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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Stretch Goal 5 Reached, BASIC Set expanded & Fantasy Decor 2

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Stretch Goal 5 Unlocked! 

Now all of the original tile designs and four backer requested tile designs are unlocked!  This Stretch goal unlocked stair tile S1/S2 which is a switch back stair and a spiral stair. Tile W5/W6 is for making fortress towers with thickened walls and arrow loops. Tile W2/W4 is a long wall section for a crenelatted battlement and a thickened wall with arrow loops on the flip side. 

Tile designs unlocked by Stretch Goal 5
Tile designs unlocked by Stretch Goal 5

When used with the the W1/W3 tile, you can make a fortress and represent the battlements on top of the walls and the thickened walls of the lower levels.

Fortress example layouts
Fortress example layouts

BASIC Set Expanded!

The core BASIC set was 6 tiles each of 8 designs for a total of 48 tiles.  In early planning for the project, it was my intent that the stair tile designs be part of the core BASIC set.  For various reasons, I had to pull it out.  With the overwhelming success of this campaign, I am now able to include them in the BASIC set. 

So now, all BASIC Sets (including the BASIC Set Add-On) will be the original 48 tiles plus 6 of the S1/S2 tile for a total of 54 tiles.  

The Basic Expansion (1/2 set) Add-On will also be increase to receive 3 of the S1/S2 stair tiles so will now be a total of 27 tiles.

Bonus Tiles to Pledges!

 As per previous Stretch Goals, Bonus tiles are added to the Pledge Rewards.

SAMPLER receives 1 of each new tile - 3 total.  

All other Pledge levels receive 1 of each W5/W6 and W2/W4 for every full BASIC set in their reward. (As indicated above, each BASIC set is also receiving 6- S1/S2 tiles) .

BASIC Pledge Levels receive 1 of each (W5/W6 & W1/W3) - 2 total. This reward will now contain 48 (core BASIC) + 6 (stair tiles) + 10 (bonus tiles) for a total of 64 tiles.  

HARDCORE Pledge Levels receive 2 of each (W5/W6 & W1/W3) - 4 total. This reward will now contain 120 (core Hardcore) + 12 (stair tiles) + 20 (bonus tiles) for a total of 152 tiles.  

RETAIL Pledge Levels (for sticks and bricks retail gaming stores) receive the current BASIC Pledge Level rewards x10.

PATRON and BENEFACTOR receive 3 of each (W5/W6 & W1/W3) - 6 total. These rewards now contain 144 (3 BASIC sets) + 18 (stair tiles) + 180 (Expert, Advanced & Backer Requested) for a total of 342 tiles.  

BENEFACTOR also receives a set of Custom tiles which is about the equivalent of a BASIC set in coverage (5sf to 6sf) depending upon what they choose to do.  

New Add-On  

Expansion Tiles Set 5 Add-On +$10: Add 12 total tiles, 6 each of of W2/W4 and W5/W6. Shipping is included.  

Other Add-On Combinations?  Now that everything in unlocked that I had initially planned, I will be reviewing the Add-On sets. Specifically, I plan to do one with all of the W-series wall tiles so that a complete fortress with four corner towers, a gate house, and a central tower keep can be assembled. Feel free to let me know of any other expansion combinations that you would be interested in seeing. 

New Bonus Decor

Fantasy Decor 2 - Strange Creatures and Spell Effects - The following two 4x6 cards will be printed on cardstock and included in each Pledge level from SAMPLER and above. 

Fantasy Map Decor 2a
Fantasy Map Decor 2a
Fantasy Map Decor 2b
Fantasy Map Decor 2b

Future Stretch Goals?

What is next?  I was not sure that this project would open all of the tile designs but I have been proven wrong.  We still have some time left and we can now we can do what makes Kickstarter awesome - YOU chart out the direction for new products!  Send me comments about what direction you would like the Kickstarter to now pursue.  I will pull all of the comments together and make a poll near the end of this week. 

For any new options however there are many factors I will need to evaluate...I need to consider any new fabrication/printing costs.  I also cannot guarantee that many more additional things will fit into the case.  Adding more tiles and possibly cases will also affect shipping costs, especially outside of the US and Canada.   If it cannot be done for international backers as well, I do not want to do it. 

Off the top of my head, here are some very preliminary items I can think of: 

  • More tiles in the BASIC Set at no additional cost to backers- As mentioned above, the packaging may be at its limit but I am willing to consider it. 
  •  More tile designs for additional purchase through Add-Ons- move cavern tiles, ship tiles (like a Caravel), Inn with bar, cellar, sleeping rooms and stables that could also double as a smithy, Sci-Fi deck plan tiles, Shrine, Manor House generic enough to use parts as a modern house 
  • Transparent Tiles add on for additional purchase as an Add-On- This could be some area of effect images printed on transparencies. 
  • Swag- Tshirts, custom d6 dice with a Red Kobold for the "1" with the pip as his eye, a fine point dry-erase markers that says Red Kobold Games and Blue Dungeon Tiles on them that fit in the case, totes to carry gaming stuff
  • Send me your ideas!

Once again, thanks for the fun and this wild ride.

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    1. Rory Collier on

      Had an idea inspired by someone else's suggestion for mounts decor to be slipped under miniatures:

      A stack of 2x2 squares that can have mounts or large creatures drawn on them and then placed on the game board.

      Perhaps even 3x2 or 3x3 ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      While I agree with the general idea on lighting, @Cthulhu Kid, that's something very game-specific (a torch illuminates a different-sized area under different rulesets, plus square sizes can vary from game to game), so I'm not sure how well it would work for a generic product.

      Other than that, yes to more caverns an buildings. Ships would be cool, too. Avoid the non-tile swag, for down that path lies madness.

      And, as an international backer, thanks for thinking of us!

    3. Cthulhu Kid on

      Consider a transparency "effect" for torches, lanterns, and/or bullseye lanterns; I feel that line sight and the distance at which bright and shadowy light are delineated in dungeon environments is often forgotten about when "dungeon-crawling."

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Freeman on

      Stretch goals I'd love to see are SHIP tiles (pirate and fantasy high seas adventure), or more cave /cavern tiles.

    5. Phasmtis

      Hmm, Shirts would be too much of a hassle. Could add more temple items like pew, altar, columns, or throne.

    6. Reese Laundry on

      Just to be clear, I DO realize there are some sci-fi doors on one of the decor cards already. More options are always a good thing!

    7. Reese Laundry on

      Add my voice to those against non-tile swag items. They're cute and all, but no one really needs more dice and t-shirts will lead to madness on your end. Too costly to print and mail. They're just needless filler, IMO.

      I'd MUCH rather see more tiles thrown in for free like the stairs are (Thank you for that! Awesome!). Great ideas in the comments already. Cavern corridor sections, more modern/sci-fi dressing bits. How about a sheet of doors/gates/portcullises - open & closed, in various widths? Maybe two sheets - one fantasy and one sci-fi, with airlock & hatch type doors?

      Top-view generic monsters are a neat idea, but there are already a lot of those around, for Roll20 and such.

    8. Lee Jackson on

      A board to track initiative may be useful for some games? :/

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Schroeder on

      I'm loving these decor tiles. I like the idea of printing them on transparencies, I would love too see blast tiles for explosions, and rubble or debris. And I would be lying if I said I wouldn't love modern and futuristic tiles. I already planned to use these for a spacecraft.

    10. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Kevin, I have something in the works for some creature counters. What do you mean my player sheets? Do you mean a dry-erase GM roster for character stats like hit points armor class initiative etc?

    11. Kevin8pizza on

      Add-on or stretch goal ideas:
      -player pieces (big and small) blank and/or with basic creature or human(oid) designs
      -player sheets

    12. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Virgule and Roland, I hear you loud and clear. More caverns will be an option.

      Ken, I plan on going with the lined option. The example for the towers will showed the "dot" ticks on the W series tiles but the final ones will have lines. The only thing that will have the ticks will be the S series stairs. The lined grid over the lines for the stair treads makes a visual mess.

    13. Ken Boucher on

      "Odds" in the below comment should read "pdfs". Silly phone....

    14. Ken Boucher on

      Additional stretch goals. If you are printing enough, woukd it be possible to give backers a choice between lined format and dot format? I see the odds have the option of either, which makes me think you could choose to.print both types.

    15. Roland

      A Cavern wall and cavern wall corners tile so that we can make larger caverns than the small room cavern provided.

    16. Virgule on

      Cavern style tiles, either in Add-Ons or part of the basic set. I'm not too keen on swag items.