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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
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April-May production update

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Hi gang,

There's been no official backer update since March, and so it's about time we told you what's been happening at Red Thread Games. And what's mostly been happening is

Book Three

Dreamfall Chapters Book Three is progressing really well. Our focus is now on finishing all the final assets — models, animations, sound-effects, music, voices, cut-scenes — and putting them into the game, before the final round of testing and polishing can begin.

But when is Book Three coming out?! we hear you yelling.

It's difficult to estimate exactly how long this final phase will take, and we're not going to announce a release date until we're about 5-7 days away (lesson learned from last time around!) but we are getting close.

So what exactly is the team working on?

Right now, the Chapters team counts eight full time members, along with a few part-timers (primarily RTG employees who split their time between projects) and a freelance animator.

On the design side, Quintin is implementing the gameplay. Martin's enjoying a leave of absence as a full-time father (a mandatory thing in family-friendly Norway) but he'll be back after summer to work on the final two episodes. For now, Quintin's pulling double duty scripting the gameplay mechanics, dialogues and cut-scenes across three chapters — not an easy task for one person, but his experience and technical expertise are paying off.

Aside from some of Marcurians you'll come across in the game (including backers, transformed into NPCs by co-art director Rikke) the character models for Book Three (and most of Book Four) are complete. 3D modeller Hans Kristian has moved onto the third interlude, before tackling the few remaining character models for episodes four and five.

There are no new features being coded for Book Three. Programmers Audun and Morten are currently working on porting the game to new platforms (along with a couple of other things), but they're both on standby to fix any issues that may pop up. Book Three remains their highest priority.

The environment art is still in progress, but will wrap up next week, leaving our two environment artists — Morgan and Øyvind — to polish and optimise models and environments, before starting work on Book Four (which will include a bunch of really cool new locations).

Our animator, Eivind, is aiming to have most of the animations ready this weekend (we don't usually work weekends here at Red Thread, but he's putting in extra work in order to take some days off). After that he will focus on adding polish, before also starting work on Book Four. Eivind is assisted by freelance animator Leigh, and together they have created all the animations for the game.

Simon is hard at work composing brand new music for Book Three. He recently received a nomination from the Develop Awards for audio accomplishment — competing with the likes of Alien: Isolation, Forza Horizon 2 and The Sailor's Dream — and our fingers are crossed for Simon at this summer's award show.

And finally, this past Wednesday we wrapped the last voice recordings for Book Three (after four intensive weeks of work across three time-zones: Los Angeles, New York and London). As soon as all the voices have been edited and put into the game, Ragnar's focus will shift to writing the script for Book Four.

Of course, once Book Three is out the door, the cycle starts anew. Doing episodic development is very much like releasing a new game every few months (with no time off in-between), but the team's getting very good at the iterative production process, and every episode's development goes a bit smoother than the last. By the time Book Five rolls around, we'll be experts — just in time for our next, non-episodic project!

Speaking of Book Three, we're very pleased to announce the name and key art for our third episode — and you, our backers, get to see it first!

Here it is:

Please note that this art is not final. Art director Christoffer will continue to tweak the art next week — but Book Three is indeed called 'Realms'...and both Kian and Zoë have gone through some dramatic changes in the time that's passed since the end of Book Two!

Backer rewards update

We haven't provided a reward update in a while, and some of you have been asking about the timelines for when things will be released and shipped out. A few digital rewards have been fulfilled — or are being fulfilled on an ongoing basis — but here's a brief update about the most-asked items:

Physical rewards will not be shipped out until after Book Five has been released. We want to put the complete game in the box, DRM free, preserved on a silver disc for future generations. All physical rewards will be mailed out at the same time, and our tentative date for this is the end of the year (though this may change).

Digital short stories. The original plan was to have the short stories ready for the release of Book One. Due to a combination of workload and the way the story's being told, we’ve obviously pushed the release date quite a bit. The short stories tie into the plot of episodes three through five: our current plan, therefore, is to publish these after the summer — before the final two episodes are released — in order to better fit into the chronology of the game, and to not spoil any surprises in Book Three.

Additional digital books and graphic novel. The first part of the Art of Dreamfall Chapters was released together with Book One in October. The plan is to continuously update this book as more episodes are released, and Christoffer is planning an update for Book Three. The remaining material will be published when all five episodes are available.

Digital soundtrack. We released the Book One soundtrack in November (and Simon received a nomination from the prestigious Music+Sound Awards for his work on that) and there will not be any more standalone soundtracks for individual episodes. The full soundtrack — containing many new tracks — will be available after all five episodes have been released.

If you have any specific questions about other rewards — digital or physical — feel free to get in touch with us directly by emailing We promise to get back to you as soon as possible!

...and finally

Fellow Norwegian indie developers Antagonist have launched a Kickstarter for their intriguing horror game Through the Woods. Check it out and give them your support, if you can. We wish them the very best of luck with their campaign!

That's all for now, folks. We'll be back with more on Book Three soon, including screenshots and a new trailer!

Team Red Thread

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Peterson on

      Side note: It looks like Google is trying to patent Wonkers the Watilla. I knew it was only a matter of time. :-)

    3. Sander Romeijn on

      Thanks for the update; I was really starting to look forward to reading some news on the game and on the team again. Yeah, family is important.

      I'm still curious about the Loremaster stretch goal where we'll be able to collect books and scrolls.

      I assumed you could collect books throughout the game, but it doesn't seem like it'll be in Book 3 either, so maybe Book 4 and/or 5? Maybe you're planning to add books to all the Books afterwards, once the main game is done? In Book 5 are we free to visit all the previous locations, or will we have to start a new game? Thanks for any info on that.

    4. Pirateguybrush on

      Looks great so far! Sounds like you're trying to avoid crunching, great to see. Congrats to Martin!

    5. ichik on

      New hair style is really cool.

    6. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    7. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      "publish these after the summer — before the final two episodes are released — in order to better fit into the chronology of the game, and to not spoil any surprises in Book Three."

      So if it's important to me to experience everything in a holistic chronological sequence (like the intertwining of the various Dragon Age games and novels, for example), then I'd want to play chapters 1-3, then read the collection, then play chapters 4-5?

    8. Jose Lopez on

      Wow! Time flies! I haven't finished Book 2 because of Pillars of Eternity, Life is Strange Ep 3, and Witcher 3. Need to focus on finishing Book 2 now before Book 3 comes out and put the other games on hold. LoL!

    9. Atle Jarnæs Lerøy on

      I hope we get a full soundtrack, with all those beautiful tracks.. Not just a few..... But the complete one :p

    10. Luis Bermudez on

      If you need any help data wrangling, bug smashing, or scripting feel free to reach out to me.

      Best of luck with paternity leave and the rest of the episodes :)
      I'm happy to help.

    11. Missing avatar

      John Larson on

      As a U.S. citizen, I am shocked to hear about your paternity leave policies. I feel it's appropriate that families be torn asunder by the work you're doing.

      By which I mean: congratulations to Martin! And Martin, if you're reading this, STOP READING AND GO CHANGE THAT SOILED DIAPER YOU'RE PRETENDING YOU'RE NOT AWARE OF.

    12. Missing avatar

      Empirimancer on

      Cuuuuuuuuuuuute hair! (on Zoe)

    13. Gal Shemesh on

      Got it. I thought it's going to be on separated downloads and therefore was worried why I'm not getting any links to redeem Book 2 etc... Thanks for the info Tet Yoon Lee. :)

    14. Tet Yoon Lee on

      If you have the season pass then you have the game. There is no need to add book 2, it's one game. (Even if the chapters were seperate, there would still be no need to add anything seperately, they would just be seperate downloads.)

    15. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Gal Shemesh: As far as I can tell, book 2 is on Humble Bundle. I haven't downloaded it but it was last updated as 2015-03-31 which suggests it includes book 2. Bear in mind there are no seperate downloads because the chapters aren't intended to be seperate.

    16. Gal Shemesh on

      Thanks KHH, I might have missed this update although I carefully check each and every email from Kickstarter and RTG. I just now went and checked my GOG account and the only thing I can see is 'Dreamfall Chapters Season Pass'. Is there an activation link to add BOOK 2 to my accounts on Humble Bundle and GOG? Thanks!

    17. KHH on

      Gal Shemesh, Book Two been available on Humble for a long time now. It went up a work day after Steam and GOG, or there about.

    18. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Sounds like things are going well and hope Martin is enjoying his parental leave.

    19. Gal Shemesh on

      Great job guys! Keep up the good work.

      But what about Book 2 over Humble Bundle? I've never received any update regarding it besides the one that mentioned that Book 2 is available over Steam, but I'm not using it or willing to as I don't like the Steam client whatsoever. So I waited for your update but never got anything, and you're now talking about Book 3... =\ Did I missed anything?

    20. symbiotics on

      looks great! hope this one implements Unit 5 that will bring a lot of graphic and framerate improvements

    21. Cyberbard | Shift Happens on

      It's simply staggering how much work you're all doing. I absolutely thought you were more people working on the game. :)

      Good job, and keep it up everybody! Also congrats to Martin.