Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

by Red Thread Games

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    1. Philip on

      Great news! It's been quite some time (as many people have pointed out), but I for one am very happy to see that you are shipping the boxes! I'm looking forward to receiving one (as a bonus, yay) and to the other news you teased. Thanks for the hard work of all women and men at RTG!

    2. Yawhann Chong on

      Good things DO come to those who wait!

    3. Zeo on

      As a normie backer, I would also love to get my hands on some lovely T-shirt! Also, is there a possibility of a Watilla hoodie down the line?

    4. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Awesome news! That reminds me, I still haven't finished the game. I should probably do that tonight when I get home.

    5. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Oops, I just realized I only backed for the digital rewards. Oh well, still good news (even if not for me personally).

    6. Robert Russell

      wish i donated at that level :) stuff looks sweet

    7. Missing avatar

      David Warren on

      wait, so am I getting a new shirt..? my original one was pretty poor quality

    8. Petar Petrov on

      Amazing! You've kept your word and only after 5 years, the $110 backers will start to receive their rewards! I really want to back your eventual new project at such a tier and to receive my reward for a mere 5-10 years from now! Well done and good luck with all your future projects!

    9. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @RTG: "Not in Norway, not yet at least!"

      Isn't spring the time when polar bears stop roaming the streets of Oslo? ;)

      Good to see this coming to a close - I was starting to worry about it reaching the 4th anniversary after the estimated delivery date. :p

    10. Eric Pipedream Leisy on

      Backers asking about clarification on shirts: No, RTG is not sending out shirts to people who have already received them- they are being sent to the handful of backers who never got their shirt, and then they are selling the rest... so if you wannt a 'replacemennt' shirt, soudns like you will need to pay for it yourself. :/

    11. Eric Pipedream Leisy on

      RTGames- I wanted to give you all a handshake and a hug, and congratulate you on this incredible accomplishment you have done. I wanted to tell you this, because a while ago, while things were still in development and not quite finished, I posted a pretty harsh review of my thoughts on dreamfall chapters, and I ended up not finishing the first chapter and pretty muych walking away from this project with upset and dissapoitned feelings for what i thought was a weak effort and not really worthwhile. Having a bit of persepective on thinngs now (my keyboard is brokenm, apoligize for odd or repeating keystrokes) I see that I was judging Chapters unnfairly, and that I was blaming the software for not meeting my impossible expectationns. I've also had a chance to get get perspective on crowdfundinng annd kickstarter projects. The reality is that I've seen so many crowd funded projects fall apart or just not able to deliver on what was promised, and I have a much better understandinng of finacials with development... and I think it speaks so highly of all of your characters and work ethics that you have started this project, and completed it, and delivered on all promises- with the amount of money you did get. I'm excited to get my backer game, and even more excited to sit down and play though the whole thing. Thanks for your work RTG.

    12. Missing avatar

      Márton Marczell on

      Can you give an update about the remaining digital rewards such as:
      'Journeys: Birth' digital eBook
      'Tome of the Balance' digital eBook
      Digital Map of Arcadia

    13. Susie Mawdsley on

      I moved and would like my T-shirt sent to my new address. Where do I put in my address change?

    14. Celeste Gamble on

      OMG, can't wait to buy a Watilla shirt!! Watilla represent!!

    15. MsDemeaner on

      Wait, thats the special collectors edition box? Seriously? What is so special and collectable about that? Am I missing something?

    16. Sven_Q45 on

      What a new t-shirt? I want that Watilla shirt right now.

      I´m so looking forward for the rest of my rewards. :)

    17. Sven_Q45 on

      @Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT
      At the moment I play the final cut finally. Now that it´s complete.

      Well you can buy the t-shirts instead later on the page. Hoping for the link soon. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @MsDemeanor: "Wait, thats the special collectors edition box?"

      That's the "standard" box for $110-level backers (now know as Journeyman Edition). Those who opted for the Dreamer's Edition ($250) or higher should get a different (hopefully nicer) box - but will also receive this one (as per update #111).

      I'd agree that describing this as a "Collector's Edition box" is hyping it a bit. But since the $110-level was the first including a physical copy, it's probably unreasonable to expect much beyond a basic box. Plus it does look comparable to the Dreamfall Collector's Edition boxes that were available a few years ago - see https://www.game.co.uk/en/dreamfall-collectors-edition-23501

      And assuming RTG don't plan to print any more copies, any physical release will be limited edition and so technically "collectable".

    19. Chase Blayden on

      Sent a message May 2017 that my address has changed, but never received confimation. What's the go regarding the items being sent to the right address?

    20. Red Thread Games Creator on

      For anyone requesting additional information about changing address, redeeming rewards, and so on, we'd like to direct you to our backers portal:


    21. STooGE$$$$ on

      I am at $110 tier and have not received anything since this update.

    22. peter olafson on

      It's soething over a month sine the update and I've received neither the notification email nor the game. Please advise? Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeronimo Dey on

      I have also neither received a package nor notification - Germany, if that helps.

    24. Drakan on

      I haven't received either an email (notification) or the parcel itself. I bought a collector's edition at 110 USD.

    25. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      It sounds like I'm in the same boat as a few other people. I pledged at the $110 level but I haven't received a follow-up email notification nor the game as yet.

    26. Missing avatar

      Olivier on

      You can add me to the list as well! Can Red Thread please come forward with details about why these parcels are taking so long? Many thanks!

    27. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      I've also sent an email enquiry to:


      from the backers' portal:


    28. White Destiny on

      Have you sent out the Journeyman boxes yet?

    29. DS_Nadine on

      Still waiting... :-/

    30. Cruel_Crow on

      Can you please clarify what is the shipment status of the 110 usd parcels? I didn't receive the game yet, nor did I receive any tracking number.

    31. Missing avatar


      Also one of those backers that are still waiting for the physical copy. I've already asked on their Forum (backer-section, so you prbly need to login to see it) in December and just posted in there again.

      Their last login here on Kickstarter was almost 2 months ago, so not sure if you will get an answer here on kickstarter.

    32. Marc L. Allen on

      I also have not received anything... neither package nor email. I have emailed backers@redthreadgames.com twice over the last two weeks and have had no response.

      I would appreciate an update.

    33. Morkislair on

      Hi, I'm yet another comment saying no e-mail nor package...

    34. Sean Cannella on

      Also never received a package and got no response to an email. Did Redthread shut down?

    35. Matt Combes on

      Ditto on everything. It's been over 8 weeks now since they said they were shipping them, and I haven't received anything, nor have I had a response to my email inquiry about it. Starting to feel a little disheartened ...

    36. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      Has *anyone* received a boxed Journeyman Edition of the game yet (update #113)?

      I've not got the box yet, and have not even had the courtesy of a reply to an email I sent to backers@redthreadgames.com on 28/04/2018.

      I nearly backed this game at one of the $1500+ tiers... I'm glad I didn't do that at least (although I hope it still works out for everyone).

    37. Missing avatar

      MrBanballow on

      May 16... still nada. :(
      $110 backer.

    38. theAnton on

      Got mine today, maybe there was some delay in shipment? I live in Norway and it appears to have been shipped from Norway so it certainly shouldn't have taken such a long time to get here IF it was shipped in the beginning of March. The box is nice and all, but kind of small to be called a Collector's Edition.

    39. theAnton on

      $110 backer btw

    40. Dag Henrik Bråtane

      Received my Journeyman Edition package today in Norway. Great!

    41. DS_Nadine on

      Uh... Is it really only the Digipack including the DVD?

      "Includes a beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual!"

      I would neither call this a box (but I could live with that) nor do I see a manual in the mockups. And we were promised all downloads of the digital edition including a soundtrack, wich I only got of episode one and now there's not option anymore to download anything.

    42. DS_Nadine on

      Got my "box" (with the same cover cesign as the 2014 physical release real "box" and over 1 year after the complete physical release for PS4). And as assumed there really is no "printed instruction manual" as promised? - It's ok to get "less" OR "later", because the main reason for backing such a high tier is that we wanted to invest in your game, but not both. And if the money has run out just say it. | I'm happy I at least got "something", I have a kinda bad track record on Kickstarter. But for the future I'm out on everything more than the minimum digital reward.

    43. Benjamin Hüll on

      Oh come on, really?!? This is what you call a collector's edition? And there is no printed manual with it! (110 tier, just got the game today). This is disappointing

    44. Missing avatar

      William on

      Got my "beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual" the other day. While I am very glad the game was completed an a reward was actually sent out, I must admit the end result of the physical product was pretty underwhelming. The first thing I thought when I opened the package was: "This can't be it; it's just so...so...meh." Saw that it said promotional materials on the description so I initially thought it was just promo stuff. Then I realized that was just wishful thinking. I haven't opened it yet, but I strongly doubt there's a printed manual inside. If anything, there's probably a 8.5x11 sized paper folded in half that serves as a quick start guide.

      I'll have to chalk this up to another bitter lesson learned: if ever backing a Kickstarter video game, go for the cheapest digital option. Otherwise just wait for it get made and buy it on sale.

    45. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ventolora on

      Just my collectors edition too. I have to say this is underwhelming. There is no box, just a CD case and no printed material like a manual at all. What gives?! I expected an old school PC gaming box from back in the heyday but alas that is not what arrived. Feeling pretty let down after all this time =/

    46. Cruel_Crow on

      Finally got mine today. There is no promised printed instruction manual :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Mick Adam Noya on

      I haven't gotten mine yet. Getting a bit concerned

    48. DS_Nadine on

      Still waiting for that printed manual. :-P