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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Proposed Pledge Rewards and Ship WIP

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Proposed Pledge Rewards

I received lots of good feedback on the Proposed Pledge Rewards.  Taking your input, I reworked the Proposed Pledge Rewards to get them more equitable with the existing Pledge Rewards by adding additional sets of tiles.  Changes to the Proposed Pledge Rewards from the previous versions are shown in yellow.  Some of the language was also combined or simplified to be more succinct.  The Add-Ons for the Proposed Pledge Rewards are all now generic and not set and would be selected via the questionnaire/poll that KS lets me send out after the campaign ends.  This is how the 15 Add-Ons that come PATRON will be handled if the Backer does not want 3 of Add-Ons 1 through 5.

I also put the existing Pledge Rewards on the table so you can do a comparison of the Cost(Pledge Amount), # of tiles, and the $/tile.  I left out SAMPLER and RETAILER intentionally but like the other exising Pledge Rewards, they remain unchanged.

These are still "Proposed" and if they are still not suitable we can just scap them and stay with the current Pledge Levels.  A Backer can still start with the BASIC or HARDCORE and then go a-la-carte with Add-Ons for $10 each or 3 for $25.  If you have any questions PM me directly and I will discuss it further with you.  If we discover any new things that need clarification, I will add to the comments here so that everyone is updated.  

You guys have sharp eyes also so let me know if you see any mistakes.  One thing to note is that if you total the Cost columns it will give you a subtotal that is not shown.  The final Cost of each Proposed Pledge Level for the U.S., Canada, and International shown has shipping included in the total.

Proposed Pledge Rewards comparison with Existing Pledge Rewards
Proposed Pledge Rewards comparison with Existing Pledge Rewards

Expansion Set Add-On 9 WIP

And now for some fun stuff.  The feedback I received on the V (Vessel) series tiles for the ship were really helpful and most were integrated in one way or another.  My inclination is that this Add-On remain 12 tiles like the other Add-Ons so that it costs the same.  Since the ship is made of 4 tiles, it would mean getting 3 of each of the 4 tiles (8 designs).   With 3 of each tile you could make three ship alongside each other or two and use the third set to go below deck or increase the size of the first two ships.  Does that quantity seem adequate?  As suggested by comments, V2/V6 now keeps a constant width and not taper to give you more flexibility to make larger ships. I kept the hatch and stairs on V2/V6 because it looks so cool and since V3/V7 is now more generic having only a light circle line for the mast which can be colored in if the GM puts a mast there.  More V3/V7 can be used to lengthen a ship and make bigger cargo holds.  Let me know what you think.

V (Vessel) 1-8 Work In Progress
V (Vessel) 1-8 Work In Progress


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    1. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      @Allen Boston:

      Allen, you are probably right. I will check the math tomorrow. If that is the case, there is not much I can do about it now. If a backer did go that route however they will start eating me up with the shipping fees since the shipping fees only go up with the Pledge Levels while I kept shipping free on the Add-Ons. Hopefully that was not a mistake and I can count on the good will of my backers.

    2. Allen Boston

      Am i getting something wrong here or is there really no reason to get the the advanced/curator/patron over the expert and choosing some bonuses?

      Doing some math, getting the expert and adding the expansion sets separately is always cheaper than the corresponding higher level.

      The what it should be is approximately what you could get with the expert set just by using add-ons for the same price.
      (The following maths assumes in bundles of 3 for $25 and extra basic set at $25)

      Name What it has What it should have [US][can][int]
      Expert (2 basic, 6 extra)
      Advanced (2 basic, 11 extra) (2 basic, [13.8][14.4][15] extra)
      Patron (3 basic, 15 extra) (3 basic, [17.4][ ][ ] extra) (us only)
      Curator (3 basic, 19 extra) (3 basic, [22.8][23.4][24] extra)

      I think one reason for this is is the expert level apparently gets the second basic set for free where the others do not, and the increase in shipping for the higher levels (when just adding extra sets does not increase the shipping cost).

    3. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy

      I like the new levels, as it appears that for an additional $15 I get 3 extra add-ons, and set of tiles
      (basic Int@$45+3sets@£25+DM@£5 = $75)
      vs Expert Int (Basic *2 + 6 Add-Ons + DM) = $90

    4. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Rory, thanks for your support and question. Yes, the original Pledge Rewards BASIC, HARDCORE and PATRON give you Basic Tiles, more Basic Tiles, and lots of Basic tiles respectively since those were the only tile designs I knew would happen when the KS began. These new Pledge Levels give more opportunity for a balance of your selected tile sets now that I am able to bring all of the new designs to print.

    5. Rory Collier on

      Ah, I was mistakenly comparing Hardcore-International to Expert-USA.
      As they were both $80 it threw me off.

      But that was still the gist of it, correct?
      Old Pledge Levels for more Basic Tiles, New Pledge Levels for more Add-Ons?

    6. Rory Collier on

      So, if my understanding is correct, these new Pledge levels are for people who want more Add-Ons in exchange for fewer Basic sets?

      So if I wanted two Basic sets (including 2 of every stretch-unlocked tile),
      I could choose either Hardcore for an extra 1/2 Basic set (24 Extra Tiles),
      or Expert for an extra 6 Add-Ons +PDFs (72 Extra Tiles),
      with both options having the same minimum pledge.

      Are there any other differences between those two options that I've missed?

    7. thepaperpilot on

      This is an amazing deal! I'll definitely be upgrading from hardcore to expert! Thank you Kevin, this entire project is superb!

    8. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Thanks, explains everything I needed to know about Advanced vs Patron -- and yes, I'll certainly switch to Advanced if it becomes available. (otherwise I'll be at the Hardcore level + some add-on sets)

    9. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      KatanaTom noticed the EXPERT has 2 Basic sets so should have 2 sets of the 16 Bonus tiles added from SGs 1 thru 5. So +16 more tiles should be added to the total for EXPERT over what is shown.

    10. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      @John Rudd:

      PATRON gets everything in the BASIC, EXPERT and ADVANCED sets that were originally presented. It also gets 3 sets of a Backer requested tile set (R1-4), the Caves.

      Other Backer proposed sets have been added that were not in the scope of the original BASIC, EXPERT and ADVANCED Sets.

      That said, PATRON received a total of 15 Add-On sets when originally it would have only received 12.

      The 15 Add-Ons you choose for your final rewards selection can include any of the 9 that will be available. You can still get all of the designs, just not 3 of all 9 sets.

      Originally, the PATRON was going to have 222 tiles. 3 Sets of the 48 Basic (144 total) and one handmade set consisting of 6 each of the 13 Expert and Advanced Sets (78 total)

      Through Stretch Goals and me just adding bonus tiles to the PATRON, is has now grown to 372 tiles. I cannot feasibly increase it any more so thought to create the CURATOR.

    11. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      @Bruce: I believe that's 1 set ... the left are the fronts of the cards (for the main deck of the ship) and the right are the back of the cards (for the internal decks of the ship).

    12. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Actually... researching the other pledges, if I read it correctly, the Patron gets 3 of everything that's unlocked? (3 basic, 3 of each expansion that is unlocked, 1 of each expansion that isn't unlocked) Is that right?

      Or does it not include the most recent unlocked sets? Not sure if I'd end up going for "Advanced" or "Patron" depending on whether it's 3 of EVERYTHING, or just 3 of the early sets (grabbed Patron, for now, just in case).

    13. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Damon and Peni, not sure if I understand your comment about shipping. Shipping is a cost and always rolled into the final Pledge amount. It is free in the since that the Pledge amount listed is the final cost. For example, HARDCORE $60 has shipping covered under that amount.

    14. Bruce Gray

      As for the proposed ship tiles, I like the set on the right much better.


    15. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I will almost certainly upgrade to the advanced pledge if it becomes available.

      Also, I like the modifications to the V series. Good job :-)

    16. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Sean, I stand corrected. Thank you sir. EXPERT will have 6 Add-Ons.

    17. Missing avatar

      Damon & Peni Griffin

      So, shipping is no longer free within the US? The EXPERT line items subtotal to $70, but the total with shipping in the US is $80. It appears that US shipping is now $10 for all the proposed pledge levels.

      As someone else already mentioned, it seems odd that the higher the pledge level, the more you pay per tile.

      Apart from that I very much like the EXPERT set as described.

    18. Sean M Dunstan

      But the row under "Any three add-ons" says "Expansion Set Add-on of your choice" for $10. Is that not supposed to be there?

    19. Missing avatar

      William Mathis on

      $0.43 vs $0.39 that's what 7 dollars? that's a pretty reasonable shipping cost for what will likely amount to between 5 and 8 pounds of paper and plastic. Sure it's not a better deal cost wise but its a way better deal content wise. And I especially respect that for foreign customers it IS a savings. Often time Canada and International customers get hosed on shipping.

    20. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Sean, EXPERT has 5 Add on Sets: "Any 3 Add-Ons for $25 - 36 tiles" and then "+2 Bonus Add Ons, $0, 24 tiles).

    21. Sean M Dunstan

      Is EXPERT five or six? Because it says any three sets for $25, then an expansion add-on of my choice, then highlighted is any two add-ons for free.

    22. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      For any Pledge Level that comes with Add-Ons, the Backer will be able to choose any of from Add-On Sets 1-9 that they want. So EXPERT get to choose any 5 sets of Add-Ons 1-9, ADVANCED would get to choose any 11 sets of Add-Ons from Sets 1-9, PATRON would select any 15 Sets from 1-9 and CURATOR would select any 19 Sets from 1-9.

    23. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Much of the pricing is going up due to shipping costs. More storage cases for more tiles. More tiles and more cases make more weight. What also throws it a bit is that the HARDCORE Pledge, after all of the Bonus tiles that I added to it makes that one drop to .39 each. You just don't get as much variety with the HARDCORE set since the bulk of it is made up by the 2 1/2 Basic Sets. Also, the 4x6 tiles are more expensive than the 4x4 tiles.

    24. Ean Moody on

      So expert seems like about what I want, but I'm left agreeing with Ravenswar: usually you get *more* for your money by ordering a bigger set, not less.

      I'm left wondering what the business rationale is behind that? Like, are those add-ons more expensive to manufacture or ship for some reason, or are we getting tiles that are somehow better in the Curator and Advanced sets?

    25. Sean M Dunstan

      Just to keep going with it, I think this is the breakdown:

      EXPERT gets you two Basic Sets, the Bonus Tiles from the first five stretch goals, 6 Add-On sets of my choosing, one set of Decor Cards, and the PDFs for $70 plus shipping.

      ADVANCED gets you two Basic Sets, two sets of the bonus tiles from goals 1-5, all 9 Add-On sets, two more Add-On sets of my choosing, two sets of Decor, and the PDFs for $135 plus shipping.

      CURATOR gets you three Basic Sets, three sets of bonus tiles from goals 1-5, 19 Add-on sets of my choosing, three sets of decor, and the PDFs for $235 plus shipping.

      Kevin, is that right?

    26. Missing avatar

      Frederik Florentinus Van der Veken on

      I think it is a bit strange that you get more free bonuses for the lower pledge levels. At EXPERT level you pay 80$ and get 45$ bonus, at ADVANCED level you pay 145$ and get 20$ bonus, and finally at CURATOR level you pay 245$ and get 10$ bonus. Shouldn't it be the other way round, the higher pledge levels getting more bonus?

      I agree that it seems a bit late to change pledge levels, but on the other hand with so many new add-ons you might convince people to go for a higher pledge if they for instance get some add-ons for free (I am considering augmenting my pledge).

    27. Missing avatar

      Phillip PS

      The proposed Expert hardcore is exactly what I was hoping for.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ravenswar on

      My only comment is that the pricing appears to be a little "off" in that the unit price per tile received goes up, rather than down, with the number of tiles pledged.
      Not necessarily wrong, maybe just requires an explanation. Does the increased variety raise "handling" expenses?

    29. Sean M Dunstan

      Let me see if I have this right...

      If I go with the Expert level, I get two Basic Sets, the Bonus Tiles from the first five stretch goals, 6 Add-On sets, one set of Decor Cards, and the PDFs, all for $80 to the States?

    30. Doug Carter on

      Honestly, I would say not to play with pledge levels at this time, but that's my opinion. One week left seems a little late to make changes (again just my opinion).