ShockStop Seatpost: Add Suspension to Your Bike

by Redshift Sports

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    1. Tim Tucker on

      The rationale makes sense, but I'll admit I'm a little disappointed by the switch for the saddle mount.
      I ride with a Nexride noseless saddle, so the area in front of the saddle is exposed while riding. With the original design, it was a nice smooth curve with fewer exposed parts and less potential for danger if I were to slip forward off the saddle. The new design means I'll have an exposed bolt sticking straight up.

    2. Robert Etzler on

      I prefer the standard 2 bolt rail clamp for it's strength, besides I pretty much use Thomson seat posts anyway on my Selle Anatomica saddles. For those of use who ordered a stem with the seat post, a nice gesture on your part would be send us the stem now without additional shipping costs. I would like to be testing it out before winter rolls in.

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      Richard wothers on

      When exactly is early 2019? I ordered this as a holiday present

    4. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Tim - Funny, the creator of the Nexride saddle is in the office right next to us! I understand that it's not ideal to have an exposed bolt in that region with the Nexride. When you receive the seatpost and install it to your preferred tilt angle, we can send you a set of custom bolt lengths that are appropriate for your setup - that way, the ends of the bolts won't protrude beyond the top of the saddle clamp. Overall though, I think the switch to a 2-bolt clamp will be beneficial since the prospect of saddle slippage with the Nexride saddle is a pretty painful possibility.

      @Robert - Glad you agree with the design direction! Send us a message at and we'll get you sorted.

      @Richard - we're targeting late January or early February right now and will have a more definite timeline within the next month or two. It's tough for us to miss the holiday shipping window, but hopefully the recipient will appreciate the more refined seatpost.

    5. tarunn on

      Hi guys it would be great if you could provide 30.9 mm telescopic shims for folding bikes. 500mm length. It would be great. Thanks

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      Matthew Donnon on

      Ok, so you've changed the whole saddle rail setup. Having bikes equipped with both designs on various seat poles, the two-bolt is certainly superior.
      However, how does this affect those of us who purchased the oval rail clamps?
      I presume with the redesign that the new clamp is suitable for both round and oval rails.

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      Bernard Klein on

      I like the brass bearings. Those will definately contribute to the suspension‘s life span. And that‘s worth waiting a few months.

    8. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Tarunn - unfortunately, this is not something we are planning to provide. There are telescopic posts but I am not aware of any in 30.9mm. Thanks

    9. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Matthew - the new saddle clamp will be compatible with oval rails. If we can accommodate both round and oval in the same clamp we will provide everyone who ordered the oval upgrade a refund but it still might require an additional part. We will let everyone know as soon as that is finalized.

    10. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Bernard - thanks so much. Appreciate it.

    11. Matthew Johnson on

      I ordered the seat post and the stem. I am correct assuming the stem should ship soon? Hopefully I don't have to wait for when the sestpost is shipping to get my suspension stem. Thanks!

    12. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Matthew - We do offer early stem shipping in the survey we sent you if you'd prefer to have the stem sooner. If you need help with the survey, please email us directly at

    13. Isaac Tait on

      With the newly designed upgrades what is the current weight of the seat post w/ and w/out the fender?

    14. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @isaac - The weight of the seatpost is the same without the fender. The fender weight is TBD but it will be very light.

    15. Godlyman Ded on

      So now because of the resign, the delivery date got moved to "early 2019" which can mean from 1- 3 months ... I cannot say I'm happy about that ... -_-

    16. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Godlyman Ded - We really wanted to get these in your hands before the end of the year, but ultimately, we think it's more important to perfect the product, even if it means delaying the ship date.

    17. Jan Sapper on

      Keep it up with in depth updates! No delay is a problem as long as you show progress and keep us informed.

    18. Indra Rochadi on

      Please update when it will be shipped. Thanks a bunch.

    19. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Indra - you bet. We will continue to provide schedule updates so everyone knows when to expect shipping. Thanks

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      Kumiko Watanabe on

      I'd like you to update my shipping address because am gonna move in the beginning of January 2019. How can I let you know my new address?

    21. Redshift Sports 3-time creator on

      @Kumiko - you can update your shipping address at any time through your survey. Please email us at if you can not find your survey link. Thanks!