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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #14: Europolis revealed

During the past couple of weeks, we've talked a lot about one of our two worlds. We've shown locations from Arcadia, our magical fantasy world, including street scenes from Marcuria, the capital city of Ayrede; exploration and gameplay in the magical Riverwood; and even concept art of a Tree Spirit.

But so far, we haven't shown anything from Stark, the world of science and order; our world in the year 2220.

That's about to change. Today, we're revealing one of our key locations in Stark, and that location is:


A vast European city-state covering the former independent nations of Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. Its blackened, concrete tendrils reach as far north as the Baltic states, and as far south as Paris. Europolis is not just the dark heart of Europe; it is the filthy bowels and bloodied entrails of Europe.

We will have tons more of Europolis in the days ahead, including some brand new characters, screenshots and more lore. But today is all about our 'Europolis Revealed' video.

All the footage you are about to see is realtime, in-game footage, running in our prototype and using the Unity engine. We think you'll enjoy it.

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    1. Alex Agranov on

      The main issue I have with the characters are not how pretty or not they are modeled but the lack of emotions on the face. More emotions please!

    2. Jester's_Tear82 on

      Great job Ragnar & crew! I loved Stark very much in TLJ & a bit less in Dreamfall, I hope to fall in love with it again :) & Zoe looks just fine too me.. what I do notice is her lack of makeup comparing to her very posh Dreamfall appearance.. but I guess that only makes sense after what she's been through.

    3. Victor "Dream Traveller" Buttaro on

      Looks good! Very nice environment. Still not loving new Zoe though. She does look great as a character compared t the last two games; but not not really close enough to Zoe. Even if I were to finally accept her new look; she looks younger than the 21 Zoe is suppose to be. That and the pulled back hair irk me. :)

      I think that if Zoe can't be made to look older and more like Dreamfall Zoe (probably wouldn't take much tweaking) I say make her look like the concept art of Zoe in the main page. I'd have no problem with THAT look. The hair, the hat, the face, etc :)

    4. Moirrey | Dream Traveller on

      Europolis really reminds me of Newport, and I almost thought this was footage of Newport. Very similar to the look and feel of Newport in both TLJ and Dreamfall. I suppose Europolis looks more clean, at least in these shots anyway.

    5. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on

      I like the Blade Runner city look a lot. I agree though that throwing in some older buildings would really help ground the setting to your present and contrast well to the massive sci-fi skyscrapers. Also after playing TLJ very recently for the first time (I know, I know I was a Dreamfall first guy) I really loved Newport. I liked how it had the dystopic metro circle but at the same time a bright and clean artist colony. So I hope there are brighter spots in Europolis, or they have another Stark urban location that feels a bit lighter (like Casablanca).

    6. Missing avatar

      melonkuantum on

      I think it's true that Zoe looks more realistic now, she looks more human. But I agree too that new Zoe is too far different than the original, it's good to have a realistic Zoe, but currently she doesn't look like Zoe.
      I hope you guys to make the final Zoe model to be more Zoe :D

    7. Moirrey | Dream Traveller on

      @Thomas Andresen
      I think that's the point (that Adrian was trying to make). It's Zoe, but it looks like someone else. Someone who kinda looks like Zoe, and kinda doesn't.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      About Europolis itself: it looks very cool, althought it is shame that future in the old world seems to be so dark :) At least we have bright Casablanca. And the city covering such territory... It's too fantastic) Remind me Coruscant. However, it would be cool if somewhere in this city we will see a historical site of some sort - some of them are probably still there in the 2220, right?)

    9. Christine - Dream Traveller on

      Yea! Back to the harsh Stark atmosphere. Love it! You guys really know how to build up the excitement.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mloren - Obsidian Order on

      Can we have a wallpaper sized version of that image of Europolis? Please? Pretty please? :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      @Rendref: Please, please, please calm down. It's not even past its kickstarter stage yet and this is gameplay FROM A PROTOTYPE. It's fine to let them know that you disagree with how she looks now. If there's enough people who feel this way, I bet they'd do some changes. They'll probably do some changes anyway since THIS IS A PROTOTYPE. But these paragraphs upon paragraphs you're writing is a little bit obsessive.

      Also, Marta Pilliu put up a comparison image of old April and Dreamfall April a couple comments below this one. You say they look alike and you're completely wrong. The eyes are tilted in completely different directions, the mole is on the other side of her face, the eyebrows are shaped differently, the nose is wider, and the lips are completely different shapes. The only real similarity is the eye color. Notice, I pointed out that the nose is something that changed on April even though you specifically think differently.

      Again, it's fine if you don't like how she looks now, but just remember that this is still just a prototype. It's just a little bit early to start going crazy over a character model.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I mean common. Revolution Software created 3 different versions of their characters for Broken Sword (2d, two 3d and now 3d painted models) and they all look like the same characters. That is what I like. 3d or not 3d, George Stobbart and Nicole Collard was always recognizable and had their lineaments, even when minor changes have been made.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Marta Pilliu: it's not correct comparison. The old April looks awful, it was just some face. Cortez and other characters didn't have a face in TLJ like at all. It was just an image of a character. Graphics of Dreamfall, however, were capable of producing recognizable and enjoyable face. It was not just an image, and that is why this change is strange. And to comparison: they didn't change the chape of nose, old April and Dreamfall April looked alike. Zoe, however, had a distinct chinese-like lineaments (nose for example), and these lineaments are compeletely ignored in the new model. It's just some average girl with similar image and in the same clothes.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sven on

      The location looks awesome. Very Blade Runner-esque. :)

      I still think Zoë's face needs some work. It doesn't have to revert to the original, but this one is just kind of "uncanny valley" to me.

    15. Elaine Morgan on

      Yay, I've always loved Stark, Sci-Fi and post-apocalypse. Arcadia was always the most beautiful, but Stark was always the world I wanted to explore and learn the most about.
      Love that you're showing us more of Stark places! :o)

    16. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      OK, another comparison:

      Did anyone complain? First thing I thought was "Thank you, technology... Thank you!" XD
      She REALLY was different: face shape, eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose... well, everything. Even the mole "shifted" as April, LoL! You may argue that graphics engines were less powerful in 1999, but Dreamfall's engine was powerful enough to recreate a model of April more similar to the original. Thank God they didn't!
      I'd say Zoe has "improved". She looks more human to me, now.

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Andresen on

      @Adrian: Those are both Zöe.

    18. Missing avatar

      Schobbo on

      My Country is part of the game. FUCK YEAH! :D

    19. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      @Attila: I don't think that's necessary. RTG is reading the comments, and they has previously stated that this is NOT the final design. The footage shown is from the prototype.

    20. Hayley Morris on

      Right now this isn't final Zoe. They know she's not perfect yet and they will listen to feedback, just let the kickstarter finish so they can get on with the pre production stages that lead up to a better Zoe. We aren't going to see anything insane in 4 weeks.

    21. Jim Mast on

      Very Blade Runner. I love it! I can't wait!

    22. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      Oh, and now she has jug ears too! I love it! <3 :D

    23. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      I definitely prefer the new Zoe. More "real", less "pussycat"... She looked like a doll, now she's more "human". A real woman. This is just my opinion, though.

    24. Alex Agranov on

      Is this a cut-scene or in-game play graphics?

    25. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      @Rendref: I'm sure they hear you loud and clear!

    26. Missing avatar

      Rendref on……
      Don't you see? The nose is not the same at all, not even close. It's a fact, and it matters. Please, please, I beg you, RedThread, I will pay you money for this. I agree to pay you 100 dollars each month until release of DChapters for you just to bring this new Zoe closer to the original one. Please...

    27. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      And the statement by RedThread that she looks different just because of the more polygons - it feels like some kind of joke. High polygons is one thing, but the model that looks so differently is another. I don't believe that they can't create a model of Zoe from Dreamfall in superhigh resolution. It would be ridiculous. I hope they will say something about all this stuff. If I pay money for the development of this game I want for my opinion to be at least considered. They could slightly change the face (at least the nose) just to satisfy all the people - the ones who thinks that her awful face is ok, and the ones who see that she lost that welcomish-warm look from the Dreamfall.
      And please, bring the original Zoe voice, it was amazing!

    28. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Mikael Hartwig-Karlsson: it's not the hair, exept the odd look on her face it's mostly the shape of hernose and a little bit of eyes. Eyes will do fine, but if you'll take the concept art and this model and compare you will see that the nose is completely different. Completely, it's not my imagination, it's a fact. So I hope they will fix that. God, when I'm going to sleep every night I pray "Please, change the nose shape, please change the nose shape. She looks not like Zoe at all" Relationship between nose and eyes is something that matters when it comes to face, and here it changed drasticly. As someone said earlier, everything about Zoe changed (well, exept cloth).
      @Elizabeth Stinger: really try to compare concept art that looks like Dreamfall Zoe and the new model, and you will see that the main difference in her nose. The shapes of other parts are different too but it's hard to tell. I mean it's definetely obvious and the reason why everyone recognize Zoe it's because there no other person who looks similar in Dreamfall. I recognized her too, just because it cannot be someone else. But it doesn't matter - I can draw you a picture that looks like Zoe and you will probably recognize her, but she will be completely different there, I assure you

    29. Nativeguide on

      This reminds me of downtown Newport around the subway station in the first game. Looks great! Nice to see Stark getting some love too.

    30. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on


      That guy looks like he won at Beer, a fine accomplishment :)

    31. Moirrey | Dream Traveller on

      @ Eriksen : I think we can all agree that she looks different, for sure.

      In my opinion:
      - her chin needs to be shorter
      - her nose needs to be slightly longer
      - definitely agree that her lips used to slope upwards, and I think this needs to be fixed
      - her eyes slope upwards too much and are catlike (as I said before); they need to be rounder and maybe slightly bigger
      - I think her hairline is fine
      - her cheekbones need to be refined a bit (they look too chunky)
      - her face needs to be a bit rounder around the chin (from front view)

      Can't really think of anything else at the moment.

    32. Elizabeth Stinger on

      I easily recognized Zoe in all the promotional material and the in-game footage, as well. Sure, her hair is different and her features are updated, but she still looks like Zoe. Honestly don't understand what people are on about there.

    33. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      I'd name the beer "Changa'griel".
      «The beer you have to drink at least five times before saying its name right!»

    34. Emmo on

      As for Zoe's appearance. I recognised her immediately and really like the look. I think she looks older. I think it fits well. I hope they don't change her too much.

    35. Emmo on

      I love this. Looks amazing.
      Oh and $997,109... gogogo. And considering 15,094 pledgers, thats ~$66 per person. Shows how much people want this game. :)

    36. John Greene on

      I cannot tell you guys how psyched I am that you are doing this. You are living the dream and creating something incredible! Looking forward to the continued updates. I'll let everyone else pick apart all the details, and I'll sit back and enjoy/anticipate! Keep it up!

    37. Elizabeth Stinger on

      Its sad to see Stark as so desolate a place. But then, Arcadia has its own problems, too. Its clear Stark's inhabitants are longing to feel some magic with these dream factories. And those in Arcadia are probably longing for a bit of science and order, which is why, first the Vangaurd and now the airship-riding Azadi Empire, seem to be making such headway. I guess things have to get worse before they finally get better via reunification.

      Europolis itself is really nicely done. Great contrast to the bright places of Arcadia. Its depressing, but then that's the point, right? lol Still, it seems like the kind of place I wouldn't go, even on a bet. And Emma LIVES there? Sheesh.

      Great reveal and update, RTG. This makes me even more pumped for the game. :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Lyosha Arushanov on

      Yeah, Zoë's eyes certainly are a little too big. Also is there any logical explanation, why all the vent shafts are lighten up (and why in different bright colors), or it's just the usual part of city architecture design of it's time, maybe part of fashion?

    39. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      @Chuck: Me too. I hate the idea of virtual beer though. I'm so fed up about all those wine bottles in Skyrim. Make Smell-o-vision a stretch goal please!

      A Longer Journey. That would be a great name for a TLJ beer. Suggesting that the brew is just an extension of the game, an extention to the journey.

      btw, I think I just found the perfect consultant. Looks like this guy has had quite a journey:…

    40. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on


      Yea I'm pretty sold on TLJ beer haha. Hopefully for their launch party RTG will commission some, or start brewing their own in the office, and post lots of pictures in November 2014 so we can enjoy the beer vicariously.

    41. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      @Thomas @David: It's a placeholder model, it's not the final design.

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I must say, while I love the surroundings you've created so far, I absolutely dislike the work you've put into Zoe. Now, I understand that this is a new game with 'fancy' graphics and all, but I don't think you should change her look that drastically.

      Like another poster said - if I wouldn't know it's Zoe, I would NOT recognize her. So please, please please change this!

    43. David on

      Wow, almost at 1 million already, congrats. I'm enjoying these updates and following alongside the development process of Chapters but I'm afraid I have to agree with most of the backers here regarding Zoe's appearance. I'm sure this is not the final model anyway but there is quite a difference compared to Dreamfall.. I actually didn't even know it was her in the beginning. It's looking great otherwise, keep it up guys.

    44. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      @Chuck: I actually had a similar idea. A Journeyman brew. The shoukd totally team up with Nøgne Ø (A Norwegian micro brewery) for that one!

    45. Missing avatar

      tennismenace152 on

      I like the detail they put into the new character model for Zoe, but I was a bit taken aback by how different it looks.

    46. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Julia: You can probably expect nice places; inside walls, behind barbed wire and gun towers. There are bound to be a few rich and powerful people around somewhere.

    47. Missing avatar

      Maria Ahlstedt on

      I want to go there! Now!!!