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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Next Expansion Sets and Miscellaneous

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Expansion Sets

Expansion Set 6 for the transparency overlays has been opened.  It is a +$10 Add-On.  It more expensive per tile than previous add-ons because printing and cutting transparencies is quite a bit more costly.  With this Add-On you receive 2, center-origin overlay templates and 4, corner-origin overlay templates.

Expansion Add-On 6 - Transparency Overlays
Expansion Add-On 6 - Transparency Overlays

Based on the feedback, Expansion Set 7, 8 & 9 will be a set of Ship tiles, Building/Room tiles, or the second set of Cave tiles.  Backer voting will determine will determine the order in which they become available.

Survey Monkey limits me to 100 respondents to an individual poll.  As a work-around, I have created 3 polls.  Each poll is the same but select the link to the poll based off of your last name.  

I will collect results from these three polls Wednesday evening.

If your last name starts with A-G take the poll below

If your last name starts with H-M take the poll below 

If your last name starts with N-Z take the poll below


Clarification on Decor:  The Tech Map Decor, Fantasy Map Decor and upcoming Creature Tokens are printed on 4"x6" cardstock and the items can be cut out.  The items on the cards are not indivudually die-cut.

Numbers on the Overlay Tiles: The overlay tiles currently use roman numerals with Iv representing 4 and Vi representing 6 to aid in reading when the tile is flipped.  Alternately, I can do something like the following. Let me know your thoughts.

Alternate numbering on the transparency tiles
Alternate numbering on the transparency tiles
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    1. Chad Bergeron on

      Looking at it again, I'm still definitely in favor of the arabic numerals, but I figured out what is bugging me. With the right-facing number on the left, then a dot, it looks like the obverse facing numeral is part of some exotic decimal number. And we're conditioned in lots of ways to view a stack of numbers as right-aligned, so our eyes go rightwards anyhow in an arrangement like this. So I'm vying for arabic numerals, but would deeply appreciate swapping the alignment of the correct-facing number in relation to the divider dot.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kovar on

      One more for Arabic numerals. The Roman numerals idea sounded cool, but mockup of the Arabic style looks better.

    3. Heidi Dugan

      Another vote for Arabic numbers

    4. Missing avatar

      Dale C. Blessing on

      I also prefer the Arabic numbers.

    5. Scott Pinnow

      I prefer the Arabic numbers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher Schroeder on

      I'm going to have say I like the Arabic numbers, even reversed they are easy to read

    7. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Reese, thanks. I think I like the forward and reversed Arabic numerals better also. All tile designs will be released on 2 or more layered PDFs as the DM Add-On. It was intended for exactly the reason you stated.

    8. Ean Moody on

      Agreed with John, Rad2 seems way more versatile. It can easily be cones, hemispheres, or flamethrower-shaped stuff, and you can fit it into spaces like corners and hallways with far less excess overlay material.

    9. Reese Laundry on

      I like the reversed arabic numerals rather than non-standard roman numerals personally.

      Question on the DM Add-on PDF - will all these additional expansion sets and overlays be included? That is, will the final PDF be absolutely EVERYTHING that came to be by the end of the Kickstarter?

      These odds and ends that won't be used much aren't something I'd add to my pledge, to be honest, but I'd love to be able to print some off if I ever happen to need them.

    10. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      a) I like/prefer the rad2 style more than rad1 (if that's a question, I mean ... both are acceptable).

      b) I prefer the mirrored arabic numbers over roman numerals.

      (on the survey, I don't _plan_ to increase my pledge over what it is now ... but that doesn't mean I wont, at the last minute, increase it to cover any of those things. So I answered no to all of them, but don't take it as a "hard no")

    11. Missing avatar

      Joe Outzen on

      Definitely preferring the flipped arabic numerals. I'm on the fence on whether I'd add the transparencies, but that'd be one more point in the "add" column.

    12. Ean Moody on

      I definitely prefer the doubled Arabic numerals to the Roman numerals. Particularly with 4 (IV) and 6 (VI) which are slightly confusing to read already, but flipped they become even more so. There's nothing I'd confuse any of the flipped Arabic numerals with, and it prevents you from having to do any of the capitalization contortions you're talking about with the Romans.

      If you want to be really fancy and keep the neat look from roman numerals, you could do both?
      ---- 3 III (3) ----
      ---- 4 Iv (4) -----
      ---- 5 V (5) -----

      and so on, flipping the ones in ( )'s as you did in your preview image.

      Sidenote: Love the font choice there. Very nice and readable.

    13. Chad Bergeron on

      I think I prefer the alternate numbering on the transparency tiles.