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Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
21,858 backers pledged $1,538,425 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. STooGE$$$$ just now

      In East Coast, USA, and received mine today. While it looks nice it is definitely not a collector's edition worthy thing especially since there is no manual or art insert. Regardless, super satisfied to check this box on KS that this was received so I can stop thinking about it.

    2. Manfred Ott 1 day ago

      Same here - received my $110 Collectors Edition and have to say, I am very disappointed. No printed manual and no box. Any response from RTG?

    3. Lana Hart 1 day ago

      I'm in the US, and I just received my Journeyman Edition (the $110 level). While I'm thrilled to have it, the physical product is, as many have pointed out... underwhelming, to say the least.

      What we were promised was:

      "BOXED COLLECTOR'S EDITION • Get a boxed DVD copy for your collection! • Includes a beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual! You also get everything from the $75 tier, including a downloadable copy of the DIGITAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION!"

      What I received was a folding case of what feels like laminated cardboard or thick cardstock with no printed manual whatsoever. It's definitely not worthy of being called a "collector's edition." While I did see the update with the box art, I thought maybe it would be metal. But it feels incredibly flimsy. I honestly didn't expect this and it doesn't compare at all to my box for The Longest Journey.

      As far as I know, I also haven't received any of this:

      "You also get a digital copy of the ART OF DREAMFALL, containing concept art, sketches and renders from the game, along with inside information from key developers! Also includes JOURNEYS: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL in PDF format!"

      I hope those things are still coming. I absolutely love this series/universe and would love to have more of it. I'm glad the game exists and that I was able to help it come to fruition with so many others. It truly has been a long journey to get here.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian 1 day ago

      Still waiting here in Australia.
      It would be good Public Relations on the part of the company if they answered our concerns here where the project began.
      1. What happened to the boxes that were promised?
      2. Why is it taking so long to mail them out?
      3. Is the company still active?
      The lack of information looks bad, but for all we know they are hard at work getting things done.
      Surely one person there can spare 10 minutes to give us an all purpose general response.

    5. Morten Notodden 3 days ago

      Nothing here, Tore. Boxed Dreamer.

    6. Missing avatar

      MrBanballow 4 days ago

      Well, I got my copy today. A bit disappointing, but hey, it's something.

    7. Tore Hoyland 5 days ago

      Still waiting...
      Anyone in Norway received anyrhing yet?

    8. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      It'd be nice to hear something about the 2 ebooks (short stories Journeys: Birth and grimoire Tome of the Balance) that together comprise the extra $25 over the price of the game in my $50 tier.

    9. Missing avatar


      Ragnar, not Ragnor. Sorry.

    10. Missing avatar


      @Asley Mackay: I am and was in a similar situation as you. I backed at such a high pledge because I love the Longest Journey world and believed in the project. As the years go by, I get a little more sad that my love for the game is tarnished by the thought that I may never see much of what I was expecting when I backed. I felt printed material written by Ragnor would be incredible to own. I hope we still see them, and I hope RTG does something to restore some of my lost faith. Here's hoping for a positive update soon.

    11. Christian Page on

      @Aaron Koss yet double fine was attacked hated and called a scam just as much as this. So if your a dev and you know no matter what your going to be attacked the way kickstarter devs often are I dont think yould be very excited to waste any more money then you have to.

    12. Tore Hoyland on

      Nothing here yet in Norway.
      I paid 270$ for this, hope its worth it.

    13. Aaron Koss on

      I've been following the forums but somehow the Collector's Edition box was even more underwhelming than I'd imagined. Like most backers I've already played the game on Steam. I paid $90 extra dollars from the $20 backer level simply to have something for the display case. This is not display worthy. Say what you will about Broken Age, but Double Fine really delivered on the physical rewards.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      I also just got the $110 tier physical packaging DVD sleeve, calling it a box really doesn't represent it well. As a Kickstarter experience this has been very disappointing, with the press getting information before backers during the development and updates lacking overall. The game itself is great, but there was no reason to back this as opposed to just buying it when it came out.

    15. Ashley Mackay on

      @Julianne - I feel both your frustration and pain. I backed at the Limited Edition Shifter Box tier and I'll be so disappointed if I don't get my printed artbook and stories. At the time, I donated half my life savings on this project even though I was out of a job because The Longest Journey is one of my favourite adventure games of all time, I actually believed in this project. I haven't even play'd Dreamfall Chapters yet because I wanted to wait until the physical rewards were released then I could read the stories and really soak it all in before playing it...Let's hope they don't let me down :(

    16. Russell Deitch on

      3 months in and no update about Wonkers the Watilla

    17. Julianne on

      I pledged $386.13 - still haven't received any physical rewards. I loved the game and I'm still glad I backed it but I am very disappointed in the delays.

    18. Missing avatar

      lxlvl99 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    19. Missing avatar


      Nothing arrived yet for me in Germany.
      And from the looks of it we should get ready for yet another disappointment - apparently the boxed collectors edition is just the normal DVD case without a manual.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Has anyone from Canada received theirs? I got the $110 tier if that helps

    21. Randy Stoller on

      Is this being sent in multiple shipments? I received the DVD in a cardboard sleeve today but I'm still waiting on my beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual.

    22. Morten Notodden on

      @Matoron - Don't worry, I'm even more idiotic at $270. Let's see what I've got to show for it:

      Digital download of the game
      Forum badge
      Name in credits
      Additional outfits and hairstyles (that doesn't work)

      Totally worth it, right?

      Don't worry about me though, I have written this campaign down as a downright loss and have made my peace with it.

      Well, maybe not quite since my bitterness shows right now :P

      @Oskar - I wouldn't hold my breath for anything right now. Anything backers get from this point on should simply be regarded as a nice surprise. It looooooks like Wonkers USB drive might make it, but since it's been years and we only now have been shown a 3D rendering suggests that it still might take some time before it's finished and shipped. Just look how long it takes for them to ship the game discs. We saw pictures of big crates of them months ago and they are only now starting to show up at the doors of some very few backers.

    23. Oskar Pålsgård on

      regarding the110$ pledge, the COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual!
      The "box" is a little better than a standard DVD case so thats's something but i did not receive a printed instruction manual, anyone got those or are they coming later?

    24. Ashley Mackay on

      @Matotron: I'm sure those Wonker USB's they showed aren't just for show :P

      We just have to wait....a bit....more...longer... eurgh :S

    25. Matotron on

      Could be worse, I'm an idiot and backed at the $200!!! Wonkers USB tier.
      No idea when that might be going out, if ever.

    26. Ashley Mackay on

      @Ian: Yeah...I still haven't received my box yet let alone a notification email. I pledged at the "Limited Box Shifter Edition" tier and I will not be a happy backer if I don't get any printed books considering how much I pledged! I think they're shipping out rewards from the lowest tiers upwards. Let's just hope that they kept to their reward budget and the silence and delays from their end is them being very busy and very occupied shipping these rewards out and not a sign of them not being modest enough to let us know when they're in trouble :(

    27. Morten Notodden on

      Oh, never mind! I found it. I just didn't search well enough.

      However, redeeming the key in-game failed. Even though I'm not offline. Why was I not surprised?

    28. Morten Notodden on

      Going over the list of rewards I was supposed to get and making (very few) check marks in that list, I thought I'd fire up the game and activating the outfits and hairstyles.

      As I understand it, I am supposed to enter the "forum badge key" listed in my humble account. Can anyone tell me where exactly? I can't find a key anywhere. Just the Steam activation code.

      I know I have activated the forum badge already because I remember it and I went to the forums and double checked anyway.

      I would have contacted customer support, but considering how awful their customer service is, I just won't bother. I put my trust in my fellow backers instead.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Hey Claus your lucky nothing here. Has anyone in Australia got one yet?
      I can't believe what I am reading too, is it really a bit of cardboard with no manual?
      i just hope you are all joking, I spent $120 dollars on this.

    30. Claus Scheyda on

      @Jessica: Yes, I'm from Germany and I got my "box" (or should I say leaflet?) June 3.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jessica Pontius on

      Still waiting for my box. This was the last time I pledged for a physical reward. Has anyone from Germany got there box yet?

    32. Richard Hasselt on

      110 dollar Boxed Collectors edition... is just a cardboard digipack???? no manual no nothing.
      I loved the game but this "Boxed Collectors Edition" is a BIG joke (read ripoff).

      Instead of a cool looking collectors box i now have a 1 dollar cardboard digipack to display... if i had known this i would have only backed $20 for the digital game.
      I guess they really appreciated their backers by giving them really awesome looking collector editions.. what a joke. Never again.

    33. Benjamin Hüll on

      Today I have received a mysterious package. Wondering what it was I checked the label ... from Norway....hmmmm But it's just an envelope with something thing. It cannot be.... I open it and yes, it's the "COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX" (actually just a digipack) of Dreamfall Chapters. I am really disappointed with this. AND NO MANUAL! Really?!?!

    34. Victor Cerezo ~ vEK on

      I've just received my "beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual"... are you kidding?! :(
      Cheap packaging with no manual... NO LOVE in it.
      I won't support you again guys... what a huge disappointment.

    35. Ashley Mackay on

      I don't know if a majority of backers still read this comment page but has anyone here received their LE shifter box edition yet? I'm just trying to get an idea when and how many they've shipped of those editions out so far. Still haven't received an email about my box yet :/ *waits patiently...still*

    36. Claus Scheyda on

      I'm really disappointed in you guys ... Not only took it four years to finish, the physical packaging is adequate at best (it's of the kind I usually throw away after registering the steam-code)! To add insult to injury the promised manual is missing without any form of announcement (or appology).
      If I were you, I would not start another Kickstarter anytime soon ...
      Sorry for the harsh words, but I think it was called for.

    37. Morkislair on

      ... So I'm not the only one to think thie thinny cardboard box doesn't not really match the promised "beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual". When I saw the package in the mail, I thought it was my Pillars II box, and when I saw this, I thought there was some sort of mistake.

      ... Yeah...
      Underwhelmed to say the least. This is not a 110€ collector's box, it's a 40€ eco-packaging.

    38. Drakan on

      Ordered 4 years ago a $110 boxed collector's edition tier. I just received today a flimsy ultra-thin DVD package. Underwhelmed is not the word, I'd say its a total rip off. Probably not even worth 6 USD.

      BOXED COLLECTOR'S EDITION • Get a boxed DVD copy for your collection! • Includes a beautifully designed COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX and printed instruction manual!

    39. Wolvie

      Just received my copy of the Journeyman Edition. Underwhelmed to be honest. Just a card wrapper(with pretty art), without the promised printed instruction manual either.
      Love the actual game, that totally delivered on the promise for me.

    40. Dag Henrik Bråtane

      YES! I received my Journeyman Edition package today in Norway. Thanks.

    41. Ashley Mackay on

      *One year passes*

      Hey! I finally got my box! :P

    42. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      "Boxes are shipping — just not all in one go. And shipping times do vary quite a lot, but we’ll check in on everyone to make sure they’ve received their shipments by the end of the month."

      Well, not long to go now then...

    43. Missing avatar

      tarasconi on

      when package will be sent? it s been 4 years and still no physical release

    44. Sean Cannella on

      Has anyone heard anything from Redthread at all since the last backer update in March? No one seems to have gotten anything in the mail, no one seems to be getting any replies to emails either...

    45. Adalan | Dream Traveller on

      Can't believe they managed to go 4 years over their initial projected release date without running out of money. Maybe the inevitable finally happened and they couldn't afford the stamps to send out those boxes they had in March? Anyone want some straws? For grasping at?

    46. Morten Notodden on

      Yes, ever since the final episode was released, the progress have been appallingly slow. Incredibly poor management and respect for backers. Updates have been really far between and not very informative. Like Lasse said, it has been 5 years since the campaign was funded.

      RTG have lost my respect and is not a company I will support on KS again.

    47. Missing avatar

      Lasse Vangsted on

      I`ve waited 5 years, to play this game.
      So disapointed when they announced it would be chapters.
      I want the intire experience. I want my collecters box.
      Exstimated delevery nov 2014....

    48. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      Has *anyone* received a boxed Journeyman Edition of the game yet (update #113)?

      I've not got the box yet, and have not even had the courtesy of a reply to an email I sent to on 28/04/2018.

      I nearly backed this game at one of the $1500+ tiers... I'm glad I didn't do that at least (although I hope it still works out for everyone).

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