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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

One. MILLION. Dollars.


Thanks, everyone! We are SO happy and grateful for your continued support. Onwards & upwards!

We'll be back with more during our LIVE TwitchTV Dreamfall playthrough, which begins at 1800 Central European Time (5PM GMT/12PM EST) right here:


The Dreamfall Chapters Team


    1. Creator Emmo on February 25, 2013

      Okie, there we go. Another $50 to the pool. :)

    2. Creator Emmo on February 25, 2013

      @Libor & @Bettina
      I did not know that. That's awesome. Time to add more money to my pledge. ^^
      Thank you for letting me know. I feel stupid now. lol.

    3. Creator Zdenek "Alcarmo" on February 25, 2013

      Gratz guys! :-)
      I´m really happy for achieving this goal and I believe we can get the improved soundtrack etc. as well :-)
      and btw it makes me think about increasing my pledge ;-)

    4. Creator Danny Teoh on February 24, 2013

      Hope we can get to at least $1,150,000. Would love the improved soundtrack :)

    5. Creator Domce on February 23, 2013

      i hope everyone will increase their pledge by 1$. i did just that right now.

    6. Creator Valiah on February 23, 2013

      @Emmo You can still choose the $200 reward if you pledge over $250. You could even choose the $110 or any of the lower tier rewards if you wanted. They let you pick your pledge amount and rewards separately of one another. Of course if you pledge more than your chosen reward tier you get the option of adding the additional rewards.

    7. Creator Libor - Dream Traveller on February 23, 2013

      @Emmo: That's not true! You can CHOOSE which reward you want. For example - You can pledge 10,000 dollars and choose 50$ reward. I pledged more than 750 dollars but have 500$ reward selected.

    8. Creator Emmo on February 23, 2013

      @Andre Blackledge
      I wouldn't be able to do that. I've pledged $249.99 so that I remain in the $200 reward, but pledge as much as I can. Pledging $1 more would put me into the $250.

    9. Creator Aeneas Feggans on February 23, 2013

      @Andrew Blackledge:
      I love that idea. You know, if everyone added $1 to their pledge every day until the end, it would add a total in excess of $200,000!

    10. Creator VinnyThunder on February 23, 2013

      Hwoarang as April's new VA here. Where is the chat log, I want to revisit my epic victory against Ming Xiayou, my BFF and Zoe's new VA.

    11. Creator Vince Vazquez on February 23, 2013

      Oh yeah, THIS is a great team :)

    12. Creator Adam Li on February 23, 2013

      super coot pic guys

    13. Creator sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on February 22, 2013

      It did first occur to me that Ragnar might have been taking the picture, but I jumped on the Dr. Evil bandwagon :). If he was taking the picture he was probably showing everyone what to do.

    14. Creator Maxime Girard on February 22, 2013

      Seeing as Twitch has tons of people commenting continuously, I'll post my thoughts here :

      I've pledged the most I could since way early in the kickstarter. Many already probably said that TLJ is the best game ever, so I'll simply say that I'll always encourage great adventures and hope to one day myself go on such a great adventure such as yours, though not in gaming, but rather in creating events ever greater for all the world to see.

    15. Creator Hayden on February 22, 2013

      Now to build the "TIME MACHINE". Looking forward to the game :D

    16. Creator Sung Won Lim on February 22, 2013

      Congrats guys! You totally deserve it

    17. Creator mayor meathammer on February 22, 2013

      So amazing!!!!!! Love seeing all of these goals get checked off the list =) Keep em coming!

    18. Creator nutcrackr on February 22, 2013

      Now all you need is a laser on the moon

    19. Creator Richard Lee on February 22, 2013

      Congrats guys! PS I like Zoe's Piercing.

    20. Creator Libor - Dream Traveller on February 22, 2013

      Regarding 'why isn't Ragnar in the picture?' - Didn't any of you think about the possibility that Ragnar actually took the picture and that's why he isn't in it? :) I am not saying they can't afford a protographer but this could be a very simple explanation :)

    21. Creator sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on February 22, 2013

      Next.. to take over the world. Nice picture guys... wow just noticed to sword, nice. Where's Ragnar? Now he gets to stand all alone awkwardly in front of the camera, pinky in mouth.

      Or is he saving his Dr. Evil pose for... two million dollars? :)

    22. Creator Nativeguide on February 22, 2013

      Congratulations! Here's to the next million, CHEERS!

    23. Creator Philip Kim on February 22, 2013

      I genuinely luled when I saw the pic (coupled with the headline).

      Thx for the guffaw and congrats x39394 on the milestone - keep it rolling!

    24. Creator Andrew Blackledge on February 22, 2013

      At the end of the Kickstarter, like on March 9, everyone should update their pledge with $1! Right now that would already give us $15,000 more. Let's make it happen!

    25. Creator Khalaq on February 22, 2013

      I want to watch the playthrough, but I also want to watch it AFTER I play the game, myself. I hope someone is recording this video so we can watch it at a later date (please please please please please).

    26. Creator Rinu on February 22, 2013


    27. Creator Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on February 22, 2013

      I feel old because I know what the finger in connection to the one. million. dollars. means :D

      Congratulations! (See Martin? Told ya! The universe... and stuff.)

    28. Creator Anna Schneiderova on February 22, 2013

      Congrats!! So nice to see how many people want to play this game... :)))

    29. Creator Manolis Krestas on February 22, 2013

      where is mini me ?

    30. Creator Remi D. Finjord on February 22, 2013

      I think the two guys in the front need to go watch Austin Powers. ;)

      Awesome progress on the campaign though, this will be a great game! ^^

    31. Creator symbiotics on February 22, 2013

      @Revisor it's the Dr. Evil signature gesture from the Austin Powers movies, when he demans billions of dollars ;)

    32. Creator Moirrey | Dream Traveller on February 22, 2013

      @ Joel Rosado
      you mean Dag? And yes, he does resemble Liam Neeson! =)

    33. Creator Mick Adam Noya on February 22, 2013

      It's an Austin Powers reference. Pretty funny actually. Congrats guys!

    34. Creator Jenny G. on February 22, 2013


    35. Creator Quakeulf :3 on February 22, 2013

      Rejoice. :3

    36. Creator mrKnask on February 22, 2013

      Congrats RTG and everyone here :D This will be awsome!!

    37. Creator Revisor on February 22, 2013

      What does the gesture in the photo mean?

    38. Creator Joel Rosado on February 22, 2013

      Awesome!!! Let's keep it going!!

      Also, am I the only one who thinks Dan looks a lot like Liam Neeson?

    39. Creator Toff on February 22, 2013
      You've won, guys! Enjoy your Bahamas!

    40. Creator Oriane DUMONT on February 22, 2013

      Martin, I love your boots ^^

    41. Creator Moeez Siddiqui on February 22, 2013

      Will the stream be archived? I'm guessing yes since it's Twitch TV unlike ustream.

    42. Creator Erika Eby | Dream Traveller on February 22, 2013

      Dag, why you gotta be different? :P

      Congrats, guys! Can't wait for the play through!

    43. Creator Trym on February 22, 2013

      Legen....wait for it...dary!!! :D

    44. Creator Iuri Bachnivsky on February 22, 2013

      If we help raise 100 billion dollars, can we change the name to Dreamfall: Preperation H?

    45. Creator Red Solar on February 22, 2013

      Does TwitchTV make live videos available for viewing after scheduled hours? I would really like to see the playthrough but unfortunately unable to meet the scheduled time.

    46. Creator Vicenç Cortés Olea on February 22, 2013

      Congratulations! :D

    47. Creator Paul Miller on February 22, 2013

      Don't waste it!

    48. Creator Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on February 22, 2013

      Ah a little Canadiana to go along with 1 mill! RTG's got their mojo

    49. Creator Loranna238 ~ Dream Traveler ~ on February 22, 2013

      Congrats to everyone!!