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12 ginger nuts for 2018
12 ginger nuts for 2018
12 ginger nuts for 2018
776 backers pledged £32,254 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Matthew Katz

      will it be possible to buy an extra copy or maybe offer a reward that gives two copies??? thanks
      I want to get one for a friend.

    2. Alain Truong on

      I received my calendar. Love it. Thank you

    3. Alain Truong on

      I've left 3 messages, and haven't heard back from anyone.

    4. Matthew Hamilton on

      Still haven’t had mine, no one responds to messages.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mr Richard Doherty on

      Think I've found it. We'll see if anyone bothers to respond.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mr Richard Doherty on

      And how do I send a message ??

    7. Thomas Knights 7-time creator on

      Hey Backers!

      We are really sorry for anyone who hasn't recieved their reward yet. Everything went out, so we can only assume it got lost in the post. This is really annoying and we totally understand your frustration.

      Please send us a message here on kickstarter (rather than a comment) if you haven't received your reward and we will sort out a replacement ASAP.

      Messages are the best way for us to see your profile, backer details and reward, and keep track of the conversation. We have a dedicated team member responding to all messages and we have been sorting all issues as they have been alerted to us.

      We hope you all are well, and wish you a very happy New Year!

      Lots of love

      Team Red Hot x

    8. Missing avatar

      Mr Richard Doherty on

      Well it's now 2018 and still no delivery. Rather disappointed, must say. Also worried about the state it's going to arrive in, given previous comments about packaging.

    9. Alain Truong on

      Hello, it's almost the last day of December 2017, and I still haven't received my calendar. Any estimated delivery, please?

    10. York on

      Received the Red Hot II book today here in Colorado, USA - It is obviously a work of love. Thank you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Hayter on

      Hi I still have t received my calendars as @ 29/12

    12. Missing avatar

      Marc Zörnig on

      I still haven't received my calendars. A delivery was guaranteed before Christmas.

    13. Missing avatar

      Aaron Wolfe on

      In the US and still have not received my calendar. Any updates here? Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Todd Morgan Diggs on

      When should I expect to receive my calendar?

    15. Missing avatar

      Adrian Edwards on

      Hi can anyone help I have had 5 red hot c**ks calendars arrive today no idea why I have been sent them as I have already received one calendar and the underwear I pledged for.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Egan on

      Finally got my book today. The packaging was better than the calender so no damage on the book. Very disappointed in lack of communication from creators. Don't think I'll back any other of their campaigns.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rad on

      Ok. Finally I got underwear. For now I have the calendar and underwear, but there was really big delay with delivery. Really long waiting time and the calendar has no protection at all, so it is a bit damaged. Anyway, in the future I would back a similar project too, cause at least the most annoying part was just waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

    18. York on

      I received the calendar in the US a few days ago and it is in good shape. However, I also ordered the art book and expected to receive it prior to the calendar. Is there a projected ship date? I have to agree with one of the other comments that having all the models flipping me off isn't as fun as if it had only been one of them.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Egan on

      Kelly, I received my calender on Friday the 8th Poorly packaged. I still haven't gotten the book I ordered that I should have gotten the end of October. Since I couldn't ever as well as anyone else get a response here I sent thomas Knights a message on Facebook he responded to let me know that all kickstarter rewards have been sent. When I sent another message about the long over due book he went silent. I have little faith I will ever get it.

    20. Victor L Kutz II on

      Hello Thomas, I've backed several of your projects and this us the first one I've had a delivery issue with. The calendar arrived in a very damaged state. It was left outside my door by the postal delivery with my daily mail. Please advise. This is my fourth attempt to contact you regarding this issue.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kelly kidwell on

      has anybody in the US received their calendar yet, i am getting worried about where it is. thank you

    22. Missing avatar

      Preslav Mitranov on

      I received an e-mail on November 19th saying that the calendars will be delivered in the next couple of weeks... now, four weeks later, I have not received anything and I am starting to get worried. I see that some people have already received theirs and I was wondering if there are others, like me, who are still waiting?

      P.S. I am based in Belgium so it should not take so long to deliver normally...

    23. Jared McGrath on

      Third RedHot product I have backed and third time there has been a delivery issue. The calendar arrived beat up around the corners. It was packed with no protection other than the envelope. I think I need to learn my lesson and make this the last RedHot product I buy.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Egan on

      Has anyone received any rewards other than the calender yet?

    25. Missing avatar

      Simon Cooksey on

      I haven't received or heard anything from when i backed and paid the money.. Some update would be nice.. Thanks

    26. Missing avatar

      Rad on

      I received the calendar, but still waiting for underwear. Description says that underwear package should been sent just after the calendar been funded, but it didn't or at least mine has really long delay

    27. Missing avatar

      Ora78 on

      Thank you for my calendar (received in NZ which is pretty good considering how far away we are from UK!). As others have mentioned, I would have thought the cover model would be in the calendar but otherwise all good. Is it too early to say Merry Christmas? No? Then Merry Christmas! x

    28. Missing avatar

      Ben Stair on

      I ordered and I'm in the US, when can I expect mine?

    29. Missing avatar

      William on

      I still haven't received mine yet.... What courier company did you guys use? I am located in Toronto

    30. Missing avatar

      Markus Doenges on

      Hello there. My calendar arrived today and all I can say is that it's a sight for sore eyes, thank You! ;-) Now I have two questions: Since, like someone before me has mentioned, the gentlemen on the cover and back of the calendar are not featured inside I wonder if there's a way to see them in their full glory? And how about some background information about the guys, like You've provided about the other guys in the books?

    31. Missing avatar

      Adrian Edwards on

      Great Red Hot C**ks calendar arrived Friday 24th November. Disappointed that the underwear part of the pledge still has not arrived.
      When will this be posted out?
      Has anyone else experienced a delay as these items were supposed to be sent out when the target was reached.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jed on

      A bit disappointed. You would expect after all the promotion to lure us into buying the calendar, they would at least show the 'goodies' of the cover models but none of that here. Good photos of the rest though but the front and back cover models (which was the reason I bought the calendar) was not even featured inside. Very 'smart' campaign. I have been a backer from the beginning.

    33. Matthew Man on

      Hey! I received mine in the post today! Great pictures but because the packaging wasn't too robust and didn't say not to bend, it's arrived slightly damaged (creased and back cover has a tear). Just wondering if there's any chance for a replacement. I had the same issue with the standard Red Hot 2018 calendar too.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephen ellis on

      Hi, I ordered the calendar and the art book - I was expecting the art book in October but it still hasn’t arrived, when will they be dispatched?

    35. Missing avatar

      Stephen Slack on

      Still waiting on the underwear as well. I know calendar will come later.

    36. Kenneth Strybosch on

      Still didn't receive my art book... Curious if there's any news on shipping...

    37. Missing avatar

      ack on

      Still waiting on the underwear and calendar. wondering when will they get shipped?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Egan on

      Just wondering when I should expect book and calender? It's been over a month since I filled out survey. Will they come together now or are they still two shipments?just curious thanks Jeff

    39. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Do yuh 7 know when they will be delivered to London ?

    40. Justin James Noble on

      Ever since I was major contributor to Red Hot 100 & was involved with the sydney launch I've been dreaming of this Thomas! I'd be more than happy to help with any Australian Launches of this too!! Let's get some red hot cocks action down under! I know I do! Lmao

    41. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Krohnert on

      2018 is going to be a Red Hot Year, indeed. Can not wait!!!!!! Do your worst!

    42. Alan Harmon

      Please, please, please -- don't have all of your models giving us the finger for every month of the calendar! Maybe it's just being cheeky in the UK, but it really isn't a decent thing to do. I will support your work whatever the decision, but a succession of hunky men flashing the "Fuck you" sign to me means I won't be putting them on my wall. I hope you will take this as a well-meaning suggestion!

    43. Kenneth Strybosch on

      Well this will surely put the excitement in my morning routine! #Fetish

    44. BOULANGEE_TOM on

      As a proud red-head, I support !!! Thank you all, big fan since the firdt Red Hot !

    45. Matthew Katz

      Hey good luck with this project. Quick question: i'm already supporting the Hot British Guy calendar and i was wondering if it was possible, that instead of one Red Hot C**K and one Red Hot British guy calendar, if i could get 2 Red Hot C**K Calendars for my pledge?? thanks for the consideration.