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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Buildings, Ships, Caves and Transparencies

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Following are some quick thumbnail sketches of conceptual tile designs.  I will take your input to tweak them before they are finalized.  Comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome.


I am trying to keep these generic enough that it could work for medieval, modern and hi-tech settings with only a little suspension of disbelief. 

Conceptual Building Tiles
Conceptual Building Tiles


Caravel type ship.  Comments are welcome.

Conceptual Ship Tiles
Conceptual Ship Tiles


More cave tiles to make larger areas.

Conceptual Cave Tiles
Conceptual Cave Tiles


Revised transparency overlay.  Four is represented as Iv and Six as Vi.


RAD 3b - Corner origin template
RAD 3b - Corner origin template


RAD 4b - Center origin transparency
RAD 4b - Center origin transparency

After I get some feedback on all of this I will make a poll to set which ones will be unlocked for the next Stretch Goal.  

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    1. Missing avatar


      I love the idea of bigger cave tiles. I like to set a lot of encounters in caves and to be honest the first stretch set felt to cramped. I think these cave tiles are a step in the right direction but I would still want a "wall on one side only" tile so I can make extremely large/long cave rooms.

    2. Chris Garvey on

      The ship looks awesome, I play the Iron Kingdoms RPG and often find myself on a boat.

    3. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      The idea of transparencies would be nice, especially since the Basic set can be flipped over to provide for blank grids to overlay for custom use.

      Going with that, additional cave tiles, etc. could go with blank backs to give even more flexibility.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Rafferty on

      the corner transparency, or one centered halfway down an edge would be more useful to me than the a blast that only gives me a 10' radius.

      Ships would be somewhat useful, they tend to be pretty standard, but while I might use caves or buildings for layouts, having fixed furnishings like countertops, narrow stairs, etc as décor cutouts or digital images would be much more useful than standardized rooms

    5. Phasmtis

      I like the boat. I would rather have a flying ship than a boat, but it is cool. I dunno if I have use for the transparencies yet.

    6. Ray Rich on

      Love the ship tiles. Would be great to have 2 sets so you can do a double mast and such. The transparencies don't do anything for me as there are plenty of similar products already out there to cover that.

    7. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      @Darryn Striga:

      Darryn, it will be an Add-on but Hardcore comes with 2-1/2 Basic sets and perhaps you could swap that 1/2 set for a Ship Expansion set. In the poll that I send out at the end of the campaign for Backers to confirm their rewards, I plan to provide some flexibility so that you can have more variety in the tile sets selected.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hobday on

      The transparencies are of least interest to me, the building and ship have some interst.
      The cavern tiles most interest me so I will comment on them.
      Comparing cavern to normal you have R1 which is a bit like H2
      R2 a bit like L1
      R6&7 a bit like L3
      R5 a bit like T2
      I like R8 though agree with Adam Towers suggestion
      On the theory that the current standard tiles provide maximum flexibility in building a big room then to build a big cavern my main request from here would be make a cavern tile a bit like H3 and another like L2.
      Also request they be square rather than rectangular ( like the base tiles)
      That would enable me to use those tiles as walls etc when building a bigger cavern in the same way the normal tiles can be used to build bigger straight walled rooms.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Freeman on

      Really like the caves, and ships!

    10. Missing avatar

      Darryn Striga on

      As a backer who is presently running a nautical-themed campaign, the large ship tiles are of considerable interest to me.
      If they are a go, would they be included in the Hardcore pack?

    11. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Ean, if the transparencies are a go, the set will probably have 1 center origin and 4 corner origin tiles.

      I am reluctant to do roofs because they are all so different and as someone mentioned, you can use a blank 4x6 tile and then draw a perimeter parapet for a modern flat roof building or a hip or gable for a more traditional slope roof. Perhaps I can do images that can be printed out by you or used as reference to draw your own.

    12. Ean Moody on

      So my thought on the building tiles is that those things tend to be very custom: I build the rooms to represent specific places so generic ones wouldn't be all that helpful to me. Same goes for caves (I can just draw squiggly walls onto the big blocky "normal" walls as needed)

      The boats are pretty nice looking. They're complex enough and standardized enough that having a template makes a lot of sense to me.

      On the radial transparencies, I think I much prefer the corner version in terms of flexibility. That shape can work as a cone as well as a blast, and can be used nicely to do stuff like hemispherical effects or to build effects around obstacles.

      If you're looking for other things, perhaps take a look at static vinyl items for things like doors, windows, stairs, walls, etc? I've always thought those would be a great addition to the flat tiles, but they only make sense to print in bulk.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Schroeder on

      I like the building tiles, and I'm still loving those transparencies. Can't wait!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      The larger cave option is sweet, gotta have that large area as an option in game.

      @Adam I like your idea but maybe just one generic roof, it seems like a waste of tile space if each one has a roof on the reverse side, I'm not sure how many different rooves you can make and keep it interesting.

    15. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Some of my thoughts about combinations for the Building tiles...
      For a medieval fantasy setting:
      B1 could be the front common/dining room connecting to
      B2 that would be a continuation of the common room and a bar. B2 could abut to
      B3 which is a kitchen.
      B2 has stairs that could go up to sleeping rooms off a hall (B5) rooms off an open balcony (B4) or to a private office/meeting room (B6).
      If the stair from B3 or B2 were to go down they could lead to the cellar (B6)
      B4 could also be a crafters workshop with an open air awning in front. Or it could be a smithy.
      B6 could also be a room of a tower. Since the walls are blue, add your own windows with black marker

      In a modern or sci-fi setting:
      B1 could be any storefront shop, conference room or a garage
      B2 and B3 could be workstations in a lab, ship or spacecraft
      B4 could be a gas station
      B5 could be offices,hotel rooms, or crew cabins off a common corridor.
      B6 would be a good place for enhanced interrogations

    16. Cthulhu Kid on

      I like the caves, like the transparencies, and agree that R8 might be improved by removing the hint of wall opposite the solid, uninterrupted wall.

    17. Heidi Dugan

      My preferences/priorities:
      1. transparency templates
      2. caves
      3. buildings (especially classics like guard house, tavern/inn, etc)
      4. ships

    18. Bruce Gray

      I really would like to have Building Tile B2. Barroom template. As for the ships, I like them all. The newer radius template would be great for fireballs, breath weapons and other magic. The newer cave ideas look interesting. Keep them coming!

    19. Roland

      On R8, lose the 2 small sections of wall on the top of the image. Just have a single side of solid wall like it shows on the bottom.

    20. Missing avatar

      aremef on

      love the caves, and would love even more.

      the city buildings are nice too, and Adams Tower has a nice idea there.

      Of the three, the ship is of least interest to me, but still interesting. too much good stuff!

    21. Josh Haney on

      Adams idea is awesome..and I love all of these concepts although I think the buildings should be first priority and the transparencys last

    22. Missing avatar

      Adams Tower on

      These look really cool. Something you could do with the buildings is have the interior on the front, and an exterior roof on the back, but with doors marked, so it could be used to represent a city block or whatever, and flipped when a PC entered it. I guess you could do the same thing by covering it with a blank tile of the same size, though.