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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Update #3: Boxes & surprises

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)
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Today we hit two new milestones: 10,000 backers and 75% funded, in just over three days! Right now we're at $637,500 and steadily climbing. And this is all because of YOUR commitment, support and generosity. We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it: thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

But words aren't enough, and so we've added an extra reward to existing pledges in order to show our gratitude! This reward is included in all pledges of $50 and above, and you'll find more information below.

But first! As promised, we have a little more information about

The boxed editions

Please keep in mind that the box designs and cover art are only early MOCK-UPS, and NOT final designs. All boxes are subject to change before launch.

We've just started working on these, and our goal is to make each and every box as exciting, unique, special and collectable as possible. Like you, we love game boxes, so rest assured that we will continue to work on and iterate these designs until we ship the game. After all, we'll be pledging to get these boxes ourselves!

Please consider this a sneak peek, and a way to see which direction we're heading in.

The Collector's Edition ($110) comes in a beautiful slipcase containing a DVD keep case with an instruction manual. The slipcase and keep case feature a unique and beautiful cover designed by art director Christer Sveen.

The Dreamer's Edition ($250) comes in a double-wide slipcase with a flip-open cover, featuring art by Christer Sveen. This box is signed.

The Limited Dreamer's Edition ($350) comes in a similar box to the $250 tier, but with unique box art (not represented in the above mock-up) by art director Christer Sveen, and a Limited Edition banner. This box is also signed and numbered.

The Limited Complete Edition ($500) comes with a fold-out insert containing the game and the soundtrack CD. This box will have unique box art by Christer Sveen (not represented in the above mock-up) and is signed and numbered.

The Director's Pack ($750) features unique box art by Christer Sveen (not represented in the above mock-up) and is also numbered and signed.

Hopefully this gives you an indication of what we want to do with the boxes. Please keep in mind that these boxes are not final, the cover art will differ from the above, and all boxes are subject to change before release.

As we said at the beginning of this update, we are also adding a new reward to existing tiers! And I'm happy to say that this reward is a detailed, wonderful, magical, beautifully designed and executed

As someone once said: "MAAAAAPS! Hand drawn in quality ink by skilled Sunriders. Ain't no better in all of the Northlands!"

This map will cover the entire (known) world of Arcadia, including Marcuria, and it will contain a TON of cool secrets, Easter eggs, hidden messages and hints to both the past and the future! Plus wondrous pirate treasures, arrr.

At the $50 tier and up you now get a super-high-resolution digital Map of Arcadia (including Marcuria and the lands to the south and west, and the islands) with annotations and whatnot. Lovely!

At the $250 and $350 tiers, you get a large, folded, full-colour paper map, for studying, pointing-at and putting-up-on-walls. Glorious!

And at $500 and up, you get a beautiful cloth map, just like in Ye Olden Days of computer gaming. Maptastic!

The maps will be added to all existing and future pledges. We're very, very excited to finally be able to map the world of Arcadia, and to reveal all those locations only hinted at in the past.

That's it for today's update. Thank you all for your patience, kindness and generosity, and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

May the Balance be with you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      G. Cotton on

      I would like to get the digital hi-res map, to help with gameplay, but I pledged at $20 and another $30 to get the map seems like a lot.

    2. Leo on

      What I think would be super cool are small inserts inside the cover, like paper keepsakes themed from the game. Cut-outs designs for example. Anyway I'm sure ill be super happy however it turns out :)

    3. Leo on

      @michael: yes so even more reasons to make the boxes special. I hope for some super cool art, a very shiny cover and such :)

    4. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: I certainly don't know any project that even came close. Usually it is Download, Big Box, Signed Big Box.

    5. S. van Hengel on

      Or a cardboard oldschool bigbox like those the witcher collectors editions. :P

    6. Leo on

      @Michael: I have not taken part in many kickstarter campaigns, but I am thinking this one has more variations of boxes than most ! Although to be honest I expected the complete edition to be radically different, perhaps with a pop-up or something !:)

    7. Patrick on

      @Michael: Ah, you're right, I see now. I was linking the images to the wrong descriptions (indeed, must be sleep deprivation). In that case I'm happy @ $250 for now (but would still like the plastic cases to be upgraded to fold-outs) :)

    8. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: I know that it is not the final art. I just though for some reason that the Dreamer and Ltd. Dreamer would have essentially the same art. But the Ltd. Dreamer description mentions unique art, so they must also be different.

    9. Michael Hartmann

      Maybe the update is the first puzzle in the game :-)

    10. Leo on

      @Michael: The art on the boxes is not final, just a mock-up. However the art in the mock-up is the same for all covers, that is Zoe´s face...

    11. Leo on

      @Michael: I agree. The box update is becoming more and more confusing by the minute! hehe

    12. Leo on

      @S: I did not say that the box is special. I said it is essentially different, as it is a fold-out with the game and CD as insert, whereas the $250 seems to have the game in the plastic DVD case + book...They are two different designs, now whether that is special enough or not, thats subjective :)

    13. Michael Hartmann

      @Patrick: No, that is the $500 box.
      And it looks like I was wrong before. The Limited Dreamer's edition does seem to have different artwork than the "normal" Dreamer's edition.
      Somehow this update caused more confusion than we had before. Or maybe it is just because I am so damn tired today.

    14. Patrick on

      @Michael: they are very similar, but if I'm not mistaken the $350 one has a nice foldout inner case that incorporates the soundtrack CD, which I now have as an add-on.

    15. S. van Hengel on

      @Michael i know but i was talking to Valentina who doesnt seem to comprehend that the actual box isnt that special.
      Its similar to the edition before but it comes with a fold-out insert ....seriously ? :P

    16. Michael Hartmann

      @S. van Hengel: Nope. $100 more for an edition that is signed, numbered and limited and that contains a Dreamfall USB-stick and a printed graphic novel.

    17. S. van Hengel on

      $100 for a different name awesome lol :)

    18. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: True, but it seems to be exactly the same box with the exception of the name. All other boxes seem to have different art. Though it is still not totally clear if that is the case with the Shifter and Dragon boxes (love the new names).

    19. Leo on

      @Michael: $250 and $350 seem to also differ in the name written on the box. same as with $500 and $750

    20. Michael Hartmann

      @Patrick: Maybe one will become available later. It's possible that someone at that tier will move to a higher tier later on.

    21. Michael Hartmann

      You mean the $350 edition, right? That is the same as the $250 edition but signed and numbered. The unsigned edition is unlimited.

    22. Patrick on

      Crap; no more ltd. Dreamer's Editions left; should've jumped earlier :(

      @Read Thread Games: please consider using a foldout case in stead of an Amaray (plastic) case for the DVD for *all* slipcased editions because A: Gatefold cases are pretty / Amaray cases are ugly, and B: it matches the ltd. ed. of Dreamfall (quite happy with the box size because of this). :)

    23. Leo on

      @S: $500 box has a totally different design than $350. Are you looking at the pic above descriptions? Not the one under...

      $350 has the game in DVD case and book, $500 has game and soundtrack in fold out...

    24. S. van Hengel on

      Weirdest thing as well must be that the $500 edition has 500 copies while the $100 edition has 100 copies lol.

    25. Michael Hartmann

      @S. van Hengel: I think once the boxes are finished, the difference will probably be apparent. But right now it is difficult to even realize the difference in size.

    26. S. van Hengel on

      All i see is a plastic dvd cover placed in a different cardboard sleeve.
      Let me put it this way there isnt anything "Special" about the box if you know what i mean lol :D

    27. Michael Hartmann

      @S. van Hengel. Yes, but my point is that you get much more at the $500 tier than just the box. So the difference in tiers isn't just about the different cover. You also get books, a CD and a personal note from Ragnar that aren't part of lower tiers.

    28. Leo on

      @S. Hmm box from $350 to $500 is quite different if you look at the mock-ups. $350 is similar to $250

    29. S. van Hengel on

      @Michael Im talking about the box....its just a different sleave.

    30. Michael Hartmann

      @S. van Hengel: You get much more than just a different cover at the $500 tier.

    31. S. van Hengel on

      I highly recommend they look at some of the Limited editions released on bluray.
      If you look at editions around $100 you get some amazing stuff as extra.
      $500 for a different sleeve doesnt convince me.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jonatan Ericsson on

      @ Sami Leppänen: Are you kidding me? Add-ons, as in paying MORE for additional products = More money to the project!.. Just sayin ;)

    33. Leo on

      @Michael: Wallet aside hehe I think higher tiers already include other unique extras, without adding yet another box to them...

    34. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: My wallet agrees :-)

    35. Leo on

      @Michael: Yep my point exactly. Every tier included a description of its box, if different from previous tiers, so my two cents: the ultimate box should be from tier $500 and up, as per description. $ 500 for the best box is well...high enough I think! :)

    36. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: I agree. I thought it would be exactly the same at the $ 500 box, but this update makes it sound like both will have different art.

    37. Leo on

      @Michael: If they do have different box art, it has got to be made clear for pledgers, because the pledge description does not include a unique box for tier $750, but "everything from tier $500" + signed print

    38. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: I'm on the same tier as you.

      @RTG: Just to be clear - the boxes at $500 and $750 have the same contents but different box art right?

    39. Leo on

      @RTG: yes I figured the contents are the same for the box in $500 and $750, so they are kinda bound to be the same :) Glad to hear that :D And yes both ARE excellent choices :)

    40. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Valentina: You're right, it does say that, and yes, the box is the ultimate box -- shared with the Director's Pack :-) Both are excellent choices!

    41. Leo on

      @Michael: Yes I think some others did too...not sure if they were complaining about lack of big box on tier $110 though, which it appears to be only a dvd case. What tier r u on?

    42. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: Now you're making me feel stupid ;-)
      In my defence, I was watching the update on my phone earlier and I just associated the Digipak-style with DVD-size. And I think some others did too judging by some comments.

    43. Leo on

      @Michael: From the mock-ups, they all look like big boxes to me, except the first. I mean tier $250 includes the paperback book , which is supposedly in the box, so the box is bound to be wide?:)

    44. Michael Hartmann

      @Valentina: You're right. It does look bigger. There is more room above the discs. Thanks for pointing that out.
      I guess it would be good to make that clearer in a future update by adding the approximate dimensions of each box.

    45. Leo on

      @RTG: Now now the pledge description is then misleading, as the complete ultimate box is listed under $500. *PFT* :) Will it have the same dimensions and contents, with different art cover then?

    46. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Valentina: The Director's Pack is the ultimate box, of course, though the Complete Edition has the same dimensions. So at $500 you still get a pretty awesome box :-)

    47. Siresly on

      Cloth map!
      Wonder what the box the box is in will look like?

      @Antonidas|Archmage of the Obsidian Order
      Also it's more expensive to produce stuff in smaller volumes. Double Fine ended up having like 1/5th of the donations go to rewards and shipping. A higher percentage should go towards the production of the actual game here.

    48. Leo on

      @Michael: The box looks big, at least from $250 tier up. so you mean the $110 box?

    49. Leo on

      @RTG: If you´re reading these comments, can you please tell me which box is the ultimate super duper one you were touting the other day? The one you will all want to own yourself? I need to know it´s the one from tier $500, so just say yes hehe

    50. Michael Hartmann

      The cloth map makes me really happy. The lack of a big box not so much. The box will probably still be very nice when it is finished, but it will look so small compared to all the other Kickstarter games.