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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

Season pass pre-orders begin!

Posted by Red Thread Games (Creator)

Hi all,

We have a very quick update about a few things that are happening today.

First off, we're finally opening up for pre-purchasing via (today!), Steam (soon!) and the Humble Store (also soon!). Of course, most of you are already receiving the game as part of your pledge, but the rest of you will now be able to pre-order the Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition.

Wait, Special Edition?

Yes, we've put together a pre-order package containing some cool digital extras, and the best part is that these goodies are heading your way very, very soon! A couple of the extras, such as wallpapers, are already part of pledge tiers. The rest will be made available to all of our $20+ backers. These include:

  • Reborn: The Art of Dreamfall Chapters Book One — a digital art book featuring concept art and illustrations from the first episode of Dreamfall Chapters. The full art book is still exclusive to $75+ backers and will be distributed with the release of Book Five.
  • Digital soundtrack featuring music from Dreamfall Chapters Book One. The full soundtrack remains exclusive to $50+ backers and add-ons, and will be released after the end of the first season.
  • Digital Europolis tourist map! Sponsored by Niyom Media and presented by Crowboy, everyone’s favourite crow cowboy!
  • 5 digital avatars featuring characters from Dreamfall Chapters.

Most of these goodies will be available within the next few days, while some — like the soundtrack — will be released after October 21st.

The rewards that are exclusive to higher tiers or add-ons — the full soundtrack and art book, the Tome of the Balance, the graphic novel — will remain so. This is all about adding more cool stuff for our backers, fans and supporters!

Secondly, this also means that we're closing down the pledge drive on our site. Today will be the final day for pledges. We will soon post the total amount raised through Kickstarter and PayPal over the past year and a half. Did we reach any additional stretch goals? Unfortunately no, but we have added several thousand backers, which is absolutely fantastic.

And finally, we are working on a proper Kickstarter update. Look out for it this weekend!

Until then,

Team RTG

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    1. Russell Deitch on

      Ok ... in the light of recent events, make that Update #61. :)

    2. Russell Deitch on

      @Giorgos, you are right - hence my get-out clause of referring to the imminent Update #60. :)

    3. Tina Bryntesen - Dream Traveller on

      @Gilad Nadler; Did you use the mail to send your mails? If not, then try that one. If someone else has somehow claimed your purchase, then that's quite a serious issue :/ But the support@ mail is the one that has the proper "systems" in place so that mails are sorted and should be answered within some days.

      And you are sure you have not already claimed it with a humble bundle account? If you already have a humble account with the same mail address as your pledge, then you shouldn't have to use the key resender, I think. I'm not really sure how this works, but I never used the key resender myself (and it showed up in my humble account).

      Also, maybe post this issue on the forums, people there know more about humble than me, so maybe you are able to fix the issue without RTG's help. Unless someone else ACTUALLY has claimed your page, then you would need help from RTG, I guess.

    4. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      We actually don't know what exactly the current plan is. What Russell said is just something that was discussed as a possibilty in the forum and it's *probably* not accurate anymore. But anyway, there's no need for speculation, just a need for a little more patience* as I'm sure there will be updates here soon explaining how the game's launch (and early access) will take place.
      *what a day or two compared to 8 and a half years? ;)

    5. Russell Deitch on

      @Terry, I think your question will be answered in Update #60 (which is late).

    6. Russell Deitch on

      @Terry, the current plan seems to be early access for books 2, 3 and 4 but not 1 and 5.

    7. Missing avatar


      I keep asking a variety of places what's going to happen with the people that are supposed to get the pre-release game. I paid $75 just so I could have the early release. I'm so excited for the game and now it sounds like I'm not going to be able to get that is this true? Makes me feel a little cheated that I spend extra money to get something I'm not going to get.

    8. DS_Nadine on

      @Philip - Thanks. Well, I waited so long I can wait a few years longer. XD Still a bit 'unsure' about the 'Seson 1 of more to come' vs 'Logest Journey Home kinda on the edge' thing. :-/

    9. Philip on

      @Regional pricing etc: I'm not really informed about the pros and cons, but the concerns that have been voiced here sound understandable to me. Nevertheless, in my opinion RTG should focus their efforts on making the game as good as possible and try to minimize work they have to spend on sidelines (however noble they might be).
      So go for it, RTG! Make DF:C awesome :-)

    10. Philip on

      @Nadine: Update 52 is what you are looking for! And much more information/discussion in the RTG forums...

    11. DS_Nadine on

      Uhm, Book5? Season 1? - I missed some updates didn't I? The Kickstarter says: "No, Dreamfall Chapters is NOT an episodic game, despite the title. You're pledging for a complete story, in a complete package, and the game you get on launch day is the FULL game with a beginning, a middle, and a definite end." - Wich Update is this Info in? I think I might want to read that. -_-;

    12. Eric Pipedream Leisy on

      I can't believe this is all finally here and happening? Red Thread and Ragnar, can I just say.... Thank you? I had so given up hope on this game Thank you so much Red Thread Games for making this a reality. I don't believe I've ever been more excited to play a game.

    13. Merrick Simms on

      Hi Red Thread Games !

      Any news about the french translation of the game (and of the first book of course) ?

      From Steam page, I can see the french translation is only about interface and subtitles. What about the voices ?

    14. Missing avatar

      Gilad Nadler on

      I send you 3 mails but you didn't answer.
      If I understand correctly, as a 20$ backer I should have get a wallpapers via humble bundle. but when I press the link you provided I get a message saying "This page is claimed

      This key page has been claimed by another user." and I don't have nothing in my account.
      please help.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ghorin on

      @RTG: I appreciate your explanation and answers - ie. going with the flow and not wanting to lose too much on sales -, even if I disagree with them and this still leaves a bit bitter taste in the mouth. For me (and I guess many others), it's not a matter of "getting the short end of the stick" or having to pay more; it's a matter of, let's say, pride.

      [rant on]
      I might be too easily offended or draw too many parallels between online stores and physical ones, but I just too easily can see an equivalent: You walk into a store, want to buy a game, but the seller asks for your passport first, and seeing it, claims: "You will pay 4 times as much as the guy next to you, because his countrymen pirate more games than yours!". You will admit this feels a bit like a slap on the face, or frankly, an insult. You try to play nice, not pirate games, and all you get from it is 4x price increase. Just, yay!

      The difference of opinion may also stem from that as publishers, you see different markets (Russian, European, etc.), while as a customer, I like to see it as simply one market - the Internet. Yes, there will be people out there who can't afford the game and/or pirate it, but does it really matter if they all Russian or they are poor western Europeans who cannot afford the higher price?

      Technically speaking, Internet is just a bunch of devices connected with IP protocol; there are no borders on it. Any attempt to segment it feels really grotesquely artificial, and is easy enough to circumvent with VPNs or proxies. People on the Internet want to feel equal, and if you try to divide them into "better" and "worse", they will try to work around it and cheat. This in turn leads (such as on Steam) to more stringent policing, spying, region locks - Russians cannot use European version and vice versa. And that in turn causes problems with people who simply travel around and want to play/buy games from different regions, and so on and on - an endless loop of mutual distrust and bad blood that can simply be avoided altogether.
      Granted, at the expense of lesser profits for the publisher, but that's really what the debacle of regional pricing is about - whether ethics (equal treatment) should take priority over extra money.
      [/rant off]

      Anyway, just wanted to clarify my point in hopes that someone, somewhere may reconsider regional prices in future. For this discussion, all that needed to be said was said, so I'd just end it here and move on to expecting the game release :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Pretty much what I said. I didn't mean to say you are doing that to be unfair. I stated that fact that your are doing what it seems best for you. And that is to not go against how the market works now, that it is bad by itself. It's a neutral position.
      I didn't mean to say you should be the one to start the revolution even if there are studios that do better regarding this matter.

    17. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Ghorin: The regional pricing difference between, say, Western Europe and Russia is set by the online distributors. We can override this -- although it's not recommended -- and make the game more expensive in markets like Russia, Indonesia and Brazil, but that would mean we'd see few to no sales in those regions. Piracy is a lot more prevalent there, and unless you price your games low, no one buys them. And we'd rather players in those countries buy Dreamfall.

    18. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Michele: There is no price-fixing involved. We have to make sure that retailers want to carry the game in their stores (in Germany, Switzerland and Austria), which means the game has to be the same price as online. To do this we've actually taken a hit on the retail boxes rather than raising the online price: we make a LOT less for each box sold in stores than we do from each online sale.

      Also, while we could have 'absorbed' the VAT, it would mean losing 20-25% of our income, which makes it much harder for us in the long run. We're small, we're poor, and we do rely on reasonably good sales for our long-term survival, post Chapters.

    19. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Ghorin (and everyone else asking):

      We went with regional pricing differences on GOG because Steam requires regional pricing, and we have to have parity between the two. We are also not allowed to undercut the retail pricing in Germany, which is set to €29.99.

      We do see the need for some territories to have lower prices than elsewhere. The game is aggressively priced -- five long episodes for less than $30 -- and we feel everyone is getting their money's worth.

      Is regional pricing ever completely fair? No. We're based in Norway, and Norwegians often get the short end of the stick -- everything is more expensive here than elsewhere -- but the complexities of VAT, retail pricing, and the introduction of regional currencies in most online stores means that this is never an easy matter. We have tried to do our best and to set the prices fairly, but it will never be perfect and we accept and understand that some customers will complain about the pricing.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      To what I understand they have to match retail and steam prices on GOG. That's because now GOG has different currency options, otherwise they wouldn't.

      I don't think they are trying to be unfair on purpose, but I also think they don't care that much either. They simply find more convenient and easy to follow the current.

      If they care, they could simply absorb the vat themself (they make lower price in some country, I think that making people pay a little less in others would not make such a difference) and set the same price. The issue are the agreement with retailers, which they should name so that people know, and steam. I think that fixing the same price on all the store is not good for the market.

    21. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Ghorin: By all means, ask these questions in the forum. I'm curious myself for what answers you may receive. The only thing I "take offense" about is when people (not you! you've been very respectful) ask that stuff along with open or hidden accusations of "greed" or "moral corruption" or I don't know what else. Because such "motivations" for RTG cannot be further from the truth.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ghorin on

      @Giorgos: You are right that I am not convinced. The answer "things aren't as simple as they seem at first glance" can be used to explain pretty much everything - it's just like saying "because reasons". But I guess I will move that to the RTG forum; guess it's finally time to make an account there ;)

      But more for you: The "realism" of the world somehow does not stop many other developers (such as from recently available on GOG Legend of Grimrock 2) from using flat pricing. The Longest Journey and original Dreamfall from Funcom as well.

      As for the poorer countries. Even if that was how regional pricing worked (and it doesn't!), I've always wondered why people care so much about that, while not taking into account the poor people of their own country. I mean, unless you make the game free, there will always be people who cannot afford it - why is it so important how they are spread geographically?

      Furthermore, why is the "by country" level so emphasized? There are massive differences in average income within a country (rural vs urban areas), and even within single cities (slums vs luxury villa districts), so why do it by the country? Or, you know, why not reverse this logic and simply use average income for the world and have that be a base for a flat price? So much easier to manage!

    23. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      @Maxwell: the majority of Kickstarters *do* turn out like this (or even worse). It's very interesting from a sociological perspective, if you think about it.
      @Ghorin: We've got an "official" answer now: Ragnar addressed the issue in the forum ( I don't expect what he says to convince you much (because most people are heavily entrenched behind their opinions), but the gist of his argument could be rephrased as "things aren't as simple as they seem at first glance". I will personally add that, sadly, the realities of our world trump pure idealism and RTG sometimes have to "compromise" and work with the existing system if they want to ensure their continued existence. In my (biased) opinion (as a declared fanboy of the company), a 6€/game "compromise" (refundable in store credit in GoG also) is frankly "peanuts" if you sit and think about it. If the "garbage" that AAA companies mass-produce are worth 60$ (plus DLC!), games like Chapters should worth at least 100$ for what they offer in comparison, not 30 measly euros. And, as you'll find out in the link I provided, regional pricing actually *helps* people from poorer countries to get the game even *cheaper* than the US and thus not have to resort to piracy in order to experience the Magic of The Longest Journey series.

    24. Maxwell Horse on

      It might be a novel idea if for once, Red Thread could post an update without someone accusing them of being evil. I wonder if other Kickstarters are like this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ghorin on

      Er, should've been "cannot" in the 4th point. (why can't we edit kickstarter comments again? ;))

    26. Missing avatar

      Ghorin on

      1. Yes, it's about the principle - we're all backers here, so we get the game anyway.

      2. You are indeed speculating; it would be good to get RTG's answer :)

      3. Currently, GOG has the same price for Poland and Germany. I didn't check retail prices, but I highly suspect they may vastly differ.

      4. If indeed RTG has struck a deal with retail publisher(s) to set the price, so that (god forbid!) someone can buy a game cheaper at one retailer than at another, then that's a pretty despicable practice. There's even a phrase for it:

    27. Rinu on

      Typo: they add -> they don't add

    28. Rinu on

      Yay for the GOG's pre-order! I am really glad you didn't do what many kickstartered studios that you just throw something at the seller long after Steam and other stores.

      Oh boy, waiting for all episodes to be released without playing any of them will be h-a-r-d.

      @Giorgos: Yeah, here is hoping a most of these publishers go bancrupt soon since they add anything in particular valuable in the process anyway.

    29. Caroline White on

      @Michael Hartmann: Thank you so much for the info! :)

    30. Sammie on

      Hey, I have a few questions:

      1. How will these rewards be delivered, will we get an e-mail?
      2. When will 75$ backers get early access? Wasnt it supposed to be 72 hours? (I just have that in my mind for some reason)

    31. Giorgos Chrysikopoulos - Dream Traveller on

      We're only speculating here (without knowing what is true), but it's probably what Michael Hartman said. Remember that Dreamfall: Chapters has a local German publisher (and maybe more in France, Poland and elsewhere) that is actually offering a localized *Physical Retail Edition* there. And I'm sure these publishers don't want their digital competition to be be cheaper than their physical product. It's sad, I agree, but even "noble crusades" should be able to judge everything on a case-by-case basis. In this particular case, the game is -in my opinion- "aggressively" priced anyway (that means "cheap") compared to most AAA games that go for 60 bucks (plus DLC!), while it seems like it'll have *more* content that they bring to the table. Is a ~6€ difference (that GoG even gives you back in store credit) *that* much important? And if it's just for the principle of it, it's admirable, but it also doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things what DF:C does or does not do. It is (sadly) but a blip amongst the sea of the big gaming companies (and publishers like Steam). "Deal" with them first and maybe then we can topple bad policies like regional pricing, RTG has *zero* influence (or choice frankly) on that matter.

    32. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to the extended update, which I'll bet will answer my questions :-)
      (GOG keys, the extras, etc)

    33. Michael Hartmann

      @Caroline: Nothing to worry about. GOG and Steam both offer the game for Windos/OS X/Linux. You can download it for every OS.

      @Ghorin @Michele: Usually the reason for regional pricing is a deal with a local distributor who doesn't want the game to be available cheaper digitally. At least GOG offers credit for the difference in price. As long as people buy again at GOG it's not really a problem.

    34. Dieithrio on

      What about the early access of 48h before regular release reserved to 75$+ backers?

    35. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I would like to ask the same question.
      Regional pricing (1€=1$ ) is a big no-no

    36. Caroline White on

      I've tried to contact Redthread with no success so may I ask my question here? I'll just copy/paste my message here, ok? thank you!!! :)

      Note: I pledged for the digital copy.

      First I'd like to say I can wait to get Dreamfall chapters!

      Now, I have a question: I don't remember when I backed if we had to choose a platform, which at the time was Windows but I switched to Mac, so does it matter, am I be able to play the game on my computer? Or can the game be played on any platform?

      The only thing I remember is answering the survey and saying my platform was Windows (which was at the time).

      So if my copy is not a multi platform copy, could I change my platform to Mac?

      Thanks in advance.

      Caroline White �

    37. Missing avatar

      Ghorin on

      @RTG: Any particular reason why did you choose to go the 'regional prices' path? I believe that when first GOG was discussed (which was back during the kickstarter phase where you encouraged to vote on their wishlist), regional prices were not an option for them, so flat pricing seemed to be a non-issue for you. Why the change of mind?

    38. Panos Dionysopoulos on

      What about the early access people? Do we still get to play it before launch?

    39. Missing avatar

      Bruno Espadana on

      Great news - and great work, RTG. I'm very excited. One and a half week to go now! :)

    40. Michael Hartmann

      @RTG: I would recommend sending the game keys as soon as you get them. Now that the game can be pre-ordered at GOG the keys can be redeemed. If you wait until shortly before launch and something goes wrong you'd get a lot of angry messages from backers.

      @roman: The digital art book is part of the $75 and above tiers. You'll get that, but not the physical book.

    41. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      I really looking forward to those 5 Avatar :)

    42. Fitheach on

      @roman bugrov
      The full digital art book is in $75+ the physical is the one in $500+

    43. Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on

      Ultimate season maybe? ;)
      Congrats though guys!!

    44. Tore Mygland ~~Dream Traveller~~ $6.13 on

      Just nipping the storm in the bud... ;)

      Well, that metaphor crashed and burned, didn't it?

    45. roman bugrov on

      The full art book is still exclusive to $75+ backers and will be distributed with the release of Book Five.

      Im confused - does this mean that i will get it, since i pledged $110? Im confused, because the full art book seemed to only be in the higher tiers, and not in the one i picked. I always wantdd to get my hands on the artbook, but alas there were no addon options for it and i couldnt afford the 500$ tier

    46. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @madGamer: We will send out game keys shortly before launch.

    47. madGamer on

      @Red Thread Games Nice! :) when we could reddem the gog code? Thanks

    48. Erika Eby on

      Woo! So exciting! :D Thanks for the update guys.

      Though seriously, be careful throwing around that S-Word. You're going to give someone a heart attack. ;) (Or make some of us very tired squashing speculation, at least. :P)

    49. Red Thread Games Creator on

      @Tore: Well, it *is* technically the first season, regardless! We could of course write "first and ONLY season" instead.