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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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Shipping Update 2/4/2015 & How-To Posted

Posted by Kevin Chenevert (Creator)

Shipping is ongoing.  Last week one dozen international packages went out.  I also shipped one dozen domestic packages to my long-suffering Patron, Curator and Retailer Backers.

In many shipments, I have put together some tiles and notes to backers about how to prepare the tiles to create elements like the ships, taverns or discreet encounters ahead of time.  While doing that this past weekend, I shot a few grainy pictures and posted them on my website.  Please check it out.  I will post a few more in the coming weeks.

Prepping  Encounters
Prepping Encounters
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    1. matthijs on

      Today my shipment arrived in The Netherlands!
      Well worth the wait.
      Thanks Kevin.

    2. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      There were 1001 backers with Rewards ( there were about 60 folks who joined shortly after the drive through Fundafull).
      To date (2/05/2015), I have shipped 831 Rewards. I still have 170 Rewards to ship. The majority of those are International shipments.

    3. Missing avatar


      Nifty suggestion, and so obvious! I'm gonna have to try this sometime.

    4. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Sanguinius, I do not have my master shipping list in front of me at the moment. I will post more information this evening.

    5. Sanguinius on

      one dozen of international packages doesnt sound like much.
      with all respect but i find its time we get a proper breakdown of the shipping status by the numbers.
      how many have been shipped, how many are remaining to be shipped and when you expect to get the last one on its way.

    6. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      *flails* looking forward to seeing this waiting for me in the letterbox! =D