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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

We're live on Steam for everyone!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Good news, everyone!

The game is now LIVE on Steam for all backers!

We are uploading the DRM-free Windows, Mac and Linux versions to the Humble Store now, and those should be live soonish. Non-Steam users rejoice!

As for, due to the unfortunate delays on our end, they will not be able to publish the game to their store today, but that will of course happen tomorrow morning. We apologise for this, but those last-minute bugs had to be fixed, and that put us severely off-schedule today.

If you don't have your Steam key yet, you can go to the Humble Store account page to get it. That's also where the DRM-free version will be available as soon as humanly possible. Here are instructions, if you need them:

We do want to remind everyone that we have sent out instructions about how to redeem your rewards via Humble and how to set up a BackerKit account on multiple occasions in the past. If your email addresses are outdated and you are unable to access either of those pages, please go back and read previous updates. If you're still stuck, visit our official forum where there are lots of resources and helpful peoples, or contact us via and we will try our best to help you out.

Do also remember that the team is on Oslo time, it's past midnight, and everyone's exhausted. We will stay and help as long as we can, but at some point we will pass out! We'll be back, freshly showered, in the morning, ready to help, support and counsel!

In the meantime: enjoy the game! And may the Balance be with you!

Team RTG

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    1. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Right before I went to bed I got the DRM-free Linux edition of Book 1 started beautifully. :)
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    2. Johan Ho on

      Lol, Dreamfall Chapters.exe was deleted by my antivirus program. :P Gotta whitelist it I guess...

    3. Ulrikke Greve Olufsen on

      Thank you, I'm really enjoying the game so far, but don't want to play it too much as I'm dreading the wait till the next book! Well done everyone!

    4. Matt Hone on

      I am now 2 hours into Book One and I really like it so far. No corners have been cut in developing this, it feels like a true successor to the previous entries in the series.

      I really want my soundtrack though. I'm a $50 backer so I should have had it included in my Humble Bundle. I assumed it just wasn't ready yet but it looks like purchasers of the Special Edition on Steam have access to theirs. When will you release this for backers?

    5. Katja Isaksen on

      It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much guys! I'd really love to have a soundtrack at some point...

    6. John Spencer on

      @ Senchaholic: thanks, I missed the fact that the torrents are not public!

    7. Senchaholic on

      @John: just because it's torrent doesn't automatically mean it's piracy to download. Roads are used for crime as well, that doesn't mean that you're a criminal using them ;) it's just one way to download.

      Torrents is a very common technology. Blizzard has historically used torrent when sending out WoW patches. I don't know if they still use it.

      The torrents are connected to humble bundle's torrent tracker. It's not public torrents in that sense.

      You're not doing anything illegal by just using torrent technology. It's what you use it for that may be illegal.

    8. Michael Odden on

      I was able to fix the corrupt .zip ( by doing the following from the terminal:
      zip -FF --out
      (answer yes when asked if it is a single-disk archive)

      - I was then able to proceed with the newly generated

      I haven't played through it yet, but it starts up nicely at least.

    9. Simon (Chojey) on

      aaand please disregard my previous post - just tried it again and I guess 3rd time is the charm :) Thank you!

    10. Simon (Chojey) on

      I do apologise if this question has already been elsewhere... but, I linked my steam account to humblebundle - but Dreamfall Chapters is still not "redeemed" as such - I apparently still need to buy it from Steam? Am I missing something... I already redeemed it (twice) using the humblebundle interface and am not getting any error messages.. :(

    11. Dmitry Zhavoronkov on

      Good job! Thanks for your work!

    12. Nikolaus Kellermann on

      You folks did a great job with this game. I am two hours into the game and it is absolutely brilliant! It was a long journey indeed since the original TLJ released - but the waiting time was worth it. Will definitively pledge future projects of Red Thread! Thank you for that great game. Looking forward to see the other four chapters! ;)

    13. Gavin Byrne on

      Both HumbleBundle and BakerKit are refusing to recognise my kickstarter email address.

    14. John Spencer on

      I have just realized: if you are downloading the torrent, the aren't you inadvertently committing piracy? I left my uTorrent client open after the download, and then realized anyone searching for Dreamfall Chapters torrents can then download it from my PC!

      Is this not a major problem, since the download is DRM free?

    15. madGamer on

      @Orlando28 thanks for the link, im just worried about this "unless that won't go live since I already claimed the Steam key" I redemed the steam key. If its possible to have just one i prefer the gog. They have to implement a sistem to destroy the key of steam to have the gog like inxile did with wasteland2... but perfect would be if we could have both :P

    16. Missing avatar

      Bart Spits on

      Nevermind it works now I'm off to play it :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Bart Spits on

      I don't understand if I did everything that I had to do to get my reward >__<
      Congratulations on getting the game out there! It's looking awesome with positive reviews from the backers. Another successful Kickstarter :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Orlando28 on

      @Benjamin Hüll, @madgamer: According to agirlnamedbob, a moderator on the Red Thread official forums, GOG keys are coming indeed. See this post:…

      Also, agirlnamedbob confirmed this for me yesterday in the comments of the Kickstarter update #62.

    19. madGamer on

      @Benjamin Hüll i tink the same, the drm free its nog GOG, I have tried to ask but i didnt have a answer if will get the gog keys for free. i hope so!

    20. Missing avatar

      Hicks on

      So are we able to redeem our pledges and get a gog key?

    21. Benjamin Hüll on

      Somehow I think we are not getting GOG keys, the DRM-free version will be from the Humble site :(

    22. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Quick update - WinRAR can't repair the archive (reporting an unexpected end of archive for Win_x86/Dreamfall after 7 minutes processing).

      Just have to wait for RTG to post an update - pity to see all that wasted traffic on BitTorrent though. :(

    23. John Spencer on

      Yes, it seems the zip file is corrupt. Downloading the torrent instead.

    24. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      For feedback/bug reporting I think you should post at the appropriate thread(s) in the redthreadgames forum. If its a major problem, you could also email

    25. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'm seeing the same issue as Noman - a corrupt .zip on HumbleStore whether downloaded directly or via BitTorrent (BT giving much better download speeds incidentally - up to 4.0MB/s compared to 2.0-2.5MB/s).

      WinRAR does have a repair option (in the Tools menu) which claims to have found a Win_x86/Dreamfall file in the archive, but it's taking a while to process (maybe due to 1GB+ archive size). I'll leave it running for a couple of hours to see if it works...

    26. Missing avatar

      Noman on

      Yes, the zip file on HumbleBundle is corrupt. It downloaded fine through both the torrent and direct download methods, but the zip file doesn't seem complete.

      I have no plans to claim the Steam key and will rather wait and get the correct archive once it's available. I am sure future installments in this series will be released with far fewer issues. Releasing a multi-platform title (and then having separate DRM and DRM-free packages for each of those platforms) can be quite challenging. I am just glad that a new Dreamfall game is coming out and that it's DRM (Steam) free!

    27. Missing avatar

      Andronache Alexandra on

      Thank you very much for all your hard work! You should get your well deserved rest now and get your strenght back.

    28. liquid3AM on

      I also couldn't find the key on HB, but noticed a "Claim Previous Purchases" button on the top.

    29. Ben 'Kthulhu' Bullock on

      Played through the first two chapters, and loving it. However, it seems to freeze up before the 3rd chapter can begin.

    30. Snowcastle Games on

      Awesome work

    31. Missing avatar

      Tokarev Sergey on

      Humble version archive gives me an unexpected end of the archive error.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bioy Casares on

      nix torrent option on humble gave me a file doesn't exist error. So I'm downloading direct. Sry for the extra traffic, but its your fault I believe :D

    33. Caroline White on

      I'm not being able to get my key. :(

    34. Missing avatar

      David List on

      Wow Congratulations! Thank you...finaly its time.... I just started the game and found 2 minor bugs. They are not that important and easy to work around. But where do I report bug in general?

      1.) When selecting German language the credits just show a black screen.
      2.) When changing the language during the game (the speech) it doesn't work, only if I change the text language also. (Text alone works instantly)
      (on Win7 x64)

    35. Leonid Kapitonov on

      Downloading on Steam. And waiting on GOG as well. Refresh and rest, you, great people! And then come back, may the Balance be with you!

    36. Mihovil Pletikos on

      well still no key on humble bundle for me....

    37. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      This might seem as a stupid quesiton, but I am a bit baffled by current events, so I will rather ask: those of us, who want GOG keys, should just.. wait? No forum-badges redeeming, no Humble-Bundle key generating, just waiting?

      I just wanna be sure I am making what I should be, provided I want a GOG key.

      Thanks for answer, and good luck with release of a book1!

    38. Magnus Guyra on

      You've done some great work, guys! Now, go get some rest! :D

    39. Thea Vik on

      Just tried my hand at the game with the short time I had available. First impressions are VERY strong. The writing and voice actors are definite highpoints so far. Can't wait to play more when I get the time.

    40. Frank Talbot on

      Nice, great job guys!!! I'm downloading right now and I'll give it a shot later tonight. Wooohooo! :)

    41. Maus Merryjest AGL589 on

      I am not getting my key, even though I'm a backer at the $25 level. Humblebundle sends me all of my keys except this one.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rai Pandudita on

      It crashes immediately after loading the first chapter. I'm using mac os yosemite.

    43. Rue on

      Eight years guys, eight years, congratulations to everyone on this glorious day.
      God bless you, RTG.

    44. Jose Lopez on

      It's Christmas in October! How can this be? :)

    45. Caroline White on

      So happy!!!!!!!!! Thanks you for the effort!!!!! Now you guys should go on vacation!!! :D

    46. Sergio Enrique Molina on

      Congratulations!!, so excited for this game.

    47. symbiotics on

      Thank you for the effort! And congratulations! get some rest!

    48. Missing avatar

      Lidia Tyczyńska on

      Yaaaaay! :D You did it! Now go, have some sleep. You deserve it ;)

    49. Missing avatar

      Sergey Bessarab on

      Hurray!!! Congratulations, RTG!!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Awesome work, thank you!!! now go and get some sleep ;) ... And keep calm, we all waiting for this piece of art for years, it doesn't matter if it takes some more days or weeks. Just relax and take your time for bugfixing. - Thank you so much!