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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Expansion Tile Set 2 Open, Tiles for upcoming Stretch Goals and Decor cards laid out

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

I have a bad head cold and feel woozy so hopefully this will be coherent.

I closed the voting on the poll to select the tiles designs for Stretch Goal 2.  Below are the results.  Expansion Set 2 Add-On and the bonus tiles added to the pledges are the R series cavern tiles.

I want to get ahead of this thing so that the target tiles for a Stretch Goal are known before it is reached.  I went ahead and ranked the remaining tiles and assigned them to the next couple of Stretch Goals.  I had not put up the S series, stair tiles for voting, so added them as a bonus into Stretch Goal 5.  If anyone has an issue with this send me a message.

Stretch Goal 3 is at $20,000

Stretch Goal 4 is at $23,500

Stretch Goal 5 is at $27,000

If we get that far, all of the tiles are unlocked and we have a lot of options.  I can create a sampler type add on of the unlocked tiles.

Also, I have been in talks with Reaper about perhaps getting some Bones miniatures to add as a reward.  This is not any official partnership but I could purchase some miniatures wholesale.  The bonus reward would just be a handful of some commonly useful grunts of iconic dungeon monsters.  The ones I am considering: are goblins or kobolds or  Nova Corp soldiers, or beetle swarms,  rat swarms, or furniture or  an altar, or a cool iconic dungeon monster like a mocking beast (formerly known as a mimic) or an  oxidation beast (formerly known as a rust monster).  You get the idea.  I will set up a poll to get feedback on this but feel free to send me messages or comments in the meantime.

Voting Results and tiles for upcoming Stretch Goals
Voting Results and tiles for upcoming Stretch Goals

And finally, in my dizzy stupor, I laid out the 4x6 cards for the Fantasy and Tech Decor that backers at the Sampler and above level will receive.  They are shown with a gray background to make them easier to read but I need to print and cut them out to decide if I want to keep the gray.  I am planning on doing another Decor and was thinking about cave stuff for the cavern tiles like stalagmites, mushroom clumps, slimes, critter swarms and crystal formations.  If you have any ideas for that or an idea for some other type of Decor entirely, send me a message.

Mock ups of the 4x6 Fantasy Decor cards
Mock ups of the 4x6 Fantasy Decor cards
Mock up of the 4x6 Tech Decor cards
Mock up of the 4x6 Tech Decor cards
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    1. Virgule on

      I would go for swarm markers instead of miniatures. Would help limit the shipping fees.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      @William: Those are great ideas for swarms/mounts as tiles instead of figures!

      @Kevin: You. Are. Awesome. I wish everyone ran their kickstarters the way you're handling this one.

    3. Theresa DeMouy

      Hope you start feeling better soon!

    4. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Those are some great ideas thanks. Maybe if my head is more clear I will start sketching tomorrow.

    5. Missing avatar

      William Pomares on

      I would love to see swarms as tiles for Fantasy Decor! They could be easily slid under party miniatures to show movement and to see who is under attack. Or maybe some different mounts? Top views of horses, riding dogs, worgs, griffons, a dragon? Could put your miniature on top of them for mounted battle.
      I love the look of the sarcophagus treasure chests and barrels. What about a treasure pile tile?