Blue Dungeon Tiles – Wet & Dry-Erase, Double-Sided Map Tiles

by Kevin Chenevert

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    1. Phasmtis

      I would like more sci fi or star wars stuff or things that can be used on a ship. Bunk beds, controls, seats, etc. I hope I am making sense with my daughter on my lap.

    2. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      I'd also love some more modern, and futuristic, decor! n___n

      And I love the suggestion for large animals for battle markers/mounts(especially mounts!)

      Maybe, for modern settings, things cars and motorbikes, with hover cars and light cycle type things for futuristic settings?

      In regards to backer submissions, would we draw all the decor in separate 4x4 inch squares? Or can we just draw them on a sheet of items, like your examples?

    3. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      :'3 Some more 'sleek' futuristic items would be nice, too, if it's not too much trouble! :D

    4. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Phasmtis and Orson, tech decor is on the way.