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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #12: The Loremaster achieved! Additional stretch goals revealed!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

We just met our second stretch goal, The Loremaster (library, lore, yay!) which means it's time to reveal a tiny bit more of the long road ahead.

First up, our next stretch goal:

This stretch goal is a big one, and it's an important one.

At one million dollars, we expand the journey, adding new characters, locations and things for players to do, see, interactive with and talk to.

If we do not meet this goal, it doesn't mean the story will be compromised or that players will be shortchanged. What this goal allows us to do is make the world bigger, richer, deeper, and more expansive, while leaving the core story unchanged.

Compare it with The Lord of the Rings movies: the original theatrical releases were great, but the extended editions were much better. The story was the same, but there was more depth, more context, and we were allowed to linger in Middle Earth and learn more about that world and its peoples.

With A Longer Journey, players will be able to linger for longer in Stark and Arcadia, and further explore the universe and its strange and wonderful characters.

And, of course, players familiar with Abnaxus from The Longest Journey will be pleased to see the return of this enigmatic character; a member of the Venar people, Abnaxus lives outside of time itself, though the events of the previous game had a profound change on how he, and his people, perceives time and the universe.

New stretch goals

Today we're also revealing four new stretch goals:

At $1,05 million we have "Mystery is important, senorita". This aptly mysterious stretch goal will allow players to enter and explore the House of All Worlds, which lies in the In-between (and which was seen, briefly, at the beginning and end of The Longest Journey). The House of All Worlds will in addition become part of the game's frontend, in equally mysterious ways.

Next up, at $1,1 million, is Storytime, which will allow us to create an interactive graphic novel, retelling the saga so far -- from April's first visit to Arcadia in The Longest Journey, to Zoë saving Faith in Dreamfall. Great for new players and established fans alike, this will give everyone a chance to revisit the important events of the saga, and perhaps also to get new insights into the events that transpired in the first two games.

Following that, at $1,15 million, is A Richer World. This goal contains an expanded and improved soundtrack, with more live instruments and vocals. In addition, we will also involve an established recording artist who will add some of their songs and sounds to the game. Beyond that, this goal includes improved graphics, along with an in-game gallery (run by a familiar character) displaying both art made by the team along with the best of all the great fan art out there.

And finally (for the time being) we have The Spoken Word, at $1,25 million, which adds much-requested German and French language support to Dreamfall Chapters! This goal also adds more spoken dialogue, including voice-overs for the lore in the library. Finally, this stretch goal will allow us to bring back more of the original cast from Dreamfall and The Longest Journey.

Beyond that point lies more platforms, more content, more features and, of course, The Longest Journey Home at $2 million. We may have a long way to go, but we're still not halfway through our campaign, and anything could happen!

Oh, and one more thing:

As a bonus and thank-you to our generous supporters, we're giving all $1,000 pledgers the $750 boxed Limited Draic Kin Edition (AKA Director's Pack) instead of the $500 boxed edition. This means that you now get everything from the $500 tier PLUS a signed (by art director Christer Sveen) print, along with a personal phone (or Skype) call from director Ragnar Tørnquist.

Of course, if you have pledged (or are planning to pledge) $1,000 and you really want the $500 Shifter Edition instead of the Draic Kin Edition, please let us know. We will certainly oblige!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gioan on

      Italian text at Goal...?

    2. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @Carlitusroda, eso sin contar con que FX Interactive no trae las versiones de Mac, solo de PC, por lo que los que tenemos Mac, nos comemos las papas.

    3. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @Carlitusroda, FX Interactive?, porque tenemos que comprar una versión con DRM de un distribuidor español, cuando estamos invirtiendo en un juego con distribución DRM free? Como este juego salga en ingles, aleman y frances, y no haya subtitulos en castellano, yo personalmente mirare si se puede eliminar la donación, porque me niego a formar parte de ello. Si sale con FX Interactive, el código de Steam o GOG, no te va a servir, lo que me parece una tomadura de pelo. Venga ya, que van a usar pasta para doblarlo en noruego y nos vamos a quedar incluso sin subtitulos en castellano?

      No spanish, no money

    4. Mirage_GSM on

      Which pledge Levels will the Storytime Graphic Novel be included in?

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Müller on

      German language support would be great for many fans in Germany. I myself don't mind using the original English version, but many Germans still prefer being lazy and use the localization ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Russian localization of TLJ series in fact one of the greatest Russian localization ever made, and that not joke. If Dreamfall Chapters doesn't continue this tradition it will be just waste of Snowball/Lazy Games efforts that has been done on TLJ and Dreamfall localization. So please consider making Russian localization as part of this campaign.

    7. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      @AstralWanderer I really like this concept: "I would suggest "open sourcing" the subtitles so that fans can produce versions for whichever language they wish, even if the voiceovers are limited to the major ones."

      If they spend the time getting this system right - importing subtitles from flat text file - then fans can convert it into as many languages as they want without RTG having to sink the early funds into it. And fans *will* convert it given the opportunity. Maybe even later on, after launch, they can introduce localized versions with voice actors for the most popular fan sub'ed languages...

    8. Missing avatar

      VoodooFX on

      @William Walsh: Yeah, I know. You can't please everyone, no matter how hard you try . It's the way of the world, I guess.

    9. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @VoodooFX: Well, I am not really a collector kind of person myself but there are people who see it that way. That is what leads us to extraordinary sale prices for some of the silliest things.

    10. Missing avatar

      VoodooFX on

      @William Walsh: I chose 350$ tier and wouldn't at all mind, if they made another 100 copies or more available to others. Additional value or not, I would rather see them raise as much money as possible, than allow me to brag how I am one of only 100 lucky ones to get this limited edition.

    11. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @Kyle: Interesting, I didn't know that. Although you would have be careful about that since some of the things in the limited tiers, Collector's Editions if you will, have additional value because they are limited. Could create bad feeling.

    12. Kyle Manley - Dream Traveller on

      @William Walsh Although you are correct that they can't change existing tiers that have pledgers they can certainly create additional copies of exhausted tiers as 3Doodler did once virtually all of its tiers sold out post KickStarter's tweet about them

    13. Libor - Dream Traveller on

      Firstly, congratulations and thank you! :)

      Secondly, to be honest the 'The House of All Worlds' stretch goal took me by surprise. I mean of course I secretly wanted to know more about the place but this one place is actually perhaps the only one which I kind of thought (despite my secret wishes to know more about it) should not be shown to me and remain shrouded in mystery. Having said that, I trust you guys from RTG won't allow this place to become ordinary and forgettable. One suggestion from me - perhaps some unexplainable/weird/unbeliavable things could happen in this house which we simply won't be able (at least to some extent) to understand.
      All the other new strech goals are great and contain at least something which I would love to see happen :) BUT please don't tell me we have to wait until 1,250k is reached to have Ellie and Gavin confirmed!

    14. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @cabfe: You are, of course, correct that changes would be necessary but, for example, point-and-click maps directly to the tactile interface with little modification necessary. I think the bigger problem would be screen size. You shouldn't have to change the graphics to support odd or low resolution screens. You might need a zoom capability.

      Another concern, if you do a console game, is that you wind up in bed with the console manufacturer who not only has control over your product through the approval process but gets a significant portion of your profit.

    15. cabfe on

      @William Walsh : Porting to Pads require to rethink the interface and gameplay to a tactile handling.
      That is very different from the classic combo keyboard/mouse and often requires planification during development.

    16. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      These days, I don't see any real point to a console port. More likely, would be porting to the various PADs (iPad, etc). This would probably be a lot less difficult, require fewer (if any) compromises, and, overall, be more profitable.

    17. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      @AstralWanderer: Unfortunately, RTG cannot actually change any tier that has one or more backers. They can change a tier that has zero backers but there aren't many of those.

    18. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'd agree with Nakano on the possibility of console ports - extra content instead would be more beneficial and console releases (with the UI/graphics compromises they involve) should be considered, on their own merits, after the Win/Max/Linux versions are done.
      Multiple language support is less controversial in my eyes but I would suggest "open sourcing" the subtitles so that fans can produce versions for whichever language they wish, even if the voiceovers are limited to the major ones.
      The pledge rewards may benefit from review too - the $350 level (limited to 100 currently) could probably attract more interest so increasing the limit to 500 or so should be considered (it should certainly have more positions than the $500 level). Higher level packages would benefit from more extras - an option I suggested previously was to have Stark and Arcadia versions of the $500 edition (with different extra goodies for each like a WATICorp employee ID badge, Fringe cafe poster and Bingo! voucher for Stark, "iron" coin, Azadi wanted poster, Journeyman Tavern flyer for Arcadia). The $750 version could then include both sets, with an option to "personalise" some of them (your face on the WATICorp badge and Azadi poster perhaps?) at the higher levels.

    19. Nakano

      I am quite happy if we reach $1,15 million. However, I am a little worried if beyond $1,25 includes more platforms. Creating console ports will probably add a significant delay to the estimation of November 2014 (if the game should be finished for all of the platforms at the same time).

      The $1,25 goal says "This goal also adds more spoken dialogue, including voice-overs for the lore in the library.". Will the game have fully voice-overs in English by default if we don't reach this goal? Will it have fully voice-over if we reach this goal?

    20. Carlitusroda on

      I agree with others. It'sbetter to have at least the spanish translation with english voices, instead to spend the money in a poor voice acting.

      A game like DC will have at least 9,000 text lines. And this is a lot of money to spend in a bad voice acting. I just trust in FX Intercative to do that job. Otherwise, better spend the money in game content, or other languages text translation.

      At least, make it easy to fans to translate the game in any language. In Spain we have many fan translators who made translations who became official ones. If this is the case, you can contact with us, so the game came translated at day one.

    21. Evgueni Baldin on

      French and German localization is a good thing but what about Russian? At least as a subtitles?

    22. Missing avatar

      William Walsh - Dream Traveller on

      Speaking to the business part, it occurs to me that Germany currently has the strongest economy in the EU and this is likely to continue. Strong economy implies more discretionary spending is possible. An excellent reason to have a German version in the works.

    23. Federico on

      I've never cared for localization (most adventure and role play game are in english anyway), but i love the more-content stretch goals, they show ambition and passion. I've faith that we'll get to Home in a week!

    24. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      @All "Other Language" requestors: If you want your native language to be supported or become a valid stretch goal for Red Thread Games, you should motivate more people of your country to pledge. They can see in the Kickstarter accounting who pledged and where they are from. They are after all a business and have to decide upon future plans based on stats, market size, potential sales etc.

      Spread the word to your fellow countrymen, you have the power of influence over the course of any Kickstarter campaign if you really put your back into it! :)

    25. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      @Neo If you're saying there are millions Russian fans you should probably advertise this game among them first, I doubt that many of them even backed this project (considering total number of backers).

    26. Francisco Bellon Ballesteros on

      Like others, I also want a Spanish version of Dreamfall Chapters, at least with subtitles and english voices. If you don't have yet, contact with FX Interactive, the Spain's distributor of The Longest Journey... His job in the translation and location was great!

    27. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      Great stretch goals I should say! I hope more people will join!

    28. Missing avatar

      Marco De Vivo on

      Please, take in consideration the possibility to do the italian localization, at least with subtitles and english voices. I understand that to engage professional actors and translaters can be expensive but consider that the chance to play in your own language could incentivize many people to support this project.
      You may add a new goal for other languages. Pleaseeeeee

    29. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @RTG: thank you for switching the $500-tier for the $750-tier, for the $1000-tier.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    30. Alexey WatiCrow on

      Wow, really wonderful stretch goals, especially for $1,100,000 and $1,150,000! But for $1,250,000 only two language versions?? It's not serious. Full Russian localization must be in this game! Maybe only text with the original English voices but definitely MUST BE! Please, guys, don't disappoint millions Russian fans of this great epic journey. We are totally support you ^__0

    31. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      The Russian localization of TLJ games was too good to not include Russian voices in the last game. So I think RTG need to add more languages stretch goals. :)

    32. yodahome on

      As a German I'd like the 'The Spoken Word' to happen (german voice overs were great on both games) but how about adding a custom subtitle option, so that fans can translate the finished game themselves (or even just mod the existing story), as long as they don't do it commercially? Has never been done before, at least by design afaik. I imagine you only had to provide a template with all the text to replace and a way to import it into the game. Fans would love that I presume and the game could exist in many more languages.

    33. Missing avatar

      Flat Eric on

      I think, subtitles are really enough. I don't like special localised versions at all. For me, it's more important to get a GOOD english version instead of a rushed german/french/spanish/... one. Subtitles should be sufficent.

    34. Missing avatar

      deadlydark on

      Aren't I glad to see how DC became bigger and bigger ) And if someone confirm that Fringe will return I would be absolutely happy DDD

    35. Giorgio Borgo | Dream Traveller $6,13 on

      @Anna Versus I would translate DFC in italian language myself, even for free! ^_^

    36. Anna Versus on

      What about an italian verison? Or, at least, italian subtitles like The Longest Journey? So italian fans would be able to understand Abnaux xD

    37. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I think Russian voices and subtitles will be enough.

    38. Kwende on

      I think the same; just text and subtitules, not necesary voiceovers.

    39. BerlinskyGosha on

      I think russian subtitles will be enough

    40. Rosveen on

      Alright, to everyone asking for other languages: I've been told that localizations listed on TLJ's Wikipedia page were actually full localizations with voiceover (not only subtitles). I count 13 languages total. They can't possibly do all of them again with funds from the Kickstarter - focusing on the story, content, music etc. is much more important right now.

      It would be great to see Spanish (and Russian?) voice over and subtitles in a few other languages as one of the stretch goals, but doing voice over for them all is just too expensive. Which leads me to the next point, which is regional distribution. I don't know about other countries, but in case of Eastern Europe and popular kickstartered games (for example Project Eternity), translations are/will be done by the regional distributor (probably 1C/Cenega, though I'd really, really prefer to avoid them).

      Would it be possible to do the same for Dreamfall Chapters? It would cover Russian, Polish and possibly Czech translations, if they were willing to cooperate with you. I don't see why they wouldn't, since the previous two games were quite popular here.

    41. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      What about Russian version? There are millions of Russian fans of TLJ.

    42. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      Gallery run by a familiar character, eh? Maybe Warren Hughes... I remember he used to paint when he was a part of TLJ- game. Want to aim for all of these new stretch goals. The House of All Worlds intrigues me greatly and the graphic novel would probably be veeeery helpful to old players as well as new ones.
      Is it 2014 yet???

    43. Missing avatar

      Tweety on

      What about Polish version? It's just impolite not to make one when TLJ and Dreamfall has such amazing Polish versions!

    44. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      Just finished playing Dreamfall again. There's been a lot of speculation around TLJH being the continuation, or even conclusion, of April's story. It occurs to me that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with April. It could even be Brian Westhouse's story. There were centuries between when he left Stark and arrived in Arcadia, and throughout that time all he wanted was to go home....

    45. Missing avatar

      Angel Docampo on

      Hey! You forgot to add Spanish support!!! We're also a lot here who wishes to have our favourite game in our tongue!! Please reconsider it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniela Serban on

      I really want the "mystery is important, senorita" goal to be achieved. :) November 2014 is too far away :(

    47. Zdenek "Alcarmo" on

      I´m really proud and happy I can be part of this epic project :) I´ve never thought I can pray for my money to be discharged from my account :D (and I still believe it will happen...for the 10th of March is really close, isn´t it? :) )
      I´d like to thank Ragnar, Martin, Dag...every single person in Red Thread team...every other man and woman who are supporting this project in many different ways...and every single person who donated, donates and will donate :)
      Thank you so much guys!!! You make my dream come true ;-)

    48. Gal Shemesh on

      @Michael Hartmann: Thanks for the info. :)

    49. Creditor on

      what about russian localization? previous games was translated to russian and i guess you have plenty of fans out here. they will upset if there won't be localization and you don't want your fans to be upset, don't you? :) i would be happy if it will be the same team that did dreamfall localization coz it was great

    50. Michael Hartmann

      Nice to see that Spoken Word includes more than just dubbing the game in German and French. That is an important addition and will increase the sales outside of KS. But it is great that there is something directly benefitting us as well.