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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Mini-update: New tier announced, live broadcast this Friday!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Brand new tier!

By popular demand, we're introducing a new limited edition hybrid digital/physical tier today, delivered on a unique USB key:

This hybrid tier contains all the digital downloadable goodies from the $150 Digital Dreamer Edition! You still get everything from the $75 Digital Journeyman (Collector's) Edition, plus the audiobook version of Journeys: Birth, your name in the game's credits, the Dreamer forum badge, and a personalised postcard signed by the development team...all on a neat, one-of-a-kind 16GB Wonkers the Watilla USB key!

Please note that this tier does not come with a game box. The USB key is delivered in a padded envelope. The same USB key is also included in the $350 Limited Boxed Dreamer Edition, and all pledges of $500 and above.

You can modify your existing pledges by visiting the project page and clicking Manage Your Pledge. To change your reward, make a new selection. Note that changing your reward selection does not automatically change your pledge amount. Enter a new amount in the pledge amount box. Note that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected when the project is successfully funded.

Live broadcast this Friday!

This Friday, February 22nd, Ragnar, Dag and Martin will be playing through Dreamfall: The Longest Journey LIVE on TwitchTV, offering behind-the-scenes commentary and development insights, they will answer questions, reveal secrets about Dreamfall Chapters, and interact with our fans and community, pledgers, and anyone else who wants to join in!

The live broadcast begins this Friday at 1800 CET / 1700 GMT / 12PM EST / 9AM PST and will continue until either a) we've completed Dreamfall, or b) everyone's asleep or passed out from exhaustion. The devs are prepared to go the distance, so make sure you have enough coffee, cola, snacks and comfy chairs!

The live broadcast will be recorded for posterity, so you don't have to watch everything live, but you'll miss out on the interaction and the "I was there!" factor. So be there!


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    1. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      Fresh from Ragnar's Twitter:
      "The video is rendering. @Kickstarter updates require heavy compression, but we’ll put it up on YouTube later. You guys are in for a treat!"

    2. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Chuck: Good point about DVD. Perhaps they should offer a USB drive (instead of a DVD) as an upgrade (at additional cost, of course) for those tiers that don't currently get one. It might or might not be a "Wonkers" USB drive.

    3. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on

      I thought about this today. When the game goes to retail this would be a great way to sell a physical copy instead of box with discs. Of course don't put all the extras on it because that would negate the point of exclusive Kickstarter pledges. I just know I recently bought a new mac laptop that didn't even have a cd-drive and it seems other laptops are ditching their optic drives as well and soon everyone will be saying that all game are going to be downloadable anyway so why sell boxes?

      Well get a head of the curb! Offer the game as a download obviously, but for the people who want a physical copy sell it to them on a unique flash drive.

    4. Flint Sky on

      How about Cloth-Map and T-shirt from 110$ tier, from 250$ Wonker 16Gb flash and printed Comic? To 350$ you can add printed Tome off Balance or Art-Book. :)

    5. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Kori No wonkers at $250 but at that tier you've a physical Dreamer's Edition game box signed by the team, the 'Full-Colour Instruction manual' which Ragnar has promised will be something quite special - certainly not your average instruction booklet, and the paperback of Journeys : Birth.
      Plus all the digital stuff just on a DVD rather than a Wonkers USB. Sounds pretty good to me

    6. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      One problem is that they cannot send you an individual bill for shipping costs after the campaign is over but before they ship. For one thing that would be very expensive. Therefore they have to build all of the costs of shipping/customs/tax into the tier. It is basically average cost that they are working with rather than the cost of delivery to your specific location. In any case, every dollar they spend on customs/tax/delivery is a dollar that can't be spent on developing the game. I believe they are trying to do the best they can so please give them a break.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kori Niande on

      That is just sad :( . The only ones left without wonkers are ppl like me with $250 lvl pledge. I cant even upgrade to $350 cause they all are gone. At least add an option for usb-key add-on for $250 pledge!

    8. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      For EU-based pledgers unhappy about the $15 postage, please consider the following:
      * If RTG are able to post from within Europe, this will avoid customs and VAT charges (VAT varies by country - 20% is a typical value) which, even on the cheapest physical version, would exceed $15.
      * delivery services typically add a handling charge on top of any customs/VAT (which they have to collect on your behalf) - Parcelforce in the UK add £8/US$13.
      * customs clearance can take 2-3 weeks or more - avoiding this ensures Europeans get their game faster.
      RTG are trying to lower costs for European pledgers - anyone unhappy about the extra charges should take it up with their respective governments - that's where the responsibility lies.

    9. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      Actually, the FAQ on shipping was updated on the 15th but it mainly says they are still working on it. Mainly they want to avoid VAT, if possible, by shipping from Europe as well as USA. I imagine they want to be very sure that whatever they do is legal; getting in trouble with the tax collector is a very bad thing.

      Note that the cost of the goodies is supposed to be a trivial part of the cost of the tier. The idea is to raise money for the game NOT to sell products. The selling price of any individual item is irrelevant.

    10. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on

      I did forget about the map! But on paper?!?!?!? What the hell is paper anymore ?? (/sarcasm)

      Eh, yea it might seem high for shipping but reasonable. I live just north of the 49th and it always annoying when shipping is free in the US, but not past the Wall. The invisible forcefield that goods can't cross without paying Charon a bribe. The bigger question is how the packages will be taxed (as gifts or goods) and RTG already said early on they were looking into how to ship it the cheapest way possible so I'm sure will hear more after the Kickstarter.

    11. Martin Joakim Ulstein on

      Will the PayPal backers add towards the stretch goals, and is there a way to see how much you are reeling in outside kickstarter?
      Might help motivate non KS backers to back more through PayPal knowing that it helps toward going to those stretch goals :)

    12. John Spencer on

      @Petar - I actually line in London at the moment and I can tell you I went to post a thin booklet not long ago, fit into an A4 envelope, and I was charged roughly the equivalent of $10 dollars, and that was shipped locally within the UK. I know Bulgaria is the poorest country in EU, so I have some sympathy, but Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, these guys have costs and I think $15 is more on the conservative side, all things considered.

    13. Petar Petrov on

      @John Spencer, Well, maybe it's nice to live in US, so no shipping cost for you, but, as I've said many times before, a Nordic company should convince and rely on european players mainly or equal to the american, because "$15 hardly gets you a coffee and cake at Starbucks nowadays" and all american players could VERY easily pay the shipping cost! It's not even right to charge $15 the players in Europe, because in 15 EU countries the min. salary is up to $500! Also if there is statistic of some kind, you'll easily see, that the EU backers are much /MUCH/ more! RTG should redirect their target of potential backers or even the costs for all! Because I'm in EU, I don't feel like secondary/low-life person and you also should not try to make me feel like one by the mentioned above!

    14. Emmo on

      I was on the $150 pledge, but I thought since this new update I'd upgrade to $200. Yay for Wonkers. :)

    15. Gleb on

      @Jiri thanks, I forgot about the map. It's harder to choose between 200 and 250 now...

    16. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      I'll be there!

      .... until I fall asleep.

    17. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      @Petar Petrov
      15 $ is not much for shipping, it's pretty average.

    18. Missing avatar

      LucaLink on

      Ok, just upgraded my pledge, I hope you're happy, damn wonkers. No wonkers, I don't want to play with you now, stop asking.

    19. Oriane MAILLY on

      USB like add-on.... please :'(
      From a physical pledge : 110$ ....

    20. Johan Ho on

      I'm considering upping my pledge to something with physical rewards, but I already bought 3 other game collectors editions so far this year, so I thought I need to stop spending so much on video games... :P

    21. John Spencer on

      @Petar Petrov - $15 hardly gets you a coffee and cake at Starbucks nowadays. I think $15 is reasonable, better that than undercharge. I remember one successful project spent ~1/3 of their Kickstarter money on printing and shipping t-shits to pledges. Better overcharge than underestimate the costs.

    22. John Spencer on

      Folks, I've already purchased some tequila flavored beer for tomorrow's play-through.

    23. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Tome: I'm sure that if you request for your name to NOT be in the credits (when they send you the survey asking for your personal information - name, address,etc - after the end of the kickstarter) that they have no reason to deny your wish and "force" you to be named in the credits. You shouldn't worry about that.

    24. Petar Petrov on

      Nice USB, but $15 for delivery of a regular post card and the USB is way too much! Two weeks past and still there's no word about lowering the shipping price in EU - why? Thumbs down for now...

    25. Jiri Ptacek - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @Chuck Payne: You also get a paper map with the $250 tier, unlike the $200 one, so that's another difference.

    26. Flint Sky on

      As for me, I can't understand RTG. What is the difference between 75$ and 250$ tiers. Who in our days need BOX and Manual? (signed or not - what the difference?). In my opinion they should have done 2 types of phisical boxes like regular and collectors and rich them with goodies on higher tiers. I think that cloth map and Art-Book for 250$ tier will be much more better then Birth paperback and ful-colour manual. For example you can look on reward for Broken Sword 4 on Kickstarter and compare.

    27. Beorn Thomassen on

      This made me up my pladge by $50. Really want that USB key.

    28. Maxime Girard on

      I'll arrive around 6PM EST (GMT -5:00). Think you'll still be playing?

    29. Missing avatar

      Tome - Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      I would love to pledge for the Wonkers tier, but I have no whishes to get my name on the list of credits. Would that be posible?

    30. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on

      I see what your saying about lowering the value of the 350 tier... BUT it does seem odd to offer a USB at 200 and at 350, but skip 250. Especially when this is added after the fact.

      I want to support this game, and I'm quite happy to be able to offer $250($20 shipping) with the bonus of getting physical stuff and especially the signed box. I just may have reconsidered if this had been an option at the beginning.

      Anyway don't want come off as complaining, and frankly out of literally thousands of backers this only effects a couple hundred at the $250 level. I just understand where some other people are coming from. Maybe consider a USB add on!

      (Within reason of course, by all means if it helps make the game better wipe out all the rewards and put the money into that expanded soundtrack ;)

    31. Valiah on

      @Gleb - It's not just the DVD, the box is signed and also has the full-color printed instruction manual and the Journeys: Birth book. A USB is much cheaper to produce.
      The limited $350 tier is essentially the $250 tier in a numbered box, plus the USB and a comic, so adding the USB to the $250 tier would greatly devalue the $350 tier.

      In any case, this pushed me over the edge and got me to up my pledge!

    32. Luke Dickinson on

      Thanks for recording the broadcast! If it's downloadable I may even watch it alongside my second play-through of Dreamfall. :D

    33. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Stephen I know, and I apologise if I came across as flippant re spending those sums of money;
      Trouble is it's not a straight sale, they've got to be careful how the tiers and rewards are set out lest they end spending too much on reward fulfilment and not enough on the game
      But they do listen to comments and seem to be doing what they can to cater to our requests where feasible
      Again I know it'd be steep but I wonder if they'd count the USB as a physical tier and allow the add on charge ($90 was it?) for a game box here

    34. Gleb on

      Uh, this tier might actually be more attractive than the $250 one. Who's going to want a DVD in 2014? It's not even a thing. A flash drive is so much better (except not being read only, I guess). With cheaper shipping on top of that!

    35. Geach | Dream Traveller on

      ok I will bite and upgrade to the newly offered tier. Was debating upgrading any to help towards the stretch goals but was on the fence.

    36. Missing avatar


      No USB for the $250 tier? :(

      I'd be happy with it being an add-on if necessary.

    37. Jay Matteo on

      Well, you guys just squeezed an additional $50 from me. Congrats!

    38. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Except in most average people's cases; living expenses, finances etc ;p
      $340 ($30 extra for 2 international shipping costs) is something I wish I was rich enough to just toss around :(

    39. Ben Steed on

      Okay, had to go for this. Awesome.

    40. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      If they added a box to the tier it would surely devalue the tiers above it, not healthy for the kickstarter and many people would not be happy with the change. Nothing stopping a two-KS account pledge, one for the $110 physical tier and one for the $200 USB

    41. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      What Matt said, would love wonkers as an optinal add-on. A bit too expensive for a 16gb USB stick at the moment :(

      If this tier included the Game Box aswell I might be tempted.

    42. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      Sorry, RTG's Text I should have said - guess the updater could be any one of the team

    43. Ben Steed on

      Tempted, very tempted...

    44. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Joshua According to Ragnar's text and the picture guide to what's included above it appears it does

    45. Tanash on

      Would love to own the Watilla USB but it's sadly a bit out of my price range, buuuut see you on twitch looking forward to it !:)

    46. Missing avatar

      Schobbo on

      Would love to have that USB Wonkers, but it's a bit too expensive for me :(

    47. Joshua Villines

      Does it come with the personalized postcard from the $150 tier?

    48. Matt on

      Soooo tempting...I just wish we could just add the USB and use it to whatever pledge we have.

    49. Chuck Payne l Dream Traveller on

      I really hope they add that USB key to the 250 tier...