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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
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      AstralWanderer on

      While another update is to be welcomed (and I sincerely hope the October target for printing meant October *this* year...) I would echo Sabri's request for clarification as to what is being combined and whether this means wider distribution of the physical copy of Tome of the Balance (which was only going to be made available to $500+ backers).

    2. Missing avatar

      DuarteDF on

      You sent the game to my old address, in a different country. I told you months in advance that my address had changed. Can you please answer my emails?

    3. Tobo Boldwin on

      I would also be interested in buying the Tome seperately.

    4. Eric Pipedream Leisy on

      I had actually forgotten I was supposed to get a physical copy of this game! Glad to hear it's still being worked on and hope everything is going well at Red Thread Studios. I've worked at a printer for many years and I know how these projects can balloon out and take so much more time and effort then initially predicted.

    5. Stephan Vandenborn on

      Well it's really worth the wait if it's going to be even more "glossy", polished and meaty. I can only hope the shifter's edition will be tasty!

    6. Missing avatar


      Yeah, calling the 110$ - "sleeve" around a cheap DVD case a "Collectors Edition Box" is stretching it a lot - very dissappointed :(
      Additionally no "printed instruction manual" and no MAC - Version.

    7. Morkislair on

      This does not explain why the 110$ tiers physical "beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual!" is a 20$ eco-package with pre-existing art. Even though the art is beautiful, that's not the question. I would not even care so much if all advertised items were there, BUT the printed manual is STILL nowhere to be seen nor mentionned.
      (And also why you've chosen to ignore all addresses about this matter, I wonder)

    8. burnsflipper on

      "we’ll only be printing enough copies for our existing backers. We’re game developers, we don’t have the infrastructure or skill set needed to handle additional orders. Sorry."

      You don't have to do this yourselves. You can sign an agreement with a company that does this sort of thing every day, give them the files, they handle the orders/printing/distribution for you, and you take a cut of the profits. Everyone wins.

      Everyone at the $50 tier and above will get a digital copy of the Tome. I bet there's a tonne of people, me included, who would love this in hardback, full colour on premium paper. This is the ultimate gift any TLJ fan would want for themselves.

      Seriously, I have books like this for the other things I love, and they are absolutely amazing, a real treasure. Just check out BitmapBooks on Kickstarter, they are fully set up to do this: (and they have a new "The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games" book shipping currently, see their website).

      Advertisement over :) I have two of their books and they are just beautiful. Please make this available for us to buy as a physical copy and let someone else handle all the details for you.

    9. Sabri on

      Red Thread's official twitter said (with respect to selling the Tome of Balance):

      "Short answer: no ☹️

      Long answer: we’ll only be printing enough copies for our existing backers. We’re game developers, we don’t have the infrastructure or skill set needed to handle additional orders. Sorry."

      But they may make it available for digital purchase for home printing by the sounds of it? I'm also pretty confused about what is being combined. I'd imagine it was the art book and Tome of the Balance as both of these are exclusively for backers $500 and up, while combining the Tome of the Balance with the novels/comics which are also for $250 - $350 backers would be odd (and the art book/tome would work pretty well together stylistically, where comics/novels would feel kind of odd mixed in with them).

    10. lendroug on

      Is it possible to purchase the Tome of Balance? I didn't pledge high enough for it, but I'd be very interested in purchasing.

    11. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Chiming in with other people who'd like to buy the Tome of Balance separately - of course, I live in Australia so I wonder how ruinous the shipping would be, but worth asking! Would be a good introduction for others for the whole worlds of Stark and Arcadia.

      On the heels of that, if you've still got some connections with FunCom, perhaps a remaster of TLJ and Dreamfall might be an idea too? Then people could play all three games together for a whole new generation of people appreciating the twin worlds.

    12. Ashley Mackay on

      Well, it's been a while but we've finally received a much needed update and project reward response from RTG. I am still a bit sceptical until I receive the final (physical) products but if all goes well, I will do a momentary bow, apology and thank you to RTG and Ragnar Tornquist for doubting them and for their continued hard work to get the rewards out. The long silence and disappointing rewards been shipped out so far will make anyone and everyone think that trouble is brewing from their end. Thank you for the update and thank you for not forgetting us. I never 'truly' lost faith in the effort to get all the rewards out but only questioned it. Kudos! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      When you say Draugen is coming to PC, do you mean Windows? Or it will be available for multiple PC operating systems?

    14. Missing avatar

      Elodie Ruhl on

      I would kill to get that book. Please please please find a way to make it available for people who didn't pledge 200$. I wish I could go back in time and invest more money. I love the game universe so much, I need that book in my life ♡

    15. Maxwell Horse on

      That book looks absolutely amazing.

    16. Andrew Snyder on

      A question - what are the "various books" that are getting compiled into the expanded Tome of the Balance? Does that include the art book? Short stories? Comics?

    17. cabfe on

      I'm exactly like other backers have said: I'm waiting for my game to play it for the first time, despite having downloaded it a long time ago.
      And those books will make a nice post-gaming session too!

    18. Philip on

      Great to hear! After finally assembling a new PC in the past weeks, I'm looking forward to play DF:C for the first time. The tome and other extras should make for an excellent after-game-reading. Keep it up!

    19. Petar Petrov on

      This is amazing! You went from a November 2014 estimated date for these tiers to November 2018, but never gave up! Well done!

    20. Elfwyn on

      I will patiently wait for the ultimate boxed edition. Then I will also play the game for the first time. I do not mind delays so much, but I guess those are double painfull for you developers. I hope you don't take too many bad experiences out of this campaign. I am happy to have been able to contribute to the continued development of this Saga. I also think that Kickstarter and Game Projects financed by fans are a good thing even though delays happen naturally and some backers tend to get cranky at times. 😁 Im looking forward to playing your game!

      yours Elf

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kane on

      I'm glad you guys are working on making the rewards as perfect as possible!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ginsterbourg on

      Is it possible to buy the Tome of the Balance book separately? I'm a huge fan of Dreamfall and i'm sure none of us would like to see that book on ebay with astronomic high pricing.

    23. DS_Nadine on

      What is with the 110$ tier printed materials, namely the 'manual'?

    24. Andrew Snyder on

      Hi, RTG - I wanted to confirm that my shipping address has not changed, but my email address has. I have tried unsuccessfully to update my email address on BackerKit. If you need to reach me, my Kickstarter email is up-to-date, or you can reach me via the RTG forums (username is ringtail).

      Andy Snyder

    25. Missing avatar

      mdrichey on

      Any chance Tome of the Balance will be offered for sale? I could not afford to pledge $200 in 2013, but I would certainly love the opportunity to buy this book today.

    26. Achira Abeynayaka on

      I was just wondering if it would be possible to order a copy of the 'Tome of the Balance' on its own for people that didn't back at those levels? I wish I had backed at a higher level but unfortunately my financial situation was different back then, but I would love it if you guys could make extra copies of these other physical goodies and sold them through your website.