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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
962 backers pledged $60,901 to help bring this project to life.

New Proposed Pledge Levels

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

When I had first envisioned this project, I wanted to have BASIC, EXPERT, and ADVANCED Pledge levels.  I had no idea of the success that this project would have and concerned I would not reach any of the tile designs after the Basic set, I broke up the Expert and Advanced Tilesets into what mostly became Stretch Goals 1-5.

There have been lots of questions and comments about how to get "this" or "that" Add-On or combination of tile sets.  As I have indicated, after the end of the funding campaign, a poll/questionnaire will be sent to all backers to confirm their rewards and select their Add-Ons.  Swapping will be allowed for Add-Ons even with the new proposed Pledge levels but I think these Reward configurations of tile sets are closer to what you have all been wanting.

These three Pledge Levels, EXPERT, ADVANCE, and CURATOR are just proposals at the moment.  I wanted to get some feedback and clear up any questions if there is confusion because once I add a Pledge level, Kickstarter will not allow me to modify it.

I sort of think that many of you will choose to migrate from your current pledge to one of these new ones.  

  • EXPERT is equivalent to a more diverse HARDCORE. 
  • ADVANCED is equivalent to HARDCORE with more Add-Ons.  
  • CURATOR is equivalent to a more diverse PATRON set.  
  • ENLIGHTENED BENEFACTORS should not migrate.  You may choose to have your set customized like a CURATOR set if you wish.  I will work with you to get whatever sets you want in addition to your 2 Custom tile sets.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

So study these and print them out to study them if need be and get questions or comments back to me.  After any tweaks, I plan to add these new Pledge Levels on Thursday, 4/16. 

Proposed EXPERT Pledge Level
Proposed EXPERT Pledge Level
Proposed ADVANCED Pledge Level
Proposed ADVANCED Pledge Level
Proposed CURATOR Pledge Level
Proposed CURATOR Pledge Level
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    1. Sean M Dunstan

      Maybe a spreadsheet/matrix would be clearer? Just an idea.

    2. Roland

      I lost interest in looking at this..hurts my brains.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      I have to agree with those who have commented that it might be better to handle this with add-ons (including a "one of every add-on" add-on) instead of new pledge levels.

      It would also be helpful to see a mock-up of the form that will be used to finalize pledges and add-ons, or at least a more thorough description of what options it will have, so that we can see the level of customizability that you intend to offer. (Complete sets? Half-sets? Individual tiles? Could someone pledge $10 for an add-on pack and then take it as 1 of every tile from each of the six non-transparency add-ons rather than six of each tile from a single add-on? Etc.)

    4. Missing avatar

      William Mathis on

      I feel the idea here has been to simplify the process of people getting at least some of everything but it seems to come at the price of getting less over all. Perhaps instead it might be a good idea to make some combined add-ons. like an add-on of "all add-ons" where you get get 1 copy of each tile. it would simplify your book work and encourage people to diversify by spending more.

    5. Missing avatar

      KatanaTom on

      I think that if the new pledge levels stick the price needs to be adjusted. The Advanced level at $145 gives 230 tiles. I'm in for $97.50 which is going to get me 218 tiles or more depending on the Add-ons I pick. The Advanced level might be more diverse but not worth and extra $47.50 to me.

    6. Jason Hunt on

      Does the existing BASIC tier still get you 1 each of all the stretch goal tiles?

    7. Matthew Estelle on

      I have to ask, with only seven days left in the project, is it really worth adding these new pledge levels? You've stated that the pledge manager will be the place to state which add ons you place to order. With the pricing the exact same as adding on a set or two, I don't really see the need for "new" pledge levels if all they are going to do is bundle some of the add-ons to them.

    8. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      Well, I got you to open Patron 6 for me and I might jump to Curator...but, don't try and go overboard on rewards...or start adding them only as add-ons. You've seen how well this can go, so if you have enough ideas and these retail well enough, you can always come back with more...

    9. Josh Haney on

      I don't know that adding in just a mirrored and slightly more variable set is the best thing you could do with the extra pledge levels. In my opinion you would have more traction with new levels if you aligned them more with the gaps in cost. For instance the Expert pledge level, a bundle that split the difference between hardcore and retailer. There are pretty huge price gaps between levels and it would be better for both of us ( for you in the revenue department, and much easier to get what we want) if there were some middle ground. I in particular would find a bundle around 100$ to be awesome.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Freeman on

      Kevin, I have to say that I love how much input you allow us backers to have and how well you communicate with us. Thanks!

      So based on the changes below the expert pledge is $80 for 136 tiles (including Shipping to USA.

      My current pledge is $70.00 for 132 tiles (shipping included for USA?). If I were to add 10 more dollars to equal the price of the expert pledge I could buy an additional 12 tile add on. This would bring me to $80.00 for 144 tiles (basic hardcore) vs $80.00 for $136 tiles (expert pledge).

      I wonder if the building add on and/or a ship add on can be included into the expert pledge to even out the tile count and add more variety than the basic hardcore pledge. (Don't know if that would work....just spitballing).

      Thanks again for this great project

    11. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Just told Mark this but wanted to say it to everyone publicly also. I appreciate this discourse with the backers. It has helped hone the original idea for this project into a better product. The constructive criticism and feedback from creative folks who understand and are excited about the product has been invaluable.

    12. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Mark, you are correct and thanks for your analysis. That was why I listed these as preliminary. Crunching the numbers, I intend to adjust the proposed pledged to get the tile value closer to the existing pledge levels. Here is what I am thinking:
      EXPERT gets an additional 1/2 Basic Set Add-On. That brings the total # of tiles to 136.
      ADVANCED gets 1 more Add-On of the Backer's choice. That brings the total # of tiles to 242.
      CURATOR additionally gets any 2 Add-Ons of the Backer's choice. That brings the total # of tiles to 420.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Freeman on

      Sorry posted my comment a second after yours... Pm'ed you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Freeman on

      Okay so I'm a bit confused. I compared my current pledge "basic hardcore" ($60.00) to the similarly priced Expert level (70)

      With my current pledge I get 120 tiles (as opposed 112 for proposed Expert).

      I also added addon 7 to my pledge, bringing my total tiles to 132 for $70.00.

      Looking at the new exper pledge, it seems like you get significantly less for about the same money. ...what am I missing here, or is it that based on my preferences above, I should stick with basic hardcore pledge?

    15. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Sean, the tiles will be available for retail purchase from within a few months after the Kickstarter has ended, probably after fulfillment. I do not want anyone purchasing them retail to receive tiles before backers.

      Dale, sorry for any confusion. If the PATRON and the Add-Ons get you what you want, stay with it. With PATRON you get 3 sets Basic Tiles and 3 sets of Add-Ons 1-5 for a total of . With CURATOR you get 3 sets of Basic Tiles and 2 sets of all Add-Ons 1-9.

      Anthony, for your BASIC HARDCORE Pledge shipping to the US is "rolled up" into the Pledge amount and if you stay with that you have no additional shipping charges. For transparency, I showed the line item breakout for all of the proposed Pledge Levels so you could see how it all tallies up. The greater quantity of tiles increases the weight thus additional shipping costs.

      Derrick, thank. The intent was to simplify for the backer. I am trying to align the Pledges with the requests I am getting. I hope this will reduce confusion with backers as to what they get. The original Rewards I set up were mostly Basic Tiles, Lots of Basic Tiles and Tons of Basic Tiles since I was not sure if other tiles sets would get opened.

      The common request I get is "How do I get one of everything?" hence the ADVANCED level.

      Then another big group just wants dungeon stuff like corridors and caves and is not interested in transparencies, boats and inns hence the EXPERT level.

      Then there are those who want to fill a couple of tables with a megadungeon so they want diversity and quantity, hence the CURATOR.

      If anyone is still confused or concerned, message me directly and I will work it all out with you.

    16. thepaperpilot on

      Disregard my previous comment, I got it now.

    17. Missing avatar

      Derrick Kong on

      I like these new levels. Gets me a broad selection of tiles without having to calculate stuff for the new addons that weren't part of the initial set of 5.

    18. thepaperpilot on

      I'm confused about the shipping. I'm currently at basic hardcore, which says the shipping is free in the US. However, these say shipping is $10 for US. I actually plan on changing to basic and getting a bunch of add-ons, but do I need to factor in another $10 shipping?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dale C. Blessing on

      This is totally confusing. I came in at Patron 3, then increased my pledge to $265 to get some add-ons. Then you posted an update that seemed to indicate that I should not have done that. Now I am not sure what my pledge level includes and what it does not. I suppose that it will all be sorted out in the after funding questionnaire.

    20. Sean M Dunstan

      Well, looks like I'm going to be in for $80!

      Will any (or all) of these tiles be available for sale after the Kickstarter is over?

    21. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Griffin, thanks for the sharp eye. I will make the corrections. I will message you directly about your other question. The set up of the sets has been modular so a Backer can always just start with a BASIC set and then do everything else a-la-carte with Add-Ons.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Krayer on

      I'm at Patron 6 and would probably go curator if it became available.

    23. Missing avatar

      Damon & Peni Griffin

      One tiny tweak: all three breakdowns show a EXPERT pledge subtotal.

      I initially pledged as BASIC HARDCORE, within the US. Assuming I wanted to get a total of three expansions rather than all nine, I'd need to increase my total pledge to $85 -- would I actually change to ADVANCED, or remain BASIC HARDCORE and choose the add-ons separately?