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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
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Update #5: The voice of April Ryan returns!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)
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We're very, very happy to announce that the lovely Sarah Hamilton, voice of April Ryan in both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, is returning for the latest game in our epic saga, Dreamfall Chapters!

"I'm so looking forward to being part of the longest journey family again in whatever capacity it may take!" says Sarah.

And we're looking forward to working with you again, Sarah! It wouldn't be the same without you!

Sarah added humanity and depth to the role of April Ryan, making her one of the most beloved and memorable characters in gaming history. Her involvement helped The Longest Journey resonate with players of all ages, as they followed April Ryan's journey from art student to saviour of the universe.

Sarah Hamilton's role in Dreamfall Chapters has yet to be revealed, but we're sure fans of April Ryan will start speculating right about...NOW.

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    1. Dmitry on

      it wouldn't have been the same...

    2. kabaliero on

      Pls less accent for Zoe this time plsss
      Because her father aint got any! duh!

    3. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      I agree! Keep the Balance! Bring her back as Zoë!!

    4. tazdingo on

      +1 for Zoë
      +1 for Cortez!

    5. Artem Obluchinskiy on

      About Russian localization can not even dream of?

    6. Tyrel on

      Wonderful news, without her voice acting April Ryan wouldn't be half as mysterious and cool as she turned out to be...
      ...but please, for the sake of mankind and all that's good, bring back Ellie Conrad-Leigh as well, to make Zoe be herself once again!

    7. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      Oh, also please get Cortez VA! I had the most epic crush on Cortez in the first game I was dreaming about him. Please please please please please please!

    8. Sarah | Draic Kin on

      When the last game ended on that cliff hanger I wanted to hit something. It's terribly cruel to end a game like that! Save April, save Zoe, don't end on another crazy cliff hanger and all will be forgiven :)

      Welcome back, Sarah. I've really missed listening to your voice!

    9. Sammie on

      Please PLEASE PLEASE get Zoë's voice actress to be a part in this too! Its almost a dealbreaker for me, I couldnt bear hearing someone elses voice as her. :( Shes too personal to me.

    10. Tanash on

      Yeeeeees! Great news!!!

    11. Magnus - Dream Traveller on

      For all norwegians wanting Svabø back, Ragnar said that she propably won't return.

    12. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      @Graham Ferguson: I totally agree!

    13. kabaliero on

      -- and a cryobooth 1.5 year session for me please

    14. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      Tamar Mebonia: Eating fingernails won't bring April back. That's just disgusting!

    15. RoyMartin on

      Yay! Great news!

    16. Graham Ferguson on

      I fell in love with April in TLJ, and I doubt I'm alone.

      I try not to speculate but Sarah isn't going to come back just to go "ouch...bleh". April's story just can't be over - she's been on a classic arc that needs to be completed. Besides, she's just too awesome to leave out of the story SHE started...

    17. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      Great news! Get Per Christian Ellefsen, Finn Schau, Trond Brænne and Synnøve Svabø for the Norwegian version, and I'll have to play through both versions (at least) twice.

    18. Paweł K. on

      And what about Lady Alvane?...

      In Polish version preety good job was done by Edyta Olszówka.
      I love them both. Truly, to this day TLJ is the only game i played with original and polish vo:) ).

    19. Marta Pilliu | Dream Traveller $6.13 on

      YOU. ARE. KILLING. ME! ;__;
      Welcome back, Sarah!! We love April also thanks to you!

      Aaaaah... November 2014, Y U NOT HERE?!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexko on

      This is great news! I really liked her work with April's voice, I'm glad she's back.

    21. Libor - Dream Traveller on

      Oh my, when it comes to drawing attention you awesome bastards surely do have some tricks up your sleeves, don't you!! I might just have throw in a few more dollars just to celebrate that Sarah is in :-)

    22. epmode on

      Re: my last post
      -that +on

    23. epmode on

      April's great and all but I would love confirmation that Zoe's voice too!

    24. Benny Samuelsson on

      April being dead at this point would really be a surprise. Like it was ever a possibility :)

    25. Petar Petrov on

      Great news! April is alive, maybe, in a third dream-world ;)

    26. Cyberbard | Shift Happens on

      And Regina Lund for the Swedish version! ^^

    27. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      Great news all around (.... as long as April doesn't show in the story only as some kind of Jedi Master ghost...)! I played the TLJ game in Norwegian the first time around, so my first memories of April's voice was Synnøve Svabø. But when I played it again in English I had a much better experience of it. She really makes April!

    28. Missing avatar

      Matt Witten on

      Years later I can still recall Ms. Hamilton's voice work as April. She added soul to a great character. Maybe the best character. Good news indeed. We can only hope later games will focus on April again.

    29. Missing avatar

      Katie Smith on

      She's very pretty, and really gave life to April!

      I hope the voice actor for Crow is back as well...:)

    30. Jamie D. Clarke on

      So April is in the game? SPOILERS MUCH?!

      Nah this is awesome news. Now to get Zoe's VA....

    31. Stephan Vandenborn on

      I'm going to play dreamfall again starting today as well. TLJ, i play every day starting july 28th/august 7th, on April's exact diary dates.

      My theory for April being "saved" isths: She was sour in dreamfall right. She was a bit butthurt and didn't even want to shift again or have anything to do with Stark. And you know how she would always be able to shift in TLJ just when she got scared or excited, right ? Imagine what happens if she gets stabbed and fall into the water. Would that be exciting enough for a shift April ? But I estimate that Chapter's true revelation will be a bit more exciting than my theory :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Jonas Humbernes on

      And Synnøve Svabø for the Norwegian version...? :P

    33. Werner Enz on

      That is one hell of a news! Amazing!

    34. Juhani Keskinen on

      Tremendous news indeed! It wouldn't be the same without Sarah.

    35. Missing avatar

      Szabolcs Vojsánszky on

      *Stark... dammit edit button!

    36. Missing avatar

      Szabolcs Vojsánszky on

      Great news! Seeing the Voice of April for the first time, she's indeed as cute as I imagined.

      As for April, come'on, she inadvertently opened a shift while falling and ended up right in front of a hospital in Start. ;)

    37. Missing avatar

      David Tatarakis on

      YES! I was just replaying TLJ, and I thought about how sad I would be if they didn't have April's original VA back. Fantastic!

    38. Rivercliff on

      Very good news! Please continue to announce the other fine voice actors as they sign on to reprise their roles. And more outtakes, please - Sarah was very charming, great sense of humor! (I partivcularly enjoyed the exchange between her and the old sailor when she tried to steal one of his lines and he stayed in character as he corrected her.)

    39. Missing avatar

      Marielle on

      This is wonderful news!

    40. Gal Shemesh on


    41. Missing avatar

      vellocet on

      I'm not entirely sure why people would think that April was dead... it's it obvious in TLJ that she's the old "Lady Alvane" who's telling the story?

    42. Missing avatar

      vellocet on

      This is the greatest news! I'm going to up my pledge.

    43. Missing avatar

      TDF on

      Welp. brightened my day. Spectacular news.

    44. Rinu on

      @Cyberbard: I agree woleheartedly! April is a hero of this saga.

    45. Scott Lahn on

      I've always loved the quality of voice talent for this series. Glad to have April back on board! Couldn't be any happier to be part of this kickstarter.

    46. Missing avatar

      Onur Bahçevancı on

      YAY! I feel the same excitement and happiness that I felt when I first heard the Chapters finally getting made :-) She was so great especially in TLJ. Btw you gotta have her say "rubber ducky" at some point in the game :D

    47. Cyberbard | Shift Happens on

      Guys, Ragnar has already confirmed that while Zoë is the main character of the Dreamer Cycle (TLJ: Dreamfall and Dreamfall: Chapters), April is the main character of the SAGA. So there's no way in hell April is dead if they want to continue the franchise after Chapters.