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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Creature Tokens WIP, Bonus to Benefactors, and Reward Swaps

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Creature Tokens

Following is just a quick layout of the Creature Tokens courtesy of Devin Night.  I will still be manipulating some of them to be larger for use as mounts as well as making some smaller and into swarms.  It looks as if it will encompass 3 - 4x6 Cards.  Backers from SAMPLER Level and above will receive one of each final printed card.  PDF files of the cards will be free and I will also provide digital .jpg files of these creatures to Backers for their personal use.  

Please note that unlike the Fantasy and Tech Decor, these are not released to the Creative Commons and are used with permission.  

Please visit Devin's site and consider purchasing some of his products or downloading his free ones and making a donation.  There are over 70mb of free Fantasy (mostly) and Sci-Fi token counter images available.  They are in color and very nice.  I am still looking through all of them and talking with Devin about some to make an Archetype Adventurer Token Card and Archetype Enemy Token Card that will most likely be in color.

Creature Tokens WIP
Creature Tokens WIP

Bonus to Enlightened Benefactor

The ENLIGHTENED BENEFACTOR Pledge level will receive Expansion Add-On 6 - Transparency Overlays as a bonus to their core Pledge Rewards.

Reward Swaps

At the end of this campaign, Kickstarter allows me to send out a poll/questionnaire to Backers so they can confirm their Rewards and Add-On selections.

The PATRON and BENEFACTOR Pledge Levels gets 3 sets of everything through Expansion Set 5.  Expansion Set 6 and those that follow will be Add-Ons purchased separately.  However, I will allow you to switch out Expansion Sets you have already been awarded with ones from Set 6 and on as they continue to be opened.

For example you can swap 1 of your 3 - Expansion Set 2 (caves) for 1 of the new Expansion Set 6 (transparencies).  

HARDCORE receives 2 1/2 Sets of Basic Tiles as a core reward.  I am trying to figure out a fair way to allow those Backers to swap the 1/2 Basic set for Expansion Sets if they so choose.  Suggestions are welcome.

I will also be thinking of ways to package additional sets of Decor and Creature Tokens that Backers may want to purchase as an Add-On.  Again suggestions are welcome.


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