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This film is a pop culture love letter to America's favorite game show & the quirky characters who have been called to "come on down!"

"Come On Down!" is a heartwarming and hilarious documentary film about fans of the iconic game show, "The Price Is Right." This film is a pop culture love letter to America's longest-running game show and the quirky characters who have been called to "come on down!"

We have spent six years interviewing housewives, rock bands, college students, grandmas, fanatics, and "regular Joe's." The T.P.I.R.-stories we have collected offer a hilarious and lighthearted glimpse at a truly unique staple of American popular culture as devotees live their American dream. As one fan proclaimed, "I compare it to Canterbury Tales.. I think it truly is an American pilgrimage."

Just as the show that inspired it, “Come On Down” provides a welcome reprieve from the more serious issues that we face in the world today. The film is proof that positive energy is contagious, and we truly believe that there is a void in the current film market for positive, heartwarming, happy documentaries that celebrate life. The film reminds us that family, laughter, and good, clean fun are endangered in our modern world. "Come On Down!" invites us to laugh at ourselves, love our neighbors, and (in the words of the legendary host Bob Barker)...

"Help control the pet population…. Have your pet spayed or neutered!”

Jami talks about The Price Is Right from Caryn Capotosto on Vimeo.

As fans first and filmmakers second, we have truly enjoyed our "Road to The Price Is Right." With your contribution of even ONE DOLLAR, we hope to share the many Price-Is-Right-stories we have collected with the millions of "Price" fans out there. So tell your Grandma in Cleveland, your college roommate's sister in Tulsa, your 7th grade math teacher and the lady at the cleaners. EVERYONE loves The Price Is Right, and the stories captured in "Come On Down!" are sure to make you smile. The show is a very special part of our shared culture, and we are thrilled to be the ones to bring you this historical American pop culture documentary.

We have distribution lined up, but first we need to finish post-production, add music, and put on the final layers of sparkle and shine! Thanks for your help in making our dream come true!


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