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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Tiles ordered and take a look at the card Game Dubious Alliance

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Week before last, revised proofs were received with the new perimeter lines as well as a few other minor modifications.  I apologize for not having pictures at hand to post but they look good.  I should receive the full tile order next week.  I am printing out the 900+ packing slips and reviewing them to make sure they are all correct.  I may be contacting some of you if anything looks amiss.  Things are on schedule for September delivery as per the Kickstarter but I am still targeting and confident that we can have everything shipped out by early August.

On a separate note, Brandon Raasch has a Kickstarter for Dubious Alliance, a fantasy bluffing card game where players take on the roll of Orcs who race to gather weapons & magic items, survive monsters, avoid traps, gain treasure and win before someone gets killed. It For 3 - 7 players ages 12+ and takes less than an hour to play.  Brandon was a big backer of Blue Dungeon Tiles and sent me a promo set a few months ago to playtest the game with my two boys.  It was a blast with lots of fun bluffing and back stabbing.  If you like the Munchkin card games, I think you will like Dubious Alliance.  I backed the campaign as soon as it went live.  If this sounds interesting, take a look:

The campaign is already successfully funded and ends within the next 48 hours so be sure to check it out soon.  The image below links to the website while the links above link to the Kickstarter page.  

Are you Orc enough?
Are you Orc enough?




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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      Sounds good. Although, as I look at what I ordered...I might have to have a game on the floor to use up all the tiles...

      Although for fun, a long time ago there were some dungeon/cave tiles about 4"x4" put out by somebody for D&D. I remember I picked up a box full cheap when I was still in high school and ended up using a 4'x8' sheet of plywood to lay them all out and build my dungeon level. Seriously, that thing was insane.

    2. Mike Hostetler on

      I'm very excited to get the final project! Thanks for keeping us updated!

    3. Brandon Raasch on

      I am so excited about my BDTs! Thank you for guarding the quality of our tiles. I am planning my big BDT reveal at CelestiCon with a massive "run through the dungeon or else" game. Who thought I couldn't use ALL those tiles!?

      And thanks again for playing Dubious Alliance! I am glad to hear you and your boys had fun. I apologize in advance if their new Orc customs cause them to treat your home like The Keep on the Borderlands!

    4. Jonathan Boisvert on

      It almost seems like you're ahead of schedule. If you're getting all of the tiles next week and you're reviewing the orders (assuming you get a few people to help) it seems like a lot will be wrapped up soon.