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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Pledge Manager Invites going out this week

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

I will be sending out invitations from Fundafull starting this week.   I will start with a few testers from each Pledge level, hopefully starting no later than Wednesday.  If all goes well, I will send out the remainder of the invitations later that evening or the next day.   

Thanks for your continued patience.  In case you are interested, there will be some Red Kobold Dice and Adult XL Blue Dungeon Tiles t-shirts available as Add-Ons within the Fundafull Pledge Manager.  

Rendering of Red Kobold Dice
Rendering of Red Kobold Dice
Blue Dungeon Tiles T-Shirt
Blue Dungeon Tiles T-Shirt
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    1. David Fromerth on

      I keep receiving updates, but I do not believe that I have received an invite to fundafill as of yet.

    2. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      @Judy Krauss:

      I was thinking Hanes Tagless which is 6.1oz preshrunk cotton.

    3. Judy Krauss on

      Perhaps you should make the default 2X to allow for shrinkage.

    4. Judy Krauss on

      Are the T-Shirts 100% cotton or a mixture?

    5. Glen Hallstrom on

      Too bad the swag doesn't come out until later this year. I'd love to wear the shirt to the North Texas RPG Con to get the word out.

    6. Glen Hallstrom on

      I like the dice, but I think the red kobold on white is the best.

      The sizes sound about right.

      -DM Glen

    7. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Josh, sorry, it's gonna be pips.
      Glen, the logo will be the "1". For the t-shirts I will make the default size Adult XL and add a comment box to get a different sizes. I would like to maybe limit it to three sizes. How about Youth XL, Adult XL and Adult 4XL.

      Here are updated images of the dice. I plan to do the red kobold on white silhouette but I like the other so much that I may do both.……

    8. Glen Hallstrom on

      Hi Kevin,

      I'd be interested in the dice and t-shirt, but a couple questions:

      1. Where is the logo located on the die? If it's on the "1" that would work great as a substitute for a Ghost Die in my Ghostbusters games.

      2. Will there be larger sizes besides XL? I wear either a 3XLT or a 4XL.

      aka DM Glen

    9. Josh Haney on

      Is there a possibility of getting dice with numbers rather than pips? That may be way to much work, but i figured id take a shot in the dark

    10. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      The tshirt is $15. The dice are $5 for a pair. All other Add-Ons are the same as during the campaign. I added the dice and shirts because I am getting them made anyway for myself and can order some extra if there is some interest from any of you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug "Dhomal" Raas

      I'm curious how much the items will be as add-ons there.

    12. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Please see Updates 54 and 55.

    13. Dylan Baumann on

      What steps are needed to be made by someone who only wishes to fund you through Kickstarter and not another application?

      I paid money through this and simply want to know if there is any extra action needed by me to receive what i paid for through this website.