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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Reward Selections

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

I am awaiting 3 responses for Reward selections from users who opted out of using Fundafull.  

My Fundafull dashboard shows that there are still 188 Backers that have not registered yet with Fundafull.  I just sent out reminder invites.

I have been told that for Gmail users, the email may be under your "Promotions" tab. 

If you still do not find the invite email, please send an email to from the email address you used to pledge on Kickstarter and you'll receive an automated reply with your invitation link. 

As an update from my end, I am finalizing the graphic "proof sheets" per the printers specs by showing crop marks and extending thickness of the outer perimeter line of the tile beyond the 4" (or 6") crop mark so that when the tiles are cut, they will be full bleed.

I have finished all but a few of these proof sheets but I need to provide the printer with final quantities on how many of each tile is to be printed.  I will be ordering overstock that will be based on a multiple of the actual quantity of each tile ordered so I need to have as many of your orders completed as possible to have accurate data.  These quantities also finalize the quantity of cases, Decor and  other items I need to order. 

I have over 80% of the orders so I an not at a standstill.  I can extrapolate what I need but would rather download and compile all of my data once rather than now for the estimate and again in a few weeks for the final count.

If you are having any trouble receiving or returning your invite, please contact me.



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    1. Niek Bergans on

      Oops... I finished my fundafull decisions a week ago, payed but apparently never clicked the submit button. Now it's submitted. Sorry about the delay.

    2. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Open Fundafull Invites are down from 188 to 75. Still waiting for 3 who opted out. Thanks for reminding me. I will send them a reminder through Kickstarter.

    3. bygrinstow on

      Has the number of outstanding responses dropped any...? Curious minds want to know.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Sounds like things are moving along quite nicely!

    5. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      Phew~! Okay, done! :D I added the transparency tiles and a full Basic set. Sorry I took so long to do this!

      I gave a lot of feedback(see: praise) in the provided box~ n___n

    6. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Primarily Fundafull gets your mailing address and confirms your reward selection and expansion sets that come with all rewards above Basic. On my side, it helps me develop a database to determine quantities I need to order then to print packing lists and shipping labels for each backer. Lastly, it allows backers to adjust their funding level if they wish to increase their initial pledge.

    7. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      ... Wait, what? D: I better have a look for this email!

      I've never used Fundaful before, what's it like(anyone who's already done theirs)?

    8. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy

      Not me then :-)