic (maybe interactive) about Crow and his funny adventures.
      -¿What happened to Brian Westhouse during the war?: You could show this, maybe in a comic or even making him or other character that sees him "playable". Probably you already plan to do something with this intriguing character.
      -More hacking: usually hacking parts are entertaining in adventure games. Dreamfall ones were good, perhaps you could improve them to make them feel more realistic.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicolás on

      Maybe making Crow a playable character would be an interesting idea. In many adventure games the sidekick becomes "playable" at some point and, in this case, being it a bird could be entertaining, specially since it could be moved in three dimensions. I don't know if it would be possible but, if the plot allows it, I think many people would like it.
      Sorry for my bad English.

    8. Lydia Aranda on

      Another idea: Make Charlie go back to the world of dance, and show us in a cinematic sequence what kind of dance does he do!

    9. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      I fully support Crrooss's suggestion just below (and I see that others have already thought of something similar, like a friend of @delamer a few more posts down this page).

    10. Crrooss on

      My proposition for $1,750,000 streatch goal. :)

      "Media world" - Stark version of the Markuria`s library. In game network (or something else, however network is probably the best option), which inform us about past events. Imagine if you fall into coma today (better not!) and wake up in 2220. What will be first thing you want to check? How world looks right now, how and why it changed. What happend during this 200 years. How looks world map right now. This stretch goal will reveal whole secrets, events... Everything what caused that the world looks now that, not different.

      I think this could be interesting stretch goal. :)

    11. Lydia Aranda on

      -How about more interaction with Wonkers? Like, in Dreamfall, I always wondered what kind of games can a person play with a Watilla. Also, we all love Wonkers, and his role in Dreamfall was definitely too short. This strech goal could be about that - the possibility of actually playing and interacting in many other ways with Wonkers.

      -The idea of having changes of clothes for the character is algo interesting. Although I don't know how it would work with the whole Divide crossing and all...

    12. Jeroen on

      just became a backer, wanted to add 2 (or 3) suggestions for the $1,750,000 goal.

      1) buy the rights to make a remake of the longest journey.
      its just to buy the rights, but with the income you get from Dreamfall chapters you should get the funds to make the game. one of the changes for the remake : I am thinking 2560 x 1440 resolution hand painted scenery - the resolution of 27"monitors and high end tablets (hint). you can always downsample (or whatever the technical term is) for lower resolution monitors.

      2) if buying the right to make the longest journey fail : bring down the $2 mil goal down to $1750k - if you need our input what to add the dreamfall, you probably think the game is already good as you envision with what you've added up to the $1,5mil goal. I know backer input sound like a good idea, but you know best what is needed to make a great game, no need to add things from people that dont really know what the game is like exactly.

      3) ok, if you do think backer input is a good idea, even if people down really know the game yet :
      change the game type from an adventure into a third person shooter, I think perhaps shooting birds with a slingshot as a special weapon is cool. also, add a vampire as Zoë's love interest.

      1 of these 3 is not serious, up to you to guess which one.
      I am know at the $50 tier, but if you happen to choose my suggestion as the $1750k goal, I will up my pledge.

    13. @delamer - Drachkin on

      Corrections from my friend, if it's not to late :)

      Undreamed Stories - bunch of additional materials and features, like possibility to change clothing of main characters after unlocking (yeah, Crow in underwear too xD) for the game, like the Book of Secrets in original TLJ, but each material, clothing and other must be unlocked by completing specific achievement, some of which are obtained through the plot, other are challenging and in optional subquests.

      Loremaster for Stark - it's 200+ years between our days and DFC, but we know practically nothing about what happened in this years and how changed the world. It may contain articles about history, scientific achievements, famous people, popular films and books, etc. Maybe it can be hacker's cloud storage, broken by the Static in Dreamfall, and this wiki-style is just disguise knowledge about same parts of Stark secret world, like some spivvery of Vanguard, discovered by Flipper (rest in peace, Burns, this is for you), and Bokamba/Mercer, and protagonist restores and decodes it for some reason, like the Marcurian Library.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on

      How about a more expanded revisit to Casablanca? Ragnar said we wouldn't see it much in Chapters. Or, a customizable Wonkers, some type of collection of audio files could be used to upgrade him or something. We could also have a jukebox function in the game, so we could play our own soundtrack during the game if we want.

    15. Benjamin Hüll on

      A few more ideas:
      - full color printed manual for all physical tiers
      - big box edition, perhaps?
      - comic book for all physical tiers

      I like my collector's edition, I know they cost money but since you dont know what to do with the extra 250k ..... :) of course you should calculate the costs before putting them up for a vote :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on

      I think making a crowboy cartoon or comic is easier and more feasible goal than the other suggestions in the comments. Some of the comments and suggestions are too difficult implement, like making another character. That takes time. We've all heard about Crowboy from TLJ, but we've never seen what Crowboy looks like. I think a simple cameo of crowboy would be a cool and easy stretchgoal for 175k.
      We could also have wonkers as a robocompanion of sorts. That would be a nifty stretchgoal. He doesn't have to talk or anything, he could just be part of the UI. Some people on Steam are asking for gamepad support so another stretchgoal can be adding gamepad support like the apples and penguins stretchgoal.

    17. Missing avatar

      Teodor Swiatkowski on

      I have been thinking about this issue the whole week, and I think I found stretch goal which is suitable for 1 750 000$, which is also realistic (well, I hope so!), advantageous for game’s depth and combines some ideas which have been mentioned below, and I also made some argumentation why this stretch goal would be the best. :)

      At first – shortly:
      1 750 000 $ - A MAGICAL WORLD
      Even longer journey thanks to the story of the fourth new playable male (The Balance! - 2 women, 2 men) character from ONE OF THE MAGICAL RACES with ability to cast SPELLS.

      The Reasons to support this idea and the explanation of its parts (please, read it - maybe then you'll change your mind if you don't like my concept now):

      1. The fourth playable character, with his own story would make the game longer (maybe +2/3h – his role wouldn’t have to be as long as others), and it's the dream (longer game) of every supporter, I guess. I think that it is the best way to make the story longer and more complex, because obviously Ragnar don't want to significantly change the main story - and new character with his own goals etc. would change it much less than adding a lot of new events to Zoe (or other playable character) story (of course I know that it WOULD change the story to some extent - because the new character would have to be somehow related to the main story - without it, the tale would be incoherent, and we wouldn't want that, would we? But I know that Ragnar is so extremly talented in composing stories that he'd manage to add new character perfectly).

      2.Why new character? Because TLJ saga needs new faces! If DC concludes Zoe’s story and TLJH concludes April’s story, we have to have new characters who could be the main protagonists in next games!
      3. Why magical (eg. Dolmari) character? Because there are a lot to tell us about them. What we know about (eg) Dolmari, their customs, history, society? Very, very little. Also, due to the situation of magicals in Dreamfall (living in the ghetto, being persecuted), the story of one of them could be really interesting and add new perspective, new problems, new feelings - and isn't it the most important thing in this game, emotions? It would also be really, really cool if he could be a shifter (how a person from Arcadia would find Stark?), but it would be somehow problematic - there's no alltongue in Stark... but maybe Ragnar would figure something out? :)

      4. Spells - they would be nice, fresh elements in the adventure game - I mean, not a lot of them (the character doesn't have to be an archmage, he could be an apprentice), but maybe a few, like number of types of potions in TLJ, and maybe even with similar effects? I think that it would add something new - not only we would have to think, which object we should use at which, and with whom we have to talk to, but also: Am I to use some spell right now? Wouldn't it be nice?

      5. I have to explain why I think my ideas would be better stretch goal than others, mentioned below:
      - April as a playable character - I'm pretty sure Ragnar would never skip her while thinking about playable characters without a very, very good reason. Let's simply believe he knows what he's doing
      - Crow as a playable character - Crow FLIES. And flying is very, very problematic in the production of a game (eg the invisible walls, “frames” of the location, creating control system (I don’t knew how to express it) of flying character - that's why there's no levitation spell in TES: Oblivion and Skyrim). I think it would be to time-and-work involving).
      - mini game (about some events from April/Zoe/Kian/Crow etc story) – wouldn’t you prefer the normal, long game about these? Like TLJH?
      - Spanish/Italian/Russian/Polish/Korean/Japanese version – I sure the local distributors will care about it, especially when we think about such popular languages. There could be a reason to make other language versions (I mean, the languages with less native speakers, like Estonian, Amharic, Slovene, Bambara, Javanese, Navaho etc.), but it would be too difficult for RTG to make it…
      - Zoe’s appearance – I’m sure that RTG will do their best to make her as beautiful as they can ;)
      - playable characters changing clothes – in Dreamfall Zoe changed her clothes a few times, and the story of DC will be in winer, spring, summer, autumn, so I’m sure they’ve already though about it
      - T-shirts, plushies etc – in my opinion, Kickstarter campaign is mainly for the game, and the game is the most important. Moreover, I think every player should take advantages of stretch goals – not only pledgers
      - TLJH (instead of 2 millions) – TLJH will be made even if we won’t reach 2 millions. And there’s still time = there’s still hope for 2 millions

      I hope this post is not too long (I’ve been writing it more than an hour!) and at least somebody will read it… ;) But if you did it, I’d be grateful for every comment/suggestion etc!
      Best wishes for everybody!

    18. Leo on

      I'd love to see a board game based on the Dreamfall saga! It would be so cool :)

    19. Antti Mikkonen on

      Full HD pre-rendered cutscenes AND State-of-the-Art Motion Capture. Think about it.

    20. risen2conquer on

      Something that I love in 3D environments is real-time day and night cycles and the advantages/disadvantages each one brings. That would be AWESOME to experience in Dreamfall Chapters. Random weather and the way it affects things is always incredible as well. :D I'm not sure how that would work with the storyline and such, but even if that unlocked after the main story, so we could explore/live there afterwards, I think that would be so amazing.

    21. @delamer - Drachkin on

      Not from me, but from my friend- some suggestions about $1.750.000 stretch goal.

      1. The same as Loremaster, but for Stark. The events in Stark, which have taken place since Divide age and until now. Including separatist activities of Vanguard and their shift from the original ideals.

      2. Undreamed Stories - the same as Book of Secrets from TLG. Including a set of wallpapers and opportunity to change clothes for Protagonists. Yes,- Crow in underwear too :)

      Thank you :)

    22. Leônidas Soares Pereira on

      For the $1,750,000 stretch goal, how about an interactive e-book (wiht some of the hand-painted backgrounds) in which all the story of The Longest Journey Home is told?

      And if it happens that we reach the 2,000,000 stretch goal, I guess nobody would complain about you guys changing the 1,750,000 one for something else. The 1,750,000 woul be more like a "just in case" option. Cause I really don't want to miss this "extra" story.

    23. Oriane MAILLY on

      For 1.75 million $ : TLJH
      For 2 millions $: more storys, more musics, more dialogs... for TLJH !!!! ^^

    24. Missing avatar

      Marie-Pierre Lenain on

      - A soundtrack as great as the Dreamfall one (Magnet [+++], Leon Willet, Ingvild Hasund,...)

      - A Zoe more similar to the Dreamfall one

      - More collectibles (T-shirts, cards, figurines, art, cuddly toys,...)

      - A Dreamfall board game

      - A secret Facebook or iPhone app exclusive to pledgers =)

      - A short animated movie introducing us to Dreamfall chapters and released before the game. That could be exclusive to pledgers as well ;p

      But above all, the most important should not be forgotten: extraordinary landscapes, deep characters and good storytelling.

      P.S. The storytime stretched goal is just great!

    25. Missing avatar

      Aesgard on

      If English subtitles are not default, this should be the stretch goal
      If they are, I really enjoyed Osiris' idea about Zoe and April action figures - and I think that it would make people up their pledges like crazy - but I don't know if it can be done. As it would drawn money from the project, maybe the best course of action is to have something digital (although I would certainly love having April/Zoe side-by-side w/ Mrs Croft on my shelf)
      So I think that the best option is having extended gameplay, such as more places to visit, more characters to interact with, choices that would affect the storyline (and the end, if possible), non-obligatory sidequests and new puzzles. A good strategy that other projects have been using is "if this project reaches X mount, every backer will get Y". Y can be an in-game special item or a digital reward
      If by 1,75mi DFC has everything you would ever wanted and adding more stuff would only hurt the story, use the money to fund TLJH

    26. Susanne Kraft on

      Suggestion/wish for the 1,75 mil stretch goal: Just do something similar than you did with the 1 mil stretch goal. Extend the game a bit, give it more time to explore locations, characters, and plot.

    27. Phil Wyatt - Dream Traveller - on

      Hmmm for the 1750,000 stretch goal, how about letting us visit more of the locations from Longest Journey and Dreamfall again... even if it does not advance the story, just to give a little less linearity to the game and also that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing old places again. I remember how great it was to see the border house again in Dreamfall. More of those nostalgic memories please :) Maybe you could catch the train in Stark and visit some other locations EXTRA to what you guys have planned now :)

    28. Nicolas Corai on

      Joining others to request an HD version of TLJ

    29. Osiris on

      Hey guys, wouldn't it be awesome to have an action figure line with your very own Zoe Castillo 6 or 7 inch figure and April Ryan etc?

    30. Ted Eriksson on

      Ragnar's Quilled text adventures from the 80s! ;-)

    31. Vicenç Cortés Olea on

      Thinking about the stretch goal, I have told about stereoscopic 3D, but another good thing could be a way to let create subtitles in all the languages not included per se (I supose that english subtitles are included in the game for deaf people). :) Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Phillp: @Toria: I don't think discussion is a bad thing anyway. At least, I think my discussion with Quantomas clarified both of our positions considerably. In the end, we still disagreed but not to nearly the extent as when the discussion started.

    33. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Toria: It wasn't really your comment that triggered the discussion. If you look back through the comments, you will find a substantial number of people interested in turning the game into an RPG. You can identify them by their requests to do it just like RPG X. Then there was the fellow who, hopefully in jest (though maybe not) who wanted to add magic spells, etc. Actually, while I don't agree with Quantomas's ideas, they were not totally unrealistic; especially if you compare them with some of the earlier comments.

    34. Philip on

      I'm sorry I'm late to the discussion, let me just chime in for a moment nevertheless.

      @Quantomas: at first I thought you had suggested choices between different possibilities that influence the story as a whole (if you decide to do X, then Y can't happen any more), leading to different endings. Now I understood that it's more about the choice of doing something or not, which doesn't affect the main storyline (doing X might offer an insight or a cut scene, but Y willl happen nevertheless). The former wouldn't be my taste for DFC, the latter is something I wouldn't mind (more to see or do = better).

      Basically, in the case of Dreamfall Chapters, I'm rather looking for following a story that happens than one I can/will influence.

    35. Riaise on

      @Quantomas, @William & @Deniz: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for my comment to start a debate! It just seemed to me that there were a lot of suggestions of side quests and things that I don't tend to associate with "true" adventures. That doesn't mean to say that I wouldn't enjoy those things if they were added to the game, I'm just a bit wary of how it sounds.

      I would love to see more options when it comes to solving puzzles, and some small side "quests" are fine. If I give Wonkers his brain back then I get a little cut scene as a reward. If I don't then it doesn't (or at least *shouldn't*) affect the plot. If I collect the books for the library then I get to learn more about Arcadia, if I don't then, again, it doesn't affect the plot, just how immersed I become into the world(s).

      I suppose I'm a bit worried that if people are expecting this game to be full of RPG elements, then that is what it will be become. Give the people what they want. Except that we don't all want that. I love adventure games, I'm always replaying Grim Fandango and Broken Sword and I was really excited to hear that DC would be going back to it's TLJ roots. It just makes me a bit sad that that's not what people seem to want from an adventure game anymore. :(

    36. Leo on

      My vote would be in improving Chapters in whatever way you deem appropriate: more story or more dialogues or better graphic for example! If that is not possible and Chapters is already perfect, use the stretch goal to develop TLJH :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      As the game industry matures, this particular subgenre becomes technically one more established media that tells a linear story, like books and film. While the bar rises with increased competition, there is definitely a market for this.

      With DFC's Kickstarter having made its goal the project is already a commercial success right from the start, and I can see that RTG is under no pressure not simply to stick to the tried & true formula. It's only reasonable that DFC will sell as many units as Dreamfall. This is fine with me, I am sure that I will enjoy DFC when it is released. My original point, why I brought this up, is that I believe that it's a missed opportunity not to break new ground. If the reviewers would point out how RTG expands a successful formula innovatively, together with an excellent story and original setting, the game could reach a substantially bigger audience.

      Thanks a lot for the discussion, but I most bow out now due to a mountain of work for my weekend ahead. Fortunately it's highly interesting as well.

      Looking forward to the upcoming reveals!

    38. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Quantomas: Well, I tend to look on adventure games like the TLJ series as being more of an interactive novel. I have any number of really good books that I have read any number of times and always enjoyed them. LOTR is a case in point. Others get read only once and then are disposed of since it becomes obvious that I will never read them again.

      Similarly, with games, I have replayed adventure games that don't have hidden material (like TLJ) and enjoyed them throughly. In other words, it doesn't seem that you need additional, hidden, stories to have re-readability/re-playability.

    39. Sean on

      I would like to see mod tools so that content creators could use the assets of the game to create new stories. New games can already be created with Unity, but using the graphical and musical assets would help quite a bit. The custom made "chapters" would look, feel, and play like the base game, but would include entirely new stories in the universes. Creators could also put in new characters, models, music, environments, and voices.

    40. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      @William: there is always a balance to be maintained. Replay value is only one aspect. Non-linearity and choice have a bigger impact in many ways already in the first playthrough. Subplots are the vehicle of choice for the situation that you want to keep the red thread of the main story mostly unchanged. It's a bit like a multilayered architecture, where the external additions add more to the sum than its individual parts.

    41. Dilip Thomas on

      How about an in-game clock, to remind me at 3am after an engrossing session that I have to work the next day :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Deniz Konakli on

      @William: I agree with you, subplots would at least have to provide some input. Not a whole new story, but they are good for an indepth character study - a detailed outlook on a character's personality or history. Many people here would like to know more about Kian's background or April's absent years and drastic change, yet many others would be happy to skip the information and continue on with the current events.

    43. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Quantomas: Delicate balance there since if they are optional they cannot be crucial to the story and contra-wise, if they are crucial they cannot be optional. The problem then becomes to what extent the player is willing to go through the story, most of which is now well remembered, to look for possible sequences that he/she would like to have seen/experienced which may or may not exist.

    44. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      @William: Agreed. You don't want meaningless subplots. The key is to have these to elaborate on or add to the story.

    45. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Deniz: I agree in one respect. The idea that you have to have a specific tool from a specific place to accomplish the same thing that you could do with something already in inventory is silly. Sadly, any number of adventure games have that flaw. I usually assume that either the designer is lazy or that they are trying to save a buck.

      Subplots can contribute to the story by, for example, explaining the motivation or actions of protagonists, they can also be there just to add bulk with little or no contribution to the story line. It is the second type that I strongly disagree with.

    46. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      The TLJ saga has an exceptional number of memorable characters. You do not need to introduce new characters, you can refer to characters referenced in the main story, someone whom you can relate to and care about. It doesn't need to be live or die choices, simply people having a wish fulfilled can mean a lot.

      There is certainly an optimum on how much effort you would spent on the main plot and refining it and how much effort would be spent on optional subplots that give the player choices. Subplots can begin from a modest motive (and be elaborated sucessively), more often than not it will become naturally clear where the ideal line of division of effort is for maximum impact.

    47. David on

      Make the game even longer with more sub-quests and parts where you can really develop the characters.
      Developer commentaries, as so many people have also said.
      Make an NPC that looks like Ragnar.
      Or simply, move down TLJH to the 1,750,000 limit instead.

    48. Missing avatar

      Deniz Konakli on

      One good example of an adventure game that uses alternate solutions and optional quests/puzzles would be the Return to Mysterious Island and its sequel. The game didn't go against the 'rooms' point of view and yet some puzzle solving was optional and there were many instances you could alternate the items necessary to solve them (it's always nice to be able to use a knife to peel an apple instead of searching for that peeler you've left somewhere a couple of scenes ago). As for alternate endings and subplots, they aren't necessarily RPG features. Various simulations and visual novels (which itself is a subplot of the adventure game genre) have been using them for a long time to add replayability and a higher level of immersion. RPGs have simply become more popular lately so people end up thinking of them.
      That said, after seeing how many people are put off by the idea, I would understand if RTG shied away from it. I'm happy as long as the story continues.

    49. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Quantomas: On the other hand, making the game longer, in the hands of a master story teller, puts you more in contact with the character on an emotional level. Also, making the game longer may increase the number of obstacles that you must confront; note that this can also increase the depth of the character.

      Besides, to make saving an NPC meaningful, you are going to have to spend a lot of time to make the NPC meaningful. A character doesn't get to be a "favorite" without a lot of character development. Saving a miscellaneous unknown NPC just for the sake of doing it isn't worth the effort. Of course, developing an NPC costs money.

    50. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      [Quoted as a reminder] What I am talking about is chiefly weaving subplots around the red thread of the story. It's meaningful nevertheless. Why? Choice leads to a stronger emotional engagement, because you have to evaluate everything you know about the story against the tapestry of your inner self, your beliefs, goals, emotions and much more. This is where the meaning unfolds. You do that to an extent by reading or following the story of an adventure game, but with choice involved the experience is much deeper. Small rewards in the end, like saving your favorite character from a village, will be good enough not to feel cheated.

      It's really about raising the level of the experience further. Choice is simply not meaningless. Amongst other things, it creates a sense of achievement in the end when the credits begin to roll, and the way you approached certain situation contributed to a world better off (or worse, it depends). Not to forget, that once you learn that your friend saved this cute character, it might motivate you to play again and look what other secrets you can find along the journey.

      There is definitly a payback for the dev's effort, and it's bigger than from an equivalent effort spent on simply making the game longer.