ShockStop Seatpost: Add Suspension to Your Bike

by Redshift Sports

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    1. Rick Harker on

      Ok Guys,
      Keep at it. If it's going to be as good as my stem I'm happy to wait.

    2. Matthew Johnson on

      I ordered a package deal of both the stem and the seatpost. I understand the seatpost is still being developed, but is there a reason I haven't yet received my stem?

    3. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Rick - thanks so much!

    4. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Matthew - you can definitely get your stem shipped early. All you need to do is go into your backerkit survey and add the "early stem shipping" add-on item. Once you have added it just shoot us an email to and we will get the stem sent out. Sorry for any confusion, the early stem option was added at the end of the campaign and mentioned in a few of the updates.

    5. Missing avatar


      Have you considered a "nylon fabric sock" that would velcro-close around the suspension post...kind of like the one that Suntour offers for their post? Maybe you could integrate a small zippered pocket on the back and call it a mini-Seat post bag?
      For roadies that don't venture off-road or off-tarmac, it wouldn't be needed. For Full-time Gravel Grinders, it would simply be an enhancement that would ensure longer life for their investment.

    6. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Kevin - thanks so much for the suggestion. We are actually supplying all the seatposts with a fender to achieve exactly what you are talking about. You can see pictures of prototypes here: - thanks!