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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #4: New screenshot, shipping update & a suggestion

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

New screenshot of Riverwood

We have a brand new realtime, in-game screenshot for you today. This is from the western edges of Riverwood, a forest in the Northlands of Arcadia, not far from the capital city Marcuria. And it's looking absolutely beautiful.

We'll be seeing much more of Riverwood in an upcoming video.

We're using Unity 4 for Dreamfall Chapters, which allows us a level of detail and visual quality far beyond that of Dreamfall. With these tools, we can tell a richer, deeper story in a world that feels more magical, more alive, and more grounded.

Click here for a high-resolution version of this screenshot.

Shipping in Europe?

We are listening to your comments, questions and concerns, and we are working on finding the best way to ship to our European pledgers from within the EU, in order to avoid additional VAT and customs charges.

We are confident that we'll have a solution in place long before your boxes ship out, and we'll keep you updated on the progress. Pledgers will have the choice of where they want their boxes sent from before November 2014.

Rest assured that this remains a very high priority for us! We want everyone to receive their physical rewards as quickly, painlessly and cheaply as possible.

Please note that the current shipping charges will not change.

Renaming the Complete Edition and Director's Pack

We've seen plenty of discussions about the names for these two boxed editions, and we've had some internal discussions about it. We completely agree that the Complete Edition and Director's Pack could benefit from more lore-friendly (and more epic) names, particularly compared with the (cheaper) Dreamer's Edition. Which already has an awesome name.

We are therefore suggesting a name change for both of these boxed editions:

We would like to rename the Complete Edition to the Shifter's Edition.

And for the Director's Pack, we would like to go with the Dragon Edition.

These names will be prominently displayed on the box covers. In addition to being better names, they also reflect their respective forum badges more accurately.

But we're not going to make this change without getting your feedback. So jump into the comments below and let us know what you think!


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    1. Alexander Porter on

      Prototype game shots in video already look very promising! Really hope story telling is going to be just as engaging as first two games....

    2. Rezo Kaishauri on

      @Silje Knutson: Thanks for the answer! It completely skipped my mind that Ragnar's team doesn't own the rights to the previous games. Pity though.

    3. Elizabeth Stinger on


      Those Stark/Arcadia box version ideas are excellent. They should totally do those. (Assuming it doesn't cost too much to produce coins/badges. The papers, I would assume, are simple and cheap enough to print.)

    4. Raven Woods on

      While I don't mind the screenshots that came through I think the sunshafts are a bit too much. And colours look a bit too brown (is it because Autumn?). TLJ had really vibrant colours in Northlands. I would like it to be more like that. Plus, please stay away from the generic landscape. To me Arcadia has always been more of a magical, fairy tale like place.

    5. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @Simplex: "So despite the fact that you are a European company, Europeans will have to pay 15$ for shipping, while Americans will have free shipping? Do I understand that correctly?"
      Not fully - Europeans will have to pay US$15 in place of VAT, Customs duties and whatever handling charge the delivery company chooses to add (in the UK, Parcelforce charges £8/US$13 for handling Customs on your behalf). So if RTG can arrange this, it will be a great boon to Europeans receiving physical rewards. One extra clarification RTG could make is in the value declarations for physical items - they should specify the "retail" value of the items, not the (far higher) pledge amount.
      As for the boxed sets, I'm not bothered about naming but they do need something more in the contents department. One option could be to split the Complete/Shifter's Edition into Stark and Arcadia versions, with appropriate covers and contents (e.g. WATICorp employee badge, Project Alchaera flyer, Bingo! voucher for Stark; a coin, Azadi "wanted" poster, Journeyman Tavern flyer for Arcadia). The Director's Pack/Dragon Edition would include both sets of items plus (perhaps?) personalisation options - having your picture on the WATICorp badge and Azadi poster for example.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthias on

      The Journeyman Edition, Dreamer's Edition, Shifter's Edition and Draic Kin Edition sounds great. I appreciate the apostrophes with the Dreamer's and Shifter's Edition. Can't wait to see the updated mock-ups :)

    7. Adalan | Dream Traveller on

      Regarding the potential new box names I would, in the interest of conformity, either go for all with an apostrophe or all without.

      In case a final decision is made about these names, will the tier description be changed to reflect this decision or doesn't Kickstarter allow any changes to be made after the project has been launched?

    8. Missing avatar

      Pazuzu on

      For me, screenshots and minor information about locations, actors, characters etc are SPOILERS. Please think about that. I don't want to know anything about the game, I want to be TOTALLY surprised and explore everything for myself. The fact that the story will take off exactly where it ended is enough information and made my day to say the least!

    9. Ron Vollach - Dream Traveller 6.13$ on

      The new screenshot looks great, amazing, I just don't get the sunflowers, they seem out of place there, can't wait for the game already & we're still nearly 2 years from the estimated release time.

      I have a feeling I'm going to be playing the original TLJ & Dreamfall a few more time during the wait time, or I'll go insane.

    10. Silje Knutson - Dream Traveller on

      @Rezo: I can actually answer that :p Ragnar has been asked this innumerable times, but RTG does not own the rights to TLJ and Dreamfall - Funcom does. RTG will concentrate on making new games and thus telling new stories instead of looking back. I also remember reading somewhere that most of the old concept art and sketches were lost, so to make an HD version they would have to start from scratch again :/

    11. Rezo Kaishauri on

      Sorry, I just realized I should have had posted my previous comment in the general thread. My apologies.

    12. Rezo Kaishauri on

      In case you get significantly more funding than planned, any chance for you to consider making an HD version of the original TLJ? I know it's a lot of work, but still... That would be another dream come true! Anyway, best of luck with the project, just don't rush it, please. :)

    13. Giorgio Borgo | Dream Traveller $6,13 on

      @Valentina: Probably it's just because the image is backlit. The render engine is so sophisticated to "wash" colors exactly like a real photo.

    14. Leo on

      Now I know next to nothing when it comes to graphics, but aren´t the colors a bit washed out from the Riverwood screenshot? Will colors be more prominent in the final version?

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Stanway on

      The landscape in Riverwood is looking really good the Sky, trees and rocks are great.....I am sure there is a reason but the sunflowers are completely out of place, the flowers unrealistic and the grass on the ground is flat on the surface. I understand it is early days, the story is unfolding with fantastic progress. I am completely confident that final outcome will be amazing, very exciting.

    16. Ian Darlington on

      I love the new names! As for shipping, I personally don't mind paying a little extra for shipping, though I can understand why others would mind. In my own experience, when I've imported things (I'm in the UK), if the parcel is marked as a "Gift" on the customs labels I don't have to pay extra import charges.

    17. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      I personally love new boxes names!

    18. Charles Clerc on

      @Simplex it makes sense if they order printing and drop shipping from US companies.

    19. Simplex on

      So despite the fact that you are a European company, Europeans will have to pay 15$ for shipping, while Americans will have free shipping? Do I understand that correctly?

    20. Silje Knutson - Dream Traveller on

      @Allminoxy: I think your version is a bit clearer than the original, but too dark in places - more like an unnatural sunset while the original is more morning fog-ish. That's what I'm seeing - fog in the morning light. It's a bit unclear, but I'm pretty sure it won't look like that forever. It's not a finished product yet, like you say yourself. Don't try fixing what isn't broken! ;p

    21. Missing avatar

      Dan Vongprateep on

      dragon edition sounds odd off the the tongue. or maybe its just my tongue. maybe the dragon pack or dragon's pack. at the very least it should be possessive.

    22. Missing avatar

      Allminoxy on

      Hey guys, I'm so excited that you're finally able to complete this series and not have to answer to a publisher! I played the original TLJ back in the early 2000's and it had a huge impact on me; it still lives on as one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time.

      Anyway, the game so far is looking great! When I saw this screenshot though, I kinda felt like the lighting was a bit washed out and over the top. I know you're still in the prototype and lighting probably isn't even final so I feel bad saying this, but I just couldn't help doing a little paint-over in photoshop. I know, I know, I'm being one of 'those' fans right now :P Anyway, here it is, if you guys think I'm full of crap, that's fine, I just wanted to share. . .

      Can't wait for the game!

    23. Sam Norman on

      The art style is just blowing me away so far, loving it!
      The Shifter's Edition has a really nice sound too it. Not 100% sold on the Dragon Edition though. sounds a little too generic, to be honest

    24. Missing avatar

      Jenna on

      Questions: Are the physical books offered in the higher tiers paperback or hardcover?

      Have you decided what the dimensions of the poster and cloth maps will be?

      I vote for Draic Kin over Dragon.

    25. Rich Spencer on

      That's gorgeous, I just hope it feels far more atmospheric than Dreamfall did - as pretty as DF was, it was essentially flat and didn't feel very immersive. On the face of it, this kind of detail will help, but movement and sound also have a lot to do with it, but without a return to the irksome scene inside The Fringe where you had voices and clinking glasses but barely a person in sight.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ian Spaulding on

      Very nice! I can't wait to see it in motion.

    27. David Kononen on

      Are you guys going to give more details on the $750 pledge for the concept art? Like if it'll be framed, what size and some sample images? I'm really interested in this tier

    28. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Magnus Loe: Re coloured banners, that is the plan, yeah. Sorry if that's been unclear.

    29. Daniel J Day | Unreal World on

      Wow, i can't wait to explore Riverwood!
      Also cool how your giving the Editions more unique names.
      They all sound awesome, with or without the apostrophes( though i will choose "with" ).
      As for Dragon vs Draic Kin, that's a tough one. hmm, i will choose Draic Kin, why?
      because it just fits this game world well.
      well that's my 2 cents haha. :p

    30. Karl-Ove Nilsen on

      Judging from the screenshots you guys seem to have developed a prototype for how the game will look I am amazed on how far you guys have gotten.

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthew Blinow on

      I would love a USB digital edition. USB sticks are one of my favorite things to get from collector's editions of games anyway.

    32. ostubash on

      Not too picky about the names, it could be either Dragon or Draic Kin for the last box but I will say I think The Dragon Edition sounds a bit better. I do like Journeyman, Dreamer's Edition, and Shifter's Edition for the others. I almost feel like Dreamer's Edition sounds cooler than all of them.

    33. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Knight on

      Shifter's Edition is a much better name... and that screenshot just blows my mind!
      Can't wait to see Riverwood in motion. :)

    34. Maxime Girard on

      Journeyman Edition
      Dreamer's Edition
      Shifter's Edition
      Draic Kin Edition

      All sound nice to me.

      I need to get my job if I want to upgrade to Daic Kin Edition!!! *crosses fingers*

    35. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      The screenshot is mind-blowing.

      And thank-you again for the amount of participation you're giving the community. I was at a loss of words when I read about the proposed changes to the limited edition names. When I brought it up to begin with, I felt I was being a little nit picky.. but these unique names do add a lot of meaning to the package as a whole and sound so much better (more panache) than the generic names :).

      RTG, you scored a lot of points letting backers discuss/give feedback towards the name changes. Even if it is an overall small detail, there are a lot of people passionate about this project.. and love participating/helping in any detail of it's creation :).

      Journeyman / Dreamer / Shifter / Draic Kin, sound superb.. apostrophes are no consequence.

    36. Missing avatar

      enigma on

      Dragon Edition, and with apostrophes -- Shifter's Edition. Shifter Edition just reads awkwardly, and Draic Kin Edition sounds clumsy. But then, I'm not getting any of those, so feel free to disregard me.

      Lovely screenshot! I think it has to be one of the first games I've seen with Unity4 -- isn't it really recent, like, the end of last year or so? Did you even have all of its features already, when you started the Prototype, @RTG?

    37. Gal Shemesh on

      I'm a BIG fan of TLJ games and possess the 2 discs A5 box edition of TLJ and the A5 Limited Edition of Dreamfall (still kept in nylon but the side where the discs box and art book can slide out :)). As for me I really like the simple title names. It's not that the new names for the collector's editions aren't great, but In my opinion I still think that the standard names like 'Limited Complete Edition' and 'Director's Pack' will look much better aside the first 2 games on the shelf. And besides they will make more sense for new adventurers who never played TLJ games before. Again, IMO.

      However if you'll decide to go with the new names then 'Shifter's Edition' is a great name! But between 'The Dragon Edition' and 'The Draic Kin Edition' I would prefer 'The Draic Kin Edition'. There are enough games with the word 'Dragon' in their title already. 'Draic Kin' on the other hand is more unique and will suit much better for the series. :)

      Damn if I wasn't fired from my job I would have place a pledge for the $750 and promised myself the Director's edition with the cloth map of Arcadia! I know it's too early to ask but will the Director's edition with the cloth map be available to purchase after March 10th? Or is it only for backers that pledged for the $750 in advanced?

    38. Magnus - Dream Traveller on

      RTG: Only the limited boxed editions will have the banner on the box right?

    39. Missing avatar

      firesock on

      Shifter's edition works perfectly ;)

    40. Leo on

      @RTG: Looking forward to see the USB design. Is it related to the balance symbol? :O

    41. Matt on

      Also I just saw what Serena said about the pricing of USB tier. I wouldn't have it much more than the Digital Dreamer unless you plan to keep the content like the Boxed Collector Edition.

    42. Leo on

      Draic Kin Edition is not as sleek and straight forward as Dragon Edition. I still prefer the latter for this reason.

    43. Libor - Dream Traveller on

      Again, I do believe Draic Kin is more fitting as well. And like Michael below me or others, I do not care about apostrophes that much.

      But I have to tell you that something like Crow's Hidden Edition or Crow's Recommended Edition would be awesome :-) I mean how many iconic game sidekicks get to have an entire game edition named after them?! :-)

    44. Leo on

      I would probably go without apostrophes, but not a big deal at all for me. Probably easier for you guys to decide when you see the printed words on the boxes mock-ups

    45. Michael Hartmann

      I don't really care one way or another about apostrophes. Both alternatives work for me.

    46. Laila Eikeland Knutsen on

      Considering how all the other editions are getting names that fit with the TLJ lore then Draic Kin would fit better - and for everyone who knows the games it won't be causing any confused pauses.

      It's sort of like having to choose between strawberry or blueberry with your waffles though - it'll be great either way.

    47. Dilip Thomas on

      +1 for Draic Kin Edition
      +1 for no apostrophes! Dreamer/Shifter Edition sounds slicker and less clumsy IMHO

    48. Anne on

      Just a bit sad that if it does get named Draic Kin edition per my suggestion, I can't afford to pledge the amount needed to actually buy one :( But definitely will support this game to the mostestest I can afford (and drumming up friendly support - hubby has even pledged)!

    49. Anne on

      Draic Kin Edition FTW :D

      Seriously, it's unique-er than "Dragon Edition" and definitely fits the lore nicely.

      As for apostrophes (and I LOVE that you are letting your pledgers feed into this level of minutiae) - I think whatever you guys go for will be good :)

    50. Jakob Uhd Jepsen on

      I'm in favour of the Draic Kin Edition, seeing as "Dragon" as it is traditionally understood is really a misnomer for what they are in the Dreamfall universe. The rest are cool.