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Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
Blue Dungeon Tiles are double-sided, 1” grid, map tiles in old school blue. They work with dry-erase, wet-erase and permanent markers.
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    1. Trevor Stamper

      Hey all— anyone wanting to sell their blue dungeon tiles? I am looking to acquire more of the original print run.

    2. Missing avatar

      ronny on

      have olso recieved my order .
      thy look good

    3. Maeryck on

      In regards to my previous message:
      The creator contacted me to sort out the missing order, and I'm now the happy owner of a metric f-ton of awesome dungeon tiles.

    4. Maeryck on

      Same here...
      No package, no update in 3 months, no info whatsoever on whether stuff is still happening.

    5. Shawn Wood on

      Any update on the shipping progress? Still eagerly waiting for mine.

    6. Missing avatar

      ronny on

      lucky you , dont have mine yet .

    7. Judy Krauss on

      I'm using my tiles when creating new adventures for my Myth game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Berens on

      Hello, I moved to a new address and I'm not sure where/how I can update my address. I already put in UPS redirect but I'm not sure how they will handle large package delivery.

      So it would be great if I could get a pointer on where I can update my mailing address at.

    9. Arron Mitchell on

      Received the tiles today (UK). Well packaged. I am Really impressed with the quality of the tiles. Stronger and heavier than I expected them to be. Good job Red Kobold.

    10. Missing avatar

      ronny on

      stil waiting for mine in belgium

    11. Michael Kennedy

      Here's the Cedar Box I got on Etsy to store the dungeon tiles (link as requested)...
      Note that the latch to close the front I added myself (which you can get at a hardware store for a few dollars).

    12. Willj on

      It seems like a lot of attention is being placed on international shipments at the moment. Should I be concerned that I haven't received my domestic order yet?

      Of are some of the U.S. Patron orders also waiting for May?

    13. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy

      @Micheal Kennedy, do you want to put up a direct link to the box, as It doesn't show up in searches on etsy

    14. Missing avatar

      Philippe Marcil

      Can we still make optional contribution for shipping, can you send the info again?

      Thank you!

    15. Brandon Raasch on

      (In response to the international shipping update)- I ordered ALOT of tiles, and they are HEAVY. Many of us got a lot more tiles than Kevin planned through unlocked stretch goals, add-ons and his willingness to design more tiles (the ship, taverns, and more). All this happened JUST before KS offered the new ability to calculate shipping by country. SO, as a backer and fan of the product, I challenge international backers to find out the additional cost to ship your pledge to you and send him the difference. We got alot of great tiles and you will be happy you helped him with your shipping. I used mine to run the Tomb of Horrors and they are awesome. Kevin is working hard to support us all, I even got mine at GenCon because he sacrificed his luggage space to carry them to me! Lets do the same, a few missed shipping dollars will get you a great set of tiles.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anders Stage on

      I have not received my tiles yet. Have all the international orders been shipped?
      (I am from Denmark)

    17. Missing avatar

      ronny on

      stil waiting for mine in belgium .

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Mine arrived today and they're really excellent. Very sturdy, professional product and a lot more than I realised! Looking forward to trying them out.

    19. Missing avatar

      Goh Teck Siong on

      Hi Kevin,

      I am a KS Backer from Malaysia. Have you sent out the tiles yet? Please inform me if you need my address again. Thank you.

    20. Renato Bruno on

      Still hoping to receive mine in Perth Australia. Looking to try them out with my Pathfinder crew

    21. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Sean, email me at with your new shipping address. Thanks.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Hey Kevin, nice to see all the uplifting comments and updates about shipping!

      Still waiting over here in the UK, but I'll be moving in the next month or two. Any way to change my shipping address right before I move (providing it hasn't already been shipped)?

    23. Michael Kennedy

      I picked up this Cedar Recipe / Photo Card Box - 4" x 6" on Etsy to store my tiles:

      This fits all of the tiles in an Advanced Set.

    24. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Matt, just sent you an email.

    25. Matt Cook on

      Kevin, is it possible to find out if these have been sent as they may have been sent to my old address? I need to know so I can go to the post office if needed. If not please can you contact me for my new address? I did message you in January but received no reply, I assume however this is because you have been very busy.

    26. Jeremy The Jinx on

      Still waiting on mine in Toronto, Canada, and waiting, and waiting...

    27. Christian Denton

      Mine arrived middle of the week in New Brunswick, Canada and I got a chance to use them on Fri the 13th.Awesome product! Definitely worth the wait!

    28. JHewett on

      Arrive in Adelaide, Australia. Well packed and no damage!
      Thankyou so much.
      Let me know when your next kickstarter launches...hopefully can make up some of those international shipping costs on the next one.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jillian on

      Arrived safe and sound in derbyshire England. Very cool. Thank you xx

    30. Mantichor

      Expert level arrived in Germany, had to pick it up at customs and pay the VAT. Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Maxime Pellerin on

      Just received today, great product!!!!!!!! Awesome job!!!!!!!!!
      Merci beaucoup!!!!!!

    32. Mark Scutt on

      recived the tiles and they are awesome, can't wait to use them.
      Thanks Kevin

    33. Jonathan Boisvert on

      Mine arrived today, I severely under-estimated how many tiles there would be...

    34. Jeff Cee on

      Arrived yesterday in Vancouver, Canada!

    35. matthijs on

      Expert lvl arrived in Holland.
      Thanks for the tiles.

    36. Samuel Harris on

      Still waiting in Australia but very confident I will see it soon :)

    37. Matt Cook on

      Not yet received in Surrey, England, but very excited based on all the positive comments seen here!

    38. Jonathan Boisvert on

      I got the email this morning, I wonder how long they'll take to get here (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

    39. Mark Scutt on

      I can't wait to recive mine, the wait is getting made worse by the fact the everyone who has recived them are saying how awesome they are.

    40. Chuck Stewart

      My god, it's full of tiles... :D

      Just received a very heavy box of tiles today! My gosh there are a lot of tiles (I backed at the Expert set level). They are very well made, very crisp for lack of a better word. These are not just printed on 120 gsm paper and laminated they are way more durable then that.

      Kevin, congratulations on such a successful project, keeping us "in the loop" and delivering a great product.

    41. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Jeff Cee, you should receive it in the next few days. You are at the top of the stack.

    42. Jeff Cee on


      I am still waiting for tracking in Vancouver...

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Boerboom on

      Any word on Canadian Backers receiving their tiles? Excited to try them out!

    44. Tony A. Thompson

      Received my Patron box a lot to go through...hopefully this weekend I can set up some and try them out...thanks Kevin!

    45. Kevin Chenevert Creator on

      Robert, I sent you an email. Be sure to get in touch with me.

    46. Robert L Brown on

      Haven't received mine in Washington state US.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jillian on

      Nothing in Derbyshire England yet. x

    48. Christian Denton

      Still waiting in New Brunswick Canada. Can't wait to test them out!

    49. Virgule on

      Package received! Fantastique!

    50. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Got mine here in Canada. I really appreciate the personal, hand-written, note of thanks on my invoice for the extra shipping help. My group plays the Dungeon Bowl format of the game BloodBowl ... I figure these tiles are going to end up being used for all kinds of things that would have been hard to predict! This is what Kickstarter is all about :)

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