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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

December Dreamfall update (and Draugen)

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

A quick note on top: we still send updates to all backers, though most of you have already received your rewards. If you don't want to get any more Kickstarter emails, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom. And if you want to continue receiving news from Red Thread about future projects — like Draugen (see below) — you can sign up for our newsletter:

Still here? If so: welcome to another much-anticipated update, as we continue to crawl, ever-so-slowly, towards the finishing line.

Most frequently asked question first: yes, we are still working on the special edition Dreamfall Chapters boxes — and yes, that work is progressing.

In our last update, we mentioned that the Tome of the Balance has grown immensely, both in scope and quality, and it’s now in its final editing stages (all 300+ pages of it). Here's another in-progress preview:

Given previous experiences, we hesitate to provide an exact timeline for printing and shipping. As soon as the printers start rolling, however, we’ll let affected backers know. At that point, we'll also need to re-confirm shipping addresses, because it’s been a while and people move. (A long while, possibly multiple moves.)

For those of you who keep asking: unfortunately, no, we will not be selling the Tome separately. We're really sorry about that, but it could be unfair to backers who have waited so long, and it would also be a logistical nightmare. We're just not equipped to sell physical goods at this point.

In other Red Thread news: a few weeks ago we (re-)announced our upcoming game, Draugen — a first-person Fjord Noir mystery set in 1920s Norway — with a teaser trailer. You can watch that trailer on YouTube and you can learn more about Draugen on our website. If you like what you see, please consider wish-listing the game on Steam or on It helps us a ton, and you get to stay informed about the release date — which is some time in 2019.

Draugen wouldn't exist without Dreamfall Chapters, and Dreamfall wouldn't exist without you folks. So thanks again for your support: we really, really appreciate it.


Red Thread Games

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    1. Michael Ebersberger on

      Still haven't received my Journeyman edition and nobody ever answered my mail. yay.

    2. Ryan Karolak on

      Are the $250 tier rewards still being worked on? Did miss something? It would be nice to have an update. I'm patient... but it's been a long time and still am waiting. :)

    3. Philippe Jandot on

      I've looked on Steam and they are pretty happy about themselves there ...
      "we've delivered rewards to 80% of backers"

      They only talk about physical rewards, however I'm still waiting for missing digital ones ...
      Moreover what about the stretch goals promises never kept?

      I'm still waiting for:
      - 'Journeys: Birth' digital eBook
      - 'Tome of the Balance' digital eBook
      - Digital Map of Arcadia
      - Digital copy of the making-of-videos

      As they seems to answers on Draugen forums on steam we should add our voice there ...

    4. Christian Page on

      Look its unacceptable how long it has takken and how few updates we get. And if you really wanted a printed manual I can understand being upset.
      But trying to act like them saying "most" is silly and makes it look like you dknt understand first grade math. Everyone under the 110 tear got thier rewards. That's about 20,000 out of about 22,000 people. That's 90%. I'd say most is an accurate word. And those that are done with this project are probably tired of these updates. Thus all they were saying was how to remove yourself from the mailing list.

    5. Spencer Williams on

      Has there been any word about the Watilla USB stick? Just... any word at all

    6. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      I was a bit surprised to read most backers already received their rewards. Would it be possible to give us an overview of all the items that we should have received at this point? I got the Digital Dreamer's Edition and Humble Bundle still lists these as yet to be delivered:

      - 'Journeys: Birth' digital eBook
      - 'Tome of the Balance' digital eBook
      - 'Art of Dreamfall' digital eBook
      - 'Journeys: The Graphic Novel' digital eBook
      - Digital Map of Arcadia
      - Digital copy of the making-of-videos
      - Journey's Birth - Digital audiobook

      Is that accurate?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ciaran Charalambou on

      Good news that we physical backers haven't been forgotten, but a little more communication would be very appreciated (and not difficult). Even a 3 monthly update on the status of the physical rewards pledged for 5 1/2 years ago would be enough.

      I love TLJ, Dreamfall and Chapters, but I am very dissapointed in the communication RTG has had. Something as simple as "More work done on the Tome of the Balance, still waiting on proofs for xyz" would be great. And it's still not too late. As you're coming to the final straight (hopefully) of this project please put out more updates so we don't feel abandoned!

      much love

    8. David on

      @Maxwell Horse

      You're not the only one my friend. I'm patient, It's a lot of work, I understand but communication is important, we should have been receiving more frequent updates..

    9. nagi on

      "Though most of you have already received your rewards."

      Depends on your definition... got the game key, but still no Dreamer's Edition box...

    10. Anna Versus on

      i'm dissapointed by your team. I pledged for a full game, I got an episodical one. The game update after the release of the physical copy made me feel I playd a beta version of Chapters (new scenes, change of look for some characters and I don't know what else changed since I just tried to play episode one).
      Now I understand why Funcom didn't want to do Dreamfall Chapters... Too many delays, changes in work, the plot is a mess and there are no answers about what happened to April and the dragons.

    11. Missing avatar


      @SteveW: Regarding Linux Support:
      "Right now, we're focusing on the Windows version, with PS4/Xbox arriving later in 2019. As for Linux, we'll evaluate it — we're using a third-party engine, however (not Unity) so it's not a trivial task. It really depends on the potential audience for such a port."
      They wrote it in the Steam - Forum for Draugen. Funny eh? How they are better and faster in communicating in the Steam-Forums ^^

    12. John Baron on

      Pledged $200, got nothing so far.

    13. Vasiliy - Dream Traveller on

      It feels good to have an update, even though it's anyone's guess when the rewards will be shipped. When you do ship them please package them securely with cardboards and bubblewrap, so that book corners don't get damaged.

    14. Maxwell Horse on

      "Though most of you have already received your rewards."

      Um, I'm fine with waiting a bit further. But I just wanted to confirm that I'm not the only $500 backer who hasn't received anything yet. Red Thread is still working on compiling our rewards package, right?

    15. Craig on

      Would love if you offered digital versions of the tomb and art book after this is all laid out.

    16. Benjamin Hüll on

      I wish I could say I was shocked by the lack of response on the collector's edition, but I am not. You're just not giving a shit ... which really sucks, because I WAS a big fan of The Longest Journey, and now I just don't care anyore. Lack of respect from you guys is even worse. You may write that you are grateful but those are just words. You don't care about fixing 110$ tier.

    17. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      No Linux love for Draugen?

    18. Aerothorn on

      I've also been severely disappointed with the communication on this Kickstarter. I understand that developing games is very hard; getting physical rewards produced and shipped it also very hard. Giving us regular updates on what is happening is not very hard, and having to go over a year without hearing about various rewards is extremely unprofessional, as is the studio's refusal to address genuine backer concerns (like why there was no printed manual for one reward).

    19. Missing avatar


      Looks great! Although I will not be supporting Red Thread Games anymore in the future. Burned by the 110$ - Tier / Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter. Abysmal support / communication (why have a bakcer-section in the forum?), rewards not being delivered (or "downgraded" ) without comment and the final reward for my tier being less than promised.
      Definitely the last chapter for me.

    20. Kiri Callaghan on

      I keep forgetting I have so much to come still! Helping make the game come to life was so wonderful and then I remember, "Oh yeah! I get amazing things about this game I love so much" and it's going to be even more fantastic because you've had the time and care to make it what you want it. Plus, at this point it's almost like a gift from my past-self! =D

    21. Jeremie Lariviere

      that book looks amazing!
      I hope you can eventually sell it, but sticking to your plan for now is good! it'll help get things finished out of and not complicated

    22. Maxime Girard on

      I haven't much checked your doings of late. I hope that the whole team is doing well. I've been gaming much and CD Project Red has been keeping me busy. Both of your companies should try doing something together someday. They are really dedicated and awesome. Just a random though.


      To all at Red Thread Games : May the balance be with you.

    23. burnsflipper on

      "For those of you who keep asking: no, we will not be finding a way to sell you what you're telling us you want".

      Lol, RedThread.

    24. Andrew Pam on

      But will the PDFs of the Tome and the Artbook be available somehow?

    25. Mia Tafjord on

      :o the preview of Tome of the Balance stuff looks amazing!!<3

    26. Missing avatar

      underlander on

      Estimated delivery time: 4 years ago. And counting.

    27. Morkislair on

      Still NOTHING on the printed manual the "Boxed Collector's Edition" was supposed to have?
      (not even considering the packaging of this this so-called collector's edition was underwhelming any more).
      Have you guys just been ignoring questions about this matter on purpose for all those months now?