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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
962 backers pledged $60,901 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Doug Carter on

      Sounds good. I'm just really excited to get my tiles when they arrive.

    2. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      David, thanks for the kind words. I need you to contact me. I will send you an email and message you through KS.

    3. Missing avatar

      David S. Leitner on

      You've had some bad breaks, but keep up the good spirits Kev. This backer is not worried.

    4. Fred Collin on

      Just got them today in Montreal, Canada! They are nice, thanks again!

    5. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      @Bill Reger - Yep, that is my feeling on the matter for any KS. In this case, the countdown is fun for building hype even in the comments. (Shipped A of B, C of D, and E of F today).

    6. Missing avatar

      William (Bill) Reger

      I'd rather have it slow and have you get well! Take care. (Really as long as you keep us informed I don't have an issue.)

    7. Fred Collin on

      Not in any rush, you only have one back, take care.

    8. Derek on

      I am sure every backer would place your health above their tiles! Please work on the recovery of your heath.

    9. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      Thanks for the update. Again, it isn't worth your back to ship some tiles. I need to check the date, but if you are still on hold by the time I head to NOLA in November, I'll get with you about picking mine up then.

    10. Judy Krauss on

      @ William: Probably should send Kevin an email about that immediately.

    11. Missing avatar

      William Mathis on

      Not to add to your chaos but How do you update your shipping address??? it seems my apartment building is being sold and torn down so... need to change where my tiles will go.

    12. Missing avatar


      Don't overexert yourself, Kevin! Painkillers just make it harder to tell when you're doing something you shouldn't, and I'm more than happy to wait until you actually should be that active.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Schroeder on

      It seems I find myself in agreement with the majority here! Back injuries can linger if they aren't given time to heal, and can become chronic problems. No one here wants you to hurt yourself more just so we can get some tiles.
      Best wishes from all of us!

    14. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on

      It's great that you're keeping us in the loop about what's happening. Like everyone else here, I'll have no problem waiting a bit longer for my tiles. Take the time you need to get better. There's no sense in pushing yourself and further aggravating your injury, just for the sake of us getting our pledges a little sooner. It's not what your backers want.

      Hope you feel better soon. Your health is more important than this project. I think we all have faith we'll get our tiles in the relatively near future.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jack Brown

      Thanks for the update, but, be careful! Don't rush my shipping at the risk of your back.

    16. Ean Moody on

      Seriously, don't hurt yourself by taking painkillers and trying to rush shipping on these. My plastic dungeon tiles can wait a bit.

    17. Paul Thomas Mountford on

      What the others have said, don't push yourself into pain or stress, plus you know I'm in no rush for my tiles :-)

    18. Heidi Dugan

      I'm sure no one wants you to hurt yourself for the sake of shipping tiles. Still...the update is nice, just to keep everyone aware of the situation and what has caused the delay. I hope you're back to 100% ASAP.

    19. Missing avatar

      DLThurston on

      "The good news is that I now have strong pain killers which makes me fuzzy but functional so I am hitting the packing and shipping hard again."

      Those weren't a stretch reward by any chance were they...?

      Speaking just for myself, I would love if all my Kickstarter rewards arrived only three months late. I've backed 34 projects and have gotten my rewards by the estimated delivery time exactly three times. I'm waiting on one right now that has slipped by about 15 months, and another project pocketed the money and ran. So you're still well ahead of the game.

    20. Bradley Fenstermaker

      Take your time for shipping, no point in rushing through it and just going through more pain.