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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #7: Stretch goals revealed!

We're fast approaching our original $850,000 goal and our first week on Kickstarter! To celebrate this fact we're revealing our first three stretch goals.

These goals include the much-anticipated Mac and Linux versions at $900,000, represented here via our old friend Wonkers and some new toys!

We're also revealing a little teaser for our ultimate stretch goal. The $2 million mark will introduce The Longest Journey Home.

Exactly what that last one means, we won't reveal quite yet. We want to get a little bit closer before we'll let the secret out of the bag, but feel free to speculate in the comments!

Here, then, are our first three stretch goals:

  • $900,000 - Apples & Penguins: Mac and Linux versions of Dreamfall Chapters. Pledgers will be able to choose which version of the game they want to download, and to receive on DVD and/or memory stick
  • $950,000 - The Loremaster, which includes the Great Library of Marcuria (rebuilt in secrecy, of course), a fully-voiced librarian character, and tons of books, documents, ancient parchments and tomes of lore in-game for players to read, explore and dig into!
  • $1,000,000 - A Longer Journey, which allows us to create new locations, characters and side stories, adding great depth to the world, additional gameplay and new dialogue, lore, magical creatures...and some cool surprises! Check back later for more information about this stretch goal!
Beyond $1,000,000 lies many more mysteries, and we will announce additional stretch goals as soon as we reach our first one -- including, of course, more information about The Longest Journey Home!


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    1. Christine - Dream Traveller on

      Gosh I hope you make that final goal!

    2. Alexander Lundqvist on

      @ Jürgen Miehe - I agree! I don't know how much effort it would take to get other payment options, I´m guessing it´s not without difficulty, but I sure hope Read Thread can get such options running ASAP due to the win win situation.

    3. dulBIRAKAN on

      Just supported for the Linux version.

    4. Yik Boon Tan on

      Looking at the art of TLJH - it's April Ryan's original art from TLJ with some color tweaks. So it looked like a game about April Ryan. Attire-wise it doesn't look like the April from Dreamfall, but certainly looked like it's from TLJ, which suggests that this takes place between TLJ and Dreamfall. Furthermore, Ragnar has mentioned they might make further games involving that middle part of the saga and also the possibly the War of the Balance.

      So a game about April's journey in between TLJ and Dreamfall I'd reckon.

    5. April01 on

      @ Alexander Lundqvist - I hope so too. But it would be much more hopeful, it the prcoducers here would allow more than one payment option. for all people of foreign countries like me there is only the credit card. And all of them who have none, they can not help in any way. I can not really understand this decision, for reaching such an ambitious project, why not allowing different payment options? I still hope this will change, otherwise I doubt we really can reach the highest destinations...

    6. Alexander Lundqvist on

      @CrusherHQ. Maybe it will be revealed later on as the new stretch-goals will pop up?

    7. CrusherHQ on

      In you FAQ you wrote :
      "Hopefully! We will be speaking with distributors in the various markets, to ensure that we can produce high quality localised versions of Dreamfall Chapters in a variety of languages -- preferably both voice and text. Our hope is that we will have a solid selection of languages at release, with more following in the months after.

      (This might also be part of our stretch goals, so stay tuned.)"

      So where is the Language Support in the Stretch Goals ???

    8. April01 on

      Sadly I only have a very limited credit card, but I wanted to support this game at all. I still hope they will add further payment options, as PayPal, then I could still improve my support. Anyway, I hope we can reach the highest possible goals to get the best game possible then.

    9. Alexander Lundqvist on

      I really hope that people can find it in their hearts to raise their pledge due to these new stretch goals. I have tipped one of Swedens biggest gadget-blogs and they have posted the wonderful news that this kickstarter has begun. I hope people will spread the word so we can reach the 2 mill goal. I'm not rich but I'm considering raising my $500 pledge to the $750. I really love these games <3

    10. Valiah on

      And how much to get the production of fully functioning watillas going?

      The Longest Journey Home... Could that be the story of April returning to Stark?
      More lore sounds delicious. And a longer journey? YES PLEASE!!! "Mystery is important, senorita" ~ Cortez, is that you?

    11. Eric Astor on

      You know, this would have kicked me from my original $30 pledge to the $50 tier - but I moved up last night, just from realizing that I really, really wanted Journey's Birth!

      I'm not sure my budget can stretch past that, guys... the next line I'm really excited for is the $110 pledge level. But! You can trust I'll be promoting this wherever I can.

    12. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      @Simon Rofstad

      Maybe the very fact that they keep denying a HD remake of TLJ makes people think they are actually onto something. I didn't really buy the 'rights' reason, particularly since Red Thread managed to get the rights for a sequel. However, I think it makes more sense that Red Thread wants to focus on expanding the TLJ universe by telling new stories.

    13. Missing avatar

      Katie Smith on

      Oooh, can't wait to hear what the TLJ Home is, and I would be excited if it is a remake of the first one, or a compeltely new one, or something else entirely! And the Wonkers USB looks so cute, I amy just up my pledge from $75!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Simon Rofstad on

      I don't know why people would think TLJH is a remake. Firstly Ragnar has said that they don't want to spend time recreating old stories, they'd be rather telling new ones. And secondly I think Funcom still has the rights for that TLJ so for a remake they'd have to go through them. Personally I think It's a direct continuation of TLJ, where we see April take the choices that leads her to the Dreamfall version of herself. I doubt it'd be the entire 10 years, but at least to some where in the story where she decides going home to stark isn't the best idea. or maybe it's set in the story after chapters where she might actually go back home, which then would be like really, The Longest Journey Home.

      I can say for sure that these stretch goals are great, I'd love a longer journey. And TLJH really has me wondering. Great work once again guys, keep being awesome and doing awesome!

    15. Matthew van Andel on

      Also, Oculus Rift support.

      Because I WANT TO BE THERE.

    16. Matthew van Andel on

      I *really* hope TLJH is a remastered version of the original... heck, at $2m, it could be that it's not only remastered, but rebuilt using DFC assets and tools and released as a complete trilogy...!!!

      Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

    17. Adam Rosenberg on

      A Wonkers plushy would be pretty amazing...

    18. Joseph MacKie on

      A longer journey? I want it. I want it so bad.

    19. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      Like some others have said; with knowing how Kickstarter campaigns progress, the 2 million goal isn't so far fetched. It's sizable chunk of potential backers that will never hear about the campaign, and still a large crowd that won't hear about it until much later, when word has been spread more extensively.

      This campaign will pass 1 million easily, and I would be surprised if it doesn't pass 1.2 million. Stretch goals will "smaller steps" like presented will greatly help with momentum. The stretch goals are very well though out.. but for some reason not as "costly" as other campaigns I've been part of (awesome).

      Librarian is a great idea, I was hoping for something along those lines. It would be cool if it were somehow able to port the books to an e-reader as an option (that would be probably much harder to implement then it sounds). I'm baffled to what TLJH is...

    20. Libor - Dream Traveller on

      You know what would be REALLY cool? If The Longest Journey Home was a museum dedicated to the saga, which will be established in Oslo. It goes without saying I would visit Oslo if only just to see the museum! :-) Hey, I can have dreams, can't I?! :-)

      But anyway, really good job with distribution of the stretch goals. It will be motivating to get to 1250000 cause of a lot of stretch goals could be unlocked along the way. And then it will depend on how interesting and awesome will the last three ones be.. I guess.

    21. aleksandar stossitch on

      @treehouse artist HD version of TLJ sounds about right...fingers crossed

    22. Natalie Fortune on

      You know...if they add in items to tack onto the pledge levels (T-shirts, prints, etc.), that would probably add a ton of additional capital to existing pledges.

    23. Pirateguybrush on

      Interesting Guran, thanks. Still, with the promise that getting over the line will result in (what we're assuming is) a new game, that might be enough.

    24. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      TLJ Home, that's an easy one! It's a HD version of TLJ that can be played within Dreamfall Chapters. When you visit a specific location in Chapters, you'll be able to 'shift' to that same location in TLJ.

      Alternatively, RTG are huge Fable fans and have decided that a 'Citadel hub' is a great idea for an adventure game!

    25. advmal on

      TLJH sounds like a direct sequel to TLJ, focused on April.

    26. Guran - St Christopher's Alumni on

      @David @Duran Don't place too much hope on the slacker backers. Even DoubleFine only has a little more than $100k from slackers:
      A good marketing push toward the end will get us there, together with the awesome stretch goals :)

    27. Missing avatar

      thelj on

      @Starlock:I don't have a credit card either,but i got a prepaid card and it worked just fine.

    28. Pirateguybrush on

      We should drop them an email and ask!

    29. Nick Clarke on

      Wonkers is adorable holding Linux and Apple. Also The Longest Journey home sounds fantastic, and I don't even know what it is!

    30. Natalie Fortune on

      @David Jeffries

      Slacker Backer combined with a stronger community push via social media is absolutely the way to go.

      If anyone has any in's at any gaming/webcomic sites, that would probably help a lot. I was even wondering if Gabe and Tycho wouldn't mind putting in a quick word.

    31. Pirateguybrush on

      I see four ways we could reach the $2m mark.

      1. We continue at around $30k per day, with some spikes and lulls. We end on about $1.5m and 20,000 backers. We’d then need to convince everyone (about 20,000 backers at that rate)to chip in another $25, or half to put in $50 (and so on) at the end.

      2. Average pledge per day jumps up about $20k to about $55k. The average pledge is already quite high, but the number of backers isn’t as strong as it would need to be. This could happen with a boost in publicity, and a strong marketing push.

      3. Average pledge increases, but not enough – say to $40k a day. If we then had a big enough jump at the end (to around $100k a day for the last four days or so), it would take us over.

      4. A “slacker backer” option that allows people to kick in after the kickstarter ends, and take us over the stretch goal.

      Honestly, I think 3 or 4 are our most hopeful situations. I’d love to see the average pledge jump to $55k per day, but that's a pretty big jump, given we're on about 30k a day right now. There’s also option 5, where the stretch goals don’t end up costing as much as is allocated, and the budget is stretched a little further to pay for TLJH.

      If TLJH is what I’m thinking (a 2D adventure taking place immediately after TLJ ends), I’d really like to see it happen.

      So start spreading the word! The best thing to do would be to send tip-offs to gaming websites. Let’s start trying to get them to post articles about the tech demos, stretch goals/speculation, how successful the campaign has been so far and so on – use their tip off/contact forms for this. Let’s do everything we can to make it happen!

    32. Lorenzo on

      Oh yes! Thank you for a linux version!

    33. Missing avatar

      Dan Hagerman on

      I just upped my pledge from $20 to $50 to support this game and to make it as good as it can possibly be. I have faith that Red Thread will be able to do this game justice if they have the resources they need.

    34. killx_den on

      Thanks for the Linux and Mac Stretch goal, couldn't play it without a Linux version ;)

    35. Adalan | Dream Traveller on

      Is there any word on pledging through Paypal and having that pledge added to our tier reward? Think of all those people without credit cards that have no other means of pledging?

    36. Leo on

      @Kevin: They will happen. Guaranteed ! Look at the current trend :) So feel free to pledge to your desired tier! Happy Mac user here too :)

    37. Rinu on

      @VoodooFX: I think realistic with a bit of optimism is the best option :).

    38. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @VoodooFX: given the known Kickstarter trends (and we have no reason to doubt they won't be followed here as well), 1 million $ is a very low estimate of the final goal. Usually the last couple of pledging days of each project are almost as strong as the first two (that would mean around 300k $ at the minimum), plus we seem able to do at least 20k $ / day for the other days of the campaign.
      So, we should be able to do much better than 1 million, (again, unless for some weird reason, the normal, observed, "statistical" norms of a kickstarter project are not followed, which I doubt), in fact closer to 1,5 million and even the 2 million isn't out of reach with some good publicity.
      I also believe that they will allow more backers (and/or people to add-on to their pledge) after the kickstarter is over, so we'll just reach the target this way anyway.

    39. Rezo Kaishauri on

      Jesus! I'm seriously considering a bank loan here. :D

    40. Missing avatar

      VoodooFX on

      While there is nothing I'd rather see more than for them to hit 2M mark, I think we need to be realistic here.
      It's obvious the main batch of backers already pledged and I'm well aware there will definitely be some up-pledging by existing backers and some late arrivals of fresh ones. That being said, I still think the peak we can reach is around 1M.
      I really hope they'll follow the example of some other Kickstarter projects, where they've left a possibility to back or raise your pledge through other means even after the campaign has ended. Something along the lines of Doublefine's "Slacker Backer" initiative.
      Personally I'd up my pledge from 350$ to 500$ in months to follow, since 350$ is really all I can afford now, but could probably raise another 150$ in couple of months.

      What I would also really like to see, is some of those really passionate people, that pledged 20$ and 25$ (more than half of all backers) and can afford a little more, to add at least 5$ or 10$ to their pledge. This would already push us beyond the original goal.
      I wholeheartedly believe this game is worth more than those 20$ and let's be honest, there's almost no newly released "A title" game you can buy for such a low price.

    41. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      DUMONT stretch goals aren't just for people who have already pledged to pledge more, but to get you to convince your friends, and also to help convince those who might be on the fence.

      Not to mention, you can up your pledge just a little bit without going to the next reward. If everyone upped their pledge by 1$ only, the project would get 12k more!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kevin Slechta on

      I'm currently only a Mac user and I backed this without even knowing the possiblity of Mac version! I just wanted to know that I was able to help in the creation of a new game in the series! I'm not religious, but I am now going to pray the Mac and Linux versions happen!!!!!

    43. Murray Wood on

      Hooray for the Linux stretch goal!! :):)

    44. Oriane MAILLY on

      Hard! I'm happy to know the new goals, but I'm afraid to do not reach the objectives...
      Naturally I want TLJH but my budget is not "stretchable". And I'm not the only one...

      I think TLJH is the story of April later TLJ and before Dreamfall. Good!
      For a remake t's not possible, they haven't the rights and prefer the new story. That pleases me!

    45. Craig on

      Ok we NEED to hit 2 mill now!

    46. Liam Markham on

      Is there a stretch goal to make it fully point and click? ;P

    47. Peter Kenna on

      Also, if 1,050,000 is the return of Cortez that would be awesome!

    48. DS_Nadine on

      Don't do this to me! Of course I want the 'beste' Version I can get, but I can't afoord more than the 110$ pledge. ;)

    49. Peter Kenna on

      The longest journey home: the fourth game in the series focused on April and how she becomes the older April we saw in the original longest Jorney. If they make that I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

    50. Stephan Cho on

      @ Guran -- Oh yeah, I didn't mean to imply that the folks at RTG are newbies to the industry by any means. And I kind of muddled my point there which was that it makes no sense to bring up Project Eternity in terms of funding since every RPG fan with a PC knows or has heard of Obsidian, whereas RTG is a wild card by comparison.