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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

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Wonkers is ALIVE!


Hello, backer!

You're receiving this Very Special Update because your tier includes the Wonkers USB key, and we wanted to share the final design with you before the rest of the world gets to see what we're making.

So here it is — the (very) limited, one-of-a-kind, super cute Wonkers the Watilla USB key.

Cool, huh?

These are going into production shortly, and will be part of the special edition boxes starting at $350. Those of you who pledged at the $200 "Wonkers USB Edition" tier will receive these keys separately.

We don't have an estimated shipping window yet, but look for more updates in the future!

Red Thread Games

A very exciting Journeyman Edition shipping update


Folks, it's happening.

It's really happening. 

They're here.

All four thousand of them.

But only for a brief time. The first 1500 boxes will be leaving our office shortly, en route to our $110 tier backers. If that's you, you'll receive another email with more details next week. The next 1500-ish will be included in the special edition boxes (bonus!). And the final thousand boxes will be available for sale via our website, probably starting in May.

And then there's this.

After dumping our previous t-shirt partner, we found a new one: Grafa; a small, Norwegian print shop based in a small and scenic coastal town (check the photos on their website). T-shirts with soul, and we love 'em. The test prints passed our art director's stringent quality control, and the first batch — for backers — is underway. We hope to offer these designs for sale soon.

Finally, on March 8th — International Women's Day — we posted a couple of photos on social media. From the women of Red Thread Games, and from the women of Red Thread's games — there wouldn't be any Red Thread games (or Games) without them.


(Representing Dreamfall Chapters, Svalbard, and Draugen.)

Next up: soundtrack CDs, the special edition boxes, some awesome books...and USB-keys.

Red Thread Games

Journeyman Edition production update


The master disc has been approved by quality assurance, the factory has been given the official thumbs up, and production has begun on the Journeyman Edition.

(At this point, we're allowing ourselves a tiny "yay!".)

We don't know exactly when the boxes will arrive at our office, but we'll post updates to Twitter, Facebook and the backers page on our website. Keep at least one of 'em bookmarked.

As mentioned in our previous update, the Journeyman Edition (JE) will also be included with the Dreamer and Shifter editions. To clarify: JE will be included inside the Dreamer/Shifter boxes, together with the other physical rewards. They will not be shipped separately.

We're doing this because it's practical — the game discs will be better protected than they would be in a sleeve — and because we think it's a very cool box that we want to share with more of you. Also, there's room, so why not.

This does not mean we're further delaying the special editions: once the Journeyman Edition has shipped to 1542 of you, we're starting production on the Dreamer and Shifter editions for our remaining 1109 backers.

Until next time!

Team RTG

Journeyman Edition shipping delay


As it turns out — not surprisingly, given our history — the estimated January ship date for the Journeyman Edition boxes was a tad optimistic. The wheels of printing presses turn oh-so-slowly and our experience with digital distribution helps not at all.

We're awaiting delivery of test discs from the factory — we want to confirm that we can actually install the game before printing thousands of copies and spending tens of thousands of monies. Once we've received, tested and approved the master disc, we've been promised a two-week turnaround on production.

Hopefully this estimate sticks and we can ship boxes by the end of the month. We'll keep you updated.

In happier news, we've decided that ALL physical edition backers ($250-and-up) will receive the Journeyman Edition in addition to the box they've pledged for. This means that some of you will get TWO cool things to put on your book/game shelves...along with the beautiful printed materials, of course.

On that note, here's a preview of three comics — "Woka Sleep", "The Propheseer" and "Mountains to Cross" — from the Journeys collection (click through for a higher resolution image):

Art by Lauren Nichols, Christoffer Grav and Lautaro Capristo
Art by Lauren Nichols, Christoffer Grav and Lautaro Capristo


We hope you'll enjoy these small (but very important) stories.

One final thing:

In December, we announced our intention to print and sell new Dreamfall themed tees via our website. The response was good and we currently have 525 people on the waiting list. Unfortunately, because of an issue with our partner (you can read more about that here) our plans have temporarily been put on hold. The 20 backers who never got their reward tees will of course be prioritised and will receive their shirts regardless.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Holiday greetings


It's slowly getting dark outside. There's snow on the ground. The faint tones of distant Christmas music can be heard through frosted windows.

Most of Team Red Thread have left the building — and, in some cases, the country — to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Computers have gone silent, fridges have been emptied out and icicles are slowly forming beneath abandoned chairs. (This happens very quickly; it's winter in Norway.)

Before the rest of us leave these rapidly chilling premises, we want to wish our backers a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks as ever for sticking with us and for being the most patient and supportive group of backers anyone could hope for. We look forward to sharing lots more with you in the new year — including the long-awaited physical rewards (which are on schedule to start shipping in January, yay!).

But we can't end the year without sharing something from what we're working on, and art director Christoffer was generous enough to allow us to post a teaser from one of the upcoming Journeys comic-book stories. So here it is: page one of 'The Propheseer'. We hope you love it as much as we do!

(You can read the rest of this story, along with three more stories, in the Journeys collection, coming soon.)

And teaser #2: the comic-book stories in this collection are titled 'The Propheseer', 'Mountains to Cross', 'Time and Worlds', and 'Woka Sleep'. Every story is drawn by a different artist, set in a different world, follows different characters, all connected to Dreamfall Chapters.

We know you already own Dreamfall Chapters, but in case you're looking for a last-minute Christmas present and want to share the experience with a friend or family, The Final Cut is currently on sale in the Steam Winter Sale — at a 60% discount.


Our game is also part of two very cool bundles. The first is The Longest Journey Bundle, which collects the entire saga — at a 20% discount.


The second is a brand new bundle called Made in Norway, which collects five games that are...made in Norway!


Dreamfall aside, these represent the very best of the New Norwegian Wave of indie games, and we highly recommend giving this a look. You get Owlboy from D-Pad, Among the Sleep from Krillbite, Earthlock from Snowcastle and World to the West from Rain. This is a great, great bundle, and even though you already own at least one of the games, it's worth checking out — and you get a 20% discount on all the games, on top of the Steam Winter Sale discount.

We'll be back in early January. Until then, we wish you all a peaceful and happy conclusion to 2017!

Team RTG